Trouble finding last two Golden Treasure Chests....?

  1. In the starting area of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 1(the town area, with the military bases and such,) I have found all but two of the golden treasure chests. I am having trouble locating the areas to go through to find them. I found two in the small neighborhood, one in each of the military areas, One with the train, One in the gas station, and two in the town square. What have I missed?

    User Info: Legos_Game_Fan

    Legos_Game_Fan - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For 5 of the chests, you need to redo the main story levels in treasure mode:
    1. Forklift Fun - this is the same area as the original hanger havoc
    2. Dummy Run - This is in the atomic testing town
    3. Diner Distraction - This is in the cafe (with the jukebox) in the college town
    4. Bike Hike - In the college town, far north of the screen, where you had the motorbike mayhem story mode
    5. Target Training - this is in the train

    Bonus Levels:
    1. Marshall College - in the college town, over to the right - need the guy with a book to open
    2. Gas Station - ummm, by the gas station. :D
    3. Doom Town House 2 - Jump with a girl over the fence in the atomic village
    4. Interrogation Room - in the area around the back from the gas station (down from the firetruck and the crane) before you get to the atomic village
    5. Hanger 52 - In the fenced-in area surrounded with barbed wire.

    Good luck!

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