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"Nothing has changed, and it's still the same garbage we were playing years ago."

I really don't even understand why I'm revisiting the Call of Duty series review-wise. Anyone who is still believing stories about the gameplay being better than the previous abomination (Modern Warfare 2) is just gonna be disappointed yet again. The gameplay, when you look deep into it, is still the exact same garbage a lot of people were complaining about back in Modern Warfare 2. And I'll explain to you exactly why in this review, once again this is only about the Multiplayer. The single-player is so terrible, I don't even consider the scripted garbage worthy of my type, honestly.


Let's first look at the Killstreaks. Now, killstreaks are possibly the worst addition to this already awful series, because not only is it incredibly simple to spawn-camp as well as BE spawn-camped, the killstreaks just make it all that more annoying when it actually happens to you. Take Nuketown for example, which is an incredibly small map, (must like Rust, only a bit larger) but then add the fact that a Chopper Gunner AND Dogs can be obliterating you as you continuously spawn outside. Never have I seen such broken mechanics, and you know a games mechanics are completely broken when you spawn several times, and in those several spawns you die within the first 2-3 seconds and are unable to actually do anything, mainly because the Chopper Gunner is so atrociously overpowered. When you do actually live long enough to aim a Launcher at the thing, the first shot is ALWAYS lead away because it let's off flashes which distract the first missle. Begin the constant spawn deaths again, and it's an endless cycle.

Then you have the games where you will join, and the opposing team will have Dogs, a Chopper Gunner and a Blackbird up, and yes... I have joined those games in progress, and they are honestly the stupidest matches I have ever played in any FPS. Frustrating, impossible to win, and all that happens is you die upwards of 10 times, and then the match ends. Where was the enjoyable experience in that match? There was none, that's right.

Bottom line = Remove Killstreaks, and the game will become that much better. Fact.


The spawns on this game are awful. That's all that needs to be said really, but I'll elaborate on why.

Take for example Demolition, it's is actually possible to note every single precise spawn-point down, and kill people literally as they spawn, with no hopes of them shooting back, or escaping. I have joined these types of games a few times, and let me tell you... there is no freaking point in being able to actually join them. You can't do anything, so what's the point?

Another bad thing about the spawns is spawning outside constantly, particularly on maps like Nuketown when there is an enemy Chopper Gunner in the sky. All that happens is you die, then spawn, instantly die, then spawn, instantly die, rinse and repeat until the CG leaves. WHY is there no option to change where you would like to spawn -- like Battlefield, or Rainbow Six Vegas? This would prevent spawn-camping, as well as prevent things like I explained above from happening. Just makes already easy-to-use killstreaks, all that more easy to use.


The hit-detection in Black Ops on a local host is on par with Gears 2's on an overseas host. So many times I've shot a guy directly in the face, or have been sure that I hit him and then he just spins around after I've gotten several more hit-markers on him and puts me down in a few shots. WTF?

The hit boxes in this game are godawful, and they always seem to be lagging horrendously behind every single players character model, making it so that some of the time you can't actually aim at the person to kill them, meaning you always need to lead your shot. Only ever had to do this on Gears 2, and you don't want to be in the same category as that game in terms of netcode.

Then of course, there are the times where you will give a player a serious amount of punishment, getting constant hitmarkers on him, then he'll kill you... and in the killcam it shows you only barely hurting him. Please, stop giving hitmarkers game when you KNOW I'm not hitting him because your detection is freaking horrid.

Also, not related to the detection, but it's funny hearing my gun fire and getting a hitmarker on someone, me die instantly afterwards, and then in the killcam my gun doesn't even fire. Really? This problem STILL exists in the Call of Duty series? Actually fix your netcode and stop recycling it, and maybe you'll get a better game hmm?

Weapon-Balance and Progression System:

The progression system, despite what you're being told, is not at all different from previous Call of Duty's. Sure, you have to purchase perks, guns, etc. with "COD Points" now... but they've only allowed everything BUT the guns to be purchased at any level. WTF? Buying any gun at any level is the bloody reason people asked for it to be changed in the first place. WHY should I be given awful guns, just because I'm a low level, but the people at LV50 are given weapons like the AK47, G11, Commando... you know, the guns I WANT to use because they're actually decent?

Now, there are several weapons in this game that are known as the "OP Weapons", and these are the FAMAS, AUG, Ak74u, G11 and possibly the Galil, but I'm not completely sure on that last one. They are called the OP weapons because the majority of people rely on using these incredibly simple, and powerful weapons, so much so that most of the earlier weapons you begin with are obsolete after you unlock any of these because they are so easy to handle. Forget LMGs, SMGs, Shotguns or Snipers, use any of these weapons... and you're using one of the best weapons in this game period. Forget using the Enfield, MP5k or RPK... in fact forget all of those, just select the FAMAS, slap a suppressor on it, and you're good to go until you prestige, IF you do prestige anyway.


This game is still as bad as any other previous Call of Duty MP. The spawns are just as bad, the killstreaks are overpowered as ever, and the problem of new players being given inferior guns to start with is still there. Nothing has improved, whether it be from the awful hit-detection to the weapon balance being god damn awful.

The series is still abysmal, and still falls flat on it's face in terms of being as good as Halo, Gears of War or Battlefield. Just because the series is incredibly popular just shows how much little skill or teamwork is needed to play this game because the kids will flocks to whichever game they can pick up and instantly become good at -- just find a corner, sit there, collect your precious Huey and then go on a killing rampage. The game requires no effort, and that is what annoys me most.

You can be a sheep, and fall for Activision's tricks yet again, or you can stop buying the series here... which will force them to up their game and make the series better. As of now, I will never buy another Call of Duty game again. I hope you do the same.

See you on Battlefield 3!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/20/11

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (EU, 11/09/10)

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