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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wandering_AI

    Version: 1.07 | Updated: 08/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright 2010, Ben Wiederstein
    By Wandering_Ai
    \        ___      _      __  _  _     _ ___     _   _   | | | | | | | | | | |
     \        |  |_| |_     (_  |_ |  |) |_  |     | | |_   | | | | | | | | | | |
       \      |  | | |_     __) |_ |_ |\ |_  |     |_| |    | | | | | | | | | | |
                                                            \\                 //
        ___________                                         \\               //
       /___________\                                         \\_____________//
      //           \\                                         \_____________/
     //             \\
    | | | | | | | | | ||        _          _         __     _                  /
    | | | | | | | | | || /\/\  | | |\| |/ |_  \/  | (_  |  |_| |\| |\         /
    | | | | | | | | | ||/    \ |_| | | |\ |_  /   | __) |_ | | | | |/       /
            \     __  _   _  _    _          _      ___    _         /
             \   (_  |_| |_ |  | |_| |      |_ |\ |  |  | | | |\|   /
             /   __) |   |_ |_ | | | |_     |_ |/ |  |  | |_| | |   \
    Version 1.07
    You can use control F to jump to the section that you need. Below is the table 
    of contents. This guide was made by Wandering_Ai and is intended only to be 
    used on GameFAQS. If found any where else, then this guide has been posted 
    WITHOUT my permission.
         Wandering_Ai                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS.
             (XCRED)   Credits
             (XATGZ)   About This Guide
             (XNEWX)   Guide History and What is New
             (XSANG)   Starting A New Game
             (XPTTT)   Part 1: The Three Trials
             (XTSMZ)   The Sword Master
             (XFLTM)   Finding the Lost treasure of Melee Island
             (XSTIZ)   Stealing the Idol
             (XGASZ)   Getting a Ship
             (XGACZ)   Getting A Crew
             (XPTJZ)   Part 2: The Journey
             (XPUMI)   Part 3: Under Monkey Island
             (XLGKB)   Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt
             (XTRGU)   Trophy Guide
             (XNOTE)   Note Locations
             (XFAQS)   Frequently Asked Questions
             (XGHDW)   Glitches and How to Deal With Them
         (XCRED)                                                  CREDITS.
      This section is reserved for those who have taken the time to write and
    helped with this guide. If you see your name here and want it taken off for
    privacy reasons, then I can mark you as anonymous.
      In alphabetical order of Last name:
    Norris, Dean:      Gave instructions on how to use the map to find the lost
                       treasure of Melee Island.
    Taylor, Andrew:    Gave a solution to "Can Not Light The Fuse In Part 2"
      I also want to thank the following places where I got my information in
    alphabetical order.
    Message Board on GameFAQs:   "Missing Lump of Meat" glitch and solution.
    PS3 Trophy Collection:       "Information on Trophies"
       Last but not least, I want to thank "Lucas Arts" for making the Game.
         (XATGZ)                                         ABOUT THIS GUIDE.
      This is the first guide I ever made, so please don't make comments about how 
    plain it looks or misspelled words, I excel in Math not Writing. Why should you
    trust my guide then? Well that's up to you. I don't like to brag but I beat the
    game at least 10 times and know it inside out. I also have all of the trophies 
    and played both endings. W.anderin.g_Ai made this. I put this in to try and 
    fool plagiarists.
      This guide is a complete walkthrough of the game. It skips some of the stuff
    that make this game fun and is direct. Talk to the other characters you meet as
    they can give you hints on what you need to do next, tell you interesting
    background stories, or just make you laugh. In my opinion, walkthroughs tend to
    suck the fun out of the game. After all, half the fun is trying to figure it
    out for yourself.
      But sometimes figuring stuff out for yourself gets to be stressful,
    especially after a week of looking for what in most cases is a simple answer.
    That is when a walkthrough should be used. If you are one of those people who
    uses walkthroughs to try and get a 100% game, this guide WILL do that, but
    there are no major secrets that you will miss. I have made a cheat sheet for
    all of the trophies in this guide and listed it below. To jump to it simply
    press CNTL + F and type (XTRGU).
      Remember games are more fun with out walkthroughs spoiling the surprises that
    await around the corner. So try to figure it out yourself before using this
    guide. Oh and thank you for taking the time to read this section.
         (XNEWX)                            GUIDE HISTORY AND WHAT IS NEW.
         Other:        "Minor Revision"
         Added:        "Game Freezing" glitch
         Other:        "Minor Revision"
         Added:        "Credits"
                       "Trophy Guide"
                       "Note Locations"
         Updated:      "About This Guide"
                       "Part 1: The Three Trials"
                       "Finding the Lost treasure of Melee Island"
                       "Getting a Ship"
                       "Part 3: Under Monkey Island"
                       "Frequently Asked Questions"
                       "Look of Guide"
         Added:        "Guide History and What is New"
                       "Missing Lump of Meat" glitch and solution
         Updated:      "Stuck on Boat" glitch
                       "Treasure Hunting Section"
         Uploaded:     Guide to GameFAQs
         (XSANG)                                      STARTING A NEW GAME.
      You Begin by talking to the lookout. You will tell him that you want to
    become a mighty pirate. He well tell you to go to the Scumm Bar. Once you get  
    control of Guybrush press select to switch to old school. First Trophy! You may
    continue to play either old school or the new way which is easier in my
      Old School Controls:
      1. If you choose to play old school, all of your commands will be below.
      2. Your inventory will also be displayed on the lower part of the screen.   
      3. To move the cursor, use the left or right analog sticks on your
      4. To walk, move the cursor in the direction you want to go and press the X
         button or the Circle button.
      5. To use a command, scroll the cursor over the command you want to use and
         press the X button or the Circle button to select it. Then scroll to what
         you want to use the command on.
      6. To Pause, Save, Load, Check Leader Boards, get Help, or Change your
         options press the start button.
      7. Hold the triangle button to skip clips.
      8. Hold the Square button for hints. This will prevent you from getting a
      9. To Switch back to Normal Playing Mode press Select.
    Normal Controls:
      1. To access commands press the R1, or R2 Buttons or...
         A. To use the Give Command press the up and left arrows simultaneously.
         B. To use the Open Command press the left arrow.
         c. To use the Close Command press the Down and Left arrows simultaneously.
