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    FAQ by Mikael Grizzly

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    Wolfenstein 3D FAQ v1.0
    by Mikael Grizzly
    1.0. Background
    2.0. Episodes
    3.0  Weapons
    4.0  Stuff
    5.0  Enemies
    6.0  Bosses
    7.0  Hints
    8.0  Credits
    1.0 Background
    Wolfenstein 3D is one of the first FPS ever made. Released in 1994 by 
    Id Softwate this game quickly became the most important game of the year,
    featuring great textures, four weapons and many, many, many scenery objects,
    speaking (or rather shouting) enemies, and an animated weapon.
    In the game you get points for killing enemies and collecting treasures.
    Every 40,000 points will give you a free guy.
    2.0. Episodes
    Wolfenstein 3D consists of six episodes, each with nine levels and a boss.
    At the beggining of each episode you start with 100% health, a P'08 Luger and 
    one 9mm clip. You have to fight your way through enemies and gather equipment 
    as you go.
    Episode 1: Escape from Wolfenstein
    In this episode you (as William J. "B.J." Blazkowicz) you have to escape the
    Wolfenstein Castle and gain contact with the resistance. Unfortunately you
    only get to play the first part. 
    Boss: Hans Grosse
    Levels: Simple, not complicated
    Enemies: Dogs, Soldiers, SS Waffen Soldiers
    Episode 2: Operation Eisenfaust
    Here William Blazkowicz has to find doctor Otto Fettgesicht, the scientist 
    who raises the dead turning them into undead mutant zombies. He is
    hiding in Castle Hollehammer, where Blazkowicz was caught. 
    Boss: Dr Schabbs
    Levels: Big, a little bit complicated
    Enemies: Dogs, Soldiers, SS Waffen Soldiers, Officers, Undaed Mutant Zombies
    Episode 3: Die, Fuhrer die!
    As the Nazi war machine falls, Hitlers hides in his titanic bunker beneath 
    the Reichstag. BJ has to go in and assasinate Hitler, ending his madness 
    and the war.
    Boss: Adolf Hitler himself
    Levels: Vary, from small, not complicated to big and complicated.
    Enemies: Dogs, Soldiers, SS-Waffen soldiers, Officers, Hitler Clones
    The nocturnal missions (a prequel to the first three episodes)
    Episode 4: A dark secret
    The Allied forces send William Blazkowicz to kill dr Otto Giftmacher, the 
    twisted scientist who is one of the Masterminds of the Giftkrieg/Poison War.
    Boss: dr Otto Giftmacher
    Levels: Big and complicated (stupid mazes!)
    Enemies: Dogs, Soldiers, SS-Waffen Soldiers, Officers
    Episode 5: Trail of the madman
    After killing dr Giftmacher, William has to recover the plans of the Giftkrieg
    which are located deep in the fortress of Erlagen guarded by a giant guard...
    Boss: Gretel Grosse (yes, the sister of Hans)
    Levels: Again: big mazes
    Enemies:Dogs, Soldiers, SS-Waffen Soldiers, Officers
    Episode 6: Confrontation
    After acquiring the Plans, BJ proceeds to the military installation in 
    Offenbach to kill the mastermind of the Giftktieg
    Boss: general Fettgesicht
    Levels: Big, complicated mazes.
    Enemies: Dogs, Soldiers, SS-Waffen Soldiers, Officers
    Wolfenstein is available for download from sites that offer freeware and 
    abandonware. You should check out the Underdogs! (www.underdogs.com) for
    your free copy.
    3.0 Weapons
    William can be equipped with three types of guns and a knife!
    During your journey you will find 9mm clips with 8 bullets in.
    3.1 Knife
    Your basic HtH weapon. No ammuniton required.
    The knife is silent, fast and wont raise the alarm, if you kill 
    someone with it.
