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  1. I need tips on how to complete the be more objective 2 star challenge!! I have no trouble at all completing the first two objectives but it seems impossible to complete the hack challenge please help

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    runpaul4skin - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Yeah not talkin about the three star I just want the last few attachments like the speed slings because pistols are awesome

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    runpaul4skin - 6 years ago

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  1. 3 tips for getting 3 stars.
    1) rush to and arm/blow up/ complete soldier objective, switch to engineer class asap. use the euston ar with upgraded iron sights and taped mags (most powerful fully automatic gun with good stability) to lay suppressor fire down. you dont need to kill the enemies, just distract.
    2) once you are an engineer do NOT go head first for the objective. first buff all of your teammates weapons. do NOT buff yourself (waste of time and a pip). once all of your teammates are buffed head to the objective and start repairing it (if you have a turret lay it down before starting repairs) and once you start the repairs do NOT stop until completed or dead.
    3) before heading to command post, after engineer objective completed, toss a grenade, and lay down some suppressor fire (once again do not need to kill, just make the enemy take cover so your teammates can kill or so you can get past them). hit the command post, change class. lay down some quick fire. head to hack box, start hack and get behind cover. just remember to stay close enough to the box so you have the full bars so the hack will go as quick as possible.
    once done its a foot-race. grab the intel toss some grenades, lay down some suppressor fire (if need be switch back to the engineer class and buff your teammates) and load up intel for the final objective. you really only need about 3 seconds to fully load the intel so no need to worry about killing the enemies.
    one last bit. this is most effective if you have a low level character (like the prior posts have stated). the enemies arent as persistent on making you dead. so my final tip is: play through the game, get all the basics down, fully understand each class and then make a new character and play all 3 stars for this challenge.
    good luck, hope this helps.

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  1. I found it easy to complete all the challenges by making a 2nd character and keeping them low. if you are under a level 5 you are under rank 2. at rank 2 they can deploy turrets and use advanced things. but if you look at my question it didnt unlock the 3 star everything achievment.

    User Info: badasspenguin27

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  2. I'm going to assume you meant to ask about the 3 star and go from there. Unlike badass I actually came back to this as a full lvl 20 rank 5 and man was it hard. BUT, I did complete it and I can say the best tactic is to suppress and rush for those objectives. If you give the enemy AI time to post's over, they are far too elite to take on at that point because they specifically gun for the class that's going for the main objective at all times.

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  3. I completed the 3 star at rank 2, took a few tries though. Depends a lot on luck: if your teammates actually engage the enemy and if the enemy will stop engaging your teammates long enough to undo your hacking. I used a heavy character with an AR and killed as many enemies as possible, threw at a grenade at the rest, and then went on to hack the objective. If you're lucky your teammates will distract the enemy from shooting at you. If you die, it also depends on whether there are any medics nearby (sometimes they don't really attack the enemy so they'll be too far off). If yes, you're in luck, they'll usually revive you right away and you can continue hacking, if not you'll have to respawn and head back there and hope the enemy isn't dismantling your hackbox.

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  4. Rush to every objective at once. Take cover all the time, put up turrets and kills as many people as you can. When there's only 2-3 enemies left run for the hack and do it fast. I would recommend staying close to the objective. Just watch your back, and don't be afraid to stop hacking to take care of enemies.

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  5. Joey_Odd is correct... sorta. The way that I have done this (multiple times because several of my friends could not do it) is to run to the objective IMMEDIATELY after repairing the generator. You can just drop straight down and run around the corner and you should be there. Crouch and you should at least get a box on there before you get gunned down. Just keep hacking DO NOT worry about enemies. Enemies continually spawn from right at the top of the stairs. If you try to fight them all off you will be fighting endless waves the entire challenge. Your teammates should keep the enemies off you. If you do die immediately run to the objective again and continue to hack until you get it. From there you should be able to jump straight back up again and turn the corner a bit to get up to where you need to drop down to get the briefcase. From here just run straight out and to the left. The reason you want to go left is because you can parkour up a level and run straight up a flight of stairs and you will be right in front of the drop off location. You should be able to get up here before any enemies. Again if you are taking damage just ignore the gunfire and keep uploading. Hope this helps. Have fun with 3 star :)

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  6. Create a brand new character and it's very easy (you will have to do the 1* again)

    you can use all the unlocks from your main character because unlocks work for all characters and the enemies scale to level

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  7. Rank up maybe and a light body type helps you climb to the objective easier.

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