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    Weapon FAQ by Master3203

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 05/12/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hi Everybody. This is a Tips Guide to the online multiplayer portion of Black
    Ops I hope everyone will be able to get some use out of it. One thing I will
    say is have fun playing the game and don't get too jumpy about your K/D.
    In this guide I will discuss tips to use in game and also some loadout
    classes which might be of some use to you. I will also talk a little bit about
    my opinion of each gun, and the equipment.
    Contents: Search using the characters in the brackets with the brackets from
    the contents section.
    Version History: (VH)
    Contact Info: (CI)
    Copyright Notice: (CN)
    Custom Loadout Tips: (CLT)
    Create-a-Class Loadouts: (CACL)
    Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)
    Assault Rifles: (AR)
    Sub Machine Guns: (SMG)
    Light Machine Guns: (LMG)
    Shotguns: (SHOT)
    Sniper Rifles: (SR)
    Care Package Weapons: (CPW)
    Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)
    Special: (SPEC)
    Pistols: (PIST)
    Launchers: (LAUN)
    Weapons Analysis: Equipment (WAE)
    Lethal: (L)
    Tactical: (T)
    Equipment: (E)
    Equipment Strategies: (ES)
    Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)
    Attachment Strategies: (AS)
    Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)
    Tier 1: (Blue)
    Tier 2: (Red)
    Tier 3: (Green)
    Weapons Analysis: Killstreaks: (WAKS)
    Q and A Section (QA)
    Version History: (VH)
    Created this Black ops multiplayer guide on the different weapons and perks 
    e.t.c in the game. This is going to be similar to my MW2 and MW3 FAQ's and
    include opinions and analysis, but not specifics that the game will already
    tell you.
    1.01 and 1.02:
    Added a question section (not FAQ because I am not frequently asked stuff
    lol) and also made some minor grammatical amd spelling errors correct. I
    also reviewed the opinions and strategies for the weapons and equipment, so
    check those for changes too.
    Removed as much information relating to Modern Warfare guns as possible which
    dariusrj98 from GameFAQs.com kindly pointed out for me and also added an out
    of ten rating for all weapons and attachments. Also fixed some more minor
    Contact Info: (CI)
    My gamefaqs name is Master3203, if anyone wants to contact me about additions
    or false things about the guide then you can reach me at
    guerin234@hotmail.co.uk In the subject line, please put BlackOps Multiplayer
    Tips FAQ- Gamefaqs.com. Also, please add your gamefaqs.com username into the
    email somewhere that is clearly visible so that I may credit you.
    Any contribution emails with usernames not included will not be published or
    will be published under my own name if they are good tips. PSN and Gamertags
    will suffice if you don't have a GameFAQS account however. Also if there are
    questions about the multiplayer, please send these also. But do check the
    questions section first to see if what you want to ask is located there first.
    Copyright Notice: (CN): 
    (Copyright 2011 James O'Brian, GameFAQs.com alias is Master3203)
    This guide is owned by me and may not be redistributed without my 
    authorisation. Any violation of this will be deemed as an act of plagiarism
    Any sites wishing to feature this guide can contact me on my email address.
    Also, any use of the work from this document without permission from me will
    also be deemed as unlawful and severe action will be taken. You have been
    warned. I will also, if I wish to, retract this FAQ (any version)
    from any site without prior notice or make changes without prior notice.
    The sites who can use this guide are:
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    Now onto Business
    Custom Loadout Tips: (CLT)
    1. If you’re using a stealth class, the perks I recommend would be Ghost Pro
    and Ninja. Put Marathon or Scavenger on this also for extra sprint or extra
    ammo. A good weapon for this is the Galil equipped with the
    silencer whilst the secondary should be the Strela 3. For killstreaks, go with
    UAV, Counter UAV and Care Package or Napalm strike.
    2. If using a sniper class, I'd recommend either the PSG1 for semi-auto dudes
    or the L96A1 for the bolt-action dudes Infra-red sights are terrible for this
    game. When it is bought, add the claymore or motion sensor to protect your
    back or to warn of arriving enemies. Use the CZ75 in semi-auto mode with
    extended mags. don't use the full auto attachment as this actually reduce the
    pistols damage per bullet.
    3. If you are going for an explosive class, then I would recommend that you
    use a weapon like the Aug or Commando or even the Enfield or AK47 if you
    would like that has good iron sights so you can attach a grenade launcher.
    For your secondary, go with the RPG or China Lake. For perks, you should try
    using Flak Jacket and Sleight of Hand Pro  with either Marathon or Hacker as
    your third option.
    4. If you wish to go with an aerial class, the setup is similar to
    your stealth class. Ghost is a definite bet, whilst any Green and Red perk
    will be up to choice. When you have unlocked it, definitely use the Strela 3
    to destroy aerial vehicles as it has 2 missiles to destroy either two
    killstreaks or one with one flare.
