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    Nacht der Untoten Guide by Metroidude477

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/25/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ___    ___ 
     \  \   | |  ______   ______ __  __  _______
      |  \  | | /  __  \ /  ___/ | | | | |__ __|
      |   \ | | | /  \ | | |     | |_| |   | |
      | |  \| | | |__| | | |     |  _  |   | |
      | |\  | | |  __  | | |     | | | |   | |
      | | \   | | |  | | | |____ | | | |   | |
      |_|  \__| |_|  |_| \_____/ |_| |_|   |_|
                         \  ___ \   _______ _______
                          | |  \ \  | ____| | ____ \
                          | |   | | | |__   | |__| |
                          | |   | | |  __|  |   ___/
                          | |   / / | |     | |\ \
                          | |__/ /  | |____ | | \ \
                          |_____/   |_____| |_|  \_\
     ____  ___
     \  |  | | __    ___ _______  _____  _______ _______ __    ___
      | |  | | | \   | | |__ __| / ___ \ |__ __| | ____| | \   | |
      | |  | | |  \  | |   | |   | | | |   | |   | |__   |  \  | |
      | |  | | | | \ | |   | |   | | | |   | |   |  __|  | | \ | |
      | |  | | | |\ \| |   | |   | | | |   | |   | |     | |\ \| |
      | \__/ | | | \ | |   | |   | |_| |   | |   | |____ | | \ | |
       \____/  |_|  \__|   |_|   \_____/   |_|   |_____| |_|  \__|
                [ S O L O  S T R A T E G Y  G U I D E ]   
    FAQ Started: September 22nd, 2010
    Written By Metroidude477
    ASCII art by: Metroidude477
    Original Version finished:July, 15th, 2011
    Email: metroidude47@yahoo.ca
    Current Version: 1.00
     + [1.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +           [ I N T R O D U C T I O N ]             +
     +                                                   +
    Hey, my name's Metroidude477 and this is my Nacht Der Untoten Solo Strategy
    Guide. Now, you may have noticed that this FAQ is like, what, a year late?
    Unfortunately, I have the tendancy to get a game about a decade after it's
    released. Oh well. Anyways, Nazi Zombies is a fun little game mode in World At
    War/Black Ops.. Now, if you're like me and have no friends (or atleast no
    friends with 360s), or just looking for a challenge, then you play solo. Solo
    mode is much more difficult than Co-Op as you have no one to watch your back
    and no backup, as well as no revivals. If you screw up in Solo, then you're
    dead. No second chances (With the exception of Quick Revive on other maps in 
    Black Ops). I've noticed that most guides and tutorials focus on Co-Op, so I
    thought I'd write one that focuses on Nacht Der Untoten (The ignored map) and
    Solo (The ignored mode). I will be happy to take in any comments, suggestions, 
    etc, just E-Mail 'em to me at metroidude47@yahoo.ca and I'll add in your
    contribution (If you have one) and credit you in the credits section. So, 
    here`s my guide. Enjoy! 
    !!!!!!!Please note this guide was originally written for World at War, though 
    dropped the project halfway. However, I didn't want to waste it, so I decided
    to finish it up and submit it for Black Ops (Yes, I'm THAT late). Throughout
    this guide, you may notice that I don't reference the new Black Ops weapons as
    much (All the BO mystery box draws, Thundergun, Monkey bombs, etc etc), since
    most of the content was already written (You know, BEFORE Black Ops). I
    apoligize. Oh well, gotta play retro =P Just keep in mind when I make note to
    use (insert WaW weapon here), there are probably better Black Ops alternatives
    available in the box.!!!!!!!
     + [2.0] +
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     +        [ T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S ]        +
     +                                                   +
    Use Ctrl + F (For Windows users, Command for Mac) and enter the number on the
    right to skip to that section.
    1. Introduction                             [1.0]
    2. Table of Contents                        [2.0]
    3. Nazi Zombies?                            [3.0]
    4. The Point System                         [4.0]
    5. The Map                                  [5.0]
        a) Main Room                            [5.1]
        b) Root Cellar                          [5.2]
        c) Balcony                              [5.3]
    6. The Mystery Box                          [6.0]
    7. The Strategies                           [7.0] 
        a) Bottleneck                           [7.1]
        b) Root Cellar Defence                  [7.2] 
        c) Balcony Defence                      [7.3]
        d) Grenade Area Defence                 [7.4]
    8. Tips and Tricks                          [8.0]
        a) Mystery Box Manipulation             [8.1]
        b) Max Ammos                            [8.2]
        c) Explosive barrels and trucks         [8.3]
        d) Sniping off the Balconies            [8.4]
        e) Knifing zombies                      [8.5]
        f) Think Smart About Powerups           [8.6]
        g) Need time? Make Crawlers             [8.7]
    9. End Guide                                [9.0]
        a) Credits                              [9.1]
        b) Copyright                            [9.2]
        c) Contact Information                  [9.3]
        d) Version History                      [9.4]
        e) Guide End                            [9.5]
     + [3.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +          [ N A Z I  Z O M B I E S  ? ]            +
     +                                                   +
    Yes, you heard me right, Nazi Zombies. It's a fun game mode that you unlock
    after beating WaW's main campaign, or through receiving the online update that
    unlocks Nazi Zombies by default. 
