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    Dead Ops Arcade Guide by MKillBill

    Version: 2.8 | Updated: 11/09/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ---------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS [TOC]--------------------------
    I.     About This Guide........................[ABTG]
    II.    Version History.........................[VHIS]
    III.   Controls / How to Play..................[HTP]
    IV.    Weapon Arsenal..........................[WEPN]
    V.     Item Pickups............................[IPCK]
    VI.    Enemies and Hazards.....................[ENMY]
    VII.   General Advice..........................[GADV]
    VIII.  Critical Intel..........................[CINT]
    IX. Basic Level Descriptions (1-40)............[BASC]
             (1-4)   Island........................[ISL1]
             (5-8)   Courtyard.....................[CRT1]
             (9-12)  Prison........................[PRS1]
             (13-16) Cave..........................[CAV1]
             (17-20) Market........................[MRK1]
             (21-24) Kowloon.......................[KOW1]
             (25-28) Street........................[SRT1]
             (29-32) Grid..........................[GRD1]
             (33-36) Forest........................[FST1]
             (37-40) Jungle........................[JNG1]
                     Cosmic Silverback.............[APE1]
    X.   Advanced Level Descriptions (41-80).......[ADVD]
             (41-44) Island Revisited..............[ISL2]
             (45-48) Courtyard Revisited...........[CRT2]
             (49-52) Prison Revisited..............[PRS2]
             (53-56) Cave Revisited................[CAV2]
             (57-60) Market Revisited..............[MRK2]
             (61-64) Kowloon Revisited.............[KOW2]
             (65-68) Street Revisited..............[SRT2]
             (69-72) Grid Revisited................[GRD2]
             (73-76) Forest Revisited..............[FST2]
             (77-80) Jungle Revisited..............[JNG2]
                     TWO Cosmic Silverbacks........[APE2]
    XI.    Elite Level Descriptions (81-120).......[1337]
              World Record (rounds played).........[WREC]
    XII.   The Room of Fate........................[ROF]
    XIII.  Avoiding Bad Players....................[ABP]
    XIV. Rumors and Myths..........................[RUMR]
    XV.  FAQ's.....................................[FRQ]
    XVI.   About the Author........................[BILL]
    XVII.  Copyright...............................[COPY]
    **NOTE** Use the Quick Code on the far right to go directly where you want 
             without scouring the entire guide. Hit Control+F, enter the code, 
             then hit Find Next and it should work just fine.
                           I. ABOUT THIS GUIDE [ABTG]
    I created this guide for a number of reasons. First, I have an affection for 
    top-down shooters and this game certainly falls into that category. Secondly, 
    although there are other guides out there for this game, virtually none of 
    them go into detail about the levels beyond the Silverback, discuss strategy, 
    or offer any trinkets of wisdom that the great players know about. In addition, 
    some of the info contained in the other guides is flat out wrong. For those 
    reasons, I took it upon myself to give back to the community in the hopes of 
    clearing up any rumors and providing a definitive answer to all things related 
    to Dead Ops Arcade. This guide is dedicated to every player out there looking 
    to gain a better understanding of the game and to everyone looking to play 
    with good, LEGIT, mature players. 
    I say legit, because there are a number of people out there who claim to be
    better than they really are, hack the game, and make the scoreboards totally 
    irrelevant. This guide does no such thing or makes any such claim. After 
    reading this guide I make no guarantees on how far you will go; only that you 
    will have a better understanding of the game and thus setting you up to have 
    better, longer games.
    This is my first ever FAQ. Initially it took me a few days to write, but as 
    you can see from the rather lengthy version history I am constantly adding and 
    making changes as I continue to gather new information and dispel the 
    inaccuracies. I am confident in saying that you will not find a more 
    comprehensive guide for this game anywhere than right here. I hope you get as 
    much out of this guide as I have put into it. 
    Many thanks to the following players on PSN for their invaluable input 
    on several areas of this guide. Their information has helped to make it more 
    authentic, not to mention they are amazing Dead Ops players.
       - iMrBeast
       - FR1TZ22
       - Thee_Frenzy
       - LOC1520
    Lastly, a special shout out and thank you to David King, Senior Technical 
    Director, AND THE CREATOR OF DEAD OPS from Treyarch for reviewing, endorsing, 
    and contributing to my guide. Your stamp of approval means so much and I'm 
    glad you found this to be a valuable DOA resource!
    Thanks and ENJOY!
    Email: coltskillbill@gmail.com
    PSN: MKillBill
                             II. VERSION HISTORY [VHIS]
    1.3 (8/3/11)
        - First version accepted and posted to GameFAQs.com
    1.4 (8/6/11)
        - Made alterations to all sections; adding previously missed information. 
        - Fixed spelling/grammar errors
    1.45 (8/8/11)
        - Gave permission to CheatCC.com and Neoseeker.com to host my guide on 
          their sites. Notated the copyright section accordingly.
    1.5 (8/10/11)
        - Gave permission to Supercheats.com to host my guide on their site. 
          Notated the copyright section accordingly.
        - Edited "Advanced Level Descriptions," and "FAQ" sections
        - Fixed spelling/grammar errors
    1.6 (8/13/11)
        - Changed RPK to M60 
        - Corrected error about receiving speed boosts from stolen lives
        - Edited a piece of critical intel regarding the order of command
             (thanks to "iMrBeast" from PSN for the info!)
        - Minor formatting changes
    1.7 (8/28/11)
        - Added an extra tidbit about the Fate of Friendship regarding the blue 
             (thanks to "iMrBeast" from PSN for the info!)
        - Edited "Item Pickups," "About Me," and "Avoiding Bad Players" sections
        - Made some formatting changes to make the guide cleaner
    1.8 (9/16/11)
        - Added "Elite Level Descriptions" section
             (thanks to "iMrBeast" and "FR1TZ22" from PSN for the info!)
        - Fixed spelling/grammar errors
    1.9 (9/22/11)
        - Edited "Item Pickup" and "Weapon Arsenal" sections
        - Added valuable information to virtually all sections of the guide; 
          notably the Room of Fate, high level advice, going prone, and dropping 
             (thanks to "FR1TZ22" from PSN for all the info)
        - Rewrote strategies for beating certain arenas
        - Fixed spelling/grammar errors
    2.0 (9/27/11)
        - Moved the foreward to its own, brand new section (About this Guide)
        - Added searchable tags to all sections to make finding information easier 
        - Expanded the Table of Contents and made it easier to read
        - Edited the "FAQ" section
        - Added note about flamethrower crashing the game
             (thanks to "FR1TZ22" from PSN for the info!)
        - Fixed grammar errors
    2.1 (10/18/11)
        - Edited "About Me," "About This Guide," "Critical Intel," "Room of Fate" 
        - Added my contact info to multiple sections in the guide
        - New information about the monkey bomb discovered
        - Added the previously missed BARELL to the "Item Pickups" section
        - Added advice about the in-game trophy for dashing through zombies
        - Added GameFly/GameSpot to the list of approved sites
        - Fixed error about high rank VS high color rank (see General Advice)
    2.2 (11/6/11)
        - Added new section "Rumors and Myths"
        - Added note about death during the ending cutscenes
        - Added info about the HUD on the player details
        - Removed incorrect information about the monkey bomb
        - Edited/fixed misconception about dog bites after round 34
        - Edited "Avoiding Bad Players" and "Elite Level Descriptions" sections 
    2.21 (1/5/12)
        - Updated the "Elite Level Description" section regarding the world record
    2.22 (1/15/12)
        - Updated the "Elite Level Description" section regarding the world record
    2.3 (1/22/12)
        - Rewrote some of the level strategies
        - Updated the "About the Author" and "Critical Intel" sections
        - Added a few links to YouTube videos to help explain strategies
    2.4 (5/3/12)
        - Updated the "About this Guide," "Weapon Pickups," "Critical Intel," 
          "FAQs," and "About the Author" sections
        - Added note about abominable martyrs giving 1-2 hits before death
        - Rewrote level strategies
        - Fixed grammar errors
    2.41 (5/8/12)
        - Updated the "Elite Level Description" section regarding the world record 
        - Cleaned up descriptions in certain sections to make them more clear
    2.5 (6/27/12)
        - Added a new section "Enemies and Hazards" for all enemies in the game.
        - Updated "About Me" section
              I am no longer accepting random game requests. I will still be glad 
              to discuss the game with anyone.
        - Updated "FAQ" section
              There is no way to guarantee a bonus room and no round limit in DOA.
        - Updated "Item Pickup" section
              Wunderwaffles do not go off unless they touch an enemy from NSEW.
        - Updated the "Room of Fate" section
              Included personal reccomendation for fates on Solo mode
        - Minor formatting changes
    2.6 (9/3/12)
        - Updated the "Elite Level Descriptions" section
              Realistically, there is no way to legitimately pass round 160 due to 
              G_Spawn errors.
