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"A nice piece of work from 2K Sports."

Major League Baseball 2K10 is the next installment of baseball goodness from the fine folks at 2K Sports. This year's edition was hyped a bit more due to the $1,000,000 giveaway for being the first person to throw a perfect game. However, all hype aside, this game still delivers what we expect and even a bit more from a baseball title.

Game Modes - *split rating*

My Player Mode- 6/10 (Who's the New Guy?)

Now I know what you're thinking. "6/10?? That's a D!" However, this isn't a report card. A 60% is a bit above average. MLB 2K10's new My Player mode was supposed to shine the brightest in this year's installment. You follow your created player from Double A all the way to the majors and into the hall of fame. It does have its ups and downs, however.

The good: You can create your own player, choose any position to play, and choose your own fate as you take your player into the Hall of fame. There are even a plethora of preset names (trust me, there's a lot of them) that you can hear when stepping up to the plate (I chose Eddie Van Halen, just for fun). Also, I've been dying to have a mode like this put in for a 2K sports title (EA has this in many sports titles)

The bad: I know rookies aren't supposed to be as good as a veteran, but swinging is a hard thing to master when your player has such bad batting ratings to begin with. Eventually, you will work your way up to a much better rating, but unless you can make something happen with the bat, you are pretty much stuck. The same goes for pitching, as a new pitcher is horrible to begin with. Also, the position of catcher is nearly useless, because the only time you are called to field the ball is when there is a pop fly or someone is stealing a base.

The ugly: I once made a closer and got called to finish out the top of the 8th. I ended up staying in for 7 more innings. My closer was forced to pitch more innings than the starting pitcher, unheard of in real Major League Baseball. Outrageous situations seem to pop up a lot during My Player Mode. Also, getting on base means almost nothing unless you can steal bases. If you start the inning off with a double, you will probably end up staying there the entire time watching your team strike out, effectively wasting your time.

Season/Playoffs/MLB Today - 8/10 (Same ol' same ol')

It's exactly what you'd expect from these modes. Take your team, win some games, win the championship, rinse, repeat. The reason I gave these modes such a high score is that there is really nothing wrong with them. It's exactly like every other sports game season modes, and that's what the fans want. Also, online seasons can add more excitement with playing with your friends as your favorite team.

MLB Today is a nice addition that lets you play the games scheduled for that day according to real MLB schedule.

Controls - 8/10 (What, no turbo?)

Easy enough. each of the face buttons (A, B, X, Y) correspond to the base they resemble on the field. For example, the "B" button is in the same direction as first base, and pressing that button throws to first base. Throwing requires a "charging" of the throw, and stopping the marker in green allows for the even mixture of power and accuracy. However, this does not mean that green is always best. Sometimes, the situation calls for a quickly thrown ball with not much distance, such as throwing out a runner for a double play. Fielding is just running to the spot where the ball lands. Players coming from older 2K baseball titles (such as myself) may be a bit confused, as the button that used to be "Turbo" is now used to dive for balls while fielding.

Batting can be done with either the "Swing Stick" which makes its return, or the "Classic" setting. The swing stick allows for greater control over power and direction, while the Classic setting helps newer players make contact.

Pitching can be frustrating. It is executed with the right stick, and performing different pitches means you have to make different motions with said stick, which get to be difficult at times. Luckily, there is a classic setting for pitching as well, and requires only holding a button until the pitch is at its maximum power.

Graphics - 8/10 (Wow, CC Sabbathia really is fat)

Well imagine that! A sports game where you can tell the difference between two players by how they look! I never judge a game too much by their graphics, but this game executes them very well. The players are very detailed, the crowd responds to the movement of the ball (sometimes erratically, but even so, they respond), and the stadiums look beautiful as always.

Online Play - 5/10 (RAGE MODE activated)

Now this is where this game really disappoints me. While it is fun to play with friends, this game has lag that makes hitting almost impossible. Even with perfect connection, there is a big delay from when moving the correct control to swing, to when the batter actually swings. This makes even playing with friends difficult and annoying.

However, online isn't always bad. While the gameplay suffers, any player connected to Xbox Live while playing this game receives near daily roster updates and MLB Today updates.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/12/10

Game Release: Major League Baseball 2K10 (US, 03/02/10)

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