         D. To use the Pick Up Command press the Up Arrow.
         E. To use the Talk To Command press the Down Arrow.
         F. To use the Use Command press the Up and Right Arrows simultaneously.
         G. To use the Push Command press the Right Arrow
         H. To use the Pull Command press the Down and Right Arrows simultaneously.
           Note: Look At command can not be accessed this way. To access the look
                 at command you must use the R1 or R2 button.
           Note: Certain things have a default command that you can use by
                 pressing circle. The current command it will execute will be
                 displayed in the lower right corner.
      2. To access your inventory press the L1 or L2 buttons.
      3. To move the cursor, use the left or right analog sticks on your 
      4. To walk, move the cursor in the direction you want to go and press the X
         button or the Circle button.
      5. To Pause, Save, Load, Check Leader Boards, get Help, or Change your
         options press the start button.
      6. Hold the triangle button to skip clips.
      7. Hold the Square button for hints. This will prevent you from getting a
      8. To Switch to Old School Playing Mode press Select.
    Other Info ya need to know:
      These are the formulas for the commands you use.
        1. GIVE    = GIVE (Item) to (Person)
        2. OPEN    = OPEN (Item)
        3. CLOSE   = CLOSE (Item)
        4. PICK UP = PICK UP (Item) : Will place item in your inventory
        5. LOOK AT = LOOK AT (Person or Item): Will describe item to you
        6. TALK TO = TALK TO (Person)
        7. USE     = USE (ITEM) with (Item) : USE (Item)
        8. PUSH    = PUSH (Item)
        9. PULL    = PULL (Item)
         (XPTTT)                                 PART 1: THE THREE TRIALS.
      After choosing your method of play, head to the Scumm Bar. It is to the
    right. Open the door and head on in. My kind of place. You can almost talk to
    any pirate in this room. They all have different stories about stuff. Feel free
    to listen to all of the stories, but if your looking to beat the game in 3
    hours (For the trophy) you should just skip the small talk and head into the
    next room. "TALK TO" the "Important Looking Pirates" and tell them you want to
    become a pirate. They will tell you in order to become a pirate you need to
    pass three trials. Master the Art of Sword Fighting, Master the Art of
    Thievery, and Find a buried Treasure. More on these things later. But First say
    good bye and wait by the fireplace.
      When the Chef comes out run inside the kitchen. Make sure the Chef is off
    screen or he will yell at you. In here "PICK UP" the "Hunk of Meat" and the
    "Pot" under the table. Head towards the Back door. As you approach it a seagull
    lands and starts eating the fish. "OPEN" the door and walk to the end of the
    plank. There is a loose board that when stepped on scares the bird. Step on it
    by clicking the right most part of the board closest to the screen. Repeat
    until the bird takes a long flight and quickly "PICK UP" the "Fish".
      Now Leave and head back to the Look out. As you leave the Scumm Bar a Clip
    showing "LeChuck" Talking to his first mate plays. Spooky. Any Way at the
    lookout, click on the arch and a map will be displayed. Go to the spot marked
    "Clearing" on your map. You will find out that it is really a circus. Inside
    the tent are two guys fighting over who should test the cannon. Get there
    intention and they well ask you if you want to test fire the cannon. Say you
    will do it. They will ask you if you have a helmet. Say you do and when they
    ask for it "GIVE" them the "Pot" you stole from the Kitchen. After you get shot
    out of the cannon they will pay you and then start fighting again, this time
    over who gets to go first. Now head back to the village and past the Scumm Bar.
      On the next screen you will come to a U Turn with a "Citizen of Melee"
    standing there. He will sell you a Map for a 100poe. You can get the treasure
    without it but go ahead and buy it if you want. Across the street is three men
    and a rat. They have nothing to offer, however you can get 2poe from them. Just
    tell them you will take a copy of the minuets if they pay you 2poe. This extra
    cash is not needed to win the game, so don't bother as the minutes are useless
    and take up space.
      Go under the clock into the next area. Here you have a Shop, Church, and
    Jail. Enter the Shop. "PICK UP" the "shovel" on the second floor, and the
    "sword" on the first floor. "TALK TO" the "store keeper" and buy the two items
    you picked up. Ask him who you can test the sword on, and when he leaves FOLLOW
    HIM. He will lead you past the Look out and to a Fork in the road. If you
    follow him all the way, he will lead you to the Sword Master's Hide out. Do a
    little eavesdropping then leave. You can't fight the sword master yet. With
    that done, the three trials can be done in any order.
         (XTSMZ)                                         THE SWORD MASTER.
      I Choose to do the sword Master first because it is the hardest and most time
    consuming task in the entire game. In order for the sword master to accept your
    challenge, you must first learn to fight, then win at least 3 battles. Head to
    the place marked house on your map. You will be stopped at a bridge with a
    troll. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY ARROUND, I HAVE LOOKED. To pass "GIVE" the "fish"
    to the "Troll". He will eat it and allow you to pass.
      Now Continue on to the house. Knock on the door and ask if he will train you.
    He will laugh and tell you that you don't have what it takes. Argue with him
    until he agrees to train you. Another 30poe leaves your pocket. At the end of
    the training you will learn two insults and the proper comebacks for each of
    them. After the so called training you must learn more insults and comebacks.
    To do this fight the pirates walking around on the map. Just stand at a
    intersection and wait for a pirate to walk into you.
      Once you learn a new insult you can use it in the next battle. If your
    opponent knows the come back to it he will use it. Learn as many comebacks as
    you can. The more you know the easier it is to defeat the Sword Master. Each
    pirate type has a set of insults and comebacks so seek them all out. To save
    time I made a list of insults and proper comebacks.
      Basic Fighting
    "This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur!"
      "And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?"
    "Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!"
      "First you'd better stop waving it like a feather-duster."
    "My handkerchief will wipe up your blood!"
      "So you got that job as janitor, after all."
    "People fall at my feet when they see me coming."
      "Even BEFORE they smell your breath?"
    "I once owned a dog that was smarter than you."
      "He must have taught you everything you know."
    "You make me want to puke."