        - Updated both sections regarding boss fights
              Recent research shows that boss monkeys are immune to the shock 
              poles. Luring them over in a chopper is pointless, although still 
              useful for killing the other enemies.
        - Updated my contact information throughout the guide 
        - Updated the Foreward and FAQ sections regarding hacking and cheating.
    2.7 (10/12/13)
        - Updated the Foreward
              I received formal recognition from David King, Senior Technical
              Director at Treyarch for this guide. He tweeted the guide out to all 
              of his followers for massive exposure. My thanks to you once again
              for your approval and your support!
        - Made some changes according to the word of David King, Treyarch.
              *Weapon timers - weapon has a timer that goes down over time. If you 
                               fire the weapon it goes down even faster. Use the 
                               time with your weapon wisely.
              *Gems - Rather than size, it goes by a randomly chosen value between
                      1.0 - 9.0. There have been large gems that have only given 
                      multipliers of 1.5.
        - Fixed spelling/grammar errors
    2.8 (5/25/15)
        - I no longer go by the screen name "DCIguy01." I am now referred to as 
          MKillBill on PSN. If you wish to play a game with me, send an invite
          to me over on that name. 
                         III. CONTROLS / HOW TO PLAY [HTP]
    If you've ever played SMASH TV in the arcades or on the home consoles, you 
    should know how to play Dead Ops Arcade (DOA.) The game is played as a 
    top-down shooter in which you take on vast hordes of undead zombies. You 
    start the game with a standard issue M60, but can easily upgrade to other 
    guns and acquire other items as the game progresses. 
    DOA also uses the same basic control scheme as Smash TV with a few additions. 
    Note that there are slight differences with the PC and home consoles.
    Left Stick - Moves the player
    Right Stick - Shoots the gun in the direction pushed
    L1 - Nuke
    R1 - Speed Boost
    Pause - Brings up pause/option menu
    Left Mouse - Fire
    Right Mouse - N/A
    Mouse Wheel - Nuke
    Cursor - Aims where you are shooting
    Spacebar - Speed Boost
    G - Nuke (alternate)
    The Player HUD (Heads-up Display)
    You will notice on the game screen that each player has their own score as well 
    as several other numbers in close vicinity. We will discuss each number and 
    piece of the HUD in detail.
    Multiplier Bar - Indicates how far along the player is to advancing to the next 
                     multiplier level. A higher multiplier means more points. More 
                     points means more lives. More lives means more playing time.
    Lives - This is the first number underneath the screenname. As you would guess, 
            it indicates the number of lives the player has accumulated. You start 
            off the game with three.
    Nukes - The second number underneath the screenname indicates the number of 
            bombs you have. You start the game with one.
    Bolts - The final number indicates the number of speed boosts you have. You 
            start off with two.
    Score - The largest number on the HUD is your score. Every zombie killed is 
            worth 100 points apiece. You earn a free life (for yourself only) with 
            every 200,000 points.
                             IV. WEAPON ARSENAL [WEPN]
    It is critical to understand the differences in the various guns, their 
    strengths and their weaknesses. This section will list all of these things. 
    M60 (Standard gun)
    ...This is the gun you start out with by default. Pretty standard rapid fire 
       gun. Contains infinite ammo and is ideal for mowing down weaker zombies. 
       Against tougher brutes and in later rounds, you will want to seek something 
       a little more powerful. 
    Death Machine
    ...Basically an upgraded version of the M60. It cuts through virtually any 
       enemy with very little effort. Ideal for laying the smack down on tougher 
       enemies and extremely helpful when obtained in the Room of Fate (discussed 
       later.) No major weaknesses with this gun.
    China Lake
    ...A short distance grenade launcher that will wipe out groups of zombies 
       with ease. The China Lake works wonders well into the higher rounds and 
       even against the toughest of monsters. The only real drawback is that it 
       makes it tough for you and your teammates to see what is happening right in 
       front of them. 
    **NOTE** A good tactical use for this weapon is to shoot and steadily move 
             backward to ensure no zombies get through and everyone can see what 
             is happening in front of them. 
    ...A spread-fire shotgun. Easily the weapon of choice for taking out large 
       groups of zombies from all distances across the map. As the distance 
       increases, so does the range of the spread. Add a chicken or two (or more) 
       for utter mayhem. No real disadvantages with this weapon!
    Ray Gun
    ...Fires precise green bursts which can also bounce off the walls. It has 
       devastating power and potential, but it can be like using a slot machine. 
       The Ray Gun does not always kill its target; especially in higher levels. 
       Use at your own risk.
    ...Fires straight rockets at enemies with ease; killing almost anything in a 
       single shot. This gun is ideal for taking out a long line of zombies (or 
       those golden cows/bulls.) Unfortunately, the RPG suffers from a couple 
       problems. It is not very effective for large groups coming from multiple 
       angles since it can be difficult to aim at times. The other major problem 
       with this gun is that you can very easily hit a teammate; knocking them 
       across the screen and right into a group of zombies or a shock tower for an 
       instant kill! 
    **NOTE** Whatever you do, DO NOT fire this gun while mindlessly rotating in 
             a circle. This is the easiest way to accidentally kill your teammates.
    M2 Flamethrower
    ...Your basic everyday barbeque cannon. The gun has a wide range and can pretty 
       much hit any zombie on the map. The effect of the weapon slows down the 
       enemy until they eventually keel over and die. Highly effective in the 
       lower rounds. Once you get into high round play, it becomes far less useful 
       to almost ineffective. This weapon also suffers from the same problem as 
       the RPG. The flames make it VERY difficult to see in front of you. If you 
       do decide to use it in higher rounds, always keep the gun aimed toward your 
       enemies. To avoid obscuring the vision of your teammates, stop firing long 
       enough to change direction and then resume fire. Use at your own risk. 
    **NOTE** Whatever you do, DO NOT fire this gun while mindlessly rotating in 
             a circle. The entire screen becomes a flaming red mass and will make 
             it impossible to see.
    **NOTE 2** If you manage to get into high round play (41 and up) DO NOT USE A 
                FLAMETHROWER and CHICKEN IN COMBINATION. This is a surefire way 
                to crash the game.
                   (credit to "FR1TZ22" from PSN)
                              V. ITEM PICKUPS [IPCK]
    In addition to weapons, there are plenty of other useful items dropped 
    throughout the game. Here is a short list of the ones at your disposal. 
    Regular Treasure
    ...Gives the player 125 points per treaure. Appears as numerous varieties of 
       silver and gold bars, medallions, etc. Pick these up as opportunity permits, 
       because they will help raise your multiplier in small increments.
    ...These babies come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. For 
       the longest time it was believed that size mattered in that the bigger the 
       gem the bigger the multiplier. Recently it was revealed that these gems 
       have a random multiplier assigned from 1.0 - 9.0. Whatever value is assigned 
       to that gem will determine the extent of the score multiplier gained from 
       picking up the gem.
    **Credit to David King, Senior Technical Writer @ Treyarch**
    ...A bomb that kills every enemy on the screen (minus cows and the boss.) They 
       appear as golden bombs on the map. You start the game with one. Use only 
       when you are trapped with no hope of escape. Highly useful on higher rounds.
    **NOTE** You can only carry 9 nukes at a time. If you already have 9 and you 
             see another one lying around, either let someone else pick it up OR 
             drop a nuke and then pick it up. 
    Lightning Bolt
    ...Also known as speed boosts. An item that allows the player to dash straight 
       through a line of zombies. It appears as a lightning bolt on the map. You 
       start the game with two. Can be used to kill a pack of zombies or as a way 
       to escape a pursuing group. Be careful while using this as you can very 
       easily dash yourself into a shock tower or another horde of zombies. If you
       use up all of your boosts in a single round, you will always enter into the 
       next round with one additional bolt, so feel free to use one at the end of 
       a round if necessary.
    **NOTE** You can only carry 9 bolts at a time. If you already have 9 and you 
             see another one lying around, just leave it for somebody else.
    ...A flying chicken that hovers around the player and shoots the same gun you
       are currently using. Appears as a miniature chicken on the map. You can 
       acquire up to 6 chickens at once to unleash some simply devastating attacks 
       across the screen. 
    **NOTE** The chicken is best used by the player who acquires the Fate of 
             Friendship (discussed later) as clock use of the chicken is doubled.
    ...A helicopter which makes the player immune to damage as they fly around 
       the screen blasting explosive missiles at all enemies in sight. Appears as 
       a helicopter on the map. Great for blowing up the golden cows and getting 
       teammates out of a jam. These are first introduced into the game at round 9. 
    **NOTE** Any chickens in use by the player holding the chopper will 
             automatically gain the use of a Ray Gun for the duration of the 
                                **URGENT NOTE** 
    This is one of the most important tips you will ever get in this guide. If 
    the player of highest ranking color (1=green, 2=blue, 3=red, 4=yellow) picks 
    up the chopper, he makes the team invincible for however long he has it (see 
    the Critical Intel section for more info.) MAKE USE OF THIS TIME! (Teammates 
    can still die by hitting shock towers, bulls, getting bit by dogs, or from 
    explosions due to barrels and abominable martyrs.)
