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Reviewed: 11/12/10

COD: BO (Could Of Done: Better Overall)

Yes, the game that MANY and I say MANY people have been looking to play. But the worst thing you could possibly do is to buy a $69.99 CD just to find out it wasn't worth it. Read on to see if the game suits you.

Gameplay 5/10
Oh.... look at that. This might as well be MW2, with different weapons and features. If you've played MW2, then you might as well played this one already. I was very disappointed with the gameplay as it didn't ever ATTEMPT to change. Even Halo (a franchise that is known for not changing much in their games) made a better jump from Halo 3 to Reach, than MW2 did to Black Ops. My guess is the developers got lazy, and just threw in yet another generic, unoriginal gameplay everyone has played before.

Graphics: 7/10
OH MY GOD! WHAT AM I LOOKING AT??? COLOR! Yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops has colors, not just grey. The graphics actually stand out as oppose to MW2. Its not a big change however. I'd say they could have added more detail to the weapons and vehicles, but the character designs are really well crafted, and look fairly realistic as to what the Xbox 360 GPU can generate. I've definitely seen better graphics on the Xbox 360, games like Resident Evil 5 and Gears of War 2, and both of those games came out far before. Overall graphics are nice, but could have worked more on them.

Sound: 6/10
Well... not much to say here. I like games with background music, and you won't find any here. The voice acting is good enough but not outstanding (then again its a video game not a film). The sound effects? Well to be honest I've never actually been on a real war before, let alone heard a gun shot in my life so I can't judge the sound effects as "realistic".

Multiplayer: 5/10
Here is the section of the review everyone has been looking for (if you bothered to read any of the rest). The multiplayer on Black Ops isn't what you expected, sadly. There are no changes whatsoever from what I've seen on MW2. You know what changed? Maps, weapons and the fact that you can customize your character, thats it. Not a big deal eh? The maps are x2 better than in MW2 for sure though, WAY more balanced. One map in particular I loved the way it was designed because of its bright colors and high detail in decoration. The thing about multiplayer that bothers me to the very end, and totally makes it UNPLAYABLE, is the fact that you DIE TOO FAST! It only takes 1 - 3 bullets to die on a match, so if you have never played this game before (you are a noob), or you are just not hardcore enough, you are going to get frustrated to the end! You will be more focused on trying to survive rather than earning kills, just sit on one place and camp for the rest of the match, which is what every other player does. Play the defensive, not offensive.

I sat down, for 30 minutes and tried to enjoy the multiplayer but I couldn't. It made me feel weak and soon after, it got TOO repetitive. Multiplayer needs a lot, A LOT of work.

Overall: 6/10
Now hear me out. I'm going to put you through something you might want to think about before you play this game. Back in the day when video games were just starting, the video game industry has made video games as realistic as possible by making graphics seem natural, and adding sounds that you would hear in real life. What is it that a person desires the most? It is POWER, and this game has none. When you play this game you will feel like a human. What are video games supposed to do? They are supposed to make you feel invincible. By having more health, the ability to jump higher, and the ability of dropping from high grounds, make you feel good, and for once you can be someone you are not intended to be since the day you are born. Video games are fantasy, and when you try to make a video game realistic, this is what you get. Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Buy, Rent, Borrow?
I recommend renting this game. It is not bad, but it is certainly no game of the year. BUT if you don't have any of the past CoD games, I'd say buy it when the price lowers about $20 or more dollars (or buy it second hand on auction sites).

Thank you for reading my review, keep on gaming!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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