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"Who wants to fight space aliens when you could be killing Commies?"

From the moment I loaded this game up to this very moment, COD:BO finds a way into your brain and stays there like Leo DeCaprio in Inception. It is not only a great follow up to MW2, but as far as war shooters go, one of the best.

Graphics 8/10
The game's graphics are slightly better than MW2. The most notable example would be Reznov's story of why Dragonovitch is such a tool. The small touches like snow blowing across the screen to segue sequences, to his facial expressions, and especially the COD staple - random trash blowing around in the wind. While not the most beautiful game out there, I would say the only shooter who out guns in graphics is Halo. The grittiness and dirt of war shine through in this game, and places you right in the thick of it.

Sound 7/10
Just knowing the game is set in the Nam era got me excited about the music. And it's there, during noteworthy moments in various helicopters and especially during the riverboat section. Blasting Vietcong back to hell while blasting the Stones is fantastic. All the other necessary sounds come through loud and proud just like they always have. Grenades deep bombast, the distant popping of far off gunfire, the jingling of grenade pins, pockets full of ammo, and other personal ambiance as you run through war torn cities and jungles really brings you into the game. The only reason the score is 7 instead of higher is I was really hoping for more music. Every presentation of Nam is heavy with music, the whole decade's music was reflected by the war. I felt the Nam sections would have benefitted greatly from more sweet 60's jams.

Gameplay 9/10
So far I have not experienced any glitches. Then again, I don't go looking for them. From beginning to end of the campaign and from now to eternity for multiplayer, the game constantly leaves room for innovation in character control and tactics. The multitude of attachments and perks gives you the ability to truly play according to your style. Diving is easily one of the handiest new additions. Whether you are jumping through a window or breaching a room, this move not only looks cool and is funny when done down long staircases, but is actually useful! Too many times a game adds new moves that have no business being in the game other than to use as a bullet point on the back cover. And awesome killstreak perks like RC-XD, Napalm strikes, and the return of attack dogs just makes killing polygonal people fun again.

Overall 9/10
The total package adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Near infinite replayability, improved graphics and mechanics, a new story, and totally sweet extras like Dead Ops arcade make this a fantastic buy, and easily proves why being a space marine is over rated. Black Ops is the most impressive game in the series. Coming from a guy who really only like the MW ones, Treyarch has made me a believer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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