    Nazi Zombies is a survival-type game mode in which you try to survive endless
    waves of the undead. Now, when I say endless, I mean it quite literally. This
    game mode has no "end", only finishing when you die. Zombies come in waves,
    which this game calls "rounds", and as far as I know, there are infinite 
    rounds (I think the record through glitching is 4000 or something). As each
    round passes there will be more zombies and they will be stronger and faster,
    meaning they will start to run towards you instead of doing a limp walk and
    eventually, will take belts of bullets before falling. Between rounds you'll
    have about 15 seconds to restock, repair any windows or walls, and retain your
    sanity before the madness continues. 
    The story is that you're a Russian bomber pilot who's plane recently crashed.
    You survive, but during your semi-consciousness you notice limp figures
    slowly walking towards you. They get closer and closer, and soon you realize
    something's definitely not right. These aren't regular people, they're are 
    hordes of the Undead, craving flesh and blood of the Living.
    After a close call, you make a run for it and hole yourself up in an old
    abandoned building, armed with only a pistol. Now the question is, how long 
    can you survive? 
    The Map
    Now, the default map in Nazi Zombies is Nacht Der Untoten. Nacht der Untoten 
    is german for "Night of the Undead", which is quite a fitting title. In this 
    map, you're holed up in an old german building, which consists of 3 rooms,
    which are the main room, the balcony, and the root cellar. All rooms are
    interconnected, though opening the way into the rooms will require points 
    (We'll come to that later). 
    There are other Nazi Zombie maps, like Shi No Numa and Der Riese, which you 
    may get by purchasing the different World At War map packs. Those maps will 
    not be covered in this guide. 
    While slaying zombies, glowing green objects may appear from their bodies.
    These are Powerups, and upon contact with your character will have special 
    effects on the gameplay. The effects aren't permanent (Save Max Ammo), though
    they are positve effects that will aid you in your survival. We'll go into
    detail on Powerups later on.
    Weapons in Nazi Zombies aren't free. They must be bought with points (More on 
    that later) from murals on the wall, or from the Mystery Box (Once again,
    we'll cover that later). To buy a weapon, simply go up to the mural or Box and
    hold X when prompted. Ammo is half the price of the actual weapon, meaning that
    if the Trench Gun costs 1500 points, than to get an ammo refil it would cost
    750 Points. Keep an eye on your ammo, I've had plenty of times when I suddenly
    ran out of ammo and had to resort to my secondary. Make sure to have an
    effective secondary weapon, it really helps when you don't have enough time to
    reload or are running low on ammo.
    Anyways, that's about it. Now we'll get into details.
     + [4.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +        [ T H E  P O I N T  S Y S T E M ]          +
     +                                                   +
    First and foremost, the Point System. Points in Nazi Zombies are the currency
    that you use to purchase weapons, activate the mystery box, and open up more
    of the building. You get points simply by shooting at zombies, scoring
    different kinds of kills (Such as headshots, meleeing, etc.), and repairing
    your hideout. Here's a chart of the different ways you can gain points.
    Method                         | Points Gained *
    - Score an upper body kill     | - 60 points
    - Score a lower body kill      | - 50 points
    - Score a Headshot Kill        | - 100 points
    - Score a Melee Kill           | - 130 Points
    - Damage a Zombie              | - 10 points (Per shot/hit)
    - Repair Window/Wall           | - 10 points (Per board/piece)
    *Note that the points gained from the appropriate actions are doubled while 2X
    Points is in effect.                               
    Zombie Cow
    Now, if you're smart, you can milk zombies for points. Say a zombie dies in 5
    hits from your gun. Shoot the zombie 4 times for 40 points and then finish it
    with a melee or headshot, instead of just the normal kill. Try to maximize the
    points you get, especially during the earlier rounds when zombies are slower
    and fewer in numbers. 
    Besides killing zombies, the other main way to earn points is to patch up your
    hideout. Before any zombies can breach your perimeter, they will have to climb
    in through a window or hole in the wall first. But before they can do that,
    they will first have to tear off all the boards off a window or make a hole in
    the wall. You can fix these damages by going up to the window/wall and holding
    X when prompted. Each board or wall piece you put back in place will award you
    10 points. Watch out though, while repairing, you could easily get the back of
    your head chewed off, so make sure you watch your back.
    2x Points
    Double Points is a powerup that you may get randomly from a zombie you killed.
    A green glowing 2X will spawn occasionly over the corpse of a Nazi that you've
    killed. Just like the name implies, 2x points gives you triple points =D. Heh,
    just kidding. Anyways, 2x points gives you two times the points you would
    normally get. For example, usually, fixing a window board would get me 10
    points, though while 2x points is in effect I would get 20. Pretty handy, huh?
    The only con to this, and every other powerup except Max Ammo, is that it only
    lasts 30 seconds, so act quickly. 
     + [5.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +               [ T H E  M A P ]                    +
     +                                                   +
    Now, Nacht der Untoten is a pretty small map (Compared to the other Nazi 
    Zombie maps anyways). In this section I'll be going over the layout of the
    building in detail and pointing out any interesting stuff along the way.
    Like I've said before, there's more to the building than the room you start off
    in. The building consists of 3 rooms, the Main Room, the Root Cellar, and the
    Balcony. Each room is separted by an obstacle, either a door or debris in
    front of stairs.