    Create-a-class Loadouts: (CACL)
    These will be in the following format:
    Class Number and Title
    Primary Weapon + Secondary weapons
    Primary Weapon Attachment(s)
    Secondary Weapon Attachment(s)
    Blue Perk
    Red Perk
    Green Perk
    1. Aerial
    Aug + Strela-3
    Extended Mag (Primary)
    Sleight of Hand
    Tactical Mask Pro
    2. Stealth
    Commando + CZ75
    Silencer (Primary)
    Silencer (Secondary)
    Ghost Pro
    Sleight of Hand
    3. Sniper (Semi-Auto)
    PSG1 + CZ75
    Variable Zoom (Primary)
    Extended Mags (Secondary)
    Claymore or Motion Sensor
    Scavenger or Ghost Pro
    Ninja Pro
    4. Sniper (Bolt-Action)
    L06A1 + CZ75
    Variable Zoom (Primary)
    Extended Mags (Secondary)
    Claymore or Motion Sensor
    Scavenger or Ghost Pro
    Ninja Pro
    5. CQC
    Spas-12 + Ballistic Knife
    Flak Jacket or Ghost Pro
    Steady Aim
    6. Gun Runner
    AK74u + RPG
    Grip (Primary Weapon)
    Lightweight Pro
    Steady Aim
    7. AK47 Explosive
    AK47 + China Lake
    Grenade launcher (Primary Weapon)
    Hardened Pro
    8. Enfield BBQ
    Enfield + Strela 3
    Flamethrower (Primary weapon)
    Camera Spike
    Ghost Pro
    Sleight of Hand Pro
    Tactical Mask Pro
    9. 3RB Monster
    M16 + Crossbow
    Reflex (Primary Weapon)
    Motion Sensor
    Scavenger Pro
    Steady Aim
    Tactical Mask Pro
    10. Double Jeopardy
    M16 + CZ75
    Reflex and Suppressor (Primary Weapon)
    Suppressor (Secondary Weapon)
    Ghost Pro
    Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)
    Before I begin, let me explain to you that every weapon class, except
    specials and launchers, have a special weapon amongst them that is only
    unlocked after buying every other weapon in the class. So for example. To get
    the G11, you need to buy all the other AR's. You only have to buy the other
    weapons however. You do not need to buy attachments and/or use them in a
    To let you know which weapons are the special weapons in the class, I will put
    in brackets (Special) next to the weapon name, but I will not keep saying "you
    have to buy every other weapon in this class to unlock it".
    Also, a new feature introduced in Black ops is the CoD points feature which 
    is in-game currency. This currency buys everything. Perks, weapons,
    attachments, killstreaks and grenades. It also allows you to purchase any perk
    at any level after  level 4 and any killstreak after level 10 if you have
    the right amount of money. When a weapon is unlocked, you can buy that weapon
    and then buy any attachment for it, so you can skip over RDS for a weapon and
    go straight to ACOG for example.
    To make some extra money, you can also purchase contracts or enter wager
    Contracts are daily challenges that can be bought and then completed for a
    reward. The reward can be eithe CoD points in various amounts or CoD points
    and XP together in various amounts. However, when you buy a contract and
    complete it, you will always recive more than what you paid in. But if you
    don't complete it in the set time limit. you will lose what you paid in.
    Wager matches are basically a means of gambling. you all pay in so much money
    (there are low, medium and high buy-in lobbies), but only the top three
    players will get anything back. Player 1 getting the most, player 2 getting 
    medium and player 3 getting the lowest6 amount back, but your winnings will
    always be more than you paid in. Everyone else, besides 1, 2 and 3, will get
    Currency rules are as follows: ($ means CoD points)
    Weapons usually cost $2000
    Attachments range from $250-$3000
    Grenades and Equipment will range from $1500-$5000
    Regular Perks are $2000. If you want to upgrade to pro when all that perks
    challenegs are completed, it will cost you a further $3000.
    Killstreaks range from $1200 to $6000
    At the end of the match, you will get 10% of your accumalated XP in CoD points.
    You will get either $1000 or $2500 everytime you level up.
    Any contracts you have completed in the match will reward you at the end.
    Assault Rifles: (AR)
    M16: 7.5/10
    The first of the two, three-round burst AR's in the game. The M16 has
    alright ironsights, very good damage and is also very accurate. You can place a
    ACOG on this weapon for longer range combat, but the weapon still excels with
    an RDS or Reflex. It is a preference choice between this and the G11. Fast
    reload animation without SoH. Best use Steady Aim on this to help with CQC
    situations Although warlord also works nicely with Reflex and Suppressor.
    Enfield: 7/10
    I personally really like this weapon. The recoil is quite low, it is very
    accurate. The iron sights are ok whilst the damage low. Good ADS times and
    medium reload means SoH isn't a must.
    M14: 8/10
    First of two semi-automatic rifles in the game. Is very accurate, but does
    have more recoil than the FN FAL, but comes with a Grip Attachment option to
    compensate. Using Warlord on this with Grip and Reflex really pumps out
    Famas: 9.5/10
    This weapon is good and has the same damage as the Enfield per bullet, but the
    RoF is higher. This holds 30 in a magazine and is now Fully automatic than what
    it was in MW2. This has a bit more recoil than the Enfield. However, it has
    great ironsights leaving you to give the weapon extended mags or a grenade
    launcher. If you can handle the recoil increase over the Enfield then in the
    hands of the right person, this is better than the Enfield. Has good reload
    times. If you do attach an RDS or Reflex, it adds a bit more recoil.
    Galil: 9/10
    This weapon has a bit more damage than the Famas, but it has less fire
    rate. Its ironsights are not great unless you have good eyesight. Its recoil
    is also quite low. It's kind of a medium I think between the Enfield and the
    Famas. Has a medium-slow reload animation. But is excellent at suppressed combat
    Aug: 9/10
    This is the brother of the Famas. There is little difference between the two.
    I find the Aug to have less fire rate, but more accuracy than the famas. It is
    really a preference between these two. It also has slightly more recoil.
    FN FAL: 7.9/10
    Like the M14, but less recoil so it doesn't have a Grip attachment option. Can
    take down enemies in 2-3 shots. However, I find the MW2 version better than
    this. But some other people think the opposite that I know. It is awesome if
    you have a good trigger finger and a keen eye. Use with ACOG for a better range
    and maybe use the warlord perk to also have extended mags on.
    AK47: 10/10 normal 8/10 stealth
    The most inFamous weapon of FPS and pretty much every other shooter type. The
    AK47 is common in a lot of games for its high damage and large kill count.
