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"Get more over-rated"

This is my first review and I am only doing it because I am sick of everyone over-rating games. So, lets get started shall we?

Graphics: 6/10
Come on, can you really say these are great graphics? Treyarch pretty much took all of the textures and models from CoD WaW and MW2 the guns are all alike and the people look the same. The hands look exactly as crappy as they did in WaW and there's nothing remarkable about any of the environments, plus seeing as how this is Treyarch and not IW the game is sadly not as fluid as MW1 and MW2

Gameplay: 5/10
Seriously if you have played a Call of Duty game at all you have played this one, just different guns each time, yet this game feels slightly more broken with the Valkyrie missles and the god damn RCXD because it seems like every time you spawn the RCXD is right next to you waiting to explode. Also Treyarch really needs to fix the spawn points, I have played too many games, especially on Nuketown where the spawns are switched when there is still a full team in that spawn so a few lucky guys appear behind a whole team and destroy them. Now the campaign is different than the MP because your guy runs like he's carrying a team of Spartans on his back and it feels forced when the "badass" moments come up because they're all slowed down and exaggerated for your enjoyment so the use of slow motion gets old FAST.

Story: 7/10
What do you expect? It's a call of duty game, and it's subtitle is black ops. That means: 1. a war happens 2. you're a black ops guy. So expect to be going on classified missions and doing things that are supposed to be cool and badass, but since you do them so much they get old and stale quick. Aside from that the story is decent but they really need something...Entertaining? Rather than "Oh crap, shoot that guy! Nice shot!" Maybe for CoD 8 they should have Bioware do the story.

Audio: 4/10
Oh my god this is horrible, the same annoying song is playing throughout every part of the game, only when you win or lose a match in multiplayer do you ever hear anything different. All the lines are what you would expect from a realistic shooter "Enemy on our flank!" "I just threw a grenade!" "I'm placing a claymore!" over and over and over. Repetition is not fun.

Overall: 5/10
Yeah it's a decent game, it's another Call of Duty game, if you like the franchise, you'll probably like this game, if not, then I'd pass it up for something better, say something less broken...Like Marvel Vs Capcom 2?

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/16/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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