Is this game worth getting?

  1. Well is it?

    User Info: johnnyhomicid

    johnnyhomicid - 6 years ago

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  1. YES. First thing you have to understand about me is I HATE competitive online multiplayer FPSs and I bought this game day one knowing what it was going to be. I LOVE THIS GAME. Its not your typical shooter... I know everyone is saying that but it is true. Do not expect to share the same experiences as GeoRyu and DarkShadow101. This game is far from repetitive compared to the online components of popular shooters like Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield and I have yet to experience any lag online. The AI both in terms of your teammates and the enemy is extremely intelligent and is almost more fun than playing online. Dont worry to much about the AI difficulty or if youre not good at online shooters. I have beat every Call of Duty on Veteran but as soon as I go online I get my ass handed to me. On the flip side Im having trouble just keeping up with the AI on this game and so far seem to be extremely good online. If you dont already know this game can be played anytime online or offline in both single player and co-op with the same created character like Borderlands and has often been compared to games like Mirrors Edge for the parkour (which can be done with a single button) and Team Fortress 2 for the team/objective based gameplay. Dont listen to everyone else. Play it for yourself. Its almost always a good idea to rent a game before you buy it if you dont know if youre going to like it. I personally very much enjoy this game.

    User Info: flechetteXXX

    flechetteXXX - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. In my opinion its not that great, but thats just me. I bought it cause of all the hype it was getting and i ended up wasting my money. I would rent it first before you buy it.

    User Info: DerangedWhale

    DerangedWhale - 6 years ago 2 2
  2. Rent it first, not worth $60 +tax. Too repetitive. AI difficulty is steeply hard.

    User Info: GeoRyu

    GeoRyu - 6 years ago 2 3
  3. It depends on your gaming style. This game is actually all about the multiplayer.
    If you want a normal shooter you can player offline, well this game isnt for you.
    The singleplayer game has about 16-20 10 min missions.
    The multiplayer is actually very fun with this "smart" button.

    User Info: shookroon360

    shookroon360 - 6 years ago 1 0
  4. Well, if your into strong, team-based combat (talking mainly about co-op or multiplayer, since the AI have a mind of their own in solo) then this game is pretty good. Has a lot of replayability because of all the customization options for your character (whenever you level up, you usually unlock a piece of clothing or two) and the challenge maps (Challenges that you can do for achievements, practice, and weapons/weapon customization options such as sights, clip mods, and barrel mods)

    I'd reccomend it ^_^

    User Info: gOwCoD4

    gOwCoD4 - 6 years ago 1 0
  5. ill save my money and get L A Nore

    User Info: master19148

    master19148 - 6 years ago 1 2
  6. Not worth it

    User Info: pyrogt

    pyrogt - 6 years ago 1 2
  7. In all honesty, at the current stage this game is in? No, absolutely not. I've yet to play an on-line match without any lag at all, so I'm stuck playing with bots that have terrible AI to begin with. Challenges are also near impossible, it's like they purposely made it extremely hard. I've been playing challenges, and explain to me how you have 3 bots on your team for a total of 4 members, against 6 bots with INCREDIBLE aim.

    Also to note is the missions. Some of the levels will take 30 minutes total to complete, that's a lot of time to spend in a single match. For example, you're playing and things are going rather well.. and then all of the sudden the enemy finally pushes through when there was only a minute left and completes an objective.. bam.. 10 minute timer restarts.

    If you really wanna try it out, I would rent the game and make a decision that way. The game is going to be repetitive after a few weeks for sure.

    User Info: DarkShadowOZE

    DarkShadowOZE - 6 years ago 0 4
  8. I would have to concur with gOwCoD4 in that this game is primarily for those who want to play team games that actually give bonuses for team play and demand that the team dynamic be followed. Repetitiveness is the name of the game for all FPS. That being said, you can tell from the production value and the intricate detail of the levels that this game is going to have additional downloadable maps, weapons, and abilities after release. This is because this game is designed to be essentially a stable multiplayer environment that will evolve as it grows. Once you play the game you understand that this games' playing style is truly something unique and that it allows for tons of customization not seen in similar titles.