      "You make me think somebody already did."
    "Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will!"
      "You run THAT fast?"
    "You fight like a dairy farmer."
      "How appropriate. You fight like a cow."
    "I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle!"
      "I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose."
    "Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?"
      "Why, did you want to borrow one?"
    "I've heard you were a contemptible sneak."
      "Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all."
    "You're no match for my brains, you poor fool."
      "I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them."
    "You have the manners of a beggar."
      "I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me."
    "I'm not going to take your insolence sitting down!"
      "Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?"
    "There are no words for how disgusting you are."
      "Yes there are. You just never learned them."
    "I've spoken with apes more polite than you."
      "I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion."
      The Sword Master has her own insults she will use. You must use the comebacks
    you have learned to defeat her. I made a list of her Insults and the proper
    comebacks to use. You can get back to the Sword Master by clicking on her
    hideout on the map.
      Sword Master
    "I've got a long, sharp lesson for you to learn today."
      "And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?"
    "My tongue is sharper than any sword."
      "First you'd better stop waving it like a feather-duster."
    "My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island!"
      "So you got that job as janitor, after all."
    "My wisest enemies run away at the first site of me!"
      "Even BEFORE they smell your breath?"
    "Only once have I met such a coward!"
      "He must have taught you everything you know."
    "If your brother's like you, better to marry a pig."
      "You make me think somebody already did."
    "No one will ever catch ME fighting as badly as you do."
      "You run THAT fast?"
    "I will milk every drop of blood from your body!"
      "How appropriate. You fight like a cow."
    "My last fight ended with my hands covered in blood"
      "I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose."
    "I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape."
      "Why, did you want to borrow one?"
    "My sword is famous all over the Caribbean!"
      "Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all."
    "I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman!"
      "I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them."
    "Every word you say to me is stupid."
      "I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me."
    "You are a pain in the backside, sir!"
      "Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?"
    "There are no clever moves that can help you now."
      "Yes there are. You just never learned them.
    "I usually see people like you passed-out on tavern floors."
      "I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion."
    "Now I know what filth and stupidity really are"
      "I'm glad to hear you attended your family reunion."
      After you defeat her she will give you a t-shirt as proof. You are supposed
    to give the T-shirt to the three pirates back at the Scumm Bar, however it is
    unnecessary. If you aren't worried about the time speed trophy then go ahead
    and talk to them. If you are after the trophy, don't be worried if your at 1:30
    already. You can still easily beat it on time. Now onto the second trial.
      The second trial I choose to do is treasure hunting because it is the closest
    one after defeating the Sword Master. Go back to the place marked "Fork" on the
    map. There are two ways you can get to the treasure.
      If you do not have the map use (NOMAP) to skip to the section on how to
    navigate without it. If you have bought the map and open it, you find out that
    it is dance lessons. This is in fact a map as "Dean Norris" pointed out. The
    map reads:
                                 Back, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Left, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Right, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Left, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Right, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Back, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Right, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Left, Two, Three, Four.
                                 Back, Cha Cha Cha!
      If you take the first word in each line you get: Back, Left, Right, Left,
    Right, Back, Right, Left, Back. The back translates to Middle. So to get
    BACK (Middle): From the first screen you see two paths. Take the right path.
    LEFT         : On this screen you see some yellow flowers. Go screen left to
                   the next screen.
    RIGHT        : On this screen you see an abandoned campsite. Go straight
                   (Right) to the next screen.
    LEFT         : Keep going straight (Left) to the next screen.
    RIGHT        : On this screen you walk over a log and straight into the next
    BACK (Middle): On this screen there is a stump. Turn and head North taking the
                   path in the middle.
    RIGHT        : There is a pile of rocks here. Continue straight (Right) to the
                   next screen
    LEFT         : Go left onto the next screen
    BACK (Middle): Take the middle path here. Use (XSKIP) to skip down to the next
                   part so you can continue.
      (NOMAP) If you do not have the map, then you can get to the treasure this
    way. Start by taking the right path. Now to navigate do the following.
      1: When faced with more then one path. Take the path that is the right most
         path "ON THE SCREEN" without backtracking.
      2: When there is only one path, keep going in that direction. Duh!
      You will see 3 landmarks along the way that will let you know you are going
      on the correct path.
      1: Abandoned Campsite
      2: Pile of Bones
      3: X marks the spot
      (XSKIP) If you look at the signs, they  will explain the treasure is a
    popular tourist attraction. Funny how a secret treasure is really a tourist
    attraction. "USE" the Shovel on the "X" to dig and find a "Cotton T-shirt".
    Read the shirt, Laugh out loud. You can take the T-shirt and "TALK TO" the
    three pirates but it really is a waste of time. Go back to the map and enter
    the forest again to start the final trail.
         (XSTIZ)                                        STEALING THE IDOL.
      This one is kind of hard if you don't know what to do. If you want to try and
    figure it out for yourself then you can get a hint from talking to the three
    pirates at the Scumm Bar. You can also get a hint by talking to the guy in the
    jail, see below for how to talk to him. For those of you who just want to beat
    the game, then just go to the fork in the road. Take the right path until you
    come across some yellow flowers. Just a fun FACT "On Melee Island it is against
    the law to pick flowers" "PICK UP" the plants. Now go to the village and go
    past the jail to a path that leads to the Mayor's house. Take it and you meet
    the "Deadly Piranha Poodles". To get past them "USE" the "yellow petal" with
    the "Hunk of meat" to combine them. Then "GIVE" them the "hunk of meat". They
    will eat it and then fall "asleep" as the important notice states.
      Now "OPEN" the door and enter the house. Before you do any thing, the X in
    the bottom left hand of the screen is about to say a lot of funny things, so
    get ready to read it. Now when your ready open the door next to the vase and
    enter the room. You will not see or be able to do anything in this room so just
    sit back and enjoy the ride. Laugh out loud. Once he realizes that he needs a
    file to get the idol you may leave.
      It is time to make a new friend. Go to the jail and "TALK TO" the "Prisoner".
    Yuck, his breath is awful. Looks like you need to find a way to talk to him.
