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"Best COD ever! Nerferd to your liking!"

I have owned every COD game and always find them to be the current best MP games (And SP). I am very mixed about peoples complaints about this game.

I will start with the SP. The story is not as exciting as previous COD games. Allot of it feels like "Been there, done that!". At some points it the story got confusing and almost made you want to stop playing. If your going to play it for the story, skip the SP and play MP instead.

MP I have allot to say about. When this game first came out it was more fun then it currently is. After many patches and even a map pack, the game has turned into a giant pile of junk to some degrees. Shotguns and Snipers were nerfed then made better again, then renerfed. They also tweaked allot of things after what seems like lots of rage quitters complained enough. Now it seems the only useful weapons are the assault rifles. Thus making the idea of having ANY weapon or perks you want pointless since you won't get very far with them.

Some things that people have complained about are...well everything really. People don't like the Dogs being back, but I like them over the Nuke. And when it comes to perks people don't do anything but spawn UAVs, Care Packages and Chopper Gunners. While fighting a helicopter is easy (another complaint people have), its annoying that people can't use any other perks.

At least this game doesn't make you feel to left behind if your bad. There's always ways to level up, some of which don't require you to do anything at all really. Which of course this leads to boosters, cheaters and hackers. While so far they are no where near as bad as the last game, they still do exist. And as always team killing happens most of the time in Hardcore mode unless your playing with teammates who actually talk and are skilled.

This game also has issues its Prestige. There's no real reason to do it! At first you do it because it seems fun. But after you do it a few times you realize what a waste of time it is. Sure maybe you get a new custom spot or pretty emblem stuff. But what makes it a pain is you lose your Pro Perks. And in this game some Pro Perks are insane to get. Such as slashing a gun turret once (and killing it). Sounds easy but at this point no one really uses turrets to often, at least not the gun one. Heck some of the achievements seems easier to get then some of these Pro Perks.

If you go to forums you can see there's nothing people don't complain about. From snipers to tactics, everyone has a complaint. Sadly though since most gamers don't seem to understand the idea of "Playing your way!", they complain and turn a even better game into something almost average. More so in the COD series.

Overall despite my complaints I really love this game. Since I am pretty much stuck using an assault rifle, I do win very often and have the highest score at times. The maps are nice, perks are nice, graphics are nice. I just hope it doesn't get nerfed to much more because people are not getting the same game we paid for originally. This is by far still my favorite COD game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/21/11

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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