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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by wizardian20

    Version: 0.901 | Updated: 09/20/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Jay Maier (Wizardian 20)
    Table of Contents=
    Version History
    Copyright Information
    Contact Information
    Combat Controls
    Tactical Advantages
    Campaign/Combat Training
    Split screen
    Class Creation
    Typical Classes
    Kill streaks
    Tips & Tricks
    Version History-
    Version 0.900 was published Sunday, September 18, 2011 -Original
    Version 0.901 was published Tuesday, September 20, 2011 -Copyright Information
    Changed and Spelling Errors Fixed
    Copyright Information-
    This guide, as of this moment, has been written solely for posting and use on 
    www.GameFAQs.com, www.neoseeker.com, and www.supercheats.com.
    It is not to be reproduced under any circumstances, and for any reason other 
    than personal use. It may not be posted on any other website without my 
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    copyright laws. 
    All trademarks and copyrights held in this document are owned by their 
    Respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    Copyright 2011 Jay Maier
    Me- I wrote the guide solely off of my memory of the game. In fact,
    when writing the guide I did not have internet access or even access
    to the game itself. It's pretty sad that I play this game so much
    that I remember details this specific...
    Contact Information-
    My email is wizardian20@live.com
    If anyone would like to e-mail me if they have any suggestions for
    revisions of the guide or criticism in general, (constructive or not,
    I love hearing people so immature they feel the need to impose on
    my typically positive disposition towards the general public) that is
    fine. I would like to say that I would be happy to let people use my
    guide for any purpose, even for making a personal profit, assuming
    they contact me first. I would not even ask for a percentage of the
    profit. By this I mean you can benefit entirely off my labor, by just
    simply asking.
    Welcome to my Black Ops Multiplayer Guide. I hope it helps you raise
    that precious Kill to Death ratio everyone is always talking about.
    As I can't assume you all already have mastered the basics of this
    game, I will cover them in the next section. What I WILL ASSUME,
    however, is that you can look at the two other existing Multiplayer
    Guides on Gamefaqs.com, and find out the basic statistics of guns
    and such. I don't feel it necessary to rewrite what everyone else
    already has. If you can't tell, this is the first guide/FAQ I have
    ever written and I apologize in advance if it is Sub-Par.
    Combat Controls-
    A- Jump
    B- Crouch/Go Prone/Dive
    X- Use/Pick Up Weapons
    Y- Switch Weapons
    Up Directional Button- Use Equipment
    Right Directional Button- Use Kill streak
    Down Directional Button- Not Used
    Left Directional Button- Not Used
    Left Analog Stick- Move Character
    Press In Left Analog Stick- Sprint
    Right Analog Stick- Aim Crosshairs
    Press In Right Analog Stick- Melee
    Left Bumper- Tactical Grenade
    Right Bumper- Lethal Grenade
    Right Trigger- Fire Weapon
    Left Trigger- Aim Down Sight
    *Select- Scoreboard
    *Start- Map/Grid/Contracts/Start Menu
    *For the longest time I hadn't used these wonderful assets in Black
    Ops. I figured the Scoreboard just showed you everyone's stats, and
    the Start Menu just let you change your options and quit a match.
    Actually, the Select button can tell you which teammates of yours,
    and which opponents are still alive. It can also tell you how much
    time is left in the match, among other things. The Start Menu also
    shows the entire map, divided into several grids, and lettered and
    numbered for easy communication with allies. This is extremely
    useful with the glorious spy-plane, as you can camp momentarily
    quickly find where a cluster of opponents are, and wreak havoc
    on your unsuspecting adversaries. Plus, you can also check your
    contracts in-progress, which is useful.
    Tactical Advantages-
    Call of Duty is a war game, and just like in real war, everyone uses
    what they can to their advantage. I'm not saying you should go spend
    $300 on a headset, or get an amazing new HD 90 inch TV, but
    whatever fits your budget you should use. Headsets of any kind are
    an amazing advantage, especially if they are surround-sound. The
    same with TV's with which you can distinguish a black blob from an
    enemy, from more then two feet away. Again, use what you can, but
    don't go overboard. One final note is that a fast connection on
    Black Ops is a glorious privilege, but is not essential. It's quite 
    expensive, and I've seen quite a few amazing players use the 'lag'
    to their ADVANTAGE. Aha, just try to get used to it, and it'll
    seem less and less apparent as you play the game more and more.