    You must pay 1000 points if you wish to open the entrance into a further area
    of the building. Just because you opened one door does not mean that all
    entrances to that particular room will have been opened, you will have to pay
    again if you wish to open the other entrance. To open a door/clear debris,
    simply walk up to it and when prompted, hold the X button (On 360).  
    Now, let's go through each room, shall we?
    Main Room                         [5.1]
    |               |  
    |               W       WW = Window 
    |               W         
    |               |       OOO = Door to Root Cellar (1000 points to open)
    |               |
    W               |       \\\ = Stairs to Balcony (1000 points to open)
    W           ----|
    |-----      |           K = Kar98k (200 points to buy)  
    |\\\\\      C           
    |\\|-       |           C = M1A1 Carbine (600 points to buy)
    |\\|        -----    
    |\\|            w       XX = Pillar 
    |---            w   
    |               |
    |XX   XX   XX   |
    |               K
    |XX   XX   XX   |
    |               W
    |               W
    Difficulty Rating: *****/*****
    Number of Entrances: 7 (5 windows, 1 staircase, 1 door)
    Weapons for Sale: Kar98k (200 points), M1A1 Carbine (600 points)
    General Description
    The first room you start out in is also the biggest. The Main Room is the room
    that most zombies will come in through, and is also the hardest to defend on 
    your own, due to it's large number of entrances. It's recommended that you get
    out of here as soon as you have enough points to open up the Root Cellar (The
    door marked with HELP or HELL or whatever) and make a draw from the Mystery 
    Box (More at a later section), or have enough points to open up the balcony
    and buy the Trench Gun. 
    Enemy Entrances
    Being the largest room, the Main Room is also the room with the most enemy
    entrances. There are a total of 7 entrances that zombies may enter through.
    5 boarded windows, 1 door, and 1 staircase. Beware, with this many breach 
    points, defending this room will prove to be a challenge. While you`re fending
    off zombies on one side of the room, the Zombies could easily have have broken 
    in from the other side. Thus, it`s better to GTFO of here ASAP, than to hang
    around and get the back of your body chewed off. 
    The two weapons on sale in this room are cheap and weak. The Kar98k is a bolt-
    action rifle that is a one hit kill in the first round (And ONLY the first 
    round, so beware). It only costs 200 points, though the rate of fire and 
    difficulty of aiming makes it not a very sensible choice.
    The other weapon in the room is the M1A1 Carbine, which is a semi-automatic
    rifle that costs 600 points. It`s pretty effective against the zombies, though
    you may find that you will be reloading very often. It`s good for fending off
    the Undead until you have enough points to open up the Root Cellar and Mystery
    Box, or the Balcony and Trench Gun. However, if you wish to conserve points to
    make an early getaway, then you should get the Kar. It`s perfectly possible to
    hold out against the zombies with the Kar, although it requires a certain
    amaount of luck and skill. Go for headshots, or atleast upper body shots, and
    try for collaterals when zombies walk towards you in a line. 
    Defensive Strategies
    Even during the earlier rounds, you will be constantly running back and forth
    to defend against zombies trying to enter your hideout. Don`t hang around one
    side too long, and always keep an eye on the side you`re not currently
    defending. Board up windows when you can, but turn around as you do so. 
    Remember, you can still aim and shoot while boarding up windows, it`s just more
    difficult as your thumb or whatever will be occupied. You should be out of here
    before round 5 anyways, so as soon as you have atleast 1950 points open up the
    Root Cellar and make an immediate draw from the Mystery Box. I find myself 
    leaving the Main Room after Round 3. Don`t hang around the Main Room under any
    circumstances, you will soon be overrun and slaughtered. 
    Additional Notes
    Get out of here before Round 5, tops. Otherwise you`ll be overrun by the Undead
    from multiple directions. Buy a M1A1 Carbine, it`s pretty handy for holding out
    against the Nazis until you have enough points to open up further areas of the
    Root Cellar                         [5.2]
    |                               ?  |   WW = Window
    |                                ? |
    D                                  |   OOO = Door to Main Room (1000 Points 
    |     XX     XX     XX     XX      |                                open)
    |     xx     xx     xx     xx      |   XX
    |                                  |   XX = Pillar
    |                                  |    
    W                          --------|     
    W                          \\\\\\\\|   BB = Breakable Wall
                                           ?  = Mystery Box (950 Points to open)
                                           T = Thompson (1500 Points to buy)
                                           D = Double-Barreled Shotgun (1200 to
                                           \\\ = Stairs to Balcony (1000 Points to
    Difficulty Rating: ***/*****
    Number of Entrances: 5 (2 Windows, 1 door, 1 Stairway, 1 Hole-in-Wall)
    Weapons for Sale: Thompson (1500 Points), DBS (1200 Points), Mystery Box (950
    General Description
    The Root Cellar (otherwise commonly called the "Help Room or Hell Room") is the
    easiest room to defend as it is rather small and the enemy entrances aren't as
    spread out. The most common strategy is stay at the back of room, near where
    the Thompson is, and defend against zombies coming through the doorways and 
    stairs. The Mystery Box is also in this room, which is very convenient. Be 
    careful of the Hole-In-Wall though, as you can't see the zombies before they
    break down the wall. 