    DAMAGE: Low
    RATE OF FIRE: n/a  
    3.2. Parabellum P'08 Luger Pistol
    Some players say that the pistol in Wolf3d is Walther P38, but the Walther has
    a hammer, and the gun in Wolfenstein does NOT have a hammer, therefore it is
    the Luger P'08. 
    P'08 was developed by Georg Luger, and quickly became a standard side arm in
    the German army (but later was replaced by Walther P38, because the P'08 
    had to be clean to work properly, and it was hard to keep the weapon clean 
    in the middle of battle). 
    Luger is fed with 9mm bullets.
    DAMAGE: Medium
    3.3. Machinen Pistol 40 (MP 40 SubMachine Gun)
    MP 40 was the basic SMG of German army during the Second World War.  
    The Third Reich produced totally over 1,000,000 MP 40's, due to their economic
    production process.
    The MP 40 is fed with 9mm bullets.  
    DAMAGE: Medium
    RATE OF FIRE: Medium
    3.4. Venom AutoCannon
    The Venom did not exist  in the World War, and propably it was introduced,
    because the player needed a strong weapon to fight with the bosses.
    It's fed with 9mm bullets.
    BTW: Look at BJ's face when you acquire this gun!
    DAMAGE: High
    4.0 Stuff
    During his missions, BJ will find usefull stuff.
    4.1 Dog food
    This bowl with dog food (Pedigree?) will heal BJ a bit.
    4.2 Meal
    A plate with a chicken leg, a lettuce and some rice. Far more effective than
    the dog meal.
    4.3 1st Aid Kit
    A small kit with basic healing items, such as bandages and painkillers.
    4.4 Golden Cross
    This is a golden cross with rich decoration and precious jewels settled in.
    POINTS: 100
    4.5 Chalice
    A small golden chalice with rich decoration and rubies settled in. 
    POINTS: 500
    4.6 Treasure Chest
    Beautifully decorated chest filled with goodies.
    POINTS: 1000
    4.7 Crown
    A beautiful crown.
    POINTS: 5000
    4.8 Orb with BJ's head
    This Orb gives you a free life (you can have 9 lives max) and fully heals you.
    4.9 Keys
    You will find two types of keys: silver and gold. 
    Silver keys open bright doors.
    Gold keys open dark doors.
    5.0 Enemies
    "Mein leben!"
    Dead SS-Waffen soldier
    Here are the enemies whom you will encounter (remember, enemies wont run at
    you, they strafe as they approach). 
    Every living human will drop a 4 bullet 9mm clip.
    5.1 Soldier
    Generic soldier drssed in a brown uniform and a steel helmet
    WEAPON: P'08 Luger
    LIFE: Low
    THREAT: Low
    POINTS: 100 
    5.2 SS-Waffen Soldier
    This deadly soldier is a serious threat! Wears a blue uniform with a blue hat.
    WEAPON: MP 40
    LIFE: Medium
    THREAT: High
    POINTS: 500
    5.3. Officer
    This adversary wears a white uniform with a violet hat.
    WEAPON: P'08 Luger
    LIFE: Medium
    THREAT: Low
    POINTS: 400
    5.4 Dog (German Sheep-dog to be precise)
    A brown canine, whom you will be forced to send to the great kennel 
    in the sky...
    WEAPON: Claws, teeth
    LIFE: Very low
    THREAT: Low
    POINTS: 200
    5.5 Undead mutant zombie
    "Gray-skinned berserk soldier" according to the game. They're right. This 
    zombie has a very high rate of fire, and is very dangerous.
    WEAPON: MP 40 in his chest
    LIFE: Medium
    THREAT: High 
    POINTS: 700
    5.6 Hitler's clone
    Hitler has cloned himself! The clones wear dark robes and amulets on their 
    necks. His energy balls are quite deadly, and there are many of them!
    BTW: after you kill one, listen to that laugh!
    The clones are present only on the 9th floor of the 3rd episode.
    WEAPON: Energy balls???