    Campaign/Combat Training-
    Honestly, playing against unintelligent AI enemies is just boring to
    me. But I must admit, it definitely helped me orient myself with
    the new game mechanics in comparison to Modern Warfare 2. In summary
    of this short section, I would say play the Campaign or Combat
    Training for fun or if you can barely handle aiming down the sight
    WHILE you shoot.
    Split screen-
    This, if at all possible, is a much superior way to practice online
    play without ruining your up and coming world class KD ratio. Try to
    get a friend to come over- they don't have to be any good at the
    game- and just try out all the different guns. Have some fun, and
    you'll probably end up finding a class or two that you are really 
    good at. It's nice to play someone who can actually think.
    Class Creation-
    Class Creation is probably the most fundamental part of a FPS game.
    People always like varied classes so one uniform or 'ultimate' 
    class rarely suits many people. One recommendation I will make
    is that before you try to buy every single thing, think about
    your campaign, combat training, and split screen (pre-online)
    endeavor. What types of guns worked best for you and fit your 
    playing style? It's always fun to mix it up, but sometimes you
    will just want to enjoy the taste of a little bloodshed, and you
    can't really do that with a bad class.
    One class that I recommend for a beginner is as follows:
    Primary:MP5k/FAMAS (Silencer)
    Secondary:Makarov (Extended Mag)
    Tactical:Willy Pete*
    Perk 1:Lightweight
    Perk 2:Steady Aim
    Perk 3:Marathon
    *I realize that the frag can be quite difficult and frustrating,
    and the willy-pete seems inferior to almost all the other tactical
    grenades, but this combination can be quite useful more often then 
    not. The frag you can throw far, cook, and ricochet off things,
    unlike the semtex. This means if cooked correctly, you can take out
    quite a few enemies trying to capture an objective, before they
    even have the chance to run away. The willy pete is basically a 
    smoke grenade, and it can be used to cover an area or objective
    also. But more importantly, a willy pete can cloud an enemy BETTER
    then a flash or stun grenade. People typically randomly fire
    when they are flashed or stunned which can kill you. For whatever
    reason, the willy pete induces a lesser amount of chaos on the
    enemy, and the enemy won't bother firing they will just try to run
    out of the cloud, at which point you mow them down with your gun.
    Additionally, I like to start with lightweight, steady aim, and
    marathon because over it seems like that is a fast-paced class
    that is great for scoping out maps for the first time. I would
    eventually start using perks like Sleight of Hand, Scavenger, etc.
    as you progress, as you will quickly learn sprinting is NOT the
    ideal battle stance for winning any kind of firefight.
    As you progress I would recommend a class like this:
    Primary:FAMAS (Silencer)
    Secondary:Python (Dual-Wield)
    Tactical:Willy Pete/Nova Gas
    Perk 1:Scavenger
    Perk 2:Steady Aim (For the Dual-Wield Pythons)
    Perk 3:Ninja/Tactical Mask
    Now, the question is why in the heck would you use the Tactical
    Mask when you have so many better options? Well a good player
    tends to utilize ALL his advantages, including things that
    aren't as pivotal as the primary weapon. Personally, I am
    always throwing a grenade of some sort, unless I see an enemy
    that I should shoot at. More often then not, a grenade can
    at least create a diversion so a teammate can kill get a kill.
    Think team, not yourself, with the exception of free-for-all.
    Finally, if anyone is interested, here is the class I call
    Primary:L96A1 (Variable Zoom)
    Secondary:Ballistic Knife
    Perk 1:Hardline Pro
    Perk 2:Scout Pro
    Perk 3:Ninja Pro
    I would not recommend this class to your average player. I
    have player various FPS games for a while, and the only thing
    that is fun for me anymore is using 1-hit-kill extreme
    accuracy weapons. This is a very difficult class to use, and
    would ruin your KD if not done properly.
    Aside from my recommended classes, here are my recommendations
    for weapon groups, and which specific weapons are dominant
    in each group.
