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    Trophy Guide by PFirefly

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/04/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nier - PS3, US Trophy Guide
    Written by PFirefly
    Email - senshi_hotaru@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    Version History
    Fishing and Farming tips
    Trophy List and Details
    Weapon List and Location
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Version History
    1.0 -- Initial guide complete
    1.1 -- Minor edits, and formatting
    1.12 - Fixed typos, errors, and added details about havesting and making
    1.2 -- Alternate strategies for gardener, man of means, and upgrading
           trophies added. Added a missing weapon to the list at the end.
    This is my first guide. Considering the lack of a proper trophy list, and the
    ease that you can get them if you know what you're doing, I took it on myself
    to fill the gap.
    The trophies are mostly broken up into the sections of the game you can get
    them. 00-Prologue, 01-Sealed Verses, and 02-Five Years Later. My guide should
    allow you to get platinum in a minimum of time and playthroughs.
    I try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but some are unavoidable. You have been
    Fishing and Farming Tips
    There are 15 types of fish, and each has a preferred habitat and bait type.
    When you first get the fishing pole you don't have the fishing level to catch
    stronger fish easily. In theory you could catch the Rhizodont as soon as you
    get a pole, but it's not likely.
    You can increase your fishing level by accepting quests from the gentleman that
    gave you a pole in the first place. As a general rule, you don't need to press
    x ever, just pull back on the stick as soon as you see it bite (violent pull on
    the line) and then pull in the opposite direction it is swimming. If you're
    doing it right the line won't break and the fish's health will go down faster.
    You can adjust the camera to make it easier to see when you've got a bite, so
    adjust as needed to where you're comfortable. More detail will be in the
    fishing related trophies.
    The game uses your internal clock to determine how long plants have been
    growing. You can "cheat" the game by saving, setting your clock ahead by a day,
    and then loading. Generally you should fertilize before planting. Bounty 
    increases the output, Flowering doubles the window of opportunity for harvest
    -ing, and Speed cuts the grow time in half. It not required though, so don't
    fertilize if don't want to.
    If you are using the clock cheat then I recommend the Bounty fertilizer which
    can be bought for 300g from the item shop in Seafront and Facade
    More details in the farming related trophies.
    Trophy List and Details
    Storyline Trophies
    These trophies are unlocked by just playing through the main story and are
    not missable unless you stop playing ;)
    Name: The Book of Legend
    Description: Grimoire Weiss joined your party
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained towards the end of the first dungeon in part 01
    Name: The Wild Companion
    Description: Kaine joined your party
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained after your second fight against the Hook Shade at the Aerie.
    Name: Mellow Companion
    Description: Emil Joined your party
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained in part 02 as soon as you visit Emil in the Manor
    Name: Release
    Description: Freed Kaine from her petrification
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained in part 02 after beating Jack in your third encounter.
    Name: Key Collector
    Description: Unlocked the key to the Shadowlord's Castle
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained in part 02 after collecting the key fragments from the
    Lost Shrine, Forest of Myth, Junk Heap, the Aerie, and the desert.
    Name: A world in Flux
    Description: You defeated the Shadowlord
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained when you defeat the Shadowlord, duh :P
    Prologue Trophies
    You can get these two in other parts of the game, but they're the easiest to
    get here. I recommend playing on normal for this trophy so they won't kill
    you, but you won't kill them too quickly either.
    Name: Combo Fanatic
    Description: You pulled off a 50-hit combo
    Type: Bronze
    Details: After the first two waves of enemies you will get a seemingly endless
    wave attacking you. The combo keeps going even if you whiff an attack or get 
    hit, you just need to get another hit within 2 seconds to keep it going. No
    need for fancy maneuvers, just spam your basic attack.
    Name: Combo Master
    Description: You pulled off a 100-hit combo
    Type: Silver
    Details: Just keep your combo going after getting 50, and you'll have this in
    no time :)
    Part 01 - Sealed Verses
    Most of the trophies can be obtained during this section. Only a few will
    require additional work in section 02, or are specific to part 02 which will be
    listed in that section.