    Enemy Entrances
    The Root Cellar introduces a new way of enemy entry, through a hole in the  
    wall. The zombies will have to actually break a hole in the wall first, similar
    to the way they rip off window boards. It will take time before they make a 
    hole large enough to climb through. The Hole-In-Wall is essentially a window,
    only you can't see the zombies outside before they actually start breaking the
    wall. Beside the Hole-In-Wall, there are 4 other entrances, 2 windows, the door
    connecting to the Main Room, and the stairway connecting to the Balcony. 
    Enemies most commonly come in through the door and stairway, so keep an eye
    Weapons on sale in this room include the Double-Barreled Shotgun and the 
    Thompson, although the main attraction is the Mystery Box. 
    Now, I have a separate Mystery Box section further down, though I'll give you a
    quick summary now. The Mystery Box, when opened, gives you a random weapon
    ranging from the MG42 to the M1 Garand. There are a wide variety of weapons,
    and although there are crappy weapons, there are also Special Weapons like the
    Ray Gun and the M1 Flamethrower. The Mystery Box costs 950 Points to activate.
    Its reliability is completely random, although there are some gimmicks to how
    it works (See Mystery Box section). As soon as you get into the Root Cellar,
    immediately open the Mystery Box (Provided you had enough points to do so).
    Cross your fingers and hopefully you'll get something decent, if not you should
    atleast still have the weapon you bought from the previous room. Try to survive
    until you have enough points for another draw, then as soon as the Round ends
    or that you feel that the zombies have thinned out, make another draw. There
    are more good weapons than crappy ones, so you should be alright.
    Besides the Mystery Box, you may also purchase Thompsons and Double-Barreled
    Shotguns from murals on the wall. The Thompson is an automatic SMG, and costs
    1500 points. It is a reliable gun against the zombies at all levels. It's
    recoil bounces the gun upward, getting you free headshots. One con about it is 
    that it has an exceptionally small clip, especially when firing full-auto. You
    will be reloading a lot. 
    The Double-Barreled Shotgun is a twin-barrel, semi-automatic shotgun that,
    unfortunately, only carries 2 shells at a time. It costs 1200 Points. The
    Double-Barreled shotgun is extremely powerful, OHKOing hordes of zombies at
    once. It's major downfall is that you will be reloading every 2 seconds or so,
    and the reload time is sluggish. Don't buy it unless you wish to die while
    reloading. The Trench Gun is a much better alternative.
    Psst, it seems like the game likes to torment you while you reload or something
    Defensive Strategies
    The main defensive strategy of this room is to just stay back and hold off the
    zombies charging towards you from the stairs and the door. Camp back at where 
    the Thompson and DBS are, and keep an eye out for the two windows, especially
    the one behind you. Hopefully you have a good gun from the Mystery Box, if
    not purchase a Thompson as you'll easily be able to get ammo should you need 
    it. There's not much you can do for the hole-in-wall, as it's too risky trying
    to shoot heads that are poking out of the hole since you'll most likely get
    raped from the sides. Just try to kill the zombies as soon as they climb
    through the hole. While shooting the zombies towards the front of the room,
    always, ALWAYS keep an eye out for the zombies coming from the window at the
    back. You don't want to get flanked, believe me. Just take a peep every now and
    then to make sure you don't have something trying to claw it's way through. The
    zombies don't spawn back there too often, though don't be caught off guard.
    A common trick used during the later rounds involve running in circles around 
    the room, and having the zombies follow you. When you see a horde coming 
    towards you that will seem difficult to handle, wait for them to get pretty 
    close, then start running in circles around the room. The pillars in the room
    should prevent them from coming sideways, so the zombies will always be behind
    you. Now, sprint, turn around but keep walking backwards and shoot, reload, 
    sprint, turn around, etc etc. Rinse and repeat until you defeat the horde.
    This tactic works best with Run'N'Gun weapons, like the Ray Gun and Thompson.
    Additional Notes
    The whole point of this room is really just a camping spot, waiting for the 
    zombies to come through the door or stairs and just blasting them when they do.
    Take full advantage of the Mystery Box, and use it between every round, since
    you're gonna have more points than nessecary anyways. Note that the chances of
    getting a Ray Gun are higher the earlier you open the box. The best time to
    try to get a Ray Gun is before round 15, after that the chances will be pretty
    slim. You may also take advantage of the Bottleneck strategy, though I'll
    explain that later.