    Sub Machine Guns
    Best: Ak74u
    Second Best: MPL
    Third Best: MP5k
    Overall: For the players that only play the game to run 'n'
    gun. The recoil and lack of range make it only worth it to
    progress in this class up to the MP5k
    Assault Rifles
    Best: FAMAS
    Second BEST: AUG
    Third Best: Galil
    Overall: Definitely the most typical primary choice for a
    good reason. They are very easy to use, but unfortunately
    in my opinion don't require much skill. Also, everyone is
    always talking about how cheap or overpowered guns like
    the FAMAS and the Galil are. I agree. Does that mean you
    shouldn't use them? No. I've had the most kills done to me
    by the Galil in-game. I still say it is the third best
    assault rifle because, in my opinion, it just doesn't suit
    me. Perhaps the rate of fire is too slow, and the recoil is
    too high. Maybe I don't like to use what everyone else does,
    who knows. I would recommend Assault Rifles to all but the
    veterans looking for a challenge.
    Light Machine Guns
    Best: M60
    Second Best: RPK
    Third Best: Stoner
    Overall: Light Machine guns are dominant in many ways. I
    think the average player overlooks this weapon group because
    it is a slow, tactical class. If utilized to the best of
    their abilities though, this class is still quite
    enjoyable. My recommendation is that you always walk around
    the map, like a bad ass. Whenever you are going around a 
    corner of some time, always aim down the sight. As soon as
    you see any movement, shoot at it with about 10-15 bullets.
    If it was an enemy, you probably got the kill. If not, you
    can still continue WITHOUT RELOADING. You must learn to
    reload only whenever necessary for this class. It takes
    some getting used to. Also, despite people saying the light
    machine guns are more accurate when fired in a continuous
    stream without moving, only half that is true. When you move
    your accuracy goes way down, so again, take it slow and
    deliberate. Also, burst tapping the trigger is the most
    accurate you can be without shooting at least 20 bullets
    continuously, which you should rarely do anyway.
    Best: SPAS12
    Second Best: Olympia
    Third Best: Stakeout
    Overall: AVOID. This weapon group is both disappointing
    and aggravating. Even the best shotgun, the SPAS12, now
    has a god-awful range, and you can only get a kill with it,
    before the enemy turns around and kills you, when you
    are close enough to knife the enemy anyways. The Olympia
    has a bit of range and power to it, but with only 2 bullets
    to fire before reloading, you have to be somewhat close
    and deadly accurate. The HS-10 is by far the worst,
    and the Stakeout is close behind it.
    Sniper Rifles
    Second Best: PSG1
    Third Best: WA2000
    Overall: Not recommended for typical combat, but can be
    exceptionally fun, especially when all else gets boring.
    My preference is the L96A1 for this group because it
    has extremely high damage and is almost always a
    1-hit-kill. The PSG1 is also pretty good, but anything
    lower then the heart takes two shots usually. If you do
    use the Sniper Rifles, I beg you not to camp in a corner
    with ghost, scout, and ninja. You can use those perks and
    try to be stealthy, but try to at least move strategically.
    Best: Python (Dual-Wield w/Steady Aim)
    Second Best: Makarov
    Third Best: CZ7k
    Overall: As the recommended secondary group, the pistols
    hold up well. If you have a fast trigger finger, which
    you get better at over time, try to whip out your pistol
    instead of reloading in a firefight you couldn't finish.
    Best: RPG
    Second Best: China Lake
    Third Best: Strela-3
    Overall: Only with the right class would I recommend a
    launcher. They slow you down quite a bit, so tactics are
    necessary. Many people group them with Light Machine Guns
    for one slow class, but I would not unless that is your
    Anti-Air class, which would include a Strela-3. Otherwise,
    always try to have one weapon slot per class that is
    fast enough to get away when in danger. The RPG and China
    Lake are okay for your typical mid-range bombing, but I'd
    rather use a frag and have a pistol. They are also the only
    free-fire launchers that are strong enough to one-hit-kill
    and enemy from more then about three feet away.
    Best: Ballistic Knife
    Second Best: Crossbow
    Overall: These amazing weapons are probably the absolute
    most difficult to use in the entire game, but when you do,
    it gives you an amazing feeling. The ballistic knife
    combined with marathon, lightweight, steady aim, and a
    submachine gun is amazing for capture the flag and unlocking
    marathon pro.