    Name: The Magic Man
    Description: You learned every type of magic
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Obtained automatically by the end of part 01
    Name: Wordsmith
    Description: You collected 50% of all words
    Type: Bronze
    Details: You earn words for killing certain enemies or completing quests. You
    can check your progress in Grimoire Weiss, but won't get this till part way
    into part 02. If you kill every new enemy you see you should obtain this
    easily. There are only a few words that are quest rewards and they are listed
    Paho ---- (Quest: A Shade Entombed)
    Varil --- (Quest: A Tale of the Study)
    Ulal ---- (Quest: The Great Tree)
    Otza ---- (Quest: Disturbing the Sleep of Kings)
    Konkarr - (Quest: Disturbing the Sleep of Kings)
    Ashurka - (Quest: A Bridge in Peril)
    Solira -- (Quest: Master of the Southern Plains)
    Name: Man of Means
    Description: You accumulated 1,000,000 pieces of gold
    Type: Bronze
    Details: This one is both easy and hard. You probably won't get this trophy
    till in part 02. I'm listing it here so you can get it quicker. Basically,
    DON'T BUY ANYTHING, EVER. If you are playing on easy or normal you don't 
    actually need to ever buy anything. Health items are easily found and many of
    the weapons can be found, or purchased after getting this trophy.
    I HIGHLY recommend saving every piece of gold you can till you get the trophy.
    The weapon upgrading and collecting trophies can wait till after this one. By
    all means, collect the ones out of the chests still, but just don't buy any
    The way to actually earn this much is to do every quest you can. There are 36
    quests in part 01, and 34 in part 02. Total money you could earn this way is
    779,800. Some quests will give you less depending on your actions or purchases.
    The easiest way to get the rest is to cultivate and sell white moonflowers.
    They sell for 5000, and using the guidelines listed below you can cultivate for
    the seeds and then sell the flowers. When cultivating you can only choose to
    harvest flowers or seeds, when you plant white moonflowers, each seed will give
    you 2 seeds, doubling your investment. 
    Basically, use the clock cheat to get enough seeds (each seed can produce 1
    flower) to meet the rest of your money requirements then switch to harvesting 
    flowers. This method should allow you to earn 300k in about 20 minutes. Or you
    could just do this as soon as you have the three rows and do it for all the
    money, though this isn't a fun process and can take 3-4 hours.
    *                                                                             *
    *      Alternate Strategy, according to G1234, Original author unknown        *
    *                                                                             *
    * Rice sells for 300G each, and you get at least 9 per pod, w/o water or      *
    * fert. With water, it goes up to an average of 11x per pod. With water and   *
    * Bounty Fert you get up to 14x or higher, but I don't personally use Fert    *
    * since it costs money.                                                       *
    *                                                                             *
    * With the White MF you have to harvest seeds, which seem to output max 3     *
    * seeds per plot, with Bounty Fert and Water. Having to harvest the seeds     *
    * first, and then plant them equates too much time, it doesn't make enough    *
    * money to cover the time loss, not to mention the fact that you can only     *
    * carry a maximum of 10 in your inventory, before you HAVE to go sell.        *
    *                                                                             *
    Name: Village Handyman
    Description: You completed 10 quests
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Self explanatory, complete 10 quests. You should get this easily
    within the first 5 hours if you take the time to do them. Keep an eye out for
    speech bubbles, and check the local bar since many quests are given by the
    people inside drinking.
    Name: Jack of All Trades
    Description: You completed 20 quests
    Type: Bronze
    Details: More of the same, keep running those errands :P
    Name: Go-To guy
    Description: You completed 30 missions
    Type: Silver
    Details: Same ol' same ol' There are 36 quests in part 01 so
    this trophy is doable now. Some of them are quite involved and will take
    some patience and plenty of running, but none are truly hard.
    Name: Legendary Gardener
    Description: You successfully cultivated the legendary flower
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Be sure to do both the quests for your village's florist to unlock 
    your whole field. I'm going to assume that you are using the clock cheat to get
    this, so just follow the clock cheat steps between each planting and harvesting
    I list below.
    *IMPORTANT* Because you want seeds, not flowers, you need to actually advance
    the clock ahead 36 hours to get to the moonflower grass stage where it has
    When planting, alternate between flowers. Ie, red, gold, red, gold, red would
    be one row, then do the same with the next two rows.
    Purchase, or find 18 red moonflower (MF) seeds, 12 gold MF seeds, and 6 blue MF
    Using bounty fertilizer, alternate planting of red and gold MF seeds, water.
    Cheat, harvest. If you don't get at least 9 peach MF seeds, reload your save
    and try again.
    Next, bounty fertilizer, alternate gold and blue MF seeds, water.
    Cheat, harvest. Reload if you don't get at least 6 indigo MF seeds.