    LIFE: Medium
    THREAT: High
    POINTS: 2000
    6.0 Bosses
    Each episode ends with a boss. The boss is on the 9th floor of the episode,
    and cant nbe mistaken for anything. The boss is big, fat and is equipped with
    deadly weapons.
    The general rule in fighting with bosses is that you should never! lure them 
    into corridors. The corridors are narrow, and thus you wont be able to avoid
    their shots.
    Each boss is worth 5000 points.
    Episode 1: Hans Grosse
    Hans is a soldier in a blue power armor, and is armed with a double chaingun!
    TACTICS: First, before opening the door to Hans, find the secret place.
    (It's on the left wall, one of the signs) grab the Venom and the ammo and heal 
    Next open the door to Hans and fire on him, slowly retreating. 
    Watch your health. When it drops under 25% run to the secret room (FAST!),
    heal up (#1), reload (#2) and run like hell back (if you dont, you will be 
    forced  to fight Hans in that room, which is'nt good). Fire at him again. 
    Repeat if needed.
    Next grab the golden key he had, open the door he was guarding, and escape!
                            |   F  |
                            |      |
                            |__ G__|
                            |      |
                            |   H  |
                 ___________|__ D__|____________
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
                |                               |
          ______|                               |
         |      |                               |
         |  1   S                               |
    _____|      |                               |
    |           |                               |
    |       ____|_____________   _______________|
    |      |             |           |
    |  2   |             |     E     |
    |______|             |___________|
    G=Door which needs a golden key
    F= FREEDOM!!!
    S=Secret Panel
    Episode 2: Dr Schabbs
    Schabbs is a fat doctor, equipped with syringes. He throws them at you, so
    strafe! He isnt that hard, but he is guarded by zombies!
    BTW: Schabbs quarter is located in a tower, and you fight him at night.
    Just look what is behind the column...
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    TACTICS: Heal yourself, and reload (ammo should be there somewhere)
    Then proceed to his chamber, killing zombies as you encounter them.
    When you enter the room you will be attacked by two zombies. Schabbs will be 
    behind them. Kill the zombies and lure Schabbs to the main room, where
    you will be able to avoid his syringes by sidestepping. 
    As you strafe, remember to shoot him!
        |                 |
        | 2      S      1 |
        |__     ___     __|    
    _______| Z |___| Z |_________
    |                           |
    |                           |
    |                           |
    |                           |
    |                           |
    |                           |
    |___________ E _____________|
    If you are hurt, or short on ammo there are some 1st Aid Kits, and 9mm Clips
    In the back room (#1).
    Episode 3: Adolf Hitler
    My dad completed this episode :)
    Adolf comes in two stages: In a Power Armor with four AutoCannons. It is 
    approximately as tough as Hans. Then, after you destroy the armor, he will
    fight you on foot, with only two chainguns. Now he is half tough as Hans.
    TACTICS: Get the chaingun and ammo. Heal. Go to the next room, kill the clone
    and the guards. Go further, and kill more guards and two clones. 
    Grab the gold key, proceed to the beast's lair. 
    As Hitler comes out run to #1. Reequip and heal. Then battle the Beast.
    The tactic for him is simple. Shoot at him, hide behind a column. 
    Shoot, hide. When you are low on ammo or badly hurt, heal up at #1
    or get the ammo from #2.  
    |      1    |                   
    |     ______|_____________________
    |      ____            _____      E
    |     |    |          |     |     |
    |     |____|          |_____|     | 
    |               ____              |
    |              |    |             |
    |              |____|    H        |
    |      ___________________________|
    |     |
    |  2  |
    Episode 4: Otto Giftmacher
    He is the mad scientist who created the poison gas. He wears a white uniform,
    and looks like a fat officer. Is armed with a Rocket Launcher.
    TACTICS: Before you get to fight him, you will have to complete a maze.
    Wont describe it (the idea of mazes in a FPS game isnt bright). But
    remember! Before you fight with him be sure you are at your maximum health, 
    and have the chaingun with 99 bullets!