    Grenades & Equipment:
    Lethal Grenades
    Second Best:Semtex
    Third Best:Tomahawk
    Overall: Explosions make these great, so don't use the
    tomahawk unless it's just for fun. The frag is cook able, which
    makes it the best.
    Tactical Grenades
    Best:Nova Gas
    Second Best: Willy Pete
    Third Best: Decoy
    Overall: Quite useful, if you tend to forget about them, lob
    them as soon as you spawn. Once you learn the game physics,
    they become almost lethal.
    Best: Claymore
    Second Best: C4
    Third Best: Motion Sensor
    Overall: Claymores are amazing, they can cover your back well.
    Even if you don't get a kill, they warn you when an enemy is
    coming. C4 is like two more grenades, except you choose when
    they explode at the cost of range. Good for covering a typically
    used pathway. Motion sensors are great for immediately, but most
    people actually forget to look at the map when they are set up,
    or don't use the information wisely. I've seen people set up a
    motion sensor in the dumbest places assuming the can see an enemy
    before the destroy it, but then when the enemy destroys it and
    go to the last place the motion sensor says the person was, they
    get murdered.
    Best: Scavenger
    Second Best: Ghost
    Third Best: Flak-Jacket
    Overall: Scavenger has always been one of my favorite perks, because
    I hate having to pick up other people's guns. Flak-Jacket is amazing
    and highly overpowered so spam that in your classes. You can
    literally get hit by a bomb while running into a claymore and
    somehow come out alive. Ghost is better though simply because you
    can amass a great many kills from surprising people with spy-planes.
    Best: Sleight of Hand
    Second Best: Steady Aim
    Third Best: Warlord
    Overall: I would say for the second, or 'red' perk, you should go
    with what fits your class. This perk is not entirely pivotal for the
    class unlike say ghost or ninja for a stealth class. But, it is
    almost a necessity when using dual-wield weapons to have steady aim.
    I would say sleight of hand combined with dual-mags can make most
    assault rifles the absolute best guns in the game. You can literally
    shoot up to seventy bullets (two Galil mags) almost non-stop.
    Warlord also gives you the ability to use two perks which is
    extremely helpful for the poor souls that don't want to use an M16
    iron sight or even worse, the M14.
    Best: Ninja
    Second Best: Hacker
    Third Best: Second Chance
    Overall: For my it seems like the only great perk of this group is
    ninja for obvious reasons. Hacker is good for the occasional
    avoidance of an enemy claymore, and second chance can get you
    maybe one or two kill(s) every so often, but ninja is the best.
    Overall- Unless you are rich and have nothing left to buy that you
    want, avoid cosmetic purchases such as camos or having your
    clan tag engraved on your gun. It will just distract you from the
    game, and cause you to waste your money. And for goodness sakes,
    you can still EASILY be spotted, even if you have all woodland
    camo and are camping in a bush or near trees.
    Typical Classes-
    For each class I will assign a numerical value for how close
    to the main combat zones you should be. 0 would be at 'Ground Zero'
    or up close in the fight. 1 would be a sniper going around the
    edges of the map.
    Stealth/Ghost: For sneaking around the perimeter of the map. Always
    use ghost and ninja. A silencer is necessary for a primary, but
    not always a secondary. (0.90)
    Rusher: For sprinting around, going for knife kills as much as
    possible, and always engaging in close combat. A ballistic
    knife is beneficial, always use a submachine gun primary, and
    use only what you would on the move. This means use C4 instead of
    claymores for this type of class. (0-0.10)
    Sniper: Try to keep a low-profile for the majority of your game
    time. Also, don't use the typical sniper camping spots, and
    rotate around spots throughout the map after EVERY SINGLE kill.
    There is one exception to that rule, if you see more then one
    target, you may take them both/all out before moving. I like
    to combine an RPG with this class. I scope out the area, and
    when a target is moving too quick to snipe, I blow them up.
