Is there some new multi-player invisibility cheat out?! Getting Killed by invisible bad guys!

  1. 360-Call of Duty: Black Ops Multi-player - Posted up at the end of a hallway, bullets come streaming out of nowhere, then someone just appears out of thin air in the middle of the hallway just before I die. they didn't come out of a side entrance or anything! This has happened many times to me and my boyfriend. Is there some cheat that makes you invisible to your enemies till just before you kill them? It's getting pretty aggrivating!

    User Info: melanieups

    melanieups - 7 years ago
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    We have 10MG cable internet and my boyfriend is usually the host. With that being the case I don't know how it can be lag!

    User Info: melanieups

    melanieups - 6 years ago
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    For Ninja - We each have our own 360 so no split screening here and our cable guy said that we were uber lucky cause we were the only people usuing the hub for our neighborhood( about 10 houses or so) everybody else has Satellite (cheaper tho not as good). I play a lot of Domination which requires posting up defending but even when run-and-gunning it they appear out of nowhere. Last night for example I was running toward an enemy and the guy jumped on my head as I was running and shot me from on my head! I was still moving around trying to find where he had dissapeared to so he should have fallen off! Explain that crap fpr me please! Totally showed it in the kill cam!

    User Info: melanieups

    melanieups - 6 years ago

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  1. Maybe lag.

    User Info: mcshadowchaser

    mcshadowchaser - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Hackers probably

    User Info: gman2kool4u

    gman2kool4u - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I would say lag more then anything probably. You said it's happening to you and your boyfriend, are you guys playing at the same time on split screen or on separate systems? Also, what type of internet service do you have.The only time anything that remotely resembles this happens to me, is when there's severe lag going on. You also said this happens to you guys all the time, have you noticed this happening less when just one of you is playing? If your internet costs less then $45 a month, then there's a chance your maxing out around 3MB per second. Which would technically be fast enough, but you never quite get the speeds they claim. Also, do you have laptops or PC's running while you guys are playing, that's another thing that can slow your network down.

    But I guess in short, I've been playing this game since its release day which was more then 5 months ago, and I've never seen anything like what your talking about. I have in other games and it has always been obvious lag that was happening. I know you posted this 3 months ago, but I hope it helps.

    User Info: KarB0MB

    KarB0MB - 6 years ago 1 2
  3. There are always multiple reasons for that. Like Karbomb, mentioned, sometimes your internet speed is often the factor, and now and then when you split-screen online together you'll notice no matter how close you sit to that smaller square you're playing in, the kills just aren't coming as easy as you're used to- because now your 360 has to send two separate lines of button-press information. This happens uber-fast, but those milli-seconds add up now and then. Now, at certain times of the day, you'll also find that your 10mbs can easily get drained drastically when a lot of people with your Internet Provider all start pointing and clicking at the same time (which is disgustingly common). On the other hand, you may also be dealing with one single person who is experiencing his own kind of lag, and as his console struggles to keep him in the game, his character will be rapidly disappearing and reappearing on the screen. To throw Gman, a bone, people don't have to hack a game to achieve favorable lag, because of a fabled mythical loser-item called a "lag switch." When a guy get tired of getting owned, rather than beg his big brother to teach him how to really play a video game and man up, he uses some form of technical satanism to briefly interrupt his own internet connection and create a favorable lag for himself. Its uber annoying, but you see it less when you're not just posted up somewhere and actually running around to get your own kills.

    User Info: NinjatheClick

    NinjatheClick - 6 years ago 0 1
  4. Well it is a hack because my friend showed me but it could be a lag but it was a good chance of hace if you can see it on theater

    User Info: sacredrosev

    sacredrosev - 4 years ago 0 0

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