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"If you like multiplayer...."

Then you will love crysis 2, though not initially.

To put it in a nutshell, Crysis 2 has a fantastic multiplayer experience that only really has 2 flaws:
1.) lag issues
2.) an enormous learning curve.

Pretty standard. They work. Wish they had something akin to "bumper jumper" from Halo, but you can live without it, especially once you understand the importance of the nanosuit abilities.

Weapons/ customization:
all the guns function beautifully, and are a joy to fire. They sound great and get the job done. If you like COD because of the sheer number of weapons, then this might not be for you. While the weapons are varied enough to be interesting, there aren't 4 or 5 clone guns here. Each class has 2-3 gun choices, and thats all you need. It makes it easy to find "your weapon."

The customization is really great, as well. Players can truly create characters based on how they play. Hate campers? There are modules for that. Have trouble seeing invisible people (more on that later)? There's a module for that. Weather your a rambo or a sniper, it's easy to find set up that works for you.

All beautiful and well designed. In my opinion, there is some unnecessary geometry that disrupts flow, but for the most part they're fun and varied enough.

Ok. This is what will make it or break it for you. If you're a competitive player (eg enjoy getting really good at a game, destroying people online, learning every nuance, etc) then this game is for you. Initially, you might not do so well (learning to spot invisible people, or learning to efficiently use your suits abilities is a chore, and will take a little more time than you think), however the pay off is well worth it. The difference in skill between good players and bad players is very obvious in this game.

It almost feels like a hybrid of Call od Duty and Halo. You have enough health to where gunfights can be swayed by better aim or a good straffe, but not a ridiculous amount. The tactics revolve around the use of the nanosuit, and while that may seem like its not refreshing, it is. Properly timing a stealth to hide vs armor to tank is just one example of the way that the nanosuit alters the battlefield, and sets crysis aside from just another generic fps.

Of course, this is a double edged sword for some people. If you are more of a casual gamer, you might not enjoy this game so much. Be prepared to have quite a low K/D for a little while before you find you're footing.

Final Say:
If you play games for the multiplayer this game is for you. The lag is perhaps the only thing that gets in the way of this game being a perfect 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/08/11

Game Release: Crysis 2 (US, 03/22/11)

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