    In this game, the iron sights are, I think, a tad better, but sometimes
    difficult to use partcularly at medium to long range. Don't use a sight
    attachment on it as that only increases its high recoil. Just use this for
    close-medium range targets and use a grenade launcher, SoH and scavenger.
    Use this over the commando if you are the kill, reload, run kill type.
    Commando: 7/10 normal 8.5/10 for stealth
    Has awesome accuracy like the Galil, very good ironsights and becomes even
    better when used in stealth classes. a lot of people use this gun, and for
    good reason. It also has very low recoil. I actually think it is an automatic
    version of the M16, because when they both have sight attachments on, they
    look like the same weapon, have similar fire rates (not types) and they have
    the same accuracy rating. So if you want an automatic M16, then go with this.
    Has slightly lower damage than the AK47, but performs a lot better in stealth
    situations. If you're going for stealth, use this over the AK47.
    However, Treblemutha from PSN has stated that the Commando is a variation of
    the M4. If this helps you at all.
    G11 (Special AR): 7.7/10
    The second 3-round burst weapon in the game. As I have said before, it is a
    preference between this and the M16. However, the G11 does have an extra 18
    bullets (6 volleys) in the mag more than the M16 and as such, has a huge
    reserve of ammunition even without Scavenger Pro. But due to this, it has a
    slightly slower, but not too noticeable relaod speed than the M16. If you are
    accurate and have a keen eye, go with the M16 and only use this if you have
    trouble hitting your targets. The G11 also only has 2 attachments which are
    rather lame whereas the M16 has most attachments. The variable zoom does work
    quite well for holding breath and then firing a headshot volley however.
    Sub-Machine Guns: (SMG)
    MP5K: 9/10
    Decent starting weapon and second best in the SMG class as far as I'm
    concerned. Decent all round stats make this a good gun. Has manageable recoil
    and good damage rate. Use it if you want to, but i prefer the AK74u.
    Skorpion: 5/10
    Best damaging SMG in the game. Bad ironsights and a small clip of 20 makes
    this gun burn bullets quickly and innaccurately. Don't use this unless you
    get a mad urge to do so as you will die alot. If you do use it, stick to close
    range and apply scavenger pro, SoH and Ninja. Doesn't need Grip, so you can
    use extended mags. Has a very small range of about 12M that drops the damage
    from 50 to 25 and still doesn't have a big range after that. Silencer on this
    gun just makes it absolutely useless for anything short of point blank range.
    In my opinion, there should be a machine pistols class in this game too and
    this should be one of them.
    MAC 11: 5.5/10
    Anybody who played the PS2 game of Scarface: The World is Yours will know how
    good the MAC 10 was. Well this is the supposed upgrade from that but has a lot
    of recoil and definetly needs grip and a sight attachment to work well. Has a
    slow reload time too, so whatever perks you use, you will hit problems with
    this.  This should really be another machine pistol. Needs  Warlord.
    AK74u: 10/10
    The best SMG of the game in my opinion. Has manageable recoil, but has a high
    damage factor and a good rate of fire to defeat all types of foes. It is
    actually a smaller, lighter and more useful version of the AK47. I think they
    are probably from the same manufacturer. As i said. useful for most encounters
    from close to medium range and takes down targets quickly. Attach the grip to
    make the  recoil more manageable, or add a red dot sight to it for longer
    range battles. Doesn't need SoH, so you could use warlord and attach an RDS
    and Grip to it.
    Uzi: 7/10
    Another one for the machine pistol class. It meets all the criteria for a
    machine pistol, but Treyarch aren't as good as Infinity Ward and don't think
    things through as much. decent ironsights, but a high RoF and bad recoil make
    this gun very innacurate outside of close range combat. 
    Go carefully with this. It's also not too good at hip fire.
    PM63: 6.8/10
    Decent SMG, but again only has a clip of 20. The ironsights aren't very good
    and it will run out of mags quickly. However, it is a decent weapon to dual
    wield as the hip-fire is quite accurate. If you do dual-wield, then apply the
    steady aim perk.
    MPL: 7.5/10
    A better version than the Uzi. The ironsights can take some getting used to,
    but it performs rather well in close range combat and sometimes even medium
    range. I think this should've been the fourth and final machine pistol if
    there was a class for them, but there you go.
    Spectre: 8/10
    Good ironsights on this thing and a good set of damage make this a common
    choice after the AK74u for most people. Has a decent reload speed and the
    recoil is again manageable. Can be a good competitor at medium range too.
    Kiparis (Special SMG): 8.2/10
    This weapon is kind of the same as the spectre, only with clearer ironsights.
    I wouldn't waste money on buying everything else and then this gun just for
    better ironsights.
    Light Machine Guns: (LMG)
    These guns have slow reload times. so extended mags will lessen the need to
    reload if you don't have scavenger on. If you are using scavenger, then you
    WILL need SoH on. However. A combination of Scavenger, Extended, SoH and
    Marathon does work well.
    Also, LMG's will do the same damage over the all distances except for the M60
    which does 50 damage over 25M and the normal damage of 40 over all other
    HK21: 7/10
    Decent default LMG. Manageable recoil and decent line of sight. Use this if
    you want to, but I prefer the Stoner63 in this class.
    RPK: (pretty much the same as the RPD) 9/10
    Good, but was better in MW2. Good ironsights, high damage and medium fire rate
    equals one big killing machine. LMG's are so under used and it's a shame. This
    can mow down enemies with minor problems.
    M60: 9.5/10
    Awesome. This may have the slowest RoF, but it has the best damage rating and
    has terrific ironsights. It's too bad that there's no rapid fire attachment for
    this like there is in the MW3 version. It would be even more deadly then. Can
    be used with just the grip, SOH and scavenger.