    ...A land vehicle capable of running over any enemy in the game (excluding 
       the boss.) Appears as a tank on the map. Fires explosive rounds similar to 
       the China Lake. Great for taking out large groups, but somewhat difficult 
       to control at times. These are first introduced into the game at round 5. 
       Many people do not utilize this vehicle properly. The best way to utilize 
       the tank is to run over the enemies while firing at the same time. Even
       better, block off an exit with the tank and fire in another direction to 
       cover two directions.
    **NOTE** Do NOT carry a tank over a portal into a new set of rounds. There is 
             a slight chance that the game will glitch. The player with the tank 
             will appear underneath the map and make it impossible to see any of 
             team members or enemies until the end of the round. Basically, if this 
             happens, you're screwed. Reset the game.
    ...Rotating electric orbs which fry any enemy they touch. Appears as a silver 
       orb on the map. They work in a chain-like effect, in that they will fry any 
       number of zombies on the map, so long as they are touching or within a close 
       proximity. Be careful, as zombies can still break through the orbs at times. 
    **NOTE** Many times you will notice that the electric orbs do not always work 
             on contact. Although the orbs rotate in a circle around the player, 
             they will only go off if they touch an enemy in one of the four basic 
             cardinal directions (north, south, east, west.) If you make contact 
             with an enemy in any other direction, the orb will not go off. 
    Sentry Gun
    ...An automated machine gun with power identical to that of the death machine. 
       It cannot be destroyed by enemies. Appears as a sentry gun on the map. Ideal 
       for providing cover fire. The sentry gun will not fire at a constant rate, 
       so do not rely on it completely. 
    Monkey Bomb
    ...A toy monkey which attracts all zombies to it with its cymbal beat, then 
       suddenly explodes; killing any enemy nearby. Appears as a monkey on the map. 
       Great for the higher levels when massive swarms are overwhelming the team. 
       The Monkey Bomb is not fool-proof, though. If a zombie is closer to you than 
       the monkey, the zombie will come after you regardless.
    **NOTE** Appropriate use of the monkey should involve waiting until there are 
             zombies nearby before picking it up. If you pick up a monkey-bomb and 
             there are no zombies nearby, it will go to waste. If you see a monkey 
             that is in play, chiming away and doing its job, try not to shoot the 
             zombies attracted to it. Focus your attention on the others coming 
             into play (or better yet, lead them over to the monkey.)
    ...Similar to the wunderwaffle, these barrels will rotate around the player and 
       create a barrier that kills anything they smash into. Very effective against 
       large swarms; buying you time to cut yourself a path through the crowd. 
       Another added benefit is that once they expire, they fly off to the side; 
       killing anything they touch, although these kills are incidental and near 
       impossible to predict.
    Teddy Bear
    ...Grants the player a force field which can be used to propel and even kill 
       some of the enemies you face. Appears as a brown teddy bear on the map. The 
       teddy bear is great for helping to get a player out of a corner with no 
       escape, but beware. Creepy crawlers will almost always break through, as 
       well as engineers, dogs, and any other zombie with enhanced strength. The 
       obvious downside to this item is that it can obscure your vision in the 
       heat of battle when there are a lot of enemies on screen at once.
    **NOTE** A common misconception with this item is that you are granted 
             invincibility. The teddy bear does NOT make you immune to zombies. 
             Rather, it creates a repulsion forcefield that deters zombies in the
             opposite direction; often making them run away. 
    ...Grants the player double the normal foot speed. Appear as boots on the map. 
       These are basically what the player who receives the fate of Furious Feet 
       receives (discussed later.)
    **NOTE** If you picked up the Furious Feet perk in the Room of Fate, do not 
             pick up any boots you run across. Leave them for teammates. 
    Extra Lives
    ...Grants an extra life to THE ENTIRE TEAM. Appears as a golden soldier on the 
       map. Always be on the lookout for these babies. Pick them up at all costs; 
       even if it means dropping a nuke or speed boost to get it.   
                          VI. ENEMIES AND HAZARDS [ENMY]
    This section lists all the various enemy types and hazards you will run into 
    over the course of a game.
    Nazi Zombies
    ...This is the basic zombie you will encounter beginning at round 1 and 
       continue to see throughout the game. Nothing special about them, really. 
       They move very slowly at the start of the game and are easy to kill, but 
       their speed and strength will increase as the game moves along. 
    Prisoner Zombies
    ...First encountered in the Prison arena, appropriately. Considerably faster 
       than Nazi zombies, they can catch a player off guard if he is unprepared. 
       They are still relatively weak and easy to shoot down with minimal effort. 
    Creepy Crawlers
    ...More often referred to as just "crawlers," these guys are notorious for 
       having more lives than a cat. Sometimes you may find yourself firing at a 
       single crawler for quite a while before it dies. They are best killed while
       they are in a stationary position.
    Engineer Zombies
    ...These zombies will fall down from the sky beginning in the Kowloon arena. 
       They move very slowly (regardless of level) and carry a wrench for swinging 
       away at you. Once an engineer has taken enough damage, it will begin to 
       furiously charge at you until dead. It is best to avoid shooting these guys 
       unless they are the only zombie around. A slow zombie is an avoidable one. 
    ...Think of the Nazi zombie, only covered in harry fur and much harder to 
       kill. Not much more to be said. First encountered in the Grid arena with 
       the abominable martyrs. Speaking of which...
    Abominabale Martyrs
    ...First encountered in the Grid arena. Think of General Trag from TMNT; a big 
       scary reddish rock monster. That's exactly what you have here. These guys 
       move a tad slower than regular zombies, but they make up for it with one 
       little detail: they explode on impact. A direct hit will instantly kill 
       anyone caught in its blast. If you are on the outside rim, you will only 
       take a single hit. 2-3 hits from a martyr will result in death.
    ...Commonly referred to as dogs or simply "those damn dogs," these creatures 
       are first encountered in the Forest arena near the end of the game. They 
       have exceptional speed and can only be outrun if a player has the Furious 
       Feet perk or has picked up a pair of turbo boots. Unlike regular zombies, 
       hellhounds will not kill a player on impact. Rather, they will deliver a 
       single bite. Three bites and the player is dead.
    Cosmic Silverback
    ...This is the boss of Dead Ops. He is the big gorilla that you will randomly 
       see appear at the end of a level every so often trying to steal any treasure 
       that is still on the ground. He is invincible and cannot be killed... until 
       you face him as a boss in round 40/80/120/etc. 
    Shock Towers
    ...First encountered in the Courtyard arena (level 5,) these hazards will annoy 
       just about anyone. When activated, they will kill anything they touch, 
       friend or foe. When turned off, feel free to run right through them (though 
       not recommended.) When the tower is green, it is off and safe to pass 
       through. When they turn purple, they are about to activate, so stay clear. 
    Flaming Barrels
    ...First encountered in the Street arena near round 25. These red barrels will 
       roll off the rooftops of the buildings, come to a stop, then explode. They 
       will kill most regular zombies or considerably damage them; but they also 
       damage and kill the players as well. The same rule applies to barrels as it 
       does to dogs and abominable martyrs. Approximately 3 or so hits will result 
       in death.
    ...These neutral enemies are only encountered in the Market arena. They enter 
       from one of the 4 doorways and exit the opposite end of the screen. Anything 
       that gets in their way is instantly killed. Great for use as a barrier when 
       tons of zombies are swarming around. These creatures can be killed; but only 
       by shooting an explosive weapon at them (RPG-7, grenade launcher, tank, or 
       chopper.) This causes blood and guts to fly all over the screen. 
       Additionally, some of the bulls will shine gold. If one of these guys are 
       blown up, a bunch of gems will scatter all over the ground. Pick those 
       babies up to increase your multiplier!
                             VII. GENERAL ADVICE [GADV]
    This section provides some common sense information as well as intel that will 
    prove useful in making you a better overall player.
    ...The biggest piece of advice I can give ANYBODY is to play, play, and play 
       some more. Just because you read through a book, walkthrough, etc. doesn't 
       automatically make you a great player. Like most things in life, you will 
       only get better through hands-on application. Play the game constantly and 
       you will gain a better understanding of why certain things work and do not.
    ...It is usually better to be moving than stationary. A moving target is much 
       harder to kill than one that just sits there. Standing in one spot will 
       often result in death; especially in rounds 13 and beyond.
    ...Learn how to run and shoot in different directions. I often enter games 
       where people are too busy fleeing a horde of zombies and forgetting to 
       shoot as they run. This leads to getting overwhelmed and losing lives.
    ...Your multiplier is the key to a longer game. With a high multiplier, you 
       will be earning lives like it's second nature. Pick up gems when you can to 
       increase the multiplier faster than normal. Once you reach a 9x multiplier, 
       you should start leaving treasure behind for teammates so they can build up 
       their multipliers. This tends to be the hardest concept for a player to 
       grasp because they want to get high on the leaderboards. However, without a 
       team, you won't be able to sniff a high spot on the leaderboards. Remain 
       humble and you will go far. 