    No the single player is not the best but this game was not designed to be a single player adventure at any rate. Every single statement and mission of the game lets you know that it was constructed for multiplayer. Again remember that this game is not COD so do not expect to go on a lone wolf crusade against the enemy team and for that to facilitate your leveling. This game is designed for teamwork and I simply can't stress that enough. You gain more XP from buffing your teammates and from completing objectives than killing enemies. You can make several different characters to suit whatever game style you have in mind for a particular mission type.

    In conclusion, I would say that if you desire something fresh that really drives home the team dynamic, then this game is the one you have been waiting for.

    User Info: trekenshi

    trekenshi - 6 years ago 1 0
  9. No, and if you want a team based FPS just play BC2 for a little longer.

    User Info: jsanl2

    jsanl2 - 6 years ago 1 2
  10. Not at all. Just keep going. Everything that could have possibly been done wrong in a game was bundled together exclusively for Brink.

    User Info: RockstarNoah

    RockstarNoah - 6 years ago 0 1
  11. if your're curious about the game check out this link im posting below. livestream of gameplay (single and co-op) very helpful will give you a good idea about the gameplay =]

    User Info: MissPickle

    MissPickle - 6 years ago 0 0
  12. It all depends on what type of shooting game you enjoy. This game seems to be a mix between team fortress and battlefield, stressing team oriented combat. However, it allows you to (if you want) play as a lone wolf, of course the drawback from this is greater than that of a team player.

    I've played a lot of shooters, from FPS to 3PS, single player to multiplayer, and I have to say this game is definitely different from the standard shooters we see today. IMO it is, to shooters, what Mass Effect was to traditional RPG's (even though I can't hold the two games in the same ranking)

    I've played with people who just started the game and they've had mixed reactions. Most compare it to COD, and some can't get over the fact that they can't go around hacking low and high level players alike. Others seem to embrace the game as DIFFERENT and try to mesh into the style.

    The AI enemies are just ridiculous, and sometimes you'll feel like their tactics resemble those of online competitors. They'll group together, camp, plant turrets and mines in corners for unsuspecting victims. So it's a fresh experience. But the game can get repetitve, and you'll find yourself enjoying only a couple maps, since those missions create some intense firefights.

    The game does have its share of problems, I've found myself lagging a lot in big matches, and that even matches that are restricted to high level players get the occasional rank 1 or 2 player. But even with that it doesn't take too much away from the good stuff: Customization, Team firefights and lots of Parkour.

    User Info: kronos072

    kronos072 - 6 years ago 0 0
  13. No this game sucks donkey dick. the game play is repetitive the AI on both sides suck. The other teams AI always seems to be way better then your own. the controls are to be desired. The guns seem to be some of the worst I've seen in any shooter. The targeting systems lacks proper balance. You'll spend more time hip firing than aiming down sights on your gun.

    User Info: fusion88

    fusion88 - 6 years ago 0 2
  14. Well its not bad if you like multiplayer alot.but if you are into strong single player nope. I personly think its just worth renting it

    User Info: quakedoom64

    quakedoom64 - 6 years ago 0 0
  15. Okay, I've been playing the game for 3 days straight and just wanted to clarify on the issues, before whats good. Main issue with the game for people is THIS IS NOT COD. Sorry folks it isn't. Good news, it can be better or worse then COD Depending on you. Yes the enemy AI is better, if you are a lone wolf player. I mean damn you can't rage quit a game because the bots are kicking your ass. Come up with your own strategy. I will admit there were times when i was getting angry over how good the bots were, in the challenges. I just made a new char and did the challenges. Once you finish each challenge 2 times you get all your unlocks for every char.

    I have yet to play it online because 9/10 in FPS no one can just relax with a game. So much angst so little reason.

    User Info: Demortra

    Demortra - 6 years ago 0 0
  16. Is this game worth $60? No
    Is it worth $40? Yes

    User Info: Assassinof1337

    Assassinof1337 - 6 years ago 0 0

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