    At close range I either go for a knife lunge, or take an
    attempt at a quick/no scope. (1)
    Mid-Range Sniper (Sniper with ACOG, M14, M16, etc.): Try to
    always work your way around the map like a sniper, but
    moving in and out of the main combat zones to pick off
    enemies. The most underused part of this class is what I call
    the error margin. For example when going around a corner,
    obviously aim down the sight of your gun, but since you
    don't have the constant rain of bullets to compensate for
    an enemy coming out of a corner too fast and you not
    being prepared for it, you must look slightly farther
    away from the corner you are rounding. It is hard to
    explain, but basically think about it like this: If an enemy
    were to fully sprint through the door you are about to go
    through, how far could he get before you react and start
    shooting? Your reflexes determine how far away from the
    corner you have to be. (0.66-0.75)
    Assault: This is what I would call the typical class, the
    one you will probably use most often. I would use this
    as a sort of scouting class for most of your game time.
    Once you learn the maps well, you can enforce your death
    policy on anyone that passes through the choke points you
    are guarding. The one main thing to remember for a class
    that doesn't have specific parameters for map movement is
    that you have to constantly watch out for spawning. If
    you try to be a good teammate and follow the group, you
    probably don't have to worry much as where ever the group
    isn't, the enemies will spawn from. But if you go lone wolf,
    and don't follow a path, you'll always have enemies spawning
    right behind you. (0-1)
    Bad Ass (Light Machine Gunners): I would follow the same
    movement techniques as a Mid-Range Sniper would, except
    stay a little closer to the main combat zones. This way
    while all the rushers and assaults terrorize each other you
    can fire up a good chain kill streak. Personally, whenever
    I play this class well, I usually get about 5-7 kills
    from a group in the heat of the battle, and turn around for
    1-2 more kills from the Mid-Range Snipers. Then, I either
    get sniped, or forget to watch my back and start over again.
    Anti-Air: This is a class that uses the Flak Jacket, Strela-3,
    etc. The one thing you must remember before trying to take
    out those pesky chopper gunners, is that the ground enemies
    can kill you just as quick as the actual chopper gunners. Don't
    just constantly respawn and immediately try to lock-on to the
    chopper. Run to an area where you can crouch behind cover, but
    still stand and have a clear shot at the chopper. While locking
    on you usually don't have to worry about strenuous aiming, so you
    can quickly look down lower on your screen then your crosshairs
    to watch out for ground enemies. Remember to look with your
    eyes, not your right analog stick.
    Slugger/Shotgun Maniac: The shotgun is one of the most strategic
    and least used weapons in the game. You have two options. Option
    one is to use the silenced SPAS-12 and just play like a ghost.
    The other option is to use any other shotgun and run around like
    a maniac. Don't follow any movement structure, and make sure
    to avoid open areas. (0.50-0.90 for Ghost, 0.10-0.45 for Maniac)
    Kill streaks-
    Kill streaks are an interesting part of Call of Duty, and were
    definitely not short-changed in Black Ops. They basically reward
    you for doing well. There are many different types of kill streaks
    to choose from, but you can only select and use three at any
    given time. I will describe each kill streak and rate them 1-10.
    Spy Plane: 3 Kills-6/10- This shows you exactly where the enemies
    are on the mini-map and the start menu map for a period of time.
    This is my favorite kill streak, as it costs only three kills,
    and yet it reveals the enemy positions. Watch out for Ghost-
    users though.
    RC-XD: 3 Kills- 2/10- This lets you control an explosive remote
    control car, and you can usually only get one kill with it.
    Counter-Spy Plane: 4 Kills-5/10- This completely blocks out the
    enemy mini-map and start menu map for a period of time.
    SAM Turret- 4 Kills-4/10- This air-drops a place-able turret that
    shoots down enemy aircraft.
    Care Package- 5 Kills-(random)/10- This air-drops a package that
    can give you ammo or a random kill streak. What is in the package
    is random, which is why I cannot rate it 1/10.
    Napalm Strike- 5 Kills-5/10 This opens a map on the screen, and you
    call in a plane to drop fire over a part of the map.
    Sentry Gun- 6 Kills-6/10- This air-drops a place-able turret that
    shoots enemy ground units.
    Mortar Team- 6 Kills-7/10- This opens a map on the screen, and you
    choose three areas of the map to bomb. Extremely effective in maps
    that are open.
    Attack Helicopter- 7 Kills-7/10- This opens a map on the screen, and
    you call in a helicopter to shoot ground enemies in a part of the map.