    Head back to the store you got the sword from and ask the Store Keeper for some
    "Breath Mints". Now go back to the jail and "GIVE" one to the "Prisoner". Ask
    him if he has a file and he will say no, however he will trade you some Carrot
    Cake for something to get rid of the rats. "GIVE" him the "Gopher Repellent".
      "OPEN" the "Carrot Cake" to find, you guessed it, a file. Now head back to
    the Mayor's house and enter the hole in the wall. After you get the idol and
    explain yourself, Elaine will save the day and let you take it. Now you can
    leave safely, so do so and... "CRAP its FESTER"! After a few words he will tie
    the idol around your waste and throw you in the sea and leave you to drown. To
    get the trophy, save your game here and wait 10 min. You will then die. It is
    funnier to watch in old school mode. After reloading the game "PICK UP" the
    idol and exit the water. The last trial is completed.
         (XGASZ)                                           GETTING A SHIP.
      If the last trial you did was the theft one then you just got out of the
    water to see a ship disappear. You find out that LeChuck kidnapped Elaine and
    took her to Monkey Island. The first thing you need to do now is get a ship.
    Time to talk to Stan! go to the map and head past the bridge to the place on
    your map marked "lights". Meet Stan the most annoying guy in the universe! You
    can browse any ship, but the only one you can get is the old cheap one in the
    back. It is called the Sea Monkey and it once made it to Monkey Island and made
    it back as well. Ask him if you can get it on credit. He will tell you the
    Store Keeper may extend you some credit if you had a job, but who has time for
      Go back to the village and "TALK TO" the "Store Keeper" and ask him for a
    "Note of Credit". He will ask you if you have a job. Why yes sir I believe I do
    have a job, hee hee, sucker! He will then go to the safe upstairs and open it.
    Remember the combination as it is random each time you play. It will be a four
    digit combination. To make this easy, think of the handle as a compass. Up is
    North, Left is West, Right is East, and Down is South. So just remember what
    position it stops at. He will then ask you what your job is. No matter what you
    say he will know that you are lying. After he puts the "Note" back in the safe,
    ask him if he would ask the Sword Master one more time to let him show you the
    way there. Once he is gone, walk up to the vault and enter the combination. My
    combination was South, East, West, North, so I need to "PULL" the "Handle"
    until it faces South, "PUSH" the Handle until it faces East, "PULL" the
    "Handle" until it faces West, then "PUSH" the "Handle" until it faces North to
    open the door.
      Once the note is in your hands head back to Stans and ask to see the Sea
    Monkey again. Tell him that you have credit and he will ask for an offer. If
    you want to know the ships value it is at 10,000poe and the note you have
    stolen is for 5,000poe. So lets talk extras. Remove all extras and quit when it
    cycles around. The value is now down to 7,300poe. Time to make an offer. Start
    at 2,000poe and make each offer until you get to 5,000poe to make him give in.
    As he leaves he calls you a sucker. Boy will he be mad when he finds out the
    note you stole is worthless. HA! Now it is time to get a crew. You will need to
    find three guys to join.
         (XGACZ)                                           GETTING A CREW.
      Head back to the village and go into the Scumm Bar. The Chef can be heard in
    the next room crying, and all of the pirates have left. You can talk to him but
    he can not join your crew. "PICK UP" all of the "mugs" in both rooms and then
    enter the kitchen. Now this part will be tricky. Remember the prisoner? You
    need to find a way to free him. GROG will melt the lock on his cell, but it
    also eats through the mugs. So during the trip to the prison you will need to
    constantly pour the Grog into a new mug.
      Now "USE" a "mug" with the "Barrel" to fill it up with Grog. Exit the Scumm
    Bar and head into the area with the clock. Before going any further, "USE" 
    "Melting Mug" with another "Mug" to pour the Grog into a fresh mug. Now head to
    the place with the Jail and switch mugs again. Head into the Jail and "USE" the
    "Melting Mug" on the "Lock". Make sure you pick the right lock otherwise the
    rat will escape instead of the Prisoner. Otis will thank you and then leave.
    First crewmember found. As you leave the prison another "LeChuck" clip plays.
      Go back to the U-turn with the clock and "OPEN" the door under the sign with
    the mask and enter. Inside is a Fortune Teller that can tell you your future.
    To me this is a spoiler, then again so is this Walkthrough. Go ahead and look
    around the spooky room, but the only thing you need is the chicken on the
    chest. "PICK UP" the "chicken" and head to the Sword Masters. "TALK TO" Clara
    and tell her about the kidnapping. She says that she will join your crew and
    will meet you at the dock. Two down, one to go.
      Go to the place marked "Shore" on your map. A sign that says Hook Island, a
    cable, and a house on the other side of the river is all that you see. You need
    to find a way across the cable. Good thing you stole that chicken. "USE" the
    "chicken" on the "Cable" to slide to the other side. Then enter the house. The
    owner of the house yells at you for entering. Tell him about the kidnapping and
    how you are planning to get a crew together. He likes the idea but is worried
    that there is no Captain. When you say that you would be the Captain he just
    laughs. After he sees you are serous he will tell you to face a monster.
      Taking you to a very large wooden door. He goes on about how this monster is
    so dangerous. As he opens all of the doors, each one being smaller in size then
    the previous one, a small wooden box is shown to be inside. You must open this
    box and touch the beast inside to prove you have got what it takes to be a
    captain. "OPEN" the "door" and "TEASE" the "beast" inside. This surprises
    Cannon Ball Head and makes him feel too wimpy to be on your crew. After you
    cheer him up and convince him to join your crew, you have the last man needed.
    Head back to the village to meet Stan. Watch the clip and then meet your crew.
    After a brief talk you begin Part 2.
         (XPTJZ)                                      PART 2: THE JOURNEY.
      Congrats on making it to the next chapter. You start on your ship and your
    crew decides NOT to work for you. So much for a crew, oh well. Inside the
    Captains Room the closest you need to get into is locked. Oh well, might as
    well look around the ship. This is the Captains Room. As you leave the Captains
    Room you arrive at the Main Deck. Click on the rope ladder to climb up to the
    Crows Nest. Go back to the Main Deck and Click on the hatch to go down into the
    Crews Quarters. Walk through the door and enter the Kitchen. Go back to the
    Crews Quarters and click on the hatch. Welcome to the Storage Compartment. And
    that is your ship. Not bad considering it was free.