     __________________    _ E ____________
    |   _        _     |  |    _      _    |
    |  | |      | |    |__|   | |    | |   |
    |  |_|      |_|           |_|    |_|   |
    |   _        _      G      _      _    |
    |  | |      | |           | |    | |   |____________
    |  |_|      |_|     __    |_|    |_|   |            |
    |                  |  |                S      1     |
    |__________________|  |________________|____________|
    S= Silver key door
    G= Otto Giftmacher
    As you enter fire at Otto, and sidestep to avoid his rockets. If you are low 
    on ammo resupply at #1. Otto is easy to kill, so you should'nt have
    much trouble killing him.
    Episode 5: Gretel Grosse
    She is a sister of Hans, and looks pretty much the same, except for the fact,
    that she has a pink power armor and has locks. She shares statistics with 
    her brother.
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    TACTICS: In the first room grab the chaingun and heal/resupply.
    Go futher and meet Gretel.
                    ________________            __________________
                   |    _____       |          |     ________     |
                   |   |_   _|  1   |   ___    |    |__    __|1   |
                   |     |_|        |__|   |___|       |__|       |
                   |_____ D ________|          |_______ D ________|  
                   |                                              |
                   |         __        _______       __           |
                   |        |  |      |       |     |  |          |
                   |        |  |      |       |     |  |          |
                   |        |  |      |_______|     |  |          |
                   |        |  |                    |  |          |
                   |        |  |          GG        |  |          |
                   |        |  |       _______      |  |          |
                   |        |  |      |       |     |  |          |
                   |        |  |      |       |     |  |          |
                   |        |  |      |_______|     |  |          |
                   |        |  |                    |  |          |
     ______________|        |__|                    |__|          | 
    |              |                                              |
    |              G                                              |
    |       _______|__D __D ____                       ___D __D __|                             
    |      |        |          |                      |          |
    |      |        |          |_____ D_______D ______|          |
    |      |        |          |          2           |          |
    |   P  |        |          |_________ D __________|          |
    |______|        |          |                      |          |
                    |          D                      D          |
                    |          |                      |          |
                    |__________|_________ E __________|__________|
    G=Door -> Gold key
    After resupplying proceed to the main hall and fight with Gretel.
    She is equipped with two chainguns, but there are columns. Shoot at Gretel,
    then hide behind the column. If you are hurt, go to #2. If you are out of
    Ammuniton go to #1.
    After defeating Gretel get the Gold key and as you open the G-Door, start 
    shooting, because there is many bad guys there. After they're toast, 
    go round the corner, and grab those plans!
    Episode 6: General Fettgesicht
    This coward is hiding deep in the military installation in Offenbach.
    He wears a brown uniform, and is equipped with a chaingun and 
    a rocket launcher.
    TACTICS: Heh, if you proceeded this far, then you should know enough about
    fighting bosses. Some tips:
    - There are treasures around. As you fight the general, pickem up
    - General is well protected by his guard. Eliminate them first
    - Keep your finger on the trigger, and good luck!
    7.0 Hints
    -Strafe when you fight; you will be harder to hit
    -Watch your ammo, especially if you use the AutoCannon/Chaingun
    -You can lure enemies by shooting -  they hear you
    -If you kill a guard with a knife, no one will notice it
    -To maximize the effect of a healing item, use it when you are badly damaged
     For example: If you have 97% health its okay to eat dog food, but not good
     to use a 1st Aid Kit
    -There are many secrets in this game; "use" walls to check if there is a 
     hidden room behind (you can get a MP 40 on the first level this way)
    -Explore the map. Sometimes you will find more treasures and weapons!
    8.0 Credits
    I wish to thank my Dad, who completed Episode 3. I love U.
    You can post this FAQ everywhere as long proper credit is added. 
    No portions of this FAQ can be copied, altered or damaged in anyway.
    You can use information in this FAQ, but cant copy the text.
    Copyright Mikael Grizzly, 2003

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