    ...There is no reason NOT to fire your M60. You never know when an enemy 
       will come from a corner or behind and try to catch you off guard.
    ...Just because you see a weapon or item spawn does not mean you have to make a 
       mad dash for it the split second it pops on the screen. Items will remain on 
       screen for some time before flashing and finally disappearing. Think about 
       your situation and think about whether it would be best for you to pick it 
       up or to let someone else pick it up.
    ...Do not pickup a weapon or item unless you need it. If you have 9 nukes, 
       speed boosts, etc., you should leave it for someone else that could use it.
    ...Do not leave a bonus room or, god forbid, an armory without picking up 
       every single treasure. Leaving early is downright foolish for too many 
       reasons to mention.
    ...When you are in a bonus round or armory, try to leave a specific weapon 
       (i.e.: chopper, tank) until the very end so you can get the most use out of 
       it for the following round.
    ...Lead enemy hordes into the shock towers when possible. It will help thin 
       out the forces and make it easier for the team to pick them off one by one.
    ...After dying, you will respawn on the map with a temporary shield of 
       invincibility. Use that time to plow through as many zombies as you can! 
       If necessary, block off a point of entry on the map and stay there until
       the shield turns yellow and is nearly worn off.
    ...As you progress through the game to the higher levels, it will become 
       inevitable that someone becomes the "bomb bitch" and starts stealing lives, 
       providing others with armory, etc. If you find yourself to be that person 
       and you are becoming more of a hindrance than a help, LEAVE THE TREASURE FOR 
       EVERYONE ELSE. What good does it do the team for you to pick up treasure if 
       you keep dying on a constant basis? That multiplier you earned could have 
       been put to better use with a better player. On the flip side, if your 
       teammates are constantly dying and giving little to no help, you will need 
       to make that difficult judgement call and start taking everything for 
                             VIII. CRITICAL INTEL [CINT]
    This section has information that few players know about. To have the best 
    chance of surviving into the higher rounds of the game, you should read the 
    intel contained within.
    ...When the green player picks up a chopper, the zombies will automatically 
       go straight for him. During this time, the rest of the team is invincible 
       to all zombies except for hellhounds, explosions, and shock towers. ALWAYS, 
       ALWAYS let the green player pick up a chopper; especially in the higher 
       rounds when enemy swarms become very large. This is especially useful when 
       combined with the Fate of Fortitude (discussed later) which doubles the 
       time of all items. 
    ...Adding on to the previous intel, if there is no green player in the game, 
       the blue player takes his place as the chopper "magnet." If there is no 
       blue, then red takes his place. The only player the zombies will not follow 
       in the chopper is yellow. So the chain of command goes:
          - Green
          - Blue
          - Red
          - Yellow
    ...When a teammate has zero lives and dies again, he can be revived by 
       stealing one of the other player's lives. Stealing a life occurs 
       automatically and cannot be triggered by any other means. A life cannot be 
       stolen by the same player more than once in a 90 second span. When a life 
       is stolen, the player whose life was stolen will receive a randomly chosen 
       power-up as follows:
          - Chopper
          - Tank
          - 3 nukes
          - 4 speed boosts
    ...Adding on to the previous intel, if one of your lives gets stolen and are 
       awarded nukes or speed boosts AND you have 7+ nukes or 6+ boosts, any nukes 
       or boosts which put you over the maximum limit (9) will go to waste. If you 
       receieve a weapon drop which puts you over the max, drop a nuke/use a boost 
       immediately to ensure one less item goes to waste.
    ...If you make it to round 34 without dying once, a dogbite will give you the  
       same amount of punishment as an exploding barrel. In other words, your 
       health will slowly regenerate over time. YOU CAN STILL BE KILLED BY DOGBITES 
       if you take 3-4 in a row without pause. It will remain this way for all dogs 
       until you die (by other means.) Try as hard as possible to survive to round 
       34 as it will make getting to the advanced levels A LOT easier. 
    ...If there are both treasure and gems on the ground, pick up the treasure 
       FIRST, then pick up the gems. This will maximize your score.
    ...If you notice, any time an item spawns on the map it will rotate in a 
       circle. On rare occasion, sometimes an item/weapon/vehicle will spawn and 
       NOT rotate. When this rarity occurs, the item will remain on the map 
       indefinitely until somebody picks it up. This is especially useful in 
       situations where a certain weapon may be needed, the entire team already 
       has a good weapon, etc. 
          See this video below for a visual explanation. Watch the first few 
          seconds and look for the infinite tank.
    ...It is highly recommended that you turn off controller vibration during 
       gameplay. Your hands will get tired and it can become annoying after a 
       long stint of play.
    ...If you are playing DOA on the PS3, DO NOT have the Playstation XMB pulled 
       up while the game is loading at the startup screen. On occasion, the game 
       will glitch and automatically take a life away; putting you at a severe 
       handicap before you even fire a single shot.
    ...After a certain round (still unconfirmed which one), if you simply survive 
       for the round time limit, the zombies will begin to disappear. You can win 
       the round by default in this fashion. 
                     IX. BASIC LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS (1-40) [BASC]
    This section gives a basic description of each level and set of rounds. It 
    then lists a couple keys to winning the rounds in case you are having trouble. 
    ISLAND (1-4)
    ...This is the starting point of the game. Nothing but slow moving zombies 
       that come at you from north, south, east, and west. You will also notice 
       that one side of the map is completely covered in water. Zombies that spawn 
       from this side of the map move at a sluggish pace until they hit land, at 
       which point they will move much faster. If you die in these levels, either 
       quit or start over.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Have a brain. There is absolutely no excuse for losing lives in these 
           levels. If you must have some sort of advice, stay out of the water 
           until the round has been completed. While your player is in the water, 
           he cannot fire any weapons. 
    COURTYARD (5-8)
    ...Similar to the island, but without water. The only notable exception is a 
       statue in the middle of the room. The zombies are slightly stronger than 
       before, but still easily beaten. These levels also introduce shock towers 
       which can instantly kill you, a teammate, or your enemies. You should be 
       able to navigate through these levels without much of a problem. Again, if 
       you die here I would suggest either quitting or starting over.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Do not stand directly next to the entrance points of the map where 
           zombies will appear. Stand a little closer to the center and play it 
           safe. Other than that, watch out for the shock towers and you will be 
    PRISON (9-12)
    ...This is a dual-layered arena which introduces the "challenge rounds." Round 
       9 is the first of these, entitled "Prison Break." Prisoner zombies come at 
       you from the basic directions and they could be coming from the first or 
       second floor. Shock towers become more dangerous as the hordes get a little 
       faster. Most novices will lose their first life here, but should still get 
       through without too much trouble. A poor team will have their game ended 
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Stick in the center of the map and just shoot the zombies as they come 
           at you. Be careful of zombies coming from the left and right as they 
           can be hard to see until they cross underneath the catwalks. If you are 
           having a hard time, just move to the second level and camp; forcing the 
           zombies into a chokepoint. Just to be sure to watch both directions if 
           you do this. 
    CAVE (13-16)
    ...Arena is very similar to the courtyard, except that the lighting is worse
       which makes it tougher to see the enemies and the shock towers (especially 
       round 16.) Creepy crawlers (fast moving critters that are very difficult to 
       shoot down) are introduced here in the challenge round (13.) Teddy bears are 
       almost ineffective against them at times. Most novice players will either 
       lose all their lives here or have their game ended. If you only make it to 
       these rounds on your first few playthroughs, this is to be expected.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Keep moving while shooting and do not get trapped in a corner. Let me 
           say this again. DO NOT STAND IN A CORNER. You may be able to hold off 
           the crawlers from one direction, but you WILL eventually get overwhelmed 
           by doing this. Instead, fake the zombies out by constantly switching 
           directions and stay near the center of the map.
    MARKET (17-20)
    ...The first large arena. A wide open space with zombies coming from the basic 
       directions and the same types of hazards and enemies from previous stages. 
       The major obstacles here are charging bulls. They are neutral and can kill 
       you or the enemy, so use them to your advantage. They cannot be killed 
       except by explosive rounds from a weapon or vehicle. Be on the lookout for 
       shining golden bulls as they provide numerous gems when killed. 
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           One thing to avoid doing in these levels is unnecessarily blowing up 
           bulls when you don't need to. Blowing up a bull causes it to explode 
           blood and guts all over the map. While this may look cool at first, it 
           severely hinders you and your teams' vision, making it much harder to 
           see the other enemies on screen. Unless the bull is shining gold, DO NOT 
           shoot at it. As long as you watch out for the bulls and keep moving, 
           you should be able to get through these levels without much of an issue 
           due to the amount of room you have to run and gun.
    **NOTE** You can change your game settings in the main menu before starting 
             the game to eliminate the gore of exploding bulls. If you change the 
             parental setting to restricted rather than unrestricted, you will see 
             a puff rather than gory guts all over. 
