How to get through challenge for gattling gun?

  1. That 2 star thing where you like defend the point for 15 minutes. I tried doing it with a friends we couldn't get under 10 minutes without getting crushed. Tips anyone?

    User Info: Greeny982

    Greeny982 - 6 years ago

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  1. The easiest way I found was to go into it as Engineer, Mine one side of the ramp, and guard the other side yourself. An AR with Drum Mag is what I used.

    User Info: jniebaum32

    jniebaum32 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. If it`s the mission where you defend the command post, just take a shotgun and run toward the blinking light, the shotgun is nearly a one-hit kill

    User Info: blazing_shield

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  2. I honestly dont know how you are having trouble with this. In my personal opinion this is the easiest of all the challenges in general. I did it by myself with a level 2 character and no prior Brink playing experience. The only reason I was level 2 was because I completed the Parkour This challenge first. I just use the Kross SMG because it is hands down the fastest firing weapon and still maintains a very good stability. It pretty much just drains their life no matter what level you are and if the enemy is medium, heavy, or small. Its a pretty simple challenge. Just stay in the center where the command post is and watch for the blinking lights. You can actually see into the tunnels before the enemies ever come out and if they are lined up (which they usually are) you can kill them both with one clip before they ever leave the tunnel.

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  3. P.S. - You can reload your weapon at the Command Post if you run out.

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  4. Get your engineer class to the point where you can plant a mine and a turret. plant a mine in 1 tunnel and and the turret in the other...then watch the stairs and replace defensive equipment as needed.

    User Info: easye609

    easye609 - 6 years ago 1 0
  5. Make sure you have Pyro Mines/Heavy Turret and a few upgrades to boot. Put the turret facing the left stairwell, and put your mine in front of the command post. Bring an AR with a grenade launcher and whatever other attachments you want, and have an SMG as backup. Found the medium body type to be the best for this

    User Info: gOwCoD4

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  6. You must play this solo, otherwise you will not unlock anything.

    User Info: Gyohdon

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  7. Just use an AR or a minigun, watch out for where the enemies spawn as indicated by the flashing alarm at the top of the door (2 at the ground level, 3 above). When it lights up just aim your gun down the door, and shoot the enemies as they come. With an AR/minigun you'll take them down easily. You can swap weapons at the command center to save on reload time (just swap between 2 ARs/miniguns), so best to stay at the center. There's plenty of cover there too. If necessary, use your grenades as well. This worked for me for 1-3 stars, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

    User Info: phazer

    phazer - 6 years ago 1 1
  8. What they already told you, but put the mine in front of the comand post in case someone sneaks and tries to take it as this would mean you lose, then put a turret down the left stair that way you just have to watch out actively for enemies on the top doors, the orange light on top tells you where enemies are coming from, if you are like lv 15 or higher create a new character and beat it at level 5 when you unlock the turret or even 3 when you have bought sense of perspective, battle hardened and the skill that gives you a yellow cue when someone has you on their crosshairs. as you level up, enemy bots get harder as they unlock everything you have too. Good luck.

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  9. Additional tip: if you die, cook a grenade when running back and toss it up to the command post. Done properly, it'll interrupt their attempt to reclaim the command post.

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  10. Create a brand new character and it's very easy (you will have to do the 1* again)

    you can use all the unlocks from your main character because unlocks work for all characters and the enemies scale to level

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  11. Euston ar with upgraded iron sights (strongest fully automatic gun for a medium class). place a mine down on the ground near a flight of stairs (does not matter which one) and place a turret (a light turret will do) next to the other flight of stairs where your mine is not. then simply float around the command post watch for the flashing lights, toss grenades down said hallways and try to line up the enemies down the narrow hallways and pick them off before they get up the stairs. have a submachine gun (doesnt matter which) as your secondary just as something to switch to in the middle of a fire fight if you run out of ammo. you can also resupply your ammo by using the command post. also remember to buff your weapon, that extra firepower will help a lot.
    good luck, hope this helps

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