    Stoner63 (Special LMG): 8.5/10
    Best LMG in my opinion if you can manage the recoil. Good damage base
    makes this a formidable opponent to face in mid range combat. Has slowish
    reload times without SoH, but feels more like an assault rifle than an LMG
    Shotguns: (SHOT)
    Shotguns are your close range beasts. However, sight attachments are
    redundant on shotguns because they actually worsen the spread. Steady aim
    doesn't just improve the shotguns accuracy, it increases the damage because
    steady aim works by tightening the spread. Less spread = more pellets in
    tighter space = more damage. I know shotguns don't have sights in this game,
    but this just explains it for noobs out there. This way they can also use
    it as transferable knowledge to other games.
    Olympia: 8/10
    The double-barrelled shotgun of the game. If you have scavenger, SoH and
    ninja on this, then taking down targets can be easier than you may think. Has
    low recoil and can take enemies down in 1-2 accurate shots. However, it
    doesn't need SoH to be effective, but putting Steady Aim on here makes this
    shotty more destructive.
    Stakeout: 7/10
    Nice pump action, high damage and a bad attitude. Recoil can be high, so
    attach the grip. If you like pump-action, then go with this. However, because
    this is a fast paced game, most of the time, you will be dead before you have
    pumped your next shot as it usually only takes targets down in one shot that
    have already been weakened.
    Spas-12: 7.5/10 normal 7/10 stealth
    In my opinion, has great damage and manageable recoil. Most people I see with
    shotguns use this and a lot of them use the silencer with it for stealth kills.
    I would advise against using the silencer attachment unless you are good at
    not being spotted until it's too late because shotguns already have limited
    range, so why limit it even more. Although some people have said that adding
    the silencer doesnt give it any range drop off at all. (Weird lol)
    HS10 (Special Shotgun): 7/10 normal 8.5/10 Dual-Wielded
    Would rather use the Spas for close range than this when just holding the one.
    However, this weapon is great when dual-wielded. apply steady aim, lightweight
    and marathon and just run into camp spots and kill the camping noobs right
    where they crouch.
    Sniper Rifles: (SR)
    Dragunov: 6/10
    Like the Dragunov in MW3 and CoD 4. Not a bad sniper, but not good either. Most
    people actually find this difficult to use as the crosshairs are different
    than normal snipers when aiming down sight. Where the bullet will go is
    actually at the top of the triangle, not in the middle of it. Has low recoil,
    however and the crosshairs won't jump around as much as the others. There is
    also less sway on this.
    WA2000: 8/10
    Slightly slimmer than the MW2 version, but is less acurate and has more recoil
    and sway than the MW2 version. Basically, this is just an upgrade to the
    Dragunov. But I have found it gets alot more hitmarkers than the dragunov.
    Extended mag is best on this as Variable seems to just add more sway and
    take longer to re-centre your aim.
    L96A1: 8.5/10
    Usually a OHKO, but sometimes misses and then you will be dead in
    medium range if you are spotted whilst you pump the next shot in. 
    PSG1 (Special Sniper): 9/10
    Same as the L96A1 only this is semi-auto, so it can make follow-up shots
    easier. Best sniper for semi-automatic fans and is the most commonly used
    sniper in the game next to the L96A1.
    Care Package Weapons: (CPW)
    Didn't know where to put these, so I put them in the Primary weapons section.
    These are unique weapons in that they can only be obtained randomly from a
    care package and can't be picked up from dead enemies and also can't have their
    ammo resupplied from ammo care packages and scavenger.
    Once you have shot these once, you have to be willing to fire the rest without
    switching to your regular weapons as you will then lose the ability to use
    these weapons. So be sure you will use all the bullets/rockets before you
    select it.
    Death Machine: 10/10
    A minigun that you can fire from the ground. Has a large magazine and takes
    about 3 bullets to kill an enemy. Has the slowest mobility rating, leaving your
    character horribly sluggish. Is actually the same minigun that the chopper
    gunner has. Holding the aim button before engaging an enemy, will actually
    speed up the weapon, because the barrel is then already spinning.
    Grim Reaper: 10/10 aircraft 9/10 infantry
    A very accurate rocket launcher when free-fired, but can also lock onto enemy
    aircraft. Has a 4-rocket mag and another 4 spare rockets (I think, could be 8
    spare). Very deadly and will kill infantry in one shot. Excels more at aerial
    combat for taking down everything in the air due to having so many rockets. A
    well timed Grim Reaper delivery can turn the tables on your  opponent.
    Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)
    Specials: (SPEC)
    Ballistic Knife: 8.5/10
    Good alternative to regular knife melee as it strikes the target faster, but
    can also be launched at nearby enemies for an instant-kill if it makes contact
    with any flesh. Good for fast moving classes, but is better (in my opinion)
    as a melee weapon, rather than a projectile weapon.
    Crossobow: 8/10
    Not as good as it is in campaign as you don't have a sniper sight attachment
    available but it will always fire out semtex-like darts that stick to enemies
    and objects and then explode. Stuck darts will actually kill a flak jacket
    foe. Has a good ironsight, but the darts will arc over long distances
    noticeably. Use these with scavenger pro and use it in objective game modes to
    break up or obliterate groups of enemies.
    Pistols: (PIST)
    ASP: 5/10
    Starting pistol of the game. requires 4-7 shots to kill someone. Decent
    accuracy and lowish recoil.
    M1911: 6/10
    Basically an ASP but with more damage and accuracy. Less power than it had in
    CoD4, but sim ilar sized clip. Will kill in about 4-6 shots.
    Makarov: 7.5/10
    Upgraded M1911. Has more power, range and accuracy than it's predecessor, but
    still rather weak. Will kill in about 3-5 shots
    Python: 8/10
    Has a high damage and recoil factor, but has less accuracy than the Makarov 
    unless you attach the snub-nose attachment. Has medium semi-auto RoF and will
    kill in 2-3 shots. Has another unique attachment called the speed reloader
    which is also really handy. Is also the onbly pistol; to have an ACOG
    attachment option.
