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"A run n' gun paradise but misery for the rest of us ..."

As you can see from the score, I think this is an excellent game; and it is. Take this review as a cautionary tale about the multiplayer component, however, and buyer beware. If you're not so good at the extremely quick, run n' gun style of play, you're going to get dominated and be frequently, if not always, frustrated.

Single Player: Not much to say here. Good story and mechanics, a lot of fun to play through. There's a few sections with the famous Treyarch "infinite enemy wells", but otherwise objectives are clear and it's a fun ride.

Multiplayer: Objectively, they put a lot of work into this and there's lots of options. Controls are tight and responsive, and the game moves extremely fast. Maps, however, are *small*. Compared to MW2, it appears they're about 30% smaller, some being even 50% smaller. This gives a clear advantage to the quick-twitch, run n' gun set. I also noticed a distinct lack of *actual* defensive cover. Not much by way of camping here, which is probably a good thing if the fast paced, less strategic game is your cup of tea. Sniping seems to be discouraged by Treyarch in light of the lack of cover, small maps, and short sight lines. In terms of competition, it's ridiculous. Again, don't be surprised to literally have no kills in this game, I found myself dead before I even knew someone was near me. But again, that's the caliber of skill, not the game.

Zombie Mode: This adds quite a bit to the game if you like co-op online. The challenge level seems appropriate for a survival type mode and the levels are very well made. It's a shame, actually, that these maps aren't available in multiplayer. I also liked that characters from the game, and history, are playable and their quotes are fairly funny. These maps also create a real sense of danger and "fear", with the constant waves of zombies and the chilling demonic voice that sometimes chimes in with scary threats. A good bit of blood-curdling fun.

Verdict: Steer clear from this excellent game if you're not a hardcore *fast* shooter player. Personally, as more of a Battlefield: BC2 player, I regret picking this up due to the sheer frustration or losing, but that's because the game caters to the skilled run n' gunner. Objectively a solid game, but if you like strategy and more than just "run, aim and shoot", this is most definitely not for you, and the small maps only add to the frustration. I vastly preferred MW2 to this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/15/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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