    Valkyrie Rockets- 7 Kills-3/10- This allows the player to use two
    remote-controlled rockets. They can usually get the player one to two
    SR-71 Blackbird- 8 Kills-7/10- This shows exactly where the enemies
    are on the mini-map and the start menu map for a long period of time.
    This also cannot be shot down at all, even by a SAM turret. This is
    my second favorite kill streak, as it is basically an upgraded but
    harder to acquire version of the Spy Plane.
    Rolling Thunder- 8 Kills-8/10- This opens a map on the screen, and you
    call in a plane to drop bombs over a part of the map. Similar to the
    napalm strike, except with a much deadlier initial strike, at the cost
    of no lingering effect.
    *Chopper Gunner- 9 Kills-10/10- This allows the player to control the
    heavy machine gun mounted on an attack helicopter. Probably the best
    overall kill streak, but hard to acquire at nine kills.
    *Attack Dogs- 11 Kills-10/10- This allows the player to call in a pack
    of attack dogs that kill enemies. Can accumulate a lot of kills, but
    is just too costly for me.
    *Gunship- 11 Kills-10/10- This allows the player to completely control
    an attack helicopter with the heavy machine gun and two additional
    recharging missiles. The most destructive and deadly kill streak,
    however unlike the chopper gunner it cannot be combined with attack
    dogs, making it less popular and less effective.
    *Once you get to the point where you can accumulate a 9-11 kill streak
    fairly often, it is recommended to use the chopper gunner and the attack
    dogs. Individually those kill streaks are inferior to the Gunship, but
    when combined are much stronger. The only exception is when the player
    is using the typical Spy Plane, SR-71 Blackbird, Gunship setup for games
    like headquarters, as to reveal enemies, then again reveal enemies, and
    then finally be able to defend the objective.
    -When Camping, know all the entry points to your location. If there are
    two doors to the east side of a room and one to the west, use your
    claymore on the west side door, and sit in the corner watching the east.
    After the claymore blows up, MOVE.
    -Try to limit your sprinting to open areas with good view-lines. Never
    sprint around corners.
    -Always aim down the sights when you are going around a corner. If you
    are pursuing an enemy around a corner, think about the cover around that
    corner, aim where it would be ahead of time, and strafe sideways.
    -Start firing slow-starting guns like light machine guns before you
    start a corner, especially when pursuing an enemy.
    -Don't dive in a fire-fight. Just go prone. Diving takes too long, even
    when you are already sprinting. It gives your opponent time to adjust.
    -Always find cover, and use as much of it as possible. Don't crouch behind
    a block you can't see around, but also don't stand behind a low desk.
    -If you get killed by a camper, and absolutely MUST kill him, don't go back
    to where he/she was, or stand outside his/her location forever thinking
    about how to get him/her. Chuck a tactical grenade of any kind into the
    area, move to a new location, chuck a lethal grenade, and immediately set
    a claymore outside the door. Pop in, then run back out before you get shot.
    Chances are he/she will follow you out and blow up. Also, then you can
    counter camp behind cover and kill anything the claymore couldn't.
    -Don't take cover by a vehicle that is on fire.
    -If the enemy has a mass-killing kill streak, (Chopper Gunner) take as long
    as possible to respawn.
    -When being pursued by an enemy, find cover and wait for them to sprint
    after you. A claymore is also always a nice touch.
    -When pursuing an enemy, always be extremely cautious. They probably
    already know you are following them, so don't worry about stealth,
    worry about speed and safety along the way. Don't get tunnel vision and
    chase them right past a whole group of enemies with their backs to you.
    -When in a close-range firefight with an enemy, always strafe left and
    right with the occasional crouching movement. If you just stand still,
    move backwards, or try to turn around and run you will die. Also, wait
    for them to reload as you are dodging, and then take your chance. It is
    pretty hard to dodge and shoot when you are jumping and going prone and
    -After getting severely destroyed in any game mode, don't be upset or
    get angry, as you will ruin your KD. Either wait the game out and watch
    all your mistakes in the Theater, or quit if you think the opponent
    is just a hell of a lot better.
    -Always throw your tactical grenade before your lethal, so you can
    slow/disorient/confuse your opponent and have a much higher chance of
    blowing them up.