    Balcony                              [5.3]
                                   ----   --G--    S = Sawed-off Shotgun (1200 
                                   |\\|   |   |                    points to buy)
                                   |\\|   |   |- 
                                   |\\|  /      \  XX = Pillar
                                   |\\|-/        |
                                   |            /  WW = Window 
                                   W          |-  
                                   W          |    sc = Sniper Cabinet (1500 points
                                   |          |                          to open)
                                   S          |
                                   |          |    T = Trench Gun (1500 points to
         -----------------------WW-----    ---|                        buy)
        -|                                    |
       /     XX------------XX                 |    B = BAR (1800 Points to buy)
      /                                       |
      |       SC       XX      XX      XX     |    G = Grenade (@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@)
      \                                       | 
       \     ----       |            -------  |    \\\ = Stairway to Root Cellar/
        -|   |          |            |\\\\\\  B                       Main Room
         |   |          |            |\\\\\\  |          (1000 points to open each)
    Difficulty Rating: ****/*****
    Number of Entrances: 6 (4 Windows, 2 Stairways)
    Weapons for Sale: Sawed-Off Shotgun (1200 Points), Trench Gun (1500 Points),
    BAR (1800 Points), Grenades (@@@ Points), Sniper Cabinet (1500 Points)
    General Description
    The Balcony is the upper floor of the building. The actual balconies (The 
    humps coming out of the main structure in the map) give bird's eye views of
    the outside of the building, allowing you to see zombies long before they 
    reach the building. Don't spend too long sight-seeing though, or an angry local
    might just attack you from behind. The Balcony is the second hardest room to
    defend, scoring just behind the Main Room. However, there are some good weapons
    up here for sale, like the BAR and Trench Gun. 
    Enemy Entrances
    There are a total of 6 zombie entrances to this room, 4 windows and 2 
    stairways. The entrances are all rather spread out, making it hard to defend
    them all. There isn't anything fancy in this room, no Holes-In-Walls or
    anything. Since the entrances are all around the place, pick a spot and sit 
    tight. You'll be doing a lot of shotgunning. 
    The weapons in this room kick ass. As soon as you have enough points, you 
    should buy a Trench Gun. This'll be a one hit kill 'till round 12-13. The
    Trench Gun costs 1500 Points, though once you have it it'll be some limb
    blowing fun. The Trench Gun is like the DBS, just with more range, a bit less
    power, and 6 shots instead of 2. It is also Pump-Action instead of Semi-
    Automatic, meaning you'll have to pump the shotgun once before you're able to
    fire again. The major advantange of the Trenchy is that it has more ammo, so
    you won't have to reload every 2 seconds. The shells go in one at a time, 
    though the reload is interuptable, meaning that if you press the fire button
    while reloading the action will stop, though all rounds that you have already
    put in will still be able to be used, useful if you need to stop your reload
    because a zombie got too close without having to empty your entire clip with
    reload canceling. 
    Another useful weapon in this room is the BAR, which costs 1800 points. It's an
    automatic rifle classified as an MG, though it has a small clip and doesn't
    fire very fast. It's recoil is bumpy, so get ready to adjust your shots. It
    does good damage though, and is pretty reliable.
    The Sawed-off Shotgun is on sale for 1200 points. It's actually just the DBS
    with 2 attachments, Sawed-off and Grip. The Sawed-off shotty has a wider bullet
    spread and less range than the standard DBS. Whether you use this or the DBS is
    up to you. I advise you use neither. 
    The grenade refill costs 250 points, and is a common camping spot if you wish
    to make a last stand. However, I think that after each round you regain 1 or 2
    grenades automatically, though I'm unsure. 
    Finally, the Sniper Cabinet. Opening it requires 1500 points, and upon doing 
    so you recieve one of the three sniper rifles, the PTRS-41, the Scoped
    Springfield, and the Scoped Kar98k. Sniper Rifles are useless except for the 
    first 5 seconds of each round, so really, don't buy 'em.  
    Defensive Strategies
    The Balcony is a good room to make a last stand, or to retreat into when 
    you're being overwhelmed and have to make a gettaway. A good "final stand" area
    is the balcony near the sniper cabinet. There's one window here, so keep an eye
    out. Since there's no way out except forward, if you're overwhelmed here it's
    gonna be a battle getting out, thus making it a "Final stand". Grab the Trench
    Gun, it's pretty much the best weapon before round 12-13, besides the Ray Gun.
    If you do decide to camp here, atleast have the Ray Gun, and try avoid using 
    MGs since you won't have many opportunities to reload. Make sure you don't fire
    the Ray Gun close up, the splash damage will put you at critical health and one
    zombie swipe will kill you. If they do come close up switch to the shotgun and
    start gibbing. If you're at a later round the shotgun can still be effective,
    just aim higher and use your sights *gasps* when possible. Watch your ammo,
    with the Shotgun it's easy to get a refill since the Mural is right there but
    for anything else the only real way to refill your ammo is to get a Max Ammo. 
    If you do see a Max Ammo, don't just go nuts and run for it on the spot, but
    rather wait a bit and spray your gun or whatever. When you feel it's safe 
    enough to make a dash for it go right ahead but be careful of zombies you might
    have missed. 
    Another strategy up here is to defend against the Horde at the Grenade Spawn.
    This is usually a team-based strategy, though it is possible on Solo, albeit 
    much more difficult. What you do is camp at the room with the grenade spawn, 
    while avoiding going outside and watching the window. The doorway will be your 
    main problem though you'll always have to watch out for the window on the side.
    When feeling overwhelmed chuck grenades and fall back to the grenade mural to
    buy more. They're cheap (only 250 points for 4) so dont worry about conserving.
    Throwing some into the doorway, throw at the window, etc.etc.etc. The Sawed-off
    shotty here is useless, don't bother at all.
    Additional Notes
    One way or another, the balcony is great for team-based strategies, not solo.
    While it's fun and easily possible to survive here I would advise you not to,
    stick to the Root Cellar. All the power weapons are up here though, so in the
    end it's your decision.