    CZ75 (Special Pistol): 9/10
    Has the damage of a Makarov, but has faster semi-auto RoF to kill enemies
    quicker and more effectively. Silencer is good on this gun as it already has a
    decent starting range. Has a unique attachment which makes it an automatic
    pistol. Good for sniper classes. Don't underestimate this weapon, but at the
    same time, don't over-use it. Besides the fact that it doesn't do to well in
    point blank and long range, if someone starts getting good with a
    particular gun, some noob will shout OVERPOWERED! and then treyarch will nerf
    Launchers: (LAUN)
    M72 LAW: 8/10 infantry 9/10 air
    Rocket launcher with good line of sight firing. Can also lock-on to enemy
    air support, but will only destroy UAV and Counter UAV in one shot.
    This is an OK launcher to use for explosive classes. This has slightly better
    line of sight control than an RPG, but it isn't as good as the MW2 AT4-HS
    RPG: 6.5/10
    Has two free-fire rockets and once fired, it can then shoot of in any
    direction or swerve in any direction at any given time. Not very accuracy, but
    definitely powerful. Ironsights should be redundant really and I have no clue
    why they are there for this gun. Doesn't do anything for the shot at all.
    Strela 3: 10/10
    Lock-on only, but is awesome for this purpose. Is ready with one chambered
    missile and one missile ready to be reloaded. can take down either two aerial
    vehicles without flares or can take out helicopters with one flare.
    China Lake: 9/10
    40mm grenade launcher that has to be reloaded every two shots. has good range,
    but has to be shot over a certain distance to explode. It also has to be
    pumped slowly after each shot and contrary to what some others think, Sleight
    of Hand does not help the speed of the pump.
    Weapons Analysis: Equipment: (WAE)
    Lethal: (L)
    Frag: Cookable grenade with a good radius and damage factor. 5 sec fuse.
    Semtex: Uncookable, but higher blast radius than frag. 3-4 sec fuse.
    Tomahawk: Kill an enemy, pick it back up. Hard to use. One hit kill.
    Tactical: (T)
    Flashbang: Blinds enemies. Larger radius than Concussion.
    Concussion: Blinds and slows enemies. Smaller radius than Flashbang.
    Willy Pete: Used to conceal movement. Use Infra-red to counter it.
    Nova Gas: Grenades that disorient and damage enemies over a period of time.
    Decoy: lets out gun-fire noises and displays red radar dots
    Camera Spike: Deployable that shows you a strategic area on a small screen.
    C4: A pair of explosives which can be set off with a detonator.
    Tactical Insertion: Deployable which lets you choose where to respawn next.
    Jammer: Deployable device used to mess up nearby enemy equipment and radar
    Motion Sensor: Deployable that shows enemies in a small radius.
    Claymore: Motion sensitive landmine that explodes when movement is detected.
    Equipment Strategies: (ES)
    Use Smoke to get away from long range battles you start losing and to
    shield your movements from the enemy in general if they haven't noticed you
    Tactical Insertion is rather redundant on Black Ops as there is so much action
    going on, it will be barely any use. Unless you can find the secret spots that
    are hard to find.
    Using a jammer can be more tactical than you may think. When most enemies
    start losing radar in one area, they will frantically search the surrounding
    area for you. If you position this in a spot and train your sniper on that
    area, this tactic can net you a good few kills extra.
    Claymores are great for protecting back entrances for sniper classes. As
    these weapons can be used alongside lethal grenade types, thy can be and are
    used on evry other class too for protecting entrances to the houses in
    Nuketown, for defending the high-point bridge in WMD and for protecting
    Use motion sensor in a position where you are sniping to alert you to enemies
    trying to flank or ambush you.
    Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)
    Attachments are an important factor when deciding what classes should be
    customized and for what purpose. They can be used to extend the sight range,
    reduce recoil and silence weapons.
    In Black Ops, there ra few rules for using attachments. i only know a few,
    so if anyone else knows any, please email them to me.
    Extended mags and Dual mags cannot be used together
    You cannot have two sight attachments on one gun
    You cannot have a second attachement when using Grenade launcher, Masterkey or
    Now, onto business.
    Red Dot Sight: 8/10
    The most common attachment used throughout all the Call of Duty games. It
    is known to be a precision sight attachment, but doesn't offer much zoom.
    Reticule and lens can be customized.
    Reflex Sight: 7.9/10
    Similar to RDS. Is up to user preference. Reticule and lens can be customized.
    ACOG Sight: 7.5/10
    2x zoom feature, used by people as an upgrade from RDS. Offers good accuracy.
    The best ACOG sights was in MW2. Black Ops ACOG is still really good and is
    second best except the Enfields ACOG. Cod4 ACOG was a disgrace if you ask me.
    Could barely hit anything.
    Infra-red: 6/10
    Used to show enemies in white. When using this with snipers. I find it to be
    OK, but there are better attachments. Modern Warfare 2's thermal is much
    better than this rubbish. Even on anything but snipers. MW2 Thermal is better.
    Low-Power Scope:  1/10
    For the G11 only. This sight has a lot of sway on it and isn't very accurate
    for that reason. Can't hold breath with it.
    Variable Zoom: 9/10
    For snipers and the G11. Has 3 zoom levels. close, medium and Far. Good with
    the PSG1 and the L96A1. Suprisingly it is good with the G11 too.
    Suppressor: 10/10
    Really good for stealth classes. Makes you invisible on radar when firing
    and also reduces the amount of light that comes from the end of your gun
    when you fire it. Also, this is a myth, it is still unproven with hard
    evidence, but the silencer can also reduce the recoil on the gun.
