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    Achievement Guide by LiamMcluckie

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    Shadow Complex Achievement Guide
    Started: 24/08/09
    By LiamMcLuckie
    I                 Introduction
    II                Achievements
    III               Master Challenges
    IV                Email
    V                 Legal
    VI                Credits and ending
    I. Introduction
    Hey, let's get started, shall we? Shadow Complex is an awesome Xbox 
    Live Arcade game by Epic Games and Chair, mixing elements from side-
    scrolling games (heavily influenced by games like Super Metroid) and 
    modern shooters (uhh... Gears). There are 12 achievements for a total 
    of 200 Gamerscore. This guide also covers the Master Challenges, too, 
    which are similar to achievements but do not unlock Gamerscore. While 
    I haven't written full guides for the Master Challenges, there's 
    quite a lot of helpful information here to use in conjunction with 
    the awesome Master Challenge guides on www.gamefaqs.com (with the 
    exception of Status Update: Single). Without further ado...
    WARNING: slight spoilers, probably...
    II. Achievements
    1. Let's Get Punchy
    Melee 5 soldiers
    Alright, each time you approach a soldier, press the B button to 
    perform a cinematic attack sequence. Do this 5 times for an easy 
    achievement. Simple. If you're starting out on a higher difficulty, 
    it may be an easier tactic to stealthily approach them from behind.
    2. Bomba Punter
    Punt 20 Bombas
    Again, this is another easy achievement. Just go up to bombas (the 
    little robots crawling on walls and ceilings) and press the B button 
    to punt them. Punting is basically a kick, which sends the poor thing 
    flying. Repeat this until you get the achievement. You can also shoot 
    them and punt them before they explode on the floor. This achievement 
    is easiest to obtain on Casual difficulty, as on higher difficulties 
    the bombas explode quicker, giving you less time to punt them.
    3. My Head A-splