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"Problems no one talks about"

I spent about an hour reading Black Ops reviews and most of them are pretty good, I just want to say a few things that no one else seems be saying.
Story 4/10
The story is told in a flashback style which is terribly gimmicky and adds nothing to the overall story. Its lazy story telling and it never makes you wonder about whether or not your character is going to make it through a scenario, because he already has. Also don't expect any surprises from the story, I knew what was happening by the third level.Second and more important to me is the ridiculous difficulty. Sure the game is easy when playing on recruit or regular, but I like to take my time playing through a game usually on a hard setting. So I stepped it up to Veteran. Veteran is stupidly difficult.You walk into a room and the guys in the door a hundred feet away kill you. You walk down a hallway and bad guys pop out from doorways you can't see and kill you. You hide behind a barrel and they throw grenades. The difficulty does not make the AI intelligent, it makes them unfair. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where I kept getting killed from until I realized there were people in the ceiling shooting me as I walked into a room. This ridiculous AI is complemented by the fact that certain enemies constantly respawn until you move to a certain point, which is impossible because every time you try to move forward you get killed. And if you thought your squad would help, you are mistaken. Enemies will run right passed your teammates to run in gunning and once again kill you. I finally was able to push through by a combination of patience and luck. Really no amount of skill made any difference.

Gameplay 7/10
The game handles pretty well. The control scheme is intuitive and you won't ever find yourself reaching for buttons in the middle of combat. Unfortunately the aim assist is pretty much necessary because of how good a shot the enemy is. Which pretty much means that you don't need to be a good shot, just be proficient enough to get your cursor in the area of the enemy. Also since aiming is so minor, the best guns are the ones that hold a monster clip and shoot bullets really fast, or the dragon's breath shotgun which kills everything. The driving scenes are really subpar, the shooting is clunky, the environments made of adamantium or some other indestructible material as you pound the frames of bamboo houses with hundreds of missiles to no result. Really the best thing about the vehicle scenes are not the speed of the them or the power, its the fact that when you pilot a boat down river they turn on a radio that plays actual music.

Multiplayer 2/10
Split screen
Split screen is stupid. The levels small enough for 4 people are so small that putting together a kill streak is almost impossible and increasingly frustrating as you get killed from the back over and over and over.

Online would be some what passable if it was exclusively the barebones mode which strips away perks, killstreak, sights, and equipment. Essentially it takes away everything except your gun, secondary gun, and grenades. Even then though you have to put up with COD's ridiculous weapon progression system giving higher level players crazy powerful guns and lower level players the equivalent of pistols with range. Basically until you get the FAMAS, you are screwed. You will see people first, start shooting them and then they'll spin around and unload a million bullets into you and kill you. Well that is if you don't get seen by their spyplane, attack helicopter, napalm strike or freaking attack dogs. Which you will. Oh and if your a low level player fully expect to play with players at level 50 immediately. So that crap gun your trying to use will not stand a chance against their unbelievably powerful guns.

Overall Multiplayer
The multiplayer is extremely disappointing since winning is more a function of level/time played than of actual skill.

So yeah the game plays well, but that's like a smooth path through a garbage dump. The path is nice, but why would you ever go there? CoD Black ops gets a 4 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/31/11

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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