Review by I_HATE_HALO

Reviewed: 11/15/10

Are they even trying anymore?

The face of FPS has been broadened over the years to a few games, the biggest being the Call of Duty franchise. With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops, I decided to play through it just to see where the franchise was these days (I had stopped playing near the beginning of CoD Modern Warfare 2). What I found was very, very typical. This game should not of sold as much as it did.

Sounds 4/10
Many of the sounds just seem recycled. There is nothing really to listen to in Black Ops, just as it was in my brief exposure to Modern Warfare 2, just the pitter patter of guns and some guy telling you what kill streak you will inevitably die from next.

Campaign 4/10
There are no spoilers in this paragraph. Honestly, I do see some effort in the campaign, but I was constantly disappointed from what I thought may of been an interesting take on the era. I found the campaign to be gimmicky. It never specified on one area long enough to be acquainted enough to know what was happening. The game shifted battlefields so much the player gets left in the dust! As I neared the end of the game, things became more and more predictable to the point where I was almost bored though I was playing through "the dramatic conclusion". My play through was on Normal difficulty.

Multiplayer 2/10
Where to start.... Okay. The online multiplayer is horrid. From the start, you are matched up with players of the highest ranks who have better things than you. A typical game is a race for a killstreak. The first team to get player with 5 kills in a row pretty much wins the game for their team. Helicopters, bomb things, Overpowered super dogs; you stand a chance against nothing. The games move at a pace that is incomprehensible to the average gamer. There are little to no linear maps to play on. For being the most important part of the game, I found it to be extremely disappointing.

Zombies 7/10
Nazi Zombies returns! However, there are only 2 on disc maps. The mansion one was great for zombies, but I couldn't help but feel the presidential one was a bit lacking and linear. I was a bit disappointed that there was very little variety included and no smaller maps. But overall, the maps were not bad. However, one game type alone could not save this dead end of a game.

Overall 4/10
This game seemed to have something going for it, but then it was swallowed by Activision's need to make money. There were more gameplay flaws than I have fingers, and I was reduced to griefing in less than an hour of online play.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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