    KOWLOON (21-24)
    ...Similar to the prison in that it has two levels, but far more dangerous with 
       the layout. These rounds introduce Engineer zombies in the challenge round 
       (22) which will give many players a hard time at first. They come down from 
       the sky and take a lot of damage before they die. Luckily they move slowly 
       until they are near death, then charge at you full speed. Zombies in general 
       are much faster than before as well. A moderately decent player will usually 
       start biting the dust here.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Several strategies work here, but I suggest you get the team to camp on 
           top of a staircase and force the zombie hordes into a chokepoint. This 
           allows for a much easier time of mowing them down. If you use this 
           strategy, DO NOT go for an item or weapon unless it is within a safe 
           distance and you can safely return to the camp point. The challenge 
           round (22) requires a different strategy. There is always a corner of 
           the map green in color. It is green for a reason, because it is deemed a 
           "safe" zone. That corner of the map is the only spot in which the 
           engineers will not drop on the head of the player. Find the green corner 
           for round 22 and just camp out until the end of the round. As a general 
           point, do NOT fire randomly into a crowd of Engineers as one single hit 
           can start them charging at you. Take your time and pick them off one by 
    STREET (25-28)
    ...Another large arena similar to the market. The same enemies and hazards as 
       before make their return here. The major difference comes in the challenge 
       round "Fish in a Barrel" (25.) Barrels will roll off rooftops and explode 
       when shot. Use them to your advantage when possible. Another notable 
       difference is that the enemies come from the corners of the map and from 
       the buildings. This makes camping much more difficult. Most players who 
       have skill will be able to make it this far before being wiped out.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Try to use the shock towers as a barrier of defense against the zombies 
           whenever possible. The best places to do this are at the very top and 
           bottom of the screen. Also use your items such as speed boosts to take 
           out long lines and escape a tough spot. You will notice there is a 
           staircase on the side of the building which can be used to make an 
           escape. I recommend not using it unless you are 110% sure that there 
           are no zombies coming from the doorway on top of the building. 
    GRID (29-32)
    ...Another large map with some oil tankers and walls designed for good escape 
       and camping points. The challenge round "Abominable Martyr" (30) introduces 
       large red brutes that will explode when killed, killing anything nearby. As 
       you will find out, a direct explosion will kill you, but a blast at medium 
       range will count the same as a barell blast or dog bite. Two blasts and you 
       are dead. Very easy to become overwhelmed here without proper strategy.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Use the designated corners as camping spots and force the enemies into 
           a chokepoint. As long as one of the team members has a death machine, 
           it should not be a concern. Round 30 will require a run and gun 
           strategy due to the abominable martyrs, but otherwise you can just camp 
           your way through these rounds. DO NOT go for an item or weapon unless 
           it is within a safe distance and you can safely return to the camp 
    FOREST (33-36)
    ...Back to a smaller map this time. Same enemies and hazards as before, only 
       greater in number. The enemies will enter the arena from numerous 
       directions. Pay particular attention to the north and south as the foilage 
       makes it very difficult to tell when zombies are spawning at times. The 
       challenge round "Who Cried Wolf?" (34) introduces hellhounds which are 
       lightning fast. Unlike regular zombies, they do not kill instantaneously. 
       Dogs will deliver a bite which turns the screen red and shows a small bite 
       mark. Your player can sustain 3 bites before dying. This arena tends to be 
       where many good players meet their demise. Only an excellent player will 
       survive beyond here.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Round 33 is a standard round, but 34-36 require extreme attention to the 
           dogs. If you see one, shoot it before anything else. The player with the 
           furious feet will be able to outrun the dogs and bunch them up, so make 
           use of it if that is your perk. As far as the other players go, look for 
           a corner of the map that provides decent shock tower coverage and camp 
           out for the entire round. In the event no such corner exists, do 
           whatever you have to do to survive round 34. Use nukes, speed boosts, 
           and anything else at your disposal. Rounds 35-36 will be a tad bit 
           easier as they have far fewer dogs to worry about. As always, keep 
           moving and try to keep from getting cornered.
    **NOTE** In the event you happen to make it to round 34 without dying once, you 
             will be able to take a lot more abuse from all dogs for the entire 
             game (until you die for the first time.)
    JUNGLE (37-40)
    ...This is it, the final arena. The challenge round music will play throughout 
       all four rounds as these rounds are equivalent to a challenge round. Enemies 
       spawn from all directions and dogs become more dangerous than ever. Shock 
       towers become very dangerous with all of the action happening at once. Even 
       those players with outstanding skill will often die here.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Move as a unit. Unless you have the Furious Feet perk, trying to split 
           up and taking on the hordes individually will often result in death 
           unless you can fake them out. Use your items such as nukes and speed 
           boosts here as needed. 
    BOSS ROUND (The Cosmic Silverback)
    ...Once you kill the final zombie in round 40, the words "BOSS ROUND" will 
       flash across the screen. Moments later, the gorilla you have seen 
       sporadically throughout the game comes at you full force in a final 
       showdown. He will chase you down and charge at you with speed boosts. To 
       make things worse, you need to kill him while fighting off an entire horde 
       of zombies. 
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Run and gun. If you stand still for any length of time, you may as well 
           kiss yourself goodbye. Try to snake your way around and constantly 
           change directions. If you see the ape go down in a charging stance, he 
           is preparing to speed boost in your direction. If you are doing well on 
           lives, try to hold on to a couple nukes for this battle as they will 
           become invaluable for clearing out the hordes. When the ape gets low on 
           health, engineers will begin to drop from the sky and abominable martyrs 
           will start chasing you as well. Ignore them. If someone manages to pick 
           up a chopper, lure the ape directly into an electrical pole and keep 
           him there for as long as possible. Another great way to drain the life 
           bar of the ape is to snag an RPG or death machine and blast straight at 
           it. He will take a serious amount of damage this way and increase your 
           chances of winning. If you want to be cheap about it, try this next one. 
           Wait for an RPG to appear, die on purpose, pick up the RPG, then stand 
           right next to the monkey (while still invincible) and blast him 
           repeatedly with the rockets. Dual damage will take him down twice as 
    **NOTE** After defeating the monkey, a large number of gems will spew forth 
             from the silverback's corpse. Feel free to pick them up, along with 
             the mass amounts of treasure. Once finished, enter the portal to exit 
             the arena and, seemingly, beat the game. (If you are a hardcore player 
             you already know this is not the case.) A cutscene plays showing you 
             victorious over the monkey, only to have a SECOND one drop down from 
             above and knock you all the way back to the beginning island. Whatever 
             you do, DO NOT MOVE AROUND WHILE THIS CUTSCENE IS PLAYING. The game is 
             still live and you can lose a life if your character accidentally runs 
             into a shock tower. Wait until round 41 begins before moving again.
                    X. ADVANCED LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS (41-80) [ADVD]
    Only outstanding Dead Ops players make it to these rounds. A high degree of 
    skill and teamwork will be necessary to survive. 
    ...Rounds vary in length from 5-10 minutes. 
    ...Zombies can take more damage than before. 
    ...No more challenge rounds from this point forward.
    ...There are no additional Rooms of Fate
    ...About midway through, the shock towers will stop flashing; making it nearly 
       impossible to tell if they are turned on or off. Bottom line, stay away.
    ...Makes the first visit look like child's play. Just about every enemy in 
       the game outside of the Abominable Martyr will be coming for you. The sheer 
       number of zombies can overwhelm even the most seasoned player. 
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           The best way to approach these rounds is to have two team members camp 
           in a specified corner while the third guy runs around bunching up the 
           zombies in a large group. It will be the responsibility of the campers 
           to watch the nearby corners and, when possible, aid the man running 
           around the map. Always be on the lookout for dogs. Ideally, the man 
           running around should be either the Furious Feet or Fortune/Fortitude.
    ...Similar to the last four levels, an overwhelming number of zombies pour at 
       you from everywhere. There are a few more shock towers since your last 
       visit as well.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Use the same strategy listed for rounds 41-44. The only change is to 
           make sure to use the shock towers as cover to help thin out the enemy 
    ...This time around, the prison has quite a few more shock towers on the 
       bottom level and the enemy hordes are larger than ever.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           The best way to handle this arena is to have one guy (doesn't really 
           matter who) stay down on the bottom level tearing up the zombies and 
           picking up all the items while the other team members stick on top 
           providing cover fire and killing the enemies that come from the 
           doorway on top. 
    CAVE REVISITED (53-56)
    ...These rounds are remarkably similar to 45-48. The only thing making it 
       tougher is the increased number of shock towers. That, and the round length 
       starts to increase here by a few minutes. Fortunately, there is no "super" 
       challenge round of creepy crawlers, which would prove nearly impossible. 
       For the record, there is not another Room of Fate. Another thing of note 
       here is that unless you are the host, the shock towers will no longer flash 
       when activated. VERY few players make it past these rounds. Most players 
       who make it past round 40 will wind up dying here. 
