Review by aiajason

Reviewed: 11/10/10

One word to call this game... EPIC

Before I start this review, I want to say that I own every Call of Duty game out there, and will base my review off of them, along with the new Medal of Honor and Halo Reach. First off, everyone seems to want to blast this game and give it low scores, but I can't agree with the low marks. COD MW2 was a great game, but lacked many things including zombies, and seemed to be filled with lots of glitches that never seemed to get fixed. Black Ops brings back Zombie mode, has split screen in multi-player finally, and you can customize just about everything in the game.

The Single Player Campaign starts off fast paced, and is a lot of fun. You get to drive cars, bikes, fly vehicles in parts of the game, which really enhances the game play. The story line is rich, and you really get wrapped into it right when you start. The graphics are amazing, and they seem better than all the previous COD games, even though everyone's review that I have read state the graphics are the same. The story is longer than the previous COD MW 1 and 2, and brings back some guys from COD World at War. Black Ops ending is so awesome, but I will not post any spoilers. I believe this will be the only Black Ops title, and the next game that will come out will either be MW 3, or something new entirely.

Special Ops is back, and still just as good as ever. I am glad to see them include this feature again, because it was something I really enjoyed playing with my son, and friends online. Lots of the same type of missions, but that is great, because why fix something that isn't broken. The one thing I would have done different though would have been to add even more missions to do, but they do have enough to keep you busy for a good amount of time. The replay on this is very high.

Multiplayer is where it is at though. It has all the greatness of MW2, but adds much much more in additional content. Being able to customize your character is what I have always wanted them to include, and they do it perfectly. I am also glad you can buy the guns you want, and not have to go to such lengths to unlock the attachments like before. I was burnt out by all that after my first prestige on MW2, and decided not to prestige again because of that. Now that they have this feature, I see more reason to prestige.

Another great new feature are the wager matches. Money is earned throughout the multiplayer matches you do, which you can use to unlock everything from weapons, your characters look, kill streaks, perks, emblems, titles, ect.. When you play wager matches, you put your money on the line to win money from other players. It makes the game have higher stakes, and really gets you to play better. I find it to be a great new feature that I can see myself using quite a bit.

The maps are really well put together, and has lots of great hiding spots, sniper perches, and easy to navigate around. I like these maps a lot more than MW2, and can't wait to see what DLC maps will entail in the future. My only hope is that the continue to make new maps, and not add old maps to the DLC.

Overall this game is a must have, and most likely to be the most popular COD to date. I was shocked how long the line was at gamestop, when I bought it at midnight, and even more shocked about how low the scores have been for this game. This is my first game review I have ever written, but felt obligated to write this, since most of the crap I have read is just that.. CRAP.

Graphics 10/10
Gameplay 9/10
Replay High
Story: 9/10
Sound 9/10

Overall 9.5/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (Prestige Edition) (US, 11/09/10)

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