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"A Well Formed Game"

So I am doing this review with a little assuming involved. I haven't played for too long thus I haven't experienced many difficulties which could be coming along later as I progress. On to a simple review.

Single Player:

Campaign is seems to be pretty exciting and the start alone has managed to get me hyped on playing more. The graphics look nice and if I were playing on a TV with higher quality I could only imagine it would look all the better. From what I understand it is also 3D capable which is a neat insert but sadly I will not be able to experience it just yet. First thing I noticed (obviously) were the cut scenes. Superb quality but some things seem a little off, but I can't exactly put together what it is. Voice acting also is a little hokey, maybe underplayed. Never the less the fighting is fun and tactical even on a normal difficulty. Really neat integration of nano energy and being able to use multiple abilities coinciding. Being able to choose the tactical, sneaky, or brute force option is extremely cool in my opinion. Enemy AI seems to be astute of their surroundings and no major flaws have come my way yet. A few times "overly" astute AI are present being able to pin point you through walls when you had no prior detection level, but they are far and wide between. Another small gripe I have is small font, I can't stand not being able to read descriptions under the power menu when upgrading your nanosuit on the go (same goes for weapons though it is pretty straight forward). I know this in part my own accountability for having a mid sized TV but it should be more obvious. Overall combat and storyline are both pretty cool so far, and there is still more to be experienced.


One major flaw in my mind, host selection. I have an inability to join a game without having a yellow bar. I can only fathom what red bar is like and fantasize what being host is in comparison to all the other red/yellow bar players. Host selection could use some tweaks. Once again graphics are very nice and almost all maps are extremely explorable. Many points of interest for each map and they aren't symmetrical making for different fighting styles around every corner. Armor and stealth are not overpowered or too hard to see if you are focusing on the game. Minimal amount of weaponry is interesting, but the guns themselves are intriguing. Class systems have always had a good rapport with me. I am personally looking forward to trying the higher leveled weapons and seeing if there is a crude difference between higher and lower ranks. Interesting powers really give the game new aspects, but than again the powers don't exactly blow me out of the water. Fast paced fighting, nobody has too much or too little health in regular game modes, and the other game types are surely going to a fun change. Really worthwhile multiplayer if campaign isn't your thing.


Crysis 2 is pretty much aces in my books with a few minor flaws that hinder the game from excellence. Well worth spending the money on and I could this game gaining a decent online following. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/16/11

Game Release: Crysis 2 (Limited Edition) (US, 03/22/11)

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