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Employ the same strategy as you did in the Courtyard (45-48.) Watch the 
           entryways for zombies to come out at the last moment; ESPECIALLY the 
           dogs. Dogs will likely kill players more than anything else here. 
           Lastly, since towers will no longer light up (except for the host,) do 
           not even attempt to walk/boost through them as it will mean certain 
    ...The second visit to the marketplace has more of the same from previous 
       rounds. Higher swarms of enemies, shock towers, and the bulls of course. The 
       bulls are EXTREMELY helpful and will aid in your quest to advance through 
       these rounds. One note here, round 57 has NO bulls which means you will have 
       to earn the win through skill (and that's no bull.)
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           This is a larger map, so use the open space to evade the enemies. Stay 
           away from the entry points and use those bulls to help make rounds 58-60 
           a hell of a lot easier. If you wish, you can employ the corner-camp and 
           bait strategy, which works fine as well.
    ...There is virtually no difference from the first time with the exception of 
       the hellhounds and the zombies taking many more shots before they die. These 
       rounds serve as "rebuilding" points as you can very easily replenish your 
       items and bolster your point total by playing it safe (see below.)
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Similar to the first time, camp on the top of the stairs and force the 
           zombies into a chokepoint. DO NOT go for an item or weapon unless it is 
           within a safe distance and you can safely return to the camp point. If 
           you are feeling brave, have a player run around on the ground level, 
           tearing up the zombies while the others provide coverfire and/or shoot 
           the zombies zoming out the doors on top (similar to the strategy used in
           rounds 49-52.)
    ...The major difference this time around is the number of shock towers. They 
       can, and should, be used as defense against the massive swarms. Otherwise, 
       it's similar to the first time you came through the streets.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Stick and move. Grab power-ups when you can and lure the enemies into 
           the shock towers when possible. This is a great time to use speed 
           boosts to take out long lines of enemies as well. Just make sure you 
           don't boost into a shock tower.
    GRID REVISITED (69-72)
    ...Aside from the larger enemy swarms, the shock towers can become a major 
       pain in the ass in these rounds. Be very careful of running near the white 
       oil tanks as one shock tower is almost always too close to allow safe 
       passage. Thankfully, there are no abominable martyrs this time around.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Similar to the first go-around, use the designated corners as camping 
           spots and force the enemies into a chokepoint. As long as one of the 
           team members has a death machine, it should not be a concern. If you 
           are doing a 4-player game, use one man as bait to bunch up the zombies 
           and take the pressure off the rest of the team who camps in the corner. 
    ...Same layout as before with a couple more shock towers. These rounds become 
       very difficult due to the small space and enemies come at you from all 
       possible points of the map. Be extremely cautious when running around as 
       there are a couple shock towers that seemingly blend into the scenery and 
       look like blood spots instead of towers.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           Use the same strategy discussed in the Courtyard and Cave (crawler 
           arena.) One player bunches 'em up, the other players stick in a corner. 
           Be very, very careful of the shock towers in this arena. Often times, 
           there will be one corner with so many towers grouped together that you 
           will not be able to safely maneuver around them. In those cases, stay 
           away from those corners so as not to get trapped.
    ...Just as hectic as it was the first time around. Enemy swarms are all over 
       the place, come from every direction, and take more damage than ever before. 
       Particular levels have more shock towers as with all other advanced levels.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           There's no way around it. To win here, you need to have sharp eyes and 
           very quick reflexes. Have one eye on the enemies you are shooting and 
           the other eye on the edge of the map closet to where you are standing. 
           You do NOT want to be taken by surprise this late in the game. Look for 
           areas of the map that can provide decent cover with shock towers and 
           momentarily camp behind them to thin out the swarm before it becomes 
           too large or they start coming at you from behind. 
    BOSS ROUND (TWO Cosmic Silverbacks)
    ...You thought one hairy ape was bad enough? Try taking on TWO of them at the 
       same time while fending off the usual cast of zombies! This is far and away 
       one of the most difficult tasks you will undertake in a video game.
      HOW TO WIN
       \      /
        \    /
         \  /
           I hope you have been conserving your armory, because you'll need it. 
           Speed bursts are a HUGE help as they will get you out of trouble and 
           away from a monkey about to close in for the kill. If you have any 
           nukes available, use them here to wipe out the persuing forces so you 
           can focus on the apes by themselves. As the saying goes - divide and 
           conquer. This is much easier said than done, because you are fighting 
           off the other enemies as well. If you see a dog, shoot it down first. 
           To make things easier, have one player (preferably the furious feet 
           guy) lure one ape around the map while the rest of the team focuses on 
           killing the second ape. You can also use the strategy outlined in the 
           round 40 boss fight (Invincibility/RPG combo.)
    **NOTE** Similar to the first boss fight, after defeating the monkies, a large 
             number of gems will spew forth from the silverback corpses. Feel free 
             to pick them up, along with the mass amounts of treasure. Once 
             finished, enter the portal to exit the arena. Whatever you do, DO NOT 
             live and you can lose a life if your character accidentally runs into 
             a shock tower. Wait until round 81 begins before moving again.
                      XI. ELITE LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS (81-120) [1337]
    If you manage to make it past round 80, consider yourself a Dead Ops pro. Very 
    few, and I do mean few, players in the world have managed to get to this point
    (legitimately.) Originally, this section contained strategies for each 
    individual arena just as I had done for the previous 80 rounds. However, in 
    reality there is not much difference in these rounds in terms of level layout 
    from the second to the third playthrough. Truth is, if you get this far into 
    the game, you know what to do and probably don't need a guide anymore. For 
    this reason, I decided there was no point in having individual sections 
    devoted to each arena (ie. 81-84.) I instead replaced each arena strategy with 
    general advice and tips to best help players survive.  
    ...The rounds get even longer at about 14-15 minutes apiece. 
    ...Enemies take even more abuse.
    ...Zombies tend to spawn out of 3-4 doors at once, very frequently. 
    ...Extra life drops will spawn twice PER ROUND. 
    ...If you happen to reach the Boss Round following round 120, you will fight 
       THREE (3) monkeys.
    **NOTE** From this point forward, if you have a chicken and flamethrower you
             risk crashing the game due to the amount of action on screen at once. 
             Avoid the flamethrower at all costs if you have a chicken. 
                (credit to FR1TZ22 from PSN for the advice)
    ...Be prepared to take lots of rest breaks. I would advise taking a short
       break after every arena or 4 rounds to keep your concentration fresh. 15 
       minute rounds can become very taxing and your team will appreciate the rest.
    ...Stay to the outside of the maps when possible. Unless your designated team 
       role is to be the zombie bait, running through the middle is a recipe for 
    ...Use each and every shock tower as a barrier for defense and to help thin out 
       the enemy forces. 
    ...Conserve your armory. Only use your nukes and bolts as a last resort. You 
       will need every last bit of help you can get from this point forward; 
       particularly beginning with rounds 93-96.
    ...Pick up the two extra men per stage at any cost. Some of the rounds will see 
       you and your team lose lives, no matter how hard you try. The sheer number 
       and strength of the zombies can overwhelm even the most elite players in the 
    ...Most people think the game ends at round 99 because the leaderboards do not 
       show any rounds beyond that point. You would be incorrect. In truth, DOA  
       goes on for an infinite number of rounds. The only limit to the game is the 
       game itself. Once the game has so many sprites on the screen at one time, 
       it will inevitably crash; giving what is known as a "G_SPAWN" error. Recent 
       research by FRITZ22 has come to show that the game crashes 100% of the time 
       during the round 160 boss fight due to the number of gems that fly out of 
       the monkeys once they die.
    ...Theoretically, this guide could go on indefinitely. Realisitically, the 
       guide can only go to round 160. However, strategizing up to that point in 
       the game is almost pointless since only a small number of people in the 
       world have ever legitimately reached beyond round 100.
    The current world record for rounds survived, as of the date of this guide's 
    most recent publication, is 160 rounds - set on the PS3 by three players: 
                         Thee_Frenzy, LOC1520, and FR1TZ22. 
    Here is the video which proves they not only made round 160, but the ensuing 
    boss round with FOUR MONKEYS!
                            XII. THE ROOM OF FATE [ROF]
    Between rounds 13-15, you will encounter the Room of Fate. It is a standard 
    room with four exits that will grant the player one of four permanent 
    enhancements for the rest of the game. In order to receive one of these 
    enhancements, the player must walk over to an exit and wait until the power-up 
    drops down from the sky. If they do not do this, the opportunity to receive 
    that power-up is lost. 
    **NOTE** Normally when you exit a round, all unconscious players are 
             automatically revived at the start of the next round. When you enter 
             the Room of Fate, all unconscious players will remain unconscious 
             until their revival timer expires. This means that a KO'd player runs 
             the risk of not getting a powerup unless they revive fast enough to 
             beat the timer! Make sure that the team waits for ALL players to 
             revive before exiting rounds 13-15.