      All of this walking has made me hungry, might as well feed Guybrush as well
    right? He has not eaten anything the entire game! Head back to the Kitchen and
    "OPEN" the "Cupboard". "PICK UP" one of the boxes of "Cereal", then "OPEN" it
    up to get a prize. "OPEN" the "Prize" to find out that it is not a toy but the
    key to the Cabinet in the Captains Room. Head back to the Captains Room and
    "USE" the "Key" on the "Cabinet". Inside there is a chest. "PICK UP" the
    "Chest" and then "OPEN" it. "LOOK" inside the "Chest" to find a "Piece of
    Paper" and some Cinnamon Sticks. "LOOK AT" the "Piece of Paper" to find out it
    is a recipe to Monkey Island. Below are the ingredients, followed by what you
    can use on your ship to match them.
            Ingredient              Wandering_Ai              What to Use
         1 Cinnamon Stick------------------------------------Cinnamon Stick
         4 Leaves of Mint--------------------------------------Breath Mints
         1 Human Skull (Pressed)--------------------------Jolly Rodger Flag
         1 Squirt Squid Ink-----------------------------------------Pen Ink
         2 Pts Monkey Blood---------------------------------------Fine Wine
         1 Live Chicken-----------------Chicken With a Pulley in the Middle
         3 oz Brimstone-------------------------------------------Gunpowder
         1 or more of the following:---------------------------------Cereal
      The Cinnamon, Chicken, Breath Mints, and Cereal you already have. The pen ink
    is in the Captains Room. "PICK UP" the "Feather Pen", then "PICK UP" the
    "Bottle Of Ink". Climb up into the Crows Nest and "PICK UP" the "Jolly Rodger
    Flag". Now head to the Storage Compartment and "OPEN" the "Chest" in the lower
    right corner of the screen and "LOOK" inside for some "Wine". "OPEN" one of the
    "Kegs" to get some "Gunpowder". Now go back to the kitchen and throw the
    "Cinnamon Stick", "Breath Mints", "Jolly Rodger", "Ink", "Wine", "Chicken",
    "Gunpowder", and "Cereal" into the cooking pot. Note that some items will
    disappear from your inventory while others will not.
      After all of the ingredients are placed in the pot it will boil over and
    create toxic fumes. This will cause you to pass out and the ship to set sail to
    Monkey Island. When you wake up go to the Main Deck. Now you need to find a way
    off of the ship. See the Cannon? Deja Vue anyone? Head to the Storage
    Compartment and "PICK UP" the "Rope" sitting on some barrels next to the chest
    with the wine. Also grab some more Gunpowder. Go to the Kitchen and "PICK UP"
    the small "Pot" on the cabinet, then save your game.
      Head to the Main Deck and "USE" the "Rope" on the "Rear of the Cannon", then
    "USE" the "Gunpowder" on the "Nozzle" and return back to the Kitchen. You can
    "USE" the "Feather Pen", or either "T-Shirt" with the "Red Hot Fire" underneath
    the cooking pot to get a "Flaming Mass". Back on the Main Deck, "USE" the
    "Flaming Mass" with the "Fuse" on the cannon, then quickly walk to the nozzle
    and get in. You will be shot out of the cannon and towards the island. You just
    beat Part 2!
         (XPUMI)                              PART 3: UNDER MONKEY ISLAND.
      Welcome to Part 3. You will start on Monkey Island, on fire, and with your
    head in the sand. A monkey will look at you then run off. Hermon will come in,
    introduce himself, and then leave. Those of you who want the "Recordkeeper"
    trophy see the Notes section below. The walkthrough is intended only to beat
    the game and since you have to go out of the way a few times to get all of the
    notes, I have put their locations in a separate section on this guide.
      Get up out of the sand and "PICK UP" the "Banana". Notice that the rowboat is
    missing its Oars. This means you can't use it yet. Your goal is to find the
    oars. Head into the forest and continue North to the next section of the Map.
    Find the river and follow it West all the way to a volcano. On the north part
    of this volcano is a fort, marked "Fort" on your map. Head there. This is were
    Hermon Toothrot lives. He is one of the previous owners of your ship. "PUSH"
    the "Cannon" to cause a "Cannon Ball" and some "Gunpowder" to fall out. "PICK
    UP" some of the "Gunpowder" and the Cannon Ball" then "PICK UP" the "Rope" on
    the ground and leave. 
      Follow the river East to where it splits on the NEXT screen. It will be
    labeled as "River Fork" on your map. "PICK UP" the note on the rock next to you
    to get some flint. Head over to the footholds and climb up. Save your game
    here. NOTE: This is were the two endings start. Take the foothold up. See the
    tree in the distance? You need to hit it with a rock. Why? Duh, to knock off
    some bananas. You can also hit your ship and sink it. If your after both
    endings I suggest you do NOT hit it yet. Come back later. Go back down and
    "PULL" the "Primitive Art" twice to aim it at the tree. Then go back up and
    "PUSH" the "Rock" off of the cliff. It will hit the contraption below causing a
    chain reaction that will send the rock flying towards the beach to hit the
      After you hit it Hermon comes to chat. Tell him to buzz off and walk back
    down to were you got the flint. "USE" the "Gunpowder" on the "Dam". Now "USE"
    the "Noteworthy Rock" with the "Cannon Ball". This will ignite the "Gunpowder",
    blow open the dam, and flood the river. Walk to the pond at the end of the
    river you just flooded to meet the second owner of the Sea Monkey. The dam was
    blocking the water to this pond and preventing you from  reaching the rope in
    his hands. However since you blew the dam he will be on the ground allowing you
    to take his rope. As you do Hermon comes in to talk about his dead friend so
    tell him to "Buzz off" again and leave.
      Head toward the beach you landed on when you first arrived, stopping at a
    place marked "Crack" along the way. Your oars are at the bottom of the canyon.
    "USE" one of your "Ropes" on the "Strong Branch" and climb down. "USE" the
    second "ROPE" on the "Sturdy Stump" and climb down. At the bottom "PICK UP" the
    "Oars" and head to the beach you started on (The one with the rowboat).