    Next, bounty fertilizer, alternate red and indigo MF seeds, water.
    Cheat, harvest. Reload if you don't get at least 6 pink MF seeds.
    Next, bounty fertilizer, alternate peach and pink MF seeds, water.
    Cheat, harvest. If you don't get any white MF seeds, reload.
    Once you harvest the white MF seed, you'll get your trophy. Using the white MF
    seed, you can then start making money faster than doing the missions.
    Enjoy your trophy :)
    Some people have been reporting that reloading doesn't change the results and
    that only by replanting were they able to get a white MF to appear.
    Name: Fish of Legend
    Description: You caught a rhizodant
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Make sure to do all the fishing quests for the fisherman (the guy
    who gave you a pole) to make this easier. You'll have to wait till part 02
    to finish his quests though. The legendary fish has the mosthealth of any
    you've gone after.
    Fish location: Desert, yup weird, but that's where it is. There is a fast
    moving area of sand that's basically sand/water. There's a dock in the NE
    corner and SW corner of the desert.
    Use carp for bait, and have patience. Even using its favorite bait you still
    have a low chance to get it to even bite. You'll know when it bites by the
    pattern on the line: medium nibble, medium nibble, BITE. If you don't get a
    medium nibble on the first pull, reel in your line so you don't waste the
    This is a matter of patience, so buy an extra controller for when you smash
    your first one :P
    Name: A Round by the Pond
    Description: You caught every type of fish
    Type: Silver
    Details: Same as above, do fishing quests to increase you level and use the
    proper bait. You'll have to wait till part 02 to finish the fishing quests
    There are 15 fish and many can be caught easily without special bait at all.
    I'll specify the ideal location and bait, as well as the bite pattern. The
    village is your starting village. Some of the fish, especially the desert ones
    have a low chance to even bite in the first place, so have patience.
    The bite patterns will be described as:
    S: small nibble (1 small tug) M: medium nibble (2 small tugs) B: BITE
    Shaman Fish --- Seafront Beach (where the seals are), lure, SSB
    Sardine ------- Seafront Warf, lugworm, MB
    Blowfish ------ Seafront Warf, lugworm, SSB
    Bream --------- Seafront Warf, lure, MMB
    Shark --------- Seafront Warf, sardine, SB
    Blue Marlin --- Seafront Warf, sardine, B
    Dunkleosteus -- Seafront Warf, sardine, SMB
    Carp ---------- Village, earthworm, MB
    Rainbow Trout - Northern Plains, lure, SSB
    Black Bass ---- Village, lure, SB
    Giant Catfish - Eastern Road, carp, B
    Royal Fish ---- Eastern Road, earthworm, MSB
    Hyneria ------- Desert, sardine, SSB
    Sandfish ------ Desert, lure, B
    Rhizodant ----- Desert, carp, MMB
    Total difficulty for this trophy? Two smashed controllers :P
    Name: Material Hunter
    Description: You collected 50 types of raw materials
    Type: Bronze
    Details: This one is easily accomplished by making sure to kill new animals for
    meat and hides, as well as gathering every sparkle you can. This one should be
    obtained easily in part 01 if you follow this advice. I don't know if you have
    to have them all on you at once, but I did so better safe than sorry :)
    Name: All Aboard!
    Description: Rode a boar for at least five minutes
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Fairly easy. After completing the boar mission and obtaining the
    tusk, you can then ride boars in any open area. I did this in the Northern
    Plains since it has only weak enemies and a few sheep. Hold x and use the
    L2 and R2 buttons with the analog stick to drift. Don't run into a rock
    and you should be fine.
    Name: The Sheep Whisperer
    Description: You killed 100 sheep
    Type: Bronze
    Details: As a general rule, never approach any animal from the front or rear,
    they will kick your ass. Approach from the side and hack away. You'll have to
    re-enter the area a few times to get enough sheep. As a bonus, you can sell
    10 packs of mutton to a woman sitting near the fountain in your town's market
    for 1500g. Easy money :)
    Part 02 - Five Years Later
    Name: Weapons Collector
    Description: You found every weapon
    Type: Silver
    Details: I have the weapon list and locations located after the trophy section.
    I recommend doing this after the Man of Means trophy. However, keep collecting
    just don't buy any till you get 1,000,000g since it will make it that much
    harder later.