    -When you are being pursued by someone and you know you are going to die,
    pull out your pistol or a decoy grenade, and fire away. Create as much 
    noise as possible, and draw attention to the enemy. Chances are your
    teammates will catch on or at least see your death marker, and get an
    avenger kill on your enemy. This lowers the enemy's chance of a
    kill streak.
    -Be fearless when going for an objective. What good does it do to you
    to stand guard near the last bomb in demolition instead of risking
    your life to go save it? One death is not going to ruin your KD, but it
    might just save the game, and get you lots of experience.
    -When your teammates have kill streaks like chopper gunners, try to stay
    inside buildings, even in core. The enemies will focus on retreating
    into the buildings, which makes it easy for you to murder them.
    -Whenever you are almost certainly about to die, remember to use things
    you normally wouldn't. By this I mean, cook that grenade until you kill
    yourself. You should have enough time to run near them, and get an
    afterlife kill.
    -To learn things about a map, go into system link, and put the movement
    and sprint speeds on max. This is a fun way to find out the all the
    places to go in the map. Only then go online and scout a bit to find out
    the player tendencies of the map.
    -At long range, remember to burst fire, aim by strafing left and right
    instead of aiming with the right analog stick, and give up on a target
    easily. If you think you still have the advantage in a long-range
    pursuit, which you almost never do, go for them.
    -When sneaking up on an enemy, don't take all that time to think about
    what is the best way to kill them. Just get it over with before they
    run away and possibly lead you to your death.
    -In open maps, randomly go prone frequently. This severely limits
    the amount of snipers that can kill you, as most novice snipers
    can't accommodate well to this tactic.
    -Be patient. It may seem like players aren't coming anywhere near you,
    but as soon as you start sprinting towards the main action, boom, an
    enemy spawns and gets a backstabber kill.
    -Try to hold the highest ground, but also try to hold the least typical
    ground. It will probably mean more kills and fewer deaths in the long
    -When pursuing an enemy, throw a bunch of grenades ahead of different
    paths they could travel. They will naturally try to avoid those paths
    then, and you can cut them off. It makes it much easier to kill them
    -When placing a claymore, especially in a doorway, don't just place it
    at an angle so it can't be seen outside the door. Also place it facing
    AWAY, yes, AWAY from the door, in an area they are going to travel.
    With lightweight you can surpass a claymore facing toward a door easily.
    Most of the time though, the enemy will stop once they are immediately
    through the doorway to shoot at you, at which point the claymore kills
    them. It's too funny to watch your claymore blow them up as they slowly
    damage you.
    -Never assume much from your allies, and never underestimate your enemies.
    Your allies might have a total advantage on an enemy, but they could
    screw up the opportunity and the enemy kills them and you. All because
    you underestimated the enemy and overestimated your allies. Just don't
    ever disregard an enemy. This also means shoot at an enemy, even if
    an ally is already in a firefight. You might get a savior kill.
    -The crossbow can be an exceptionally effective tool when combined
    with lethal grenades. Shoot a crossbow bolt into a heavily guarded
    enemy room, and then before reloading toss a grenade. Two simultaneous
    explosions are much harder to deal with then one. Then switch to your
    primary before reloading the crossbow and sweep the entrance to the room
    before going in Rambo style.
    -The Light Machine Gun combined with Hardened and extended mags can be one
    of the most amazing combinations you'll ever encounter. You can just hold
    down the trigger for quite some time through a wall, getting a bunch of
    hit markers on enemies. While they frantically try to escape, you will
    have damaged them enough that even a few shots from your trusty pistol
    are enough to kill them. I have gotten a chopper gunner at least twice
    from doing this tactic to one or two enemy buildings.
    -In Objective games, even if you can't see an enemy, shoot an explosive
    such as the RPG near the enemy objective. You'll be surprised how many
    multi-kills you can get. Everyone wants the XP of a capture, so they
    are all standing fairly close.
    -With a semi-automatic gun, you must learn to rapid-tap your trigger
    in a close fire fight while NOT aiming down the sights, and only
    aiming by strafing left and right. It is pretty hard to aim down
    the sights and compensate for enemy movement with the right analog
    stick while rapid-tapping the trigger in a close-range fight. This
    is the same for any non-automatic gun, like the M16.

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