    The fates are as follows:
    Fortune and Fortitude
    ...Doubles the duration of all weapons and items picked up. Also ensures that 
       the player has no less than a 2x multiplier at all times. Ideally, the 
       highest ranking color should always get this power-up. While in the chopper, 
       the highest ranking color attracts all zombies to him (except dogs.) With 
       the gem equipped, you are basically giving your team one full minute of 
       invulnerability. Typically, the best player on the team should get this 
    ...Grants the death machine as a base weapon. The player can still pick up 
       other weapons, but as they expire the gun will default back to the death 
       machine. If you select this perk, it is best to just leave all other 
       weapons for teammates as the death machine is more than capable of killing 
       anything in its path. Players with less experience should take this perk.
    ...Grants a permanent chicken that will always follow the player around. It 
       uses the same gun as the one the player is carrying. Any additional 
       chickens that the player picks up will last twice as long as normal. For 
       this reason, the team should ALWAYS leave any chickens found in the game 
       for the player with the Friendship perk.
    **NOTE** If you get this perk and happen to be the BLUE player, you will be 
             able to take one extra bite from a dog before being killed (4 bites) 
             as opposed to the normal 3 bites.
    Furious Feet
    ...Grants the player a permanent boost of speed. Also grants a minimum of 
       three speed boosts (lightning bolts) at the start of each round. The player 
       with this perk should try to leave all speed boosts and turbo boots for 
       other players since the booster automatically gets three of their own every 
    **NOTE** If you are playing Dead Ops on Solo, I personally recommend taking 
             the Furious Feet perk. Having double speed will come in handy in the 
             high rounds as well as being guaranteed three speed boosts at the 
             start of every round. This allows you to be somewhat generous with 
             the use of your boosts toward the end of a round.
                          Determining Your Desired Fate 
    There are actually two methods of doing this: one for solo player and one for 
    multiplayer. I will discuss both in this section and the reason why the solo 
    method does not always work in multiplayer.
    ...As the Room of Fate loads up, do not move the control stick and do not fire 
       your gun. Exit arrows will begin to randomly appear on the screen. The 
       order in which they appear will determine which fate corresponds to which 
       door. They are as follows:
           1st Arrow - Fortitude (gem)
           2nd Arrow - Firepower (death machine)
           3rd Arrow - Friendship (chicken)
           4th Arrow - Furious Feet (lightning)
    ...This method is much more complex and requires strict attention. Some TV's 
       (most HD, especially 1080p) cannot see all 4 arrows as they pop. They can't 
       even see 3 when everyone stands still (usually 2.) To resolve this, the 
       characters have to get in one vertical line on the RIGHT of the statue and 
       watch for the arrows. Since you can only see 3, you have to watch for the 
       delay. Sometimes the delay (invisible arrow) is the first or last. To 
       determine this, you have to watch to see if the delay is immediately after 
       the words "The Room of Fate" disappear or not. If there is not a split 
       second delay (takes practice to watch for) and there was no delay between 
       arrows, the delay or invisible arrow was the last arrow and that will be 
       feet. I know this sounds complex, but trust me - IT WORKS.        
           (credit to FR1TZ22 from PSN for this invaluable info)
                         XIII. AVOIDING BAD PLAYERS [ABP]                
    Here is a guide to ensuring you don't get stuck with any clowns on your team. 
    If you wish to get far in this game, you will want to make sure you are 
    playing with people who know what they are doing. Even if you are a DOA god
    and think you are good enough to carry a team by yourself, you still need to 
    be wary of bad players. Why? Inevitably, once a bad player has gotten sick of 
    sitting there twiddling their thumbs waiting to be revived enough times, THEY 
    WILL QUIT. Sounds like a good thing, right? Well what if that person is the 
    host or the only player left in the game with you? The game will end and all 
    of your hard work will have gone for nothing. 
    **NOTE** Be advised that as you adhere to the criteria on this list, you may 
             find yourself searching for quite a while before finding quality 
             teammates. Trust me, it will be worth your while to go through this 
             checklist. Once you find some good players, add them to your playlist 
             so you don't have to do this every single time you play DOA. 
    ...Find players with microphones. It makes for easy communication so everyone 
       knows what to do. If a player does not have a mic, send that person a 
       message and ask them if they have one. If they don't then leave the game.
    ...Once you've found players with mics, listen for any kind of clues that 
       indicate they are new to the game or will just be a jackass. Things like:
          "I've never played this game before."
          "What do the buttons do?"
          "I'm just gonna mess around."
          "This game sucks." 
               (then why in the hell are they playing it? Seriously, you would be 
               amazed at how often this happens, yet these people stick around. 
               I've even heard someone say he started DOA because he didn't even 
               know what game he chose, which just indicates pure idiocy on his 
    ...Always search for players with round experience of AT LEAST 30 or higher. 
       It doesn't guarantee a good game, but it decreases the likelihood of 
       stupidity and increases the chances that they know what to do in the Room 
       of Fate.
    ...Avoid playing with anyone who uses a split screen. These people can be 
       identified by the same screenname listed twice in the same room (one of the 
       duplicate names will also have a "2" in parentheses.) 99.99% of the time, 
       one of the two players are bad. They will exhibit many of the problems 
       listed in the section below.
    ...If you have entered into a 4-player pre-game lobby you do not wish to play
       and the other 3 players have already readied up, wait until the countdown 
       timer reaches 0 and then immediately leave before the game begins. This 
       eliminates the possibility of reentering into the same lobby when you search 
       for a new game just seconds later.
    ...The first thing to check upon game startup is the connection you have to 
       your teammates. Immediately hit select to pull up the player team/score 
       screen. Make sure that all players have AT LEAST a solid 3-bar connection. 
       If even one player has a 2-bar or less connection, leave the game 
       immediately. Players with bad connections will end up dying often, stealing 
       lives, and hurting the team in the longrun.
    ...If someone immediately drops a nuke or speed boost as the game begins (or 
       really at any point prior to round 13,) you should leave just as fast. These 
       people are either new to the game and don't know the controls or are just 
       being morons.
    ...If someone just stands there on screen getting killed continuously, just 
       leave the game. Once the player loses all their lives, they will start 
       stealing other team members lives; including yours. This is a no-brainer.
    ...If someone suddenly asks you to "cover" them while in the middle of a round, 
       get out of the game. This type of behavior is downright inconsiderate to 
       the rest of the team. It will lead to lives being lost continuously and, 
       eventually, lives getting stolen. This kind of crap only happens in low 
       level rounds. Low level rounds only last for a couple minutes. If you cannot 
       wait until the end of a round to do your business, you should not be 
       playing the game. 
    ...If someone does not choose a door while in the Room of Fate, leave the game. 
       A player who does not understand how this room works is either new to the 
       game or a piss-poor player. Either way, don't waste your time with them.
    ...If someone dies in a bonus room when there are no enemies on screen, or at 
       the end of a round or when all enemies have been defeated, particularly 
       from trying (impossibly) to kill the Cosmic Silverback, bid farewell. This 
       just shows that the player's head is not in the game and it will only get 
       worse in higher rounds.
    ...If someone picks up a flamethrower and starts spinning it in circles, ask 
       that person to stop. If they continue to do it, get out of there. Contrary 
       to popular belief, this tactic does more harm than good. It makes it 
       difficult to see anything in the arena, and frankly, it will NOT work on 
       higher rounds with tougher enemies (which is ironic, because these people 
       never see the higher rounds.)
    ...If someone grabs an RPG and starts spinning in circles while blasting you, 
       inadvertently or not, get the hell out of there. These people do not 
       understand how the weapon works and end up accidentally killing their 
       teammates; ruining their multiplier and scattering their hard earned gems 
       all over the place for teammates to steal.
    ...If someone picks up a weapon or item that they clearly do not need (i.e. 
       picking up sprint shoes when they already have the furious feet perk, 
       death machine when they already have the firepower perk, etc,) be very 
       cautious. These people only care about themselves; not the team. One 
       instance warrants a gentle request to stop it. Anything more, get out of 
       there and find some players who care about teamwork.
    ...If someone uses a speed boost simply to beat you or a teammate to an item 
       or treasure, get yourself out of the game. All that person is doing is 
       wasting an item that they will be needing in the later rounds. The only 
       time this is warranted is at the end of a round and only if you have ONE 
       speed boost remaining. This is because all players receive at least one 
       speed boost at the start of the next round (furious feet gets three.)
    ...If someone gets on a mic and starts verbally berating you or someone else 
       for no good reason, tell them where they can stick it and then leave. 
       Chances are that person sucks, wants people to let him get all the items 
       and money, or is just hungry for respect.
                            XIV. RUMORS AND MYTHS [RUMR]                         
    There are a lot of false rumors out there about the game. This section debunks 
    them all and lists a few you may not even know about.
    ...Follow the monkey into the same exit he goes and you will get a bonus room.
    ...Go in the opposite direction of the monkey (same as above.)