    Doesn't do it for weapons other than automatic weapons, but from my
    experience, it does reduce recoil slightly.
    Grenade Launcher: 9/10
    A direct impact (hits enemy, but doesn't explode) will always result in a OHKO.
    Attaches to the underside of you weapon. Can be detonated next to the enemy
    and still kill them if they don't have flak jacket on.
    Masterkey: 7/10
    A low powered shotgun attachment that is fitted to the underside of your
    gun. It has more range than any of the primary shotguns, but isn't recommended
    when you have better attachments out there. kills in about 2-4 shots.
    Flamethrower: 8/10
    BBQ's your target, but it takes quite a while to do so. Grenade Launcher is
    way better.
    Grip: 9/10
    Used by a lot of weapons to reduce the recoil of the weapons by using your
    left hand to hold a grip rather than resting the gun in your left hand. The
    stats will show more accuracy being added to the weapon. This is because less
    recoil = more accuracy.
    Rapid Fire: 7/10
    Increases the weapons RoF. Adds more recoil to the weapon, making already high
    recoil weapons virtually rubbish. Use only on low RoF and low recoil weapons.
    Extended Mags: 8/10
    This will increase the amount of ammo you have in your clip. and will, as
    a result of that, sometimes will also increase your spare ammo capacity.
    Usually will add half a mags worth of ammo to the mag to give it a 1.5x boost.
    Dual Mags: 8/10
    Tapes a mag to the side of you gun, enabling a faster reload. This works on
    every odd number of relaods. 1,3,5,7,9 e.t.c.
    Dual Wield: 6/10 normal 9/10 HS10
    For pistols HS10 some SMG's and pistols. You can now dual-wield your weapon.
    This, however, will lower the accuracy rating and remove the ability to ADS,
    but will double the firepower of the held weapon. Use only for point blank to
    very close range because the bullets will go everywhere. Steady aim is a must
    with this attachment.
    Upgraded Iron Sights: 4/10
    Does what it says on the tin, but doesn't do it very well. Barely notice the
    difference, but is extremely cheap at $250. (I make that in 2 minutes of
    playing lol)
    Snub Nose: 6/10
    For the Python only. Increase the accuracy, but lowers damage by cutting the
    long barrel off the gun.
    Speed Reloader: 9/10
    For the Python only again. Allows the magnum bullets to be all reloaded at once
    rather than individually.
    Full Auto Upgrade: 7/10
    For the CZ75 only. Turns the pistol automatic, but at the expense of some
    damage per bullet.
    Attachment Strategies: (AS)
    Don't use ACOG on Snipers as the sway cannot be stopped by holding your breath
    as you can't hold breath with ACOG. Good weapons to use it on are the M14 and
    the M16.
    Definitely use the grip the M60, the Stakeout, the M14 and the AK74u.
    Use the Rapid Fire attachment on low recoil weapons with low RoF.
    Don't use infra-red for anything unless you want bad karma. However, if you
    do uise it. Don't use it in snowy areas as white and blue don't mix well.
    The suppressor is good for almost all maps except WMD and Array unless you are
    a run and gun person. Don't use this on shotguns though if you can help it as
    this will lower the already short range that they have.
    If you want accuracy, go with RDS. If you want a bit more range, go with ACOG
    and if you are having trouble finding enemies with other sights, use infra-red
    to see the enemy in white, but don't recommend IR.
    Grenades shot from launchers need to travel a minimum distance to explode,
    but when they do, it results in a OHKO. The grenade doesn't even have to
    explode at the enemies feet. It can explode next to them and still kill
    someone without Flak Jacket. The shotgun attachment is weaker than this
    though and requires 2-3 shots to kill an enemy, but does have the largest
    range of all the shotguns. The flamethrower is good at BBQ, but takes too long
    to do so in my opinion.
    I wouldn't recommend that you use the dual-wield attachment on pistols because
    pistols are inaccurate  unless ADS'ing. So further reducing the hip-fire
    accuracy and remove the ability to ADS, isn't good. For pistols, using the
    Extended Mag attachment would be better as this makes it more likely to win at
    close range situation. I still wouldn't recommend that anything is
    dual-wielded, except the HS10 which is awesome when dual-wielded.
    Speed Reloader is the best for the python. Snub-nose is only effective at
    improving the hip-fire accuracy and shows no difference in ADS accuracy.
    Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)
    Perks are special abilities that soldiers in CoD multiplayer can use to boost
    they're performance. There are 3 tiers of perk and you can choose one from
    each tier to utilize. I have chosen to call these perks, weapons because they
    are a type of weapon and the name fits better into my FAQ. When you unlock
    and buy the pro version of a perk, it will give you an added feature. It does
    not replace the regular features. The format for perks will be:
    Name of perk:
    Regular: Description
    Pro: Description
    Tier 1: (Blue):
    Regular: Move faster
    Pro: No fall damage.
    Most common to use this perk in conjunction with marathon, ninja or steady
    aim. Most commonly, shotgunners will use this to move faster around the map
    and to protect them from damage when falling off cliffs and out of high
    windows. Really nice perk to have. But doesnt add as much speed boost as it
    did in MW2.
    Regular: Gain ammunition by walking over dead bodies. Friend or foe.
    Also replenish lethal grenades.
    Pro: Start with full ammunition and replenish tactical grenades.
    Good for low ammo weapons. Definitely use this with the HS10 Dual-Weild. It
    is also very handy for high RoF weapons. But is a is also good for the high
    killcount folk so they don't run out of ammo as most primary weapons, without
    scavenger, will do 5-6 kills and then empty. Shotguns can get about 20 kills
    if you are accurate/lucky enough. So scavenger is necessary for the high
    killstreak guys.
    Regular: Undetectable by UAV.
    Pro: Undetectable by all forms of air support, turrets and infra-red. Also,
    no red crosshairs or name when targeted.
