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"Call Of Duty : Black Ops"

Call of Duty Black Ops, the game of the franchise people have be waiting to get their hands on after Modern Warfare 2. Also Treyarch makes its appearance at putting its fingerprints on Black Ops. People had high expectations and gave the game so much attention with hype. However was the game a whole improvement in the Call of Duty franchise, or was it seen as another typical First Person Shooter?

The game is based on the 1960's Vietnamese war. Your Captain Alex Mason, who is taken into interrogation to supply answers upon a code of numbers, however he doesn't know what they mean or what they refer to. As well as having the campaign played in real time, instead they are recalled, from Mason's memory of what he has been through. It seems like a nice change for the story, but it's nothing too special. In Addition to the war, there is a deadly biochemical weapon known as Nova 6. This deadly gas is a killer to human beings. It may seem like a drug which seems cheesy enough as it is. The story supplies a decent background upon places you set in like Cuba, Russia, Vietnam and others that are in range along the way. As well as that, having historical characters including John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro kicks a little extra. You play as multiple characters on behalf of the events that occurred, though everything does come through in the end, it comes from a form of a mix-up that of which includes loads of killing soldiers. The story doesn't show a lot but it does pass, as well as having to finish the campaign with ease under a few hours, it does hold succession in being fun at first play.

As much as the campaign goes, it still follows the same routine, following objectives and killing numerous enemies in your path. There are various types in playing the campaign. For instance you pilot a chopper and ride on a boat, obliterating enemy lines in the way. Another involves having to command your team from an aircraft, alternating from that to executing with your team towards the objective. You even go underwater, to commence an attack from underneath a base. These share the same concept in having extreme action that keeps you entertained and highly on your toes.

Besides the campaign, the multiplayer was the main thing in Call of Duty. Levelling up is quicker. The equipment, kill streaks and perks you have are bought using points instead of being unlocked at a certain level. The points you gather is still normal, having to kill enemies, capturing objectives and planting and defusing bombs are the same.

You can still play in various game modes such as team death match, free-for-all, domination, etc. Also you have your enhanced Nazi Zombie mode, holding off waves of zombies from either doing it solo or in a party up to 4 players.

Aside from that, the new additions were superb. The new wager matches are your 4 experimental matches using specific weapons and equipment playing alongside a certain set of rules. One In the Chamber has each player with three lives, armed with only a pistol and a melee knife, both of which kill with one hit. The pistol is loaded with just one bullet, but each kill will be rewarded with an extra bullet. Sticks And Stones has each player equipped with a crossbow with three explosive darts, a ballistic knife and a tomahawk. Kills with the crossbow or ballistic knife score 100 points, melee kills score 25, and tomahawk kills score nothing but reset the victim's points to 0. Gun Game starts with a pistol and ending with a ballistic knife, the winner is the first player to get a kill with every one of a set sequence of 20 weapons. Each kill advances you to the next weapon, but falling victim to a melee sets you back one. Sharpshooter has every player equipped with the same randomly generated weapon for a 45-second period whereupon a new weapon is randomly generated for everyone, then another after 45 seconds, and so on. It's a whole new way of mastering different weapons and equipment and raising more in the fun factor.

The Theatre mode allows you to watch recent games to reset you strategy or gaming style to more perfection or maybe record your highlights in gaming. It's a new breeze to recall some of your best games when playing.

In addition to Zombies, a new mini-game called Dead Ops Arcade is a simplified zombie game. It still follows the same concept; surviving waves of zombies. It includes power-ups and upgrades for your player and guns. It's a fun game and nice to hold you over for that only part.

The game play upon Black Ops is still the same. The campaign has you killing numerous enemies, some of which have the most randomized respawn out. It does show its variety, going on foot, working on vehicles, swimming, etc. Also in addition to that, the real time event you go through are around as well to keep you on the lookout or in by order, from fighting from enemy combat to torture upon yourself and others. Controls still remain. Crouching, sprinting, shooting, aiming, etc hasn't been much different for improvement. You still have you choice to customize you classes with guns, equipment and perks up to your best in preparation for combat by the time you start playing. The game play still the same as before, not much has been improved and not many additions were focused on.

As much as the presentation goes, it's not that much better than before. Graphics are not as smooth as before and the texture design upon seems to lack more. Possibly one positive part is the detail given upon small to big objects. Shooting, knifing or interacting with them seem to work well together. The voice acting is good enough to hear, with some actors like Ice Cube that fit in. The sounds of the guns are fairly weak when fired and doesn't look as realistic as it is in real life. The hit detection is slightly off as times even though shots are taken straight up on the chest or head. Other times you shoot at the leg and end up getting headshots and it happens the other way as well. It becomes inconsistent when shotguns are not spread when shot, machine guns and assault rifles go in a matter of spraying and sniper rifle lack accurate and direct shots.

This year Black Ops gave too much emphasis on playing it safe, but it still showed its quality from start to finish. Campaign was rather fragile in story sense but intense and forceful in action. Multiplayer still reveals its goodness with the customization, various game modes, mini games and game play, however improvements were barely around. Although not as presentable and appealing as the previous Call of Duty games, it still fun as it is. The game suffers from flaws but it's still worthwhile.

Story - 7
Design - 8
Gameplay - 5
Presentation - 4

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/20/11

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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