    ...Always go to the right/down/left
    ...Enter the side of the room with candles
    These theories have ALL been proven false. The truth of the matter is that 
    there is NO proven way to get a bonus room every time. If you think you know 
    the correct pattern, think again. Any strategy you've concocted is likely the 
    result of pure chance and coincidence. It is completely random.
    ...If you do not pick up a weapon or item, it will come back later in the game 
       and in bigger numbers.
    This rumor has been proven false and was probably made by those who wanted to 
    get weapons just for themselves. If you see a weapon or item you want, just 
    pick it up.
                                 XV. FAQ's [FRQ]                         
    This section lists all of the most commonly asked questions I receive about 
    this game. It is broken into two sections with questions about the game and 
    about myself.
    Q: How do I access DOA and make it playable?
    A: There are two ways to do this. The first is to simply beat the single 
       player campaign (on any difficulty level) and DOA will then show up in the 
       Zombies game mode menus. The second way is much easier. At the Main Menu 
       screen, mash the trigger buttons on PS3/XBL at the same time or Space Bar 
       on the PC to break free of the chair. Once done, walk over to the computer 
       terminal and type "DOA". This will unlock Dead Ops without having to beat 
       the game the long way. Doing it in this manner will automatically launch 
       you into the Solo version of the game. 
    Q: How long does/did it take to get to round X?
    A: The first 40 rounds are 2-3 minutes a piece. Rounds 41-80 double; going 6-8 
       minutes each. 81-120 double again at roughly 15 minutes apiece. The cycle 
       continues to endlessly double. Truthfully it varies; but here are the 
       average times (not counting breaks) for most players:
           40 rounds 
             *1.3 hours, 3.5 minutes/round
           80 rounds 
             *6.3 hours, 7.5 minutes/round
           120 rounds 
             *16 hours, 15 minutes/round
           160 rounds 
             *36 hours, 30 minutes/round
    Q: Can you take breaks in between rounds?
    A: Yes. You can take a break for as long as you like. Just be sure the rest 
       of the team knows that you are taking a break so they do not accidentally 
       move on without you. Oh, and make sure you don't stand next to a shock 
       tower or in the pathway of a charging bull...
    Q: Is there more than one Room of Fate?
    A: No.
    Q: How do you go prone (lie down) in Dead Ops?
    A: Hit Start, go to Options, then hit circle/B very quickly to get back to 
       the game. Your character will now lie down on the ground. He will also move 
       very slowly. By tapping Circle/B very quickly while on the ground, your 
       character will move a little bit faster. As far as I know, going prone 
       doesn't serve any real purpose other than to show off.
    Q: Is there a specific way to guarantee you will get a bonus room or an 
    A: No. Let me say it again... NO! There is NO WAY to determine the correct 
       path to a bonus room. It is completely random. This has been verified 
       directly through Activision and is 100% accurate. (See the Rumors and Myths 
       section also.)
    Q: Can you kill the Cosmic Silverback before a boss round? (40/80/120/etc)
    A: No, but HE can kill YOU. If you try to kill him before a boss round, all 
       you are doing is wasting time, your ammo, and putting yourself in danger of 
       losing a much needed life. If you notice, the Silverback always has a red 
       ring around him at all times. This indicates he is invincible. Anybody who 
       tells you they have killed the silverback before a boss round is lying. 
       Period. If you need video proof, see the link below. 
                     (credit to Fr1tz22 and Thee_Frenzy from PSN)
    Q: Can you steal or "give" a life to a downed player by walking over their 
    A: No; however it is possible to pass a life to a teammate if they are still 
       alive. When a life is earned, it drops from the sky. As it is dropping, if 
       someone stands behind the person earning a life on his left shoulder with 
       his gun (not shooting) into him, it provides the best chance for this to 
       happen. You can also boost away from the life while it is dropping, but 
       this requires perfect timing. The life will then sit on the ground (unlit 
       up which means only 1 person will get the life). 
       You can also pass a life to someone while they are in a helicopter. Because 
       they are above you, the life will hit them first if you stand directly 
       below them but this obviously requires luck with timing. Prison Break arena 
       is very easy to pass lives. The person below just has to stand below 
       someone on the catwalk when earning a life. What most people may be thinking 
       here is that if you die as a life is dropping down, the life will float 
       above your dead body until you revive. If a teammate passes over your body 
       while the life is sitting above them, he will get it instead. This also 
       works with nukes/sprints/tanks/heli's. 
    Q: I died from only 1-2 dog bites in a single round and your guide says I can 
       take up to 3! What gives?
    A: Dog bites carry over to future rounds. Once your character dies, the bite 
       counter is reset.
    Q: How many rounds are there in DOA?
    A: There is no round limit in DOA. It goes on indefinitely. This has been 
       verified directly through Activision and is 100% accurate.
    Q: How do you keep getting all those nukes/lightning/choppers/tanks to fall
       down from the sky?!
    A: See the CRITICAL INTEL section. (Quick code CINT)
    Q: Is it possible to play DOA in first person on the console versions of the 
    A: No, this is only possible on the PC version (unless you mod the game, which 
       I refuse to go over since it involves hacking.)
    Q: What is the best way to earn the trophy/achievement for dashing through a 
       line of zombies?
    A: This is most easily done in Solo mode and can be done as early as level 1. 
       Just wait until the screen fills up with zombies, back yourself into a 
       corner, then when the time is right use a lightning bolt to dash through all 
       of them. The trophy should pop almost immediately afterward.
    Q: Damn, you sure got to a high round. You probably cheated or hacked the game. 
       So yeah, did you?
    A: No; however I will say that as of Spring, 2012 the DOA leaderboards, 
       specifically on PSN, have become a complete joke. There are quite a few 
       people out there who have indeed hacked their way to round 99 and beyond. I
       am NOT one of them. Why would I go to all the effort of putting together 
       the best DOA guide on the internet only to cheat my way to the top?
    Q: Do you know how to glitch in certain areas of the game?
    A: Yes, I know about virtually every glitch in DOA. Do I ever use them? Unless 
       I am messing around in Solo mode for fun, no. My online games are all played 
       legitimately with skill; no cheap tricks involved. For this reason I refuse 
       to devote any time to covering glitches in this guide. Same with mods.
    Q: Why don't you play DOA that much anymore?
    A: I still play from time to time; but I just don't have as much free time as 
       I used to to play multi-hour games. I love DOA, but I also love my life in 
       the real world.
    Q: If you could have easily gotten to round 120, why haven't you attempted 
       since that last time you got to round 90?
    A: See the previous answer.
    Q: I love your guide! How can I thank you? 
    A: Thanks! Just click the button/link at the top of the guide which will 
       recommend it to others.
    Q: I have a suggestion that will help the guide. Can you add it to your FAQ?
    A: Sure. Just email me (coltskillbill@gmail.com) and I will review it before 
       posting to the guide (giving you credit, of course.) 
                             XVI. ABOUT THE AUTHOR [BILL]                          
    ...I live on the west coast (USA) and play Dead Ops Arcade on the PS3. I may 
       not be the best ever, but I'm good enough to know what I'm talking about. 
       Here are my best DOA statistics: 
    UNOFFICIALLY (as of 1/21/12)
    ...High Round Game - 90, 13:00 minutes, 3 players
       High Score - 9,965,650 million
       High Kills - 25,828
    *These stats are unofficial because the game I was playing lagged and crashed 
     out in the middle of round 90. Otherwise, my team was doing well enough that 
     we could have easily hit round 120. Here is the video which proves I made it 
     to round 90:
    OFFICIALLY (as of 7/29/11)
    ...High Round Game - 75, 6:39 minutes, 3 players
       High Score - 7,898,925
       High Kills - 11,700
    ...If you have questions about the game that have not been addressed in this 
       guide, feel free to email or message me on PSN. If I don't respond within a 
       few minutes, chances are I'm in a game or away from the system. Multiple 
       messages in a short time span WILL GET YOU BLOCKED. 
    ...Lastly, please do not send me any friend requests. They will be declined. 
       Since posting this guide, I have gotten a lot friend requests. PS3 friend 
       lists only hold 100 players and I cannot accomodate everyone. If we agree 
       to play a game, I will send a game invite when we are both confirmed to be 
       online at the same time.
                              XVII. COPYRIGHT [COPY]
    Copyright (C) 2011-2012 DCIguy01/MKillBill
    This guide may not be posted or distributed, in part or in whole, without the 
    expressed written permission of myself. Feel free to print it out for 
    personal reference, but it may not be sold for profit. Additionally, if I give 
    you permission to post the guide, please ensure that the most recent version is 
    always posted. 
    The following sites have permission to post this guide:
        - CheatCC.com    
        - GameFly.com (extension of GameFAQs)
        - GameSpot.com (extension of GameFAQs)
        - Neoseeker.com
        - Supercheats.com
    If this guide is found on any site other than those listed above, please 
    report it to me immediately through my email: coltskillbill@gmail.com

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