      "PICK UP" the "Bananas" and "USE" the "Oars" on the Row Boat. Once inside the
    boat, head North East to the next screen. Row around the little island and
    continue North to the next screen. Park your boat at the beach there and get
    out. Walk into the forest and head to a place marked as "village" on your map.
    Explore this village until you come to a bowl of fruit. "PICK UP" the Banana
    and attempt to leave. You will be stopped by some cannibals. Tell them to go
    ahead and eat you, and they will lock you inside a hut. Well it looks like you
    are going to be eaten. Well you have had a good life right?
      No, we must save Elaine! See the skull sitting on the different colored part
    of the floor. "PICK UP" that "Skull"  and then "OPEN" the "Loose Board" it was
    sitting on. Squeeze through the hole in the floor and leave the village and
    FREEDOM! Note: if you go back and escape 5 more times you will get a trophy.
    When your ready, head back to the rowboat and row back to the first beach. Now
    head back into the forest. There is a monkey running around and you need to
    find it. It is marked as "Monkey" on your map. When you find him, wait till the
    monkey comes down off of the tree and "GIVE" him all of your "Bananas". The
    best way to do this is wait till the monkey crosses in front of your cursor.
      The monkey will now follow you where ever you go. Head back to the jungle and
    head East past the pond and a beach into the next screen to a place marked as
    "Clearing" on your map. When you arrive you will see some totem poles leading
    to a Giant Monkey head with a fence around it. To open the fence you need to
    hold down the handle. "PULL" the lower "Nose" of the totem pole to hang off of
    it. The gate will open but close again as soon as you let go. Good thing the
    monkey is there as he will repeat you. He will climb the totem pole and hang
    off of the nose allowing you to enter.
      Inside is littered with idols. "PICK UP" the "Wimpy Little Idol" and take it
    back to the village with the Cannibals. You will have to go back to the boat
    and row around. Walk to the locked hut. Yep still locked. Try to leave and the
    cannibals return. Offer to give them anything to spar your life. "GIVE" them
    the "Idol" you stole. Walk back to the hut which is now unlocked. "PICK UP"
    the "Banana Picker" and leave. As you leave, Hermon is begging for his Banana
    Picker. "GIVE" him the "Banana picker" and he will give you the Monkey Head
      Leave the village and then reenter it. When the Cannibals ask you if there is
    any way they can repay you for the gift, tell them you are looking for
    somebody. They will tell you that they are the only civilized people living on
    the island. Well the people you are looking for are not living or civilized so
    tell them you are looking for LeChuck and they well tell you about how he is
    always getting on there nerves. Then they mention a potion that can be used to
    get rid of ghosts. Ask them about this potion to find out that LeChuck stole
    the main ingredient, a root, and is hiding it some where in his secret hide
      When you ask them if you can see this secret place they will tell you that a
    key is needed to get inside. The key you need was given to a hermit and you
    need to get it back. Oh wait, you already did. Tell them you will get the root
    for them and they will tell you it is impossible with out a certain unknown to
    you but not to them, artifact. Beg them to tell you about it and they will
    explain that it is a navigating head that can show you the way though the
    catacombs. They will also tell you that they only have one so you can't have
    it. "GIVE" them the "Leaflet" that says "How to get Ahead in Navigating". In
    return they will give you the head of navigation thinking your leaflet will
    show them how to get another head.
      Go back to the rowboat and head south and stop at the FIRST beach you see. It
    is the one connecting the "Clearing" to the rest of the island. Save your game
    here. Okay those of you who want to see both endings read this, otherwise skip
    to the next paragraph. (QJUMP) To get the first ending continue playing and
    beat the game. To get the second ending go into the forest and head West all
    the way back to the "River Fork". Climb the footholds to get back to the
    Primitive Art and "PUSH" it twice to set it back to the original setting. It is
    now aimed at your ship. Climb up to the top and "PICK UP" a "Rock". You will
    automatically place it in the right location. Now push it off and watch as it
    sinks your only chance off the island. 
      Head to the "Giant Monkey Head" and "USE" the "Monkey Head Key" on the Ear of
    the monkey, eww, gross. Enter the Catacombs. The reason this place is so hard
    to navigate is due to the fact that everything keeps changing. You'll see what
    I mean in a second. Walk over to the mushrooms, and "USE" your "Navigator" to
    show you the way. The head works by spinning and then stopping to face the
    direction you need to go. Take it slow, and pause before you go to the next
    screen to double check that it is the correct path. A wrong turn can send you
    back to start and since it takes a while to get there anyways, a wrong turn can
    be very frustrating.
      Once you get to the ship. "TALK TO" the head and ask him for the "Necklace".
    You will need it to sneak aboard the ship. He will not want to give it to you,
    so either beg like a wimp or threaten him like a true pirate. "USE" the
    "Necklace" once he gives it to you and head to the boat. On the boat you become
    invisible, so navigating is weird. This is the Main Deck. The skeleton crew is
    playing music that sounds pretty spooky, I like it. Head to the left and go
    past the "Little cute Ghost dog" and open the door to the Captains Room. Inside
    is a key, and LeChuck. If you can figure out how to get the key by yourself
    then you deserve a big reward. It took me forever to figure it out the first
    time I played the game.
      "USE" the "Compass" to retrieve the "Key" without disturbing LeChuck. Back on
    the Main Deck, head past the skeleton crew and down the hatch. This is the
    Crews Quarters. You see a sleeping ghost holding onto a bottle of Grog. You
    need this bottle but have no way to get it right now. The next room over is a
    Storage Compartment, but we will call it the "Animal Storage Room". "PULL" one
    of the "Ghost Chickens" to pluck a feather or "PICK UP" the feather on the
    corner of the Pig Pen. Back in the Crews Quarters, "USE" the "Feather" on the
    "Sleeping Ghost" to tickle his feet. Keep doing it until he drops his Grog on
    the floor. "PICK UP" the Grog and go back to the Animal Storage Room.
      "USE" the key you stole from LeChuck on the hatch to open it. It leads to a
    Storage Compartment filled with Cooking Grease and Rats. "USE" the Grog on the
    "Dish". The big ghost rat drinks it and falls into a drunken coma allowing you
    to pass it safely. "PICK UP" some of the "Cooking Grease". Head back to the
    Main Deck and "USE" the "Grease" on the door opposite of the Captains Room.
