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    Insurgent Master Challenge Guide by realnifty1

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Insurgent Master Challenge Guide
    Last Update : 23-08-2009
    Author: Matthew Greenwell
    Table of Contents
    I      Introduction     (A11)
    II     Version History  (A12)
    III    The Guide        (A13)
    IV     Credits          (A14)
    I  Introduction  (A11)
    What is the Insurgent Master Challenge?
    The Insurgent is one of the bonus Master Challenges implemented into the
    game. These operate much the same way as achievements but are not for
    GamerScore. From the Main Menu select Achievements and press right three
    times and this will show you the list of Master Challenges. The Insurgent
    is defined as follows: Complete the game at 4% with only the Flashlight,
    Backpack, Grenade, Foam, and Missile. 
    Why this guide?
    The Insurgent Master Challenge is not as straight forward as it sounds.
    It is actually impossible to complete this challenge by progressing
    through the game in a standard linear fashion. Also because of the manner
    you must go about completing this it is often the basis of the method for
    undertaking speed runs.
    II  Version History  (A12)
    Version 1.0 - 23-08-2009 : Basic guide written
    III  The Guide  (A13)
    Before you begin there is one requirement and a few suggestions.
    REQUIREMENT: You must be at least a level 30 to complete this guide. The
    use of infinite foam is absolutely necessary.
    SUGGESTION 1: Know the game pretty well. This is not a strategy guide for
    the game and some parts will expect you know what you are doing already.
    I will cover in detail any unique portions that involve activities outside
    of a normal playthrough.
    SUGGESTION 2: Obtain the gold weapons by collecting all 12 gold bars in a
    previous playthrough. This will allow you to skip the Pistol pickup freeing
    up an extra percent so you can grab a bonus health pack. This guide will
    detail the Pistol skip.
    Now it is go time.
    Begin a new game, this guide is done with casual in mind but will work for
    any difficulty. Proceed as normal to room where you pick up the Pistol. 
    Instead of going to the desk head into the back room and pick up your 
    weapon of choice. After this drop back in the ventilation shaft and move
    to the right, using your gun to blow the cover off as you proceed. Slide
    down the ladder and proceed to the right. In the top right corner is
    another vent cover, shoot it and jump in.
    Proceed up and over to the right, continuing on past the elevator and then
    across the lake. Now proceed up in the normal fashion from here. When you
    get to the part where you have to go over to the right one screen make note
    of the three barrels in your path at a doorway. Proceed on and as you pass
    the save room if you did not pick up the the Pistol you can grab this
    Health Pack. (Note: The additional health makes the exploding escape much
    easier, so I suggest you get it for at least your first try.) Go down,
    grab the grenades and take out the Tarantula.
    Now STOP! Before you do anything make note of the green door on the map to
    the right. If you touch this door access to the secret passageway will no
    longer be possible. Now climb back up to the save room. It is possible to
    do this without even using the platform with the door, but it is okay to as
    long as you stay away from the door.
    Return back down to the doorway where you noted the barrels earlier. Once
    you pass through the doorway you have just over 30 seconds to make it down
    and back over to the left side of the lake. As you reach the pier on the
    far side, dive under and keep swimming left through the hole in the rocks.
    Hop up on the wall that stops your swimming left and go one room to the
    left. If you were fast enough and did not touch the green door there will
    be a hole in the floor here. If time was the problem you can load from
    last save and give it another shot.
    It is hot down here, you lose health over time. Crouch and go left to
    hang off the ledge. Just after the walls close together jump and climb up
    on the platform. Now wait until the platform you are on almost lowers into
    the flames before jumping left again. Do not wall jump, just hold up and
    scurry to the ledge if you did not grab it at first. Now just head up the
    ladder and to the left.
    When you enter this room you are wanting to get into the door just beneath
    you. Crouch and walk to the left, you will begin climbing down the ladder.
    Hold right as you reach the bottom of the ladder and you will catch the
    ledge of where you want to be. Shoot the guard, climb up, and go through
    the door. Fall all the down and go through the left door. Proceed to the
    left and into the crawlspace overhead, shoot the box out of the way to jump
    into the area with a scanner door and a Bomba.
    This is a foam Bomba and you need to get him to hit the sensor for you. Hop
    over him so that you are between him and the door. Now either jump or hang
    from the door to get him to shoot at you, but move so it hits the sensor.
    Go down and to the left into the rocket gunner room, and from there proceed
    down to foaming the factory as normal.
    Now the foam fun begins, from the save room you need to get back into the
    shaft you came in and return to the rocket gunner room.
    FOAM TIP: It is usually easier to build a foam bridge from where you want
    to be down to yourself rather than trying to build one up.
    Once you get back to the rocket room there is an air vent above the hill
    on the right where you need to go up and get the missiles from. This can
    one of the most frustrating things in the game as the air vent is blowing
    out a lot of air apparently, so you can't really jump at all. This will 
    take crafty building and probably some building foam under you as well to
    raise you up.
    Once you have the missiles proceed to the right out of the rocket gunner
    room and from here you can follow the blue line to the surface. Just foam
    your way up and to whatever doors you need to reach. Of special note about
    halfway up the is a dark climb, in this part there is a upgrade to the left
    side of the shaft. It is possible to fall onto this and spoil your 4%, be
    Back to the surface, now for the most massive foam undertaking to date. 
    Go left to the end of the pier and build a foam tower underneath you. Just
    keep going up until you see the overhang above you to the right. Now
    quickly build a bridge down from that to your self and hop up. You can foam
    your own pillar again at times if you are worried about it crumbling away. 
    Now up and over to the right and it is time to lower the bridge. This means
    you want to get into the red missile door across the gap. So go activate the
    bridge and get back up on it. Now proceed into the right and head down for
    the exploding room sequence. Getting out of the exploding room can be tricky
    with so little health. There is no time for foam, so make sure your triangle
    jump is up to snuff. Other than that watch the cinematic rather than skip it
    as it seems to give you a slight head start that way. Even the best players
    will die here sometimes.
    Now that we have that out of the way. Follow the blue line to the end game
    sequence. Foam is your friend and don't be alarmed by the scene of Claire
    and the helicopter, just proceed to the lake and all will be well.
    So how to beat the end without and super equipment or much health. Well if
    you are on casual, death is not particularly likely. I just work it from
    left to right. Foam onto the first one and start the missile. While you
    are on the platforms you are mostly safe from fire on casual, just duck and
    shoot a lot while waiting. Then jump down, go into the middle room, and then
    up the ladder into the cabin. There will be a switch at the top of the
    ladder to open the trap door.  Climb over the roof and take a short leap to
    land on the next launch platform. Once done, hop down and up the ladder into
    the cabin again. Then take a short leap to the right of the cabin and finish
    the sequence.
    And now you have completed the Insurgent Master Challenge.
    (Writers note: in the course of writing the guide my run through time
      was 36:49, not my best but even doing this at the same time it was fast.)
    IV  Credits  (A14)
    Thanks to GameFAQs for existing all this time.
    Thanks to all the board goers who laid the way, not limited to 
    the following as I am sure I will miss someone: Cooler1339, SubtleCynicism,
    KingBrolly, Nogarda, PirateKingflcl, and probably many more. 
    YaY!! The End.

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