    Name: Upgrade Apprentice
    Description: You upgraded five weapons to their maximum level
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Each weapon has four levels, and requires 1000g and various materials
    to upgrade each time. Most materials can be bought at shops if you don't feel
    like gathering them. I recommend doing this after the Man of Means trophy.
    According to Chupacabrabra, materials have a higher drop rate while playing on
    easy. Before loading your save, change the difficulty setting in the options
    menu to easy.
    Name: Reform Specialist
    Description: You upgraded fifteen weapons to their maximum level
    Type: Bronze
    Details: Same as above, just ten more times. I recommend doing this after the
    Man of Means trophy.
    Name: Forging Master
    Description: You upgraded thirty weapons to their maximum level
    Type: Silver
    Details: You know what to do :) I recommend doing this after the Man of Means
    trophy. I'll update later with a list of materials and locations.
    Name: Educated Warrior
    Description: You read the final novel segment
    type: Bronze
    Details: Just read Kaine's story after beating the game. After the final boss
    you will have the option to save. Load and select to read Kaine's dream.
    Name: Call Her Back
    Description: You viewed the first ending
    Type: Silver
    Details: Beat the game the first time. After the final boss the game asks you
    to save, do so and when you load it, it will carry over all your xp, weapons
    and items. the new game+ starts you out at the start of part 02
    Name: Lingering Memories
    Description: You viewed the second ending
    Type: Silver
    Details: Beat the game again, there's just more story this time. Same as last
    time, it asks you to save, do so. When you load you'll start the same place as
    before and be on your 2nd new game+ where I recommend going for the boss time
    trial trophies. You'll be strong enough to get them by now, but you'll miss
    out on some great story sequences.
    Name: Thank You
    Description: You viewed the third ending
    Type: Gold
    Details: Be sure to do the boss time trial trophies during this playthrough.
    They are listed after the fourth ending trophy.
    Same as before, except an extra boss fight. *Important* The game will ask a
    question and you need to select the FIRST option.
    Be sure to save before entering the Shadowlord's castle so you can get the 4th
    ending trophy without playing through yet another new game+
    Name: Something Very Special
    Description: You viewed the fourth ending
    Type: Gold
    Details: Reload the save I asked you to make before the final boss. When it 
    asks you the question this time, choose the second option. *Important* After
    getting this trophy all your save data for the game will be deleted, so make a
    back up before doing this if you want to keep your saves.
    Name: King of the lost Shrine
    Description: You defeated Gretel within 2 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: Assuming you are doing this on your second new game+ like I advised,
    this trophy, and the other boss trophies will be cake thanks to being WAY over
    powered. Save before attempting any of the boss trophies just in case. You
    should already know his strengths and weakness from the first two times you 
    fought him. Kick his ass :)
    If you need a little more oomph, use strength and magic drops.
    Name: A True Friend
    Description: You stopped the berserk Kaine within 1 minute
    type: Silver
    Details: Follow the above guidelines for an easy win.
    Name: Boss of the Junk Heap
    Description: You defeated P-33 within 4 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: Nothing new :)
    Name: Scourge of the Aerie
    Description: You defeated Wendy within 8 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: Same stuff, different monster.
    Name: Protector of the Facade
    Description: You defeated Roc within 3 1/2 minutes
    Details: Keep up the good work! :)
    Name: Permission Granted
    Description: You drove off the twins within 2 1/2 minutes
    Details: These next five are part of a marathon of final encounters. You
    can save before this boss, but not before the next four. You may have 
    reload your save to get this, but as long as you have a healthy supply of
    drops, and use what you've learned you should get through these five just
    Name: A Dirge for the Hero
    Description: You defeated Goose within 2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: Same strategies, kick his ass :)
    Name: Soul Crusher
    Description: You defeated the twins within 3 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: Keep going ;)
    Name: Book Burner
    Description: You defeated Grimoire Noir within three 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: He doesn't even put up a fight.
    Name: The Once and Final King
    Description: You defeated the Shadowlord within 3 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: Shadowpansy is more like it.
    Name: The Strongest Bond
    Description: You defeated the berserk Kaine within 3 1/2 minutes
    Type: Silver
    Details: You can get this one during ending 3 or 4. Be sure to save before
    this fight so you can redo it if you fail, and for the fourth ending. Use
    what you have learned in your struggles, and some drops :)
    Special Trophies
    Name: Lightspeed Fighter
    Description: You completed the game within 15 hours
    Type: Silver
    Details: After getting the fourth ending trophy, start a brand new game on Easy
    difficulty. Don't do ANY extra quests, skip all dialogs, and use what you've
    learned to beat bosses quickly. *Run, don't walk* Do the boar quest so you can
    ride them to save travel time.
