Review by bobmarley2293

Reviewed: 08/23/11

Deja Vu

Story: The story is a little bit better compared to the boring and utterly stupid campaign in mw2, but it's still very over the top and dumb. They tried to get you with a twist at the end that really didn't surprise you that much.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is pretty much a re-skin of cod4 with a few little tweaks from treyarch. The currency system is a nice little change along with the wager matches where you can wager the money you get from multiplayer. There are a good amount on new weapons representing the cold war era which is nice, and the ability to customize your gun with reticles and camo is also a good upgrade. The thing that really drags the multiplayer down is how unbalanced it is, people are constantly, camping, spawn camping and that makes the multiplayer very tedious to play.

Zombies: The best part of Black Ops is definitely the zombies game mode. When you first get the game there are 3 maps, the first map you get is Kino der toten (Theater of the dead) which takes places in a abandoned German theater. The 2nd map you get is called five which has president John F. Kennedy, former Secretary of Defense Robert Mcnamara, president Richard M. Nixon, and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (p.s. you can only get five by beating the annoying campaign or by using a cheat code in the main menu. The third map is Dead Ops Arcade which is just a fun arcade version of zombies. If you go to the marketplace you can also get map packs which have more zombie maps like an abandoned space station, a chilly movie set, the mythical shangri-la, and an upcoming map pack that contains the 4 original zombie maps from WaW and a new map called moon.

Graphics: The graphics are very nice looking but really haven't upgraded much since Mw it is a vast improvement of WaW though. Environments are nice to look at especially the jungle ones and the human animation are a little glitchy, but still overall nice looking.

Controls: The games controls are the same as the other call of duty games with the addition of dolphin dive.

Overall: The Call of Duty series hasn't really changed much since mw back in 2007 and it is definitely in need of innovation, but at least they added a few new things and zombies is always a blast to play.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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