How do I send crew to paradise in solo or co-op? (Call of The Dead)

  1. What does it mean and how do I do it?

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    Emimemfan - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Is this for Xbox 360? Also if so and you have Live send a friend request to Knight Hawks1.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Ok to do this you have to do a ton of steps. First you have to get the power on and find the fuse after talking to them. Next you have to find four generaters and destroy them. Then you have to find a bottle of Vodka. The Vodka is hard to find so i eill do my best to explain. There are three spots where the Vodka can be found. The first is upstairs and outside on a railing. (NOTE: they are all found on railings) The second can be found on the boat you can first access and on a railing. The third is found on the second part of the ship and on the railing to the left. After that you need to do everything in the right order starting at the dials in the lighthouse. The numbers need to read 2746 from top to bottem.(NOTE: for the lighthouse it doesn't have to be in the right order the first time) Next you have to find some radio's around the map.(NOTE: you have to do it in the right order) The first radio in under the power room on a shelf. The second radio is by Staminup on a canister. The third is on the broken off part of the boat where the semtex can be found and is by the door you have to open to get there.(NOTE: it would be easier if you take the zipline to it) The last one is under the stairway by the blast door that the crew is trapped in on a shelf. After that you have to go back to the power room and turn the steering wheel with the brown handle to the five o clock position. After that you have to pull the left switch on the right of the room down once and the one on the right down three times. After that you hear a fog horn. Then you go back to the light house and go outside to the bottem where the AK-74U is and activate four foghorns. The first is located by the small pool of water by the small cliff. The second is located down the slide and to the right. The third is by the rocks close to the wooden railway. The last one is down the slide again and by the rocks to the right. Once that one is activated there will be a green light pointing towards the lighthouse. Once you see it get either a walking zombie or a crawler to the lighthouse and shoot him with the V-r11 and he will run into the light. Kill him before he reaches the top and after a few seconds he will drop the golden rod. Grab it and go back to the blast door and place it in the thing you placed the Vodka and then knife the fuse a few times. After that you should get what looks like a Death Machine but it is actually a Wnderwaffle. Grab it and you will be able to kill a ton of zombies with one blast.(NOTE: This is for the co-op mode but it will still get you the Standin and and Esemble Cast achievments)

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