     + [6.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +          [ T H E  M Y S T E R Y  B O X ]          +
     +                                                   +
    The Mystery Box is one of the most interesting and mysterious parts of Nazi 
    Zombies. It's a random weapon generator, in the form of a rectangular box 
    decorated with big question marks on the top. It's located in the Help Room.
    Using it requires 950 points, and apon paying the fee the box will open and a
    weapon will rise out. The weapon will scroll though the available choices until
    it comes to a rest on one, and at this point the weapon will be available for
    you to swap. The weapon that you get will be completely random, although there
    are a few gimmicks to getting better weapons.
    Here is a complete list of all the weapons available from the Mystery Box:
    - Grenade                         - M1 Garand 
    - .357 Magnum                     - M2 Flamethrower
    - BAR                             - MG42
    - Browning M1919                  - MP40
    - Double-Barreled Shotgun         - Molotov Cocktail 
    - FG42                            - Panzerschreck
    - Gewehr-43                       - PTRS-41
    - Kar98k (Unscoped)               - Ray Gun
    - M1897 Trench Gun                - Springfield (Unscoped)
    - M1A1 Carbine                    - STG-44
                                      - Thompson
    Special Weapons
    Anyways, as you can see, there are some weapons that don't usually/commonly
    appear in the campaign or normal multiplayer, like the Ray Gun and M2 
    Flamethrower. These are special weapons, and are considered rare and hard to
    get, being only obtainable from the Mystery Box on occasional draws. The Ray
    Gun is quite simply the best weapon in Nazi Zombies, being a OHKO up to level
    30. It carries 20 charges per battery (like guns in Halo), and has a fast 
    reload time (only about 3 seconds), making it an efficient and prized weapon.
    While playing solo it's almost mandatory that you get it, without it you'll
    probably die pretty early on. 
    The Flamethrower, as fancy as it sounds, isn't as good as most people would
    assume. No, you can't go around Rambo-style expecting zombies to fall as soon
    as they touch your Flame of Death. After setting a zombie on fire, it will burn
    and eventually die after 5 seconds or so, unless you repeatedly torch it (in
    which case it will die earlier), so basically it will still have time to maul
    you or break off window boards, etc. before it actually dies. The Flamethrower
    has infinite ammo, though it goes on an overheat system. If you continuously
    use the flamethrower then it will overheat, causing you to wait a while for it
    to cool down before being usable again. This is represented by a little bar at
    the bottom right of your screen. While shooting the bar will quickly fill up 
    and once it reaches the top the Flamethrower will overheat, so try your best 
    to fire in bursts.  
    The Thundergun is VERY handy if you ver get into a pinch. It releases a huge
    burst of compressed air that sends entire hordes of zombies flying. It does
    infinite damage, any zombie hit within close range instantly dies. The ones
    hit far away will just get back up after a while. The Thundergun has a small
    clip, use it sparingly. It may just save your damn life.
    The Monkey Bombs are a special kind of special weapon (lol), it's a special
    grenade that attracts the attention of all the zombies on the map. The 
    stupid monkey takes a while to prime, so make sure you have some breathing
    space before tossing it. After thrown, it hangs around a bit, playing its
    cheerful song, attracting all zombies, before blowing up with a bang. Use
    it when in a sticky situation or if you want to make a big crowd to shoot at. 
    Use the Mystery Box as often as possible. No, this isn't Der Riese or any of 
    the other maps, there's no bloddy Teddy Bear so use the box without worry.
    The more draws you make, the better the chances of you getting the Ray Gun,
    which is essential to survival. The Mystery Box is also the only way to get
    weapons that aren't buyable off the walls. 
    Tricks for better weapons
    Although the weapons you get from the box are random, there are ways to 
    manipulate the "randomness". Although these tricks aren't guranteed, they do
    work from time to time. The first and surest trick to use is to open the box
    when the question marks on it are pure gold. Time this carefully, press X a
    second early and hopefully the box will open when the colour is at it's peak. 
    If you pull this off correctly, then you will always get one of the following
    weapons: Ray Gun, Flamethrower, or the MG42. 
    Another trick is shoot the middle of the Mystery Box while the weapons are 
    scrolling. Now, this is probably just bogus, but it's worth a try. (Just don't
    shoot too much or it'll be a waste of ammo =D)
    Further tricks involve proning in front of the box while it's scrolling or 
    activating it facing the other way. Now, really, these tricks are pretty much 
    superstition or they have a very low chance of working.
    Now, you're gonna wanna have access to the Mystery Box as early as possible.
    Try to score as many points as possible in the earlier rounds, so you'll have 
    more points to make draws from the Box, thus increasing your chances of getting
    a better weapon. The Mystery Box's the only place to get better-than-decent
    weapons. Try to stay close to it at all times, to make an emergency draw
    midround or something. Stay in the root cellar, it's the best camping place in
    Solo. Just make sure you watch your back when you make draws, I've been
    ambushed countless times while watching the weapons scroll. Don't run to the
    box when you need to use it, take it slow and wipe out any enemies first before
    sprinting over. Remember, your weapon will hover around for about 10 seconds
    before disappearing, so you don't have to be incredibly hasty about getting it.
     + [7.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +           [ T H E  S T R A T E G I E S ]          +
     +                                                   +
    The meat of the guide. Here's a collection of solo strategies that you may find
    useful on surviving against the undead.