      "OPEN" the door to get into the Brig. Inside a ghost is sleeping in front of
    the door to Elaines cell. Best not to wake him up. "PICK UP" the "Ghost Tools"
    and go back to the Animal Storage Room. Walk to the Glowing Crate and "USE" the
    "Ghost Tools" to open it up. "LOOK" inside the crate and grab the root. Go back
    to the Main Deck and leave the ship. As you head back into the catacombs you
    will skip the journey and arrive back in the Cannibals Village. The cannibals
    will take the root and head off to make their "Potion" leaving you all alone.
      Wait is that a THREE HEADED MONKEY? Say hi and watch him eat a banana by
    biting it with his left head, chewing it up with is middle head, and swallowing
    it with his right head. After he leaves the Cannibals come back to give you the
    "Potion". Leave the village and your back inside the Catacombs only to find out
    the ship is gone. Meet Bob the ghost, he can be killed if you really want to
    kill him, but I think he has suffered enough. He tells you that you LeChuck has
    left for Melee Island to marry Elaine. Looks like this entire rescue operation
    was pointless, oh well.
                      Path 1             |               Path 2
             If you did not sink your    |   If you sank your ship, then
          ship, then after you are done  | Hermon Toothrot comes in and says
          talking to Bob, your crew      | he has a second ship and will let
          comes in and complains that    | you use it if you promise to
          they ran out of sunscreen. You | rescue him with it. You agree and
          then decide to leave with      | leave for Melee Island.
          them.                          |
                                         |   After you get back to Melee
            After you get back to Melee  | Island Hermon Toothrot disappears,
          Island they leave to look for  | leaving you to save Elaine all by
          some sunscreen, leaving you to | yourself.
          save Elaine all by yourself.   |
         (XLGKB)                            LAST PART: GUYBRUSH KICKS BUTT
      In this last part of the game you start back on the docks of Melee Island.
    Make your way to the Church, it is next to the Shop you bought the sword from
    and the jail you freed Otis from. As you try to leave the docks, a ghost
    appears, blocking your way. Any reply will work but my favorite is the
    mouthwash. After a quick spray with your Root Beer, head to the next area.
      The "Citizen of Melee" is gone as well as the "Three Pirates with the Rat".
    Blocking your way is another ghost. He will ask you if you have an invitation
    to the wedding. All replies lead to the same conclusion, so say what you want
    to. After you spray him, continue to the church. "OPEN" the "Door" to the
    church and run in to stop the wedding and save Elaine. After a brief chat with
    LeChuck, Elaine will drop in from the ceiling. Turns out that she replaced
    herself with monkeys trained to spray LeChuck with "Root Beer" during the kiss.
      You offer to get her bottle only to scare off the monkeys, and to make
    matters worse, your bottle just got jammed! Elaine goes after the monkeys and
    LeChuck pounds you into next week. When you arrive at Stans and he pulls you
    out of the Vending Machine, Quickly "PICK UP" the bottle of "Root Grog". You
    have to be fast or you may miss your chance. If you do, don't worry, you will
    eventually arrive back here for another chance. Once the "Root Grog" is in your
    inventory quickly "USE" it on LeChuck. Don't worry, you can use it at Stans or
    the House he knocks you to.
      After you spray LeChuck, enjoy the replay and blimp views then enjoy the
    fireworks as Elaine comes to congratulate you on a job well done. You two start
    to talk and she offers you a soda. Here is were the story splits again.
                   Ending 1              |               Ending 2
            If you DID NOT sink your     |   If you sank your boat and had to
          boat you will soon realize     | come back on Hermons ship, then a
          that you forgot Hermon         | clip showing your former crew
          Toothrot and a clip will show  | stuck in the Cannibals hut plays.
          him wondering where you have   |
          gone.                          |   I think that that is fair
                                         | considering the lack of help they
                                         | give you.
      Enjoy the credits because you JUST BEAT THE GAME! After the credits those of
    you seeking both endings can reload your game to the point I mentioned earlier.
    Another 30 minuets or so and you can beat the game again. You can jump back to
    the correct section by using CNRL + F then (QJUMP) to skip to that section of
    the guide. Note that you may have to select previous to get to it.
         (XTRGU)                                              TROPHY GUIDE.
      Hi, this section of the guide is meant to be a cheat sheet for those who beat
    the game once or just want the trophies. I have every single trophy you can get
    in the game included in this guide.
      OLD SCHOOL:  Switch to Classic mode at least once. At any point in the game,
             press the select button to switch to the classic mode.
      SHARP TONGUE:  Learn all of the insults from the pirates. You can use the
             list in this guide to help you figure out which ones you lack. The
             Sword Masters Insults do not count toward this trophy.
      TEN MINUTES LATER...:  To get this trophy, save your game after the sheriff
             throws you into the ocean to drown. After saving your game, wait 10
             minutes and Guybrush will then drown and the trophy will be yours. To
             continue playing, simply reload your game.
      THE THREE TRIALS:  Simply beat the first part of the game to get this.
      THE JOURNEY:  Simply beat Part 2 of the game to get this.
      RECORDKEEPER:  Collect all of the notes on Monkey Island. See (XNOTE) below
             for information on the location of each note.
      ESCAPE ARTIST:  Escape from the Monkey Island Cannibals hut 5 times. After
             you escape from the hut the first time, enter the village and head to
             the hut. The hut is locked so attempt to leave again and tell the
             cannibals to go ahead and eat you. After you are placed back in the
             hut, escape and repeat until you get the trophy.
      UNDER MONKEY ISLAND:  Simply beat Part 3 of the game to get this.
      GUYBRUSH KICKS BUTT:  Simply beat the last part of the game to get this.
      HUMAN CANNONBALL:  Finish the entire game in under 3 hours. This one can be
             hard but it is possible. My record is less then 2 hours. I suggest you
             do this trophy last and replay the game after you have beat it once.
