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"Outstanding and Gorgeous, Crysis 2 is unlike any other."

When I started Crysis 2, I was stunned by how beautiful the game was. It didn't play like Call of Duty, nor Halo. It sets itself a new standard. Crysis 2 is unparalleled, unprecedented and will blow you away.

Gameplay: 10/10

First off, out of all the shooters I've played I have not seen a shooter whose game play that's as revolutionary as Crysis 2. Crysis 2 features a cover system unlike no other. While dug into cover be it a wall or a pile of sandbags, you have the option to lean out slightly to shoot and lean back to take cover. This actually gives you viable cover unlike crouching quickly after being shot in most shooters. Crysis 2 also lets you interact with the world around you, allowing you to grab objects to throw at your enemies, grab enemies to throw at your enemies or kicking cars at your enemies. Another feature that sets itself apart from the generic shooter.

Now the Nanosuit. A state of the art combat suits that is the hallmark of the game. You have several features built into the nanosuit that makes the game interesting. Featuring stealth and armor to suit your combat style. This gives you several key choices on how to tackle a combat situation. Play it stealth like Sam Fisher pulling off assassinations and silent headshots or go in guns blazing using reinforcing your armor to support your charge. If that doesn't help then there's the tactical visor that gives you options on what you can do during combat. It also allows you to tag enemies and objects. These are the many key features that sets Crysis 2 apart from the rest

The game mechanics are extremely well done as well. The enemies are actually smart. Their tactics and situational awareness improves dramatically with difficulty. They will take cover if shot at and they will shoot you more if you don't shoot back. They will flank, they will flush you out of cover and they will generally be a pain. With all that's provided in your nanosuit, you must decide how to deal with the problem. Did I also mention on the spot weapon customization? As long as you found the attachment for the weapon you can place that attachment on the same weapon you pick up, giving you further tactical options. Other than that, your grenades explode as a grenade should, things don't glitch into walls and your C4 actually does substantial damage. Also you don't throw your grenades like a girl.

Story 9/10

Epic. There are so many epic moments in the campaign that I lost track. The campaign itself isn't rushed unlike most shooters. It gives you an in-depth experience through the streets of Manhattan like none other. (30+ hours I estimate). Without spoiling too much, you're pretty much a marine who survived a terrible encounter with an alien race known as the "Ceph" As you lay there injured by the attack, you are rescued by the wielder of the Nanosuit, a man known as Prophet. Prophet is unable to fulfill his mission and gives you the task of saving New York City as the new wielder of the nanosuit. As a deadly virus spreads loose, an alien race running loose and a bunch of private military soldiers hunts you down, you will search for the truth as **** hits the fan in downtown New York. How you deal with this is up to you. You are the weapon.

Graphics/Sound 10/10

The graphics are absolutely beautiful. The environments are vivid, crisp and detailed. Detail is to the point and the textures are precise. The explosions The game flows through fluently, the colors are vibrant. You will be astounded. When they said that this was "The best looking game on console" They did not lie.

The sound is amazing, your gun will sounds like a gun when it shoots, explosions are actually loud and you can actually hear the voice of whose talking. The music itself sets the right mood and tone for the situation. From the eerie tone of a dark subway to the roaring orchestra of the final battle. The music does not disappoint.

Multiplayer 9/10

The multiplayer is tough. But don't let a soon to be former noob give you the impression that its bad. Multiplayer is what you would call different. Unlike Halo or Call of Duty. It has similar aspects such as killstreak rewards and custom classes but overall it is completely different. As in campaign you have the armor abilities such as cloak and armor. The important thing is timing, when to use them is vital. Patience is key when playing multiplayer but it pays off in time.

Overall, Crysis 2 is a must have of fans of the FPS genre. It's a refreshing not too mention beautiful change for those tired of the generic shooters. And for those who aren't fans of FPS games I would still recommend Crysis 2 regardless. It's a stunning game that will not disappoint.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/11

Game Release: Crysis 2 (US, 03/22/11)

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