    Bottleneck             [7.1]
    The bottleneck strategy is simple, and fairly effective. What it is is that you
    basically form a "bottleneck", so all the zombies come in through one single 
    entrance. To make a bottleneck you basically only open the furthest entrance to
    the room you're gonna camp in. For example, if I were to make a bottleneck in 
    the Balcony, I would first open up the Root Celler, then open up the stairs 
    leading to the Balcony. That way, most zombies that spawn must go through the
    single stairway to attack you, thus making it easier to defend the room, since
    there's only gonna be one entrance besides the windows. Camp in a corner and 
    watch the entrance and windows. It'll be easier since you won't be constantly
    scrambling to cover both entrances. In the later rounds, you'll really need
    a power weapon. Make a crawler, hit the box, get yourself monkey bombs and 
    a ray gun. Thundergun is also handy.
    The downside to this strategy is that you can be overwhelmed pretty easily, if
    you're stuck reloading an MG or something. This is why having a Ray Gun will be
    handy, since the 1 hit kill and 3-second reload time will keep you in action.
    Watch your ammo though, and try to get Max Ammos as soon as it seems safe to.
    Root Cellar Defense    [7.2]
    Root cellar defense basically means holeing up in the Root Cellar, as
    soon as you can buy the "Help" door and hopefully have enough to hit the box. 
    The Root Cellar provides immediate access to the Mystery Box, and has plenty of
    room to manuever in. I generally stay in the back where the Thompson mural is.
    This position gives you time and space to shoot the zombies before they get too
    close. Make often draws from the Mystery Box and get the Ray Gun. You can 
    also Loop in here, which means letting the zombies follow you and running 
    around the room, turning and shooting. Rinse and Repeat. 
    Balcony defense        [7.3]
    Although perhaps not as effective as brawling it out the Root Cellar, the
    Balcony is also a viable option for holding off the undead. As soon as you 
    have access to the Balcony, (Hopefully round 3-4) buy the Trench Gun off the
    wall. This is really all you need for the moment. Hold off where the Trench 
    Gun mural is. This should be easy enough, the Trench Gun is a one hit kill in 
    the single digit rounds. After that, you'll need to make a crawler or something
    to open up the Root Cellar (Go back down and open the Help door instead of the
    stairs, it will funnel the zombies), and hit the box for (hopefully) a good 
    weapon. The Thundergun or something would be a really lucky pull. Once you
    enter the double digits, things'll start to get hot. All I can say is if you 
    still dont have a decent weapon, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO GET ONE. The 
    Trench gun becomes a 2 hit kill later, though if you still plan on using it,
    go for headshots. 
    Grenade Area Defense   [7.4]
    This strategy involves camping right at the Grenade mural, and holding off 
    while constantly lobbing grenades. What you do is, have your back right up
    against the grenade mural, and look towards the doorway/stairs. One important
    thing is to make sure you go AROUND up to the grenade area, do NOT directly 
    open up the stairs from the Main Room. Open up the Root Cellar, then the
    stairs. This way, you'll force all the zombies to come from the Root Cellar or
    the window, saving you the pain of guarding an extra entrance, and also
    providing you access with the Mystery Box. Anyways, lob grenades like mad. If
    you run out, turn around and buy more. Stay in the corner, don't venture out
    too far. Repair the window next to the Double Barrel shotgun between rounds,
    don't repair it in the middle of a round. Monkey Bombs are really handy here,
    since if you get trapped there's no way out. Stick with fast reload wepaons
    (like the Ray Gun), you have very little down time. Good luck.
     + [8.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +          [ T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S ]          +
     +                                                   +
    A small collection of tips and tricks for your survival.
    Mystery Box Manipulation     [8.1]
    Copy and pasted from the Mystery Box section.
    Although the weapons you get from the box are random, there are ways to 
    manipulate the "randomness". Although these tricks aren't guranteed, they do
    work from time to time. The first and surest trick to use is to open the box
    when the question marks on it are pure gold. Time this carefully, press X a
    second early and hopefully the box will open when the colour is at it's peak. 
    If you pull this off correctly, then you will always get one of the following
    weapons: Ray Gun, Flamethrower, or the MG42. 
    Another trick is shoot the middle of the Mystery Box while the weapons are 
    scrolling. Now, this is probably just bogus, but it's worth a try. (Just don't
    shoot too much or it'll be a waste of ammo =D)
    Further tricks involve proning in front of the box while it's scrolling or 
    activating it facing the other way. Now, really, these tricks are pretty much 
    superstition or they have a very low chance of working.
    Max Ammos             [8.2]
    There are some things you can do to get the most out of a Max Ammo. Max Ammo
    replenishes all reserve ammo (including Grenades and Monkey Bombs). So, if you
    have any monkey bombs and you see a max ammo, toss 'em all and fire off some
    clips. Then, grab the powerup and you'll get all your stuff back. Make good 
    use of all powerups!
    Explosive Barrels and Trucks      [8.3]
    If you take a look outside the map, you may notice some red barrels and trucks.
    These are all explosive, if you shoot them up. You can use them to blow zombies
    up on their way to a window, if you shoot them when the zombies are near. Be
    careful though, some barrels are close enough to shell shock you if you blow
    them up when you're too near.
