Can I get help with some house crest (SOS)?

  1. Need help with these crest
    The jinxed broom: Slythern
    The Basilisk:Slythern
    Dragons: Hufelpuff
    The Black Lake: Hufelpuff

    please help

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    Shadowsword491 - 7 years ago

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  1. For The Jinxed Broom level, you have to be playing in Free Play mode as an evil character. When you get to the part where the Slytherin prefect stands (or stood before you drop him through the trap door), there is a fence to the left. You can jump around the fence (in front and to the left) to get to the other side. Collect the coins and find a black evil garbage can. Apply Wingardium Leviosa to get the Slytherin Crest. You can also continue to the left and jump down to grab the Ravenclaw Crest.

    User Info: mrsfoyle

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  1. For the Black Lake level, if u have the "Hogwarts Crest Detector" on, u will see 9 little blue arrows and when u get right up on them u will see they r seashells press and hold x to aim then shoot them. on the last seashell u will get the blue house crest... hope this helps

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  2. For The Jinxed Broom: do as mrsfoyle said.
    For The Basilisk: after Fawkes flies out and takes out the basilisk eyes and you damage it (thereby causing it to move to the upper level by the sorting hat), there should be three instruments that you can make. A violin on the far right that you must use Leviosa on twice, a trumpet closer to the cauldron that you just need to use Leviosa on once, and an accordion on the far left that you must use Leviosa twice on. (Really you just have to find and play all three instruments, and you have to build two of the three before you can play them).
    For Dragons: After you put the green dragon to sleep hit the yellow xylophone bar another five times.
    For The Black Lake: Use Lumos while swimming through the ink filled X, making sure that you go through the entire X, when down correctly the octopus/squid should swim away, leaving the crest behind.

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