    Really good perk for stealth classes and aerial Classes. The pro version
    comes in useful for snipers trying to target you from long range with IR and
    also for hardcore game modes where there is restricted HUD. If your going
    stealthy or shooting down planes, then this is a must perk.
    Regular: Killstreaks require 1 less kill to complete.
    Pro: Change the contents of a care package.
    If you're having trouble getting the killstreaks you want or if you want to go
    for slightly better options then choose this perk. Most people I've seen don't
    use this anyway. The pro vcersion is actually very useful however. You can also
    change a teammates care package contents before he finishes opening it to give
    him something different. Only works however with the care package and not
    turret packages or valkarie packages. You used to be able to do that from
    all care poackage types, but that got patched quite early on. (I think around
    Flak Jacket:
    Regular: Increases resistance to explosive damage
    Pro: Can't be hurt by fire (Napalms or flamethower) and safely toss back Frags.
    Very good for the beginning of matches when everyone is spamming
    grenades. Also very good for small, confined maps where objective modes
    are being played as people will spamm grenades at objectives too. pro version
    pretty much makes you invulnerable to Napalm Strikes then both from the
    explosive factor and then the fire it leaves behind. (Not sure whether the
    initial explosion will kill you or not. If someone knows, please email me).
    Tier 2: (Red)
    Regular: Increased weapon damage through wood, plaster and sheet metal.
    Pro: More bullet damage vs. air support and turrets and flinch less when shot.
    Good for shooting through walls, but means your weapon won't have faster
    reload or better hip-fire accuracy. The pro version is like the focus
    proficiency in MW3. It allows you to stay on target better when being shot at.
    So it is good in firefights.
    Regular: Hold breath longer
    Pro: Switch weapons faster. 50% increase.
    The regular version is really only for snipers and the G11. However, the pro
    version can be sued for a lot of different weapon classes that have slow
    switch times, like snipers, LMG's and even AR's if you are the impatient type.
    It also has a strategic element for snipers however, because if an enemy is
    sneaking up on you, you can then quickly switch to your pistol or special
    weapon and have a better chance of killing them.
    Steady Aim:
    Regular: Increase hip-fire accuracy
    Pro: Aim faster after sprinting and also recover faster from knife lunges.
    Both the pro and regular versions are just as useful as the other. Shotguns
    and SMG's will greatly benefit from the regular version as they are CQC
    weapons. When you unlock the pro version however, you can then have weapons
    ready-to shoot faster and your knife attacks won't take as long. Use the pro
    version along with the ballistic knife for melee, and you should be able to
    knife extremely quickly.
    Sleight of Hand:
    Regular: Increase weapon Reload speed by about 50%
    Pro: Increase ADS speed by about 50%
    Use for weapons which have slow reload times like the LMG's and is also a good
    perk to use, when you get the pro version, for weapons with slow ADS times.
    Kind of a great perk for all other classes too.
    Regular: Have two attachments on your primary.
    Pro: Respawn with one extra lethal and tactical grenade except Willy Pete.
    This perk allows you to have the attachment you want and another attachment
    to help you out. when you unlock the pro version, it doesn't help you out that
    much except for the very beginning of the match when every starts spamming
    grenades, you can now spam 2 lethal and 3 tactical.
    Tier 3: (Green)
    Tactical Mask:
    Regular: Protects you from Nova Gas
    Pro: Reduces the effects of tactical grenades and also reveals stunned or
    flashed enemies position to you.
    The pro version is better than the regular version as not many people use nova
    gas, but a lot of people use stun and flash grenades on people. As for
    revealing the position of flashed and stunned enemies, I doubt it makes much
    gameplay difference as play is so fast as it is, who cares whether enemies
    show up on radar for a few seconds longer. Most Black ops people i know don't
    even use the radar as a tool unless they're using killstreaks.
    Regular: Extra sprint duration.
    Pro: Unlimited sprint duration.
    Use this on close range weapons to be able to shift quickly from one place to
    another. The perk is great on any map. Whether it be a big map where you want
    to get to the other side quickly or whether it be a small map where you have
    just killed an enemy and want to escape or get in a better position before
    reinforcements arrive.
    Regular: Footsteps are silent
    Pro: You are completely silent and you hear enemies louder.
    Use this in your stealth class too as your footseps will be silent to anyone
    not using Ninja pro. The regular version is great, making you walk silently.
    Use this on non stealth classes too and sneak up on the enemy and knife the
    goon in the back.
    Second Chance:
    Regular: Pull out pistol before dying whilst lying on your back.
    Pro: Survive longer and teammates can now revive you.
    I don't use this often. I fell that the only time you should use it, is if
    you are the type who wants to cling onto life with everything you have and
    don't wanna let go. This perk serves no logical purpose in a fast-paced MMO
    and should not be used.
    Regular: See enemy explosives, equipment and turrets in red through walls.
    Pro: Invisible to motion sensors, able to booby trap enemy care packages and
    turn enemy equipment and turrets to your side.
    The regular version here is actually more useful than the pro version. It is
    rather useful in this game for detecting all thoose claymores, but is
    difficult to unlock the pro version. Use this in a class definitely to shoot
    and destroy enemy equipment and trip-activated explosives. The pro version
    works really well too, but is hardly used by anyone. Shame really.
    Weapons Analysis: Killstreaks: (WAKS)
    Killstreeaks are when you get kills in a row. When you reach a certain number
    of kills in a row, you can use a reward. You must have selected to use te
    desired killstreak in order to activate it however. You can slect up to 3
    killstreaks to have set up so when you reach their desired killstreak level,
    you canactivate it via the right D-pad button.
    Spy plane:
    A spy drone designed to seek out enemy locations and mark those locations
    with red dots on your mini-radar. Has to refresh the information given.