             Do not talk to anyone that you do not need to talk to in order to beat
             the game. Do not get all of the sword fighting insults, and save
             often. If you do the Sword Master first you should beat her within 45
             min to 1 hour. With her beat it should only take you another 20 to 40
             min to get to Part 2. This should put your clock at 1:05 to 1:45. The
             journey should only take you 5 to 10 min to complete putting your
             clock at 1:10 to 1:55. Part 3 should take you 25 to 40 min to beat
             putting you at 1:35 to 2:35. Another 3 to 10 min and you beat Lechuck.
             Final clock is 1:38 to 2:45! You just got your trophy.
      DETERMINED:  Do not use any hints to finish the game. If you hold down the
             Square button a few seconds, then you will get a hint about what you
             need to do next. If you beat the game without those hints you will get
             the "DETERMINED" Trophy. This is easy to do if you follow my
      MAROONED EVERYONE:  Use one slot to play both endings. In "Part 3, Under
             Monkey Island" you have to aim a catapult at a banana tree and hit it
             with a rock to knock off bananas. It is also possible to hit your ship
             and sink it. To get the trophy do not sink your ship and continue
             playing until you get to the entrance of the Giant Monkey Head and
             save your game. Make sure you only use one save slot. After you beat
             the game, reload to that point and back track to the "River Fork" and
             use the catapult to sink your ship. Now beat the game again to get the
             "MAROONED EVERYONE" trophy.
         (XNOTE)                                            NOTE LOCATIONS.
      This section is for those who are after the "RECORDKEEPER" trophy. Since I
    did not take the time to list them in the Walkthrough above, I have decided to
    make a separate section here for them. You may copy this section and print it
    out to use as a checklist if you want.
      [ ]  Note 1: From the first beach you start on, head into the jungle and West
           to the area with the volcano. There is a beach to the south of the
           volcano. Head there to find the first note.
      [ ]  Note 2: From the beach with the first note head back into the Jungle and
           head East following the river to where it forks. It is called "River
           Fork" on your map. The second note is under some flint rock next to the
           dam. Note: If you blew the Dam then you already have this note.
      [ ]  Note 3: From Note 2, head up the footholds to where the "Primitive Art"
           is. Next to the "Primitive Art" is the third note.
      [ ]  Note 4: After you get Note 3 use the "Primitive Art" to hit the banana
           tree back on the beach. After you hit the banana tree head back down to
           see a new note next to the "Primitive Art". This is the forth note.
           Note: If the note is not there, continue playing and come back after you
           have visited the Cannibals village the FIRST time.
      [ ]  Note 5: From the Dam at the "River Fork" blow the dam and follow the
           river east to the pond with Hermons friend. There is a note on the
           ground next to the dead body. This is the Fifth Note.
      [ ]  Note 6: From Note 5, head back into the Jungle and to the East into the
           next screen. There is a clearing just past a beach. Head to that beach
           to find a bottle on the ground. Inside this bottle is the Sixth Note.
      [ ]  Note 7: After you get the boat and row to the beach near the village,
           you can see the Seventh Note as soon as you exit the boat.
      [ ]  Note 8: After you get caught by the cannibals and placed in the hut, you
           see the Eighth and last Note on the floor of the hut.
         (XFAQS)                               FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.
      This is the section where all of your questions will be answered. Please note
    the following before submitting a question.
      1. I will NOT reply to questions already answered in my guide! If I can
         write, spell check, proof read twice, and format it to fit your computer
         screen, then you can at least take the time to look in the guide for the
         answer first.
      2. I will not give anyone except GameFAQs permission to post this guide on
         there website. The more websites it that my guide is on the harder it
         becomes for me to maintain. I understand that GameFAQs has other sites
         that are run by the same company so those sites may also post my guide.
      3. I will not answer questions asking about cheat codes or game shark codes
         for this game. If there are any then I don't know about them.
      4. I will not reply to emails complaining about misspelled words or wrong
         names for the in game items. You can easily tell what I am talking about.
         If there is a part of the guide that is confusing, then mention what
         section it is and I will fix it.
      5. I do have a life outside of videogames that takes FIRST priority. I may be
         busy at times, so do not be upset if I do not answer your question in a
         timely fashion. I will try to eventually answer it.
      I do not have any yet, please submit any questions you want answered.
      Do you have a question that is not answered above? Then send it to
         (XGHDW)                       GLITCHES AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM.
    -----Missing "Lump of Meat" or "Fish"------------------------------------------
      This seems to be a common problem found on the message board. It is caused
    when you put the "Lump of Meat" or the "Fish" in the pot of stew. Since only
    one "Lump of Meat" can exist at a time and there is only one "Fish" in
    existence, they will not appear after you have placed them in the stew.
      To get them back, simply "PICK UP" the "Meat in Stew" to get "Stewed Meat",
    or "PICK UP" the "Fish in Stew" to get "Stewed Fish". Stewing your meats will
    have no effect on the story.
         Credit for this find goes to the "Message Board"
    -----Can not Light the Fuse in "PART 2"----------------------------------------
      It is possible to place the "Feather" and both "T-shirts" in the cooking pot
    during the mix of the ingredients. Once you do this you will lose them. This
    prevents you from using them to light the fuse on the cannon leaving you stuck
    on the ship. If you have bought the "Map" from the "Citizen of Melee" for a
    100poe, you can use that to light the fuse.
         Thanks to "Andrew Taylor" for the solution to this problem.
    -----Game Freezes.-------------------------------------------------------------
      I recently restarted the game to find a solution to a question asked on the
    message board. As I got to the part where you buy the sword, I was leaving and
    I got to the U-turn and the game froze I guess. It did not just freeze but the
    screen disappeared and was replaced by weird blurry shapes. Kind of like the
    PS3 start screen background only very blurry. It only happened once and I was
    so close to the beginning I decided to just start over. This can be avoided by
    saving often as if it does happen to you, use the auto save or reload an
    earlier game.
    -----End of Glitches-----------------------------------------------------------
      Know a glitch? Submit it to me at "Chillinb3000@yahoo.com" and I will try to
      figure out a solution for it. Know the solution to a glitch posted here?
      Submit it and I will post it on my guide. Credit will be given to those who
      help out so if you DO NOT want your name listed on my guide then tell me to
      label you as Anonymous and I will.
             This document is protected by the international copyright law.

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