    Sniping off the balconies        [8.4]
    The second floor of your bunker has some nice vantage points for you to shoot 
    off of. Near the sniper cabinet (convieniently), is a perfect balcony for you
    to sniper from, providing a great view of the field where zombies may spawn 
    from. There is also a good balcony where the grenade mural is. However, sniping
    is not very effective in Solo, as it leaves you vulnerable of your flanks. I
    DO NOT recommend sniping during a round. Pull off a few shots if you have time
    right when a round starts, but DO NOT snipe for more than like 15 seconds, or
    you'll turn around to a mass of zombies ready to eat you from your blind side.
    Knifing zombies          [8.5]
    Knifing zombies may be a good way to conserve ammo, though there are certain
    things to keep in mind when doing so.
    The higher the round, the more melees it takes to bring down a zombie. While
    knifing may be a decent option early early on, it generally becomes useless
    after a while, where it may take more than 10 knives to down a single zombie.
    (Wish there was Bowie Knife)
    When zombies break in through windows, they are the most vulnerable. If you're
    at an early round, you may want to knife them. When knifing through windows,
    try to melee when the zombies reach forward to rip off a board. If you melee 
    when they are standing back, chances are you'll miss.
    Always back off as soon as you knife a zombie. They swipe pretty fast, and 
    without Juggernog on this map, you can easy die from a careless knife. Don't
    try knifing into crowds, you'll just get double swiped and meet a sticky end.
    Think Smart with Power Ups     [8.6]
    Think smart when it comes to Power Ups. If the last zombie of a wave drops a 
    Nuke, don't get it until the next round begins and it starts flashing. You'll
    maximize effectiveness that way. The same goes for other powerups, get them
    when it's practical and safe to do so. If you see a Double Points in a crowd
    of zombies, don't fight your way to get it, it's not worth it. If it's a nuke
    or Max Ammo, then maybe. Also, when you get a Insta-Kill, be smart, conserve 
    ammo. Knife if you can single out zombies, and use guns with a good fire rate
    and large clip. You don't need to pump Ray Gun shells when you have a Insta.
    Need time? Make crawlers!      [8.7]
    If you want some time to repair boards, go to the box, whatever, you can make
    a crawler and leave it while you do whatever. Near the end of a round, throw a
    grenade at a zombie, and with luck it will blow off its legs and will become a 
    slow-moving crawler. Kill the rest of the zombies, leaving the Crawler alive. 
    Now you can move about as you please, doing whatever. Be wary though, crawlers
    die off on there own after a while, though it takes a while.
     + [9.0] +
     +                                                   +
     +              [ E N D  G U I D E ]                 +
     +                                                   +
    Alright, here comes the boring stuff.
    C R E D I T S                               [9.1]
    Me - For making this guide
    Treyarch - For an amazing game mode and great Call of Duty games
    Activision - For a great FPS series and for publishing them
    KomeraFTW - For being an great zombie player and buddy, better than me
                many times over. Taught me loads of zombie info. 
    You - For reading this guide. Thank you!
    C O P Y R I G H T                            [9.2]
    Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops is copyright and owned
    by Activision and its licensors. All rights reserved. 
    This guide is copyright of David "Metroidude477" Hao. You may share this
    guide with others  (Send, make copies, give, etc.) free of charge. However, if
    you are to post this guide anywhere, in anyway, you must ask me first. If you
    don't, consider yourself breaking a copyright law and you will be punished if I
    hunt you down. Anyways, do not use this guide for profit. This guide is free
    for all to use and read. Do not alter this guide in any way. If your going to
    use it,use it only in its original form unless I update it. You must give me
    creditfor it. Don't steal this work and call it your own. You may not use this
    guide for commerical reasons (Advertising, etc.), and that's about it. My email
    is metroidude47@yahoo.ca if you need to ask me a question or make a
    contribution, etc. Please do not abuse any flaws you may find within or you 
    WILL be hunted down and annihilated.  (c) Metroidude477
    Oh, the irony!
    C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N                   [9.3]
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or contributions, please send
    them to metroidude47@yahoo.ca . Make sure you include GTA somewhere in the 
    title or I'll probably delete it as spam. No negative comments, and use good 
    grammar. But the number 1 rule is... NO LEET SPEAK! I ABSOLUTELY HATE 1337! 
    Anyways, if you make a worthy contribution that I decide to put in, then you'll
    be credited and the contribution will be added. Well, that's about it for this
    V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                        [9.4]
    Version 0.00 (22/9/10) -  Got started on the guide. Originally written for 
                              World at War, though I dropped the project sometime
                              midway. Picked it up again after release of Black 
                              Ops. Converted guide to Black Ops. 
    Version 1.00 (15/07/11) - Finally finished the whole damn thing! Took me, what,
                              a bit under a year? Oh well, atleast it didn't go to
    G U I D E   E N D                                  [9.5]
    Well, that wraps it up. Thanks for reading! I can't believe I actually finished
    this, after it getting dropped. Oh well. Anyways, if you've read up to this 
    point, an internet cookie to you! I wonder how many people will actually 
    recieve a cookie =P. By the time they do, they'll be all stale. Anyways, hope
    you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful. From one zombie player to another,
    I'm out.

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