Game doesn't save after beating boss a second time?!

  1. I finished SC with 74% completion; game saved fine and registered my highscore for the leaderboards.

    Now I just beat the final boss with 97%; I level up to 20 during the boss fight, and yet, after the boss fight, the game only lets me exit WITHOUT saving my progress. I've tried three times in a row; checked my leaderboard score and it's still the same from the first time I beat the game. when I continue the campaign, it puts me right back before the final boss fight, but I'm down to level 19 again and it didn't keep track of the parts of the map I explored during the boss fight.

    anyone else have this problem? what am I supposed to do if the only option I have after the boss fight is to leave game (without saving) ?!?!

    User Info: vanzhan

    vanzhan - 7 years ago

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  1. It doesn't save after the final boss fight.. you just need to start a new game and it will carry over your level. But since you're already at 97%, I'd suggest finding the remaining 3% quick before triggering the boss fight to get the 100% achievement. If you're having problems finding the last 3%, level up to 20 quick and it will reveal the map.

    User Info: koder21

    koder21 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. I've noticed a small programming error lately myself... After you beat the game once, it no longer records your scores and completion times on subsequent plays. For example, my original time was a bit over 4 hours, but I did an Insurgent run earlier today that was 40 minutes. My best time recorded on the leaderboards is still the 4 hour time. I've yet to find a fix for this.

    User Info: KnuxTenma

    KnuxTenma (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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