    The game time never stops unless you quit out. That means opening your menu,
    pressing the PS button, or any other normal way to stop the game clock won't
    work. Saving and exiting is the only way to keep the time from advancing.
    Save often so you can replay bosses or sections you felt you took too long on.
    You should be able to beat the game within 8-10 hours, probably less.
    Name: Platinum
    Description: Acquired all the other trophies
    Type: Platinum
    Details: Self-explanatory. It takes roughly 40-50 hours, or less depending on
    your efficiency. Enjoy it, you earned it :)
    Weapon List and Locations
    There are three types of weapons: One handed, two handed, and spears. I prefer
    spears myself. I'll only be listing the earliest locations and prices since 
    this isn't a weapons faq, sorry. 
    You practically trip over the weapon boxes in dungeons, so there should be no
    reason to miss them, leaving only the quest and store purchases to aquire.
    One Handed Weapons
    Nameless Blade - Starting equipment
    Lily-Leaf Sword - 2,400g, starting village
    Nirvana Dagger - Box in the Lost shrine on the staircase
    Moonrise - Obtained from a guard in the southern plains for saving him
    Rebirth - Obtained from the prince of Facade after the Barren Temple
    Earth Wyrm's Claw - 8,400g, blacksmith in Facade
    Blade of Treachery - Box in the Manor right before the boss
    Beastbain - 16,800g, blacksmith in starting village
    Faith - Obtained from the mayor of the Forest of Myth after freeing
            him and the other two residents from the Deathdream
    Ancient Overlord - Acquired form the King of Facade, part 02
    Phoenix Dagger - 31,200, blacksmith in Seaport village, part 02
    Labyrinth's Whisper - Quest reward: A Bridge in Peril
    Iron Pipe - Quest reward: The Magical Stone
    Two Handed Weapons
    Kusanagi - Auto-acquired beginning of part 02
    Axe of Beheading - 19,200g, blacksmith in starting village, part 02
    Fang of the Twins - Box in the underground facility, first level, part 02
    Vile Axe - 21,600g, blacksmith in Seafront, part 02
    Beastlord - Box in the lost shrine right before the boss, part 02
    Iron Will - Obtained from Gideon at the two brothers weaponry, part 02
    Phoenix Sword - Box in Shadowlord's Castle in the same room as the birds
    Labyrinth's Song - Quest reward: Disturbing the sleep of Kings
    Transience - Auto-acquired beginning of part 02
    Spear of the Usurper - 21,600g, blacksmith in Seaport, part 02
    The Devil Queen - Box at the foot of the lost shrine, back entrance, part 02
    Sunrise - 21,600g, blacksmith at the Aerie, part 02
    Beastcurse - Box inside junk heap right before the P-33 fight, part 02
    Captain's Holy Spear - Blacksmith at Facade, part 02
    Dragoon Lance - Box in Shadowlord's castle, just before the spiral stairs
                    while running from the armored pig
    Phoenix Spear - 32,400g, blacksmith in Facade, part 02
    Labyrinth's Shout - Quest reward: The Damaged Map
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can I keep playing after I beat the game?
    A: Yes, the game lets you save after beating it, after which you can play
    part 02 again. Only exception is after viewing ending 4, your saves will
    be gone.
    Q: Are there any missable trophies?
    A: None of the trophies are very hard assuming you followed my guide in order.
    Q: I'm looking for <item name> in the shops, but I can't find it anywhere!
    What's going on?
    A: Sorry, but this isn't an item shop guide. It's really not hard to search
    for stuff since the game world is relatively small.
    Q: The trophy section on the XMB isn't displayed, what's going on?
    A: I never had that problem, but I installed the game before starting. Try
    installing it via the options menu on the main screen.
    Feel free to email me with questions, comments, or suggestions. Credit will be
    given to anyone whose contributions I include. My email address is listed at
    the very top of the guide.
    - scottb32198 for motivating me to finally write a guide
    - G1243 for rewrite sugestion in the MF section
    - Persons unknown for how to breed pink MF, best ways to get the 15 hour trophy,
      and the farming cheat. Sorry I cannot remember where I heard these originally.
    - Thanks to Dane J. for a missing weapon, Chupacabrabra and G1234 for additional
    Currently the only sites with permission to post this FAQ is:
    Game FAQs

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