How many heavy body type weapons are there?

  1. I want to know what can you use that is specific only to the heavy body type.

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  1. Specifically speaking the Heavy Body Type is the only body type that can equip the EZ-Nade AGL (Gernade Launcher), Maximus MG (Heavy Machine Gun), Chinzor MG (Heavy Machine Gun), Gotlung Minigun (Gatling Gun), and Hjammerdeim Shotgun (Revolving Barrel Shotgun). Generally speaking they are the only body type to have access to the Heavy Guns as primary weapons. They can also use Assault Rifles and Shotguns as secondary weapons on top of the Medium Body Types Pistols and SMGs. Whereas the Light can only have SMGs as primary and Pistols as secondary. The downside is they move very slow and cannot parkour anything above their waist... which is almost everything.

    An easy way to look at it is as follows:

    Heavy Body Type:
    Primary Weapons - Heavy Guns (those listed above), Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and SMGs
    Secondary Weapons - Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, and Pistols

    Medium Body Type:
    Primary Weapons - Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and SMGs
    Secondary Weapons - SMGs, and Pistols

    Light Body Type:
    Primary Weapons - SMGs
    Secondary Weapons - Pistols

    Note: Light Rifles are considered SMGs and can be equiped by any Body Type where SMGs are applicable.

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  1. Five - Three different Machine Guns, a semi-auto Shotgun, and a Grenade Launcher

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