Review by chris_iloilo

Reviewed: 06/27/11

Treyarch...You have let us down.

May I begin that this is the WORST Call of Duty game Treyarch has made. It feels like they just made a cheap remake of Modern Warfare 2.


The game's campaign is OK. You begin by waking up in an interrogation chair being asked questions about the past. Now, all you trolls are going to be like "YOU DON'T KNOW IF YOU WILL SURVIVE. YOU MIGHT DIE." You know you will survive, because Alex Mason (the main protagonist) is already alive. The only threat you receive is a masked guy screaming at you. I tried to play on veteran, but it's insanely difficult. If you toss in a smoke grenade, enemies can see your head and shoot you. Plus, when you are 1000 meters away from an enemy, they shoot you with an AK-47 or something with dead-on accuracy. I recommend you stay on Hardened.


Call of Duty : Black ops' multiplayer sucks. Whenever you play, the only guns that are used are the FAMAS, AUG, and the G11. People who claim they are "good" only use one of those guns. The hitmarkers are stupid. They leave a trace behind the player so if you shoot behind the enemy, the enemy is dead. Also, during kill cam, you know plugged an entire magazine into the enemy , but the kill cam shows you not shooting. By the way, whoever finds you first will kill you. You can't do a 180 spin or dive-prone behind cover because they will already have killed you. They kill you because its 3-4 bullets to kill a person. (Exceptions are 3-round burst, sniper rifle, and hardcore mode). Walls are useless 'cause you can shoot right through them when you have Hardened. Some perks are over-powered like Ghost Pro and Hacker Pro. By the way, when you first start out, you will be thrown to the 15th prestige players, so you don't even have a chance.

ZOMBIES ~ 9/10
They did a good job with Zombies. However, the only problem is that sometimes a zombie can 1-shot you. If Treyarch would fix this problem, Zombies would have a 10/10 rating

GRAPHICS ~ 10/10

SOUND ~ 6/10
They did an OK job of handling sound. But, the audio sounds fictional. A dude 300 meters sounds like a dude 1 meter away from you when they shoot. The soundboard sounds reused. They need new sounds.

OVERALL ~ 6/10
This game is like a remake of MW2. I've seen better.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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