    A remote controlled, explodable mini car. Can be used to access areas of
    buildings that would take you a while to get to and is a good way to clear
    out buildings and also defend objectives from multiple attackers whilst
    keeping your character safe from harm in an unkown location.
    Counter Spy Plane:
    Opposite of spy plane. This will jam your radar with static even if a spy
    plane is up. Is more strategic to use it just as an enemy spy plane goes up to
    negate its effect.
    SAM Turret:
    A deployable that is flown in via helicopter for you. It can be placed
    somewhere and will then fire surface-to-air missiles to destroy any enemy
    killstreaks in its line of sight. No need for launchers if you have this.
    Care Package:
    A helicopter delivers a crate containing a random reward or an ammo
    refill. You can't recieve another care package however. You can also obtain
    the Grim Reaper and the Death Machine from this.
    Naplam Strike:
    A fast moving aircraft drops a line of Napalm on the ground where you
    designated which will explode when impacting the ground and then leave a trail
    of deadly fire for about 12 seconds afterwards. Only Flak Jacket Pro can
    counter the flames left behind. If you're not wearing one when you touch the
    flames, you will die.
    Sentry Gun:
    Automated sentry turret that will detect and fire at any enemies in its line
    of sight.
    Mortar Team:
    Select three locations and two mortars will be dropped at each of those
    locations. Has a biggish explosive range in every direction (even up), but
    there is better killstreaks to choose.
    Attack Helicopter:
    Send in a helicopter to shoot at enemy ground targets.
    Valkarie Rockets:
    Manually guide two launchable rockets towards enemies. Very difficult to
    control, but have a large  blast radius and can kill multiple enemies at once.
    Like the spy plane, only this will also show the direction the enemy are
    facing and will show enemiy movements in real-time. Nothing can counter this
    and also cannot be shot down.
    Stealth Bomber:
    A slow Carpet bomb that drops more bombs than the precision airstrike and is
    invisible on enemy radar. Launchers also cannot lock onto this.
    Chopper Gunner:
    Control the gunner of a helicopter to shoot ground targets for 40 seconds.
    Much improved since MW2 and is easier to spot and kill enemies. The helicopter
    will also fly in a circle around the perimeter of the map, uunlke in MW2 where
    it would fly anywhere at any given time.
    Attack Dogs:
    Send in four dogs to hunt down and kill the enemy. If a dog goes down, then
    four more will appear. However, only a maximum of 8 dogs from one killstreak
    will appear.
    Is the attack helicopter, but you control its movements and when and where it
    fires. You can use rockets and an unlimited 12mm nose cannon. Rockets hold two
    in the chamber and need to be reloaded.
    Q and A section (QA):
    1. What are the best weapons to use throught the game?
    A. Depends on your playstyle really. But you shouldn't go wrong with:
    PSG1 (Semi-Auto)
    Strela 3
    China Lake
    2. AK47 Vs. Ak74u
    A. Difficult one. They both have their uses and both do really well at close
    to medium range. AK74u is lighter however and has a bit more recoil, but
    it comes with a Grip to compensate.
    3. Famas Vs. Aug
    A. Again, really great both weapons. I see both weapons used alot on the
    battlefield. But I would say the Aug is slightly better with no sight
    attachments on than the famas, and has a bit more recoil than the famas too.
    4. WA2000 Vs. PSG1
    A. No real contest here as the PSG1 wins in every area. But I put this down
    as a comparison because I see alot of people using the WA2000 over the PSG1.
    What the WA2000 does offer over the PSG1 howver is less recoil and less
    sway meaning the crosshairs can be re-centred quicker than the PSG1, but the
    PSG1 usually is a OHKO whereas the WA2000 is usually a 2HKO.
    5. M16 Vs. G11
    A> This is a common dilema for a lot of players. So I am am gonna make the
    comparison simple. M16 is just as accurate as the G11 and has about 6
    times the amount of attachment options that the G11 does. The benefit of
    the G11 is a bigger clip and spare ammo reserve without Scavenger. Both
    darn near the same reload speed.
    6. MP5K Vs. AK74u
    A. Both have their uses. AK74u usually performs better, but sometimes the
    MP5K can outshine the AK74u in the right situation. MP5K has slightly faster
    reload speed and fires slightly slower giving you more time to adjust your
    aim before the mag runs out
    7. AK47 Vs. Commando
    A. Again. Both powerful. Both fit well in a wide variety of situations.
    Both have a reasonable reload speed which doesnt require SoH. However,
    the AK47 is more for the run and gun type whilst the Commando suits
    suppressed situations better as the AK47 seems to do rather poorly with
    Suppressor on.
    8. This guy won't die and I shot like 30 bullets into him....
    A> Sometimes it happens. Factors for this include you connectivity status
    to the servers, Treyarch's connectivity issues, the opponent maybe cheating,
    might just be a glitched character who left the game and hasn't dissapeared
    of the map yet or it could just be the simplest one that your not hitting him.
    9 (continued from 8). You dissing my shooting?
    A. I was merely pointing out that the simplest solutions are suually right undr
    our noses and we cant see it.
    10. What do you think about the (Specify Weapon)
    A. Check the weapon descriptions for a brief opinion and also check questions
    above this one for some common comparisons which also include opinions.
    11 (Continued from 10). But I can't be bothered...
    A. Then why are you looking at game guides if you can't be bothered reading
    them. Go to a game forum, post a question, check the replies and then take
    it or leave it.
    12. Who are you to be saying what is good and what is not good hey? I think
    your guide is lousy.
    A. A few things there that I will comment on. For a start, dont read it then.
    Next, I happen to be a 14th Prestige player with about 17 months experience
    behind me. Next if you are commenting on bad opinions or information, please
    email me with your alterations or suggestions and I will look into them.

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