Where are the best sniper spots for each map?

  1. Just for lookin for the best sniping spots that there is in the game because they might help

    User Info: emgothic666

    emgothic666 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Black Ops is not very sniper friendly compared to MW2, but I'll give you a few favorites.
    Villa- The room above the bar has a window you can shoot out of. Careful though, people love tossing grenades and shooting exploding things into it, but if you can play it right (or wear flak jacket) you can rack up some kills.
    Cracked- This is hard to describe, but in the middle of the map you have that hill that everyone runs up and down. Well say you're standing there, and you run toward the courtyard thing where two sets of stairs lead up into the attached building. Turn left, and go into the building and up to the second floor, look out the little window, and you'll notice anyone in that courtyard and beyond is in range, and if you look to the right, you can see where all those a-holes camp at the top of stairs. They rarely know what hit them. Plant a claymore behind you at the stairs just in case they do.

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