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"A multiplayer review"

I've been amazed so far at how many reviewers have used the identical phrase of "I don't know why everyone is rating this game so low" when roughly 80% of all reviews have given this game a 9/10 or an even more ridiculous 10/10. It's clear that most reviewers are basing their scores more as to what they think of the series and its "haters" then the content of the actual game.

I'm a fan of Call of Duty, and I have the basic understanding that the most important aspect of this series is the multiplayer. The mutiplayer in Cod4 was amazing, it was great in MW2, but it's awful in Black Ops. I've put hundreds of hours into the multiplayer portion of this series, and have become increasingly aware as to what aspects are good, what needed to be tweaked, and what was just straight up terrible. Nothing could prepare me for what Black Ops was about to do.

Lets begin with the maps. It will be difficult for me to completely convey my opinions of the maps as I have yet to play all of them (I'm currently at level 32 by the way), and I blame this on what I call the "Nuke Town Syndrome". Nuke Town is both the smallest and least creative map I've seen so far, however, prepubescent youths seem to love it because of the quote "TOTALLY AWESOME WICKED EXPLOSION AT THE END!". This wouldn't be so bad, but combined with the fact that any map that is voted by the players, automatically reappears in the next round of voting, it has effectively ruined this game. Last night I played 8 Nuke Town's in a row, in 3 different lobbies. Other than this the maps seem adequate and perhaps even fun, although I rarely see them...

Maps=1/10 w/Nuketown. 8/10 wo/ Nuketown

The second but probably most frustrating part of Black Ops multiplayer is the constant (and I mean constant) lag which seems to plague this game at all times. I understand that the servers are probably overloaded with people, but I cannot recall this happening at any point with either of the Modern Warfare titles, and thus it must be avoidable. I've lost count at how many times I have shot at someone who is literally sitting stationary in a corner, and not registered a single hit. For those going "then get a better connection then 56k LOL!!" I currently have Telus Warp running wired to my 360, that is the fastest commercial internet available, and it still finds a way to lag. For anyone who is even remotely good at COD multiplayer, you'll know that even slight lag almost renders a match unplayable, well be forewarned that this game will lag, every round, for the foreseeable future.

Gameplay= 1/10 w/lagg 7/10 wo/lagg

Why do I give the gameplay a 7/10 even if it doesn't lag you ask? Because sound matters, it can make the difference between a good player and a great player in either Modern Warfare, but is poorly done, at best, in Black Ops. Why would a gunshot from 1/2 a mile away sound identical to one being fired 6 feet away? Ask the creators of Black Ops because I haven't been able to figure that out yet. Every gun sounds like it has a suppressor attached at all times, and adding a suppressor, pretty much has no effect at all. Gone are the days when you could judge distance to an enemy, and thus there relative location, based purely on sound effects alone. I honestly have no idea where anyone is, at anytime, based on the intensity of the sound they create. For those of you who have fired an M16 or an AK47 before, you'll know as I do, that they are loud, VERY loud. Maybe the sound guys should have thought to listen to one beforehand, or at the very least take into account that distance has an effect on intensity.

Overall this game gets a 6 on multiplayer, and don't hate on me because I didn't review the campaign, people put hundreds of hours in the multiplayer and a dozen at best into the campaign, they may as well not even include it, and thus, I may as well not either. This is a generous 6/10 by the way, assuming that some of these issues (lagggg) will be patched or fixed in the near future. For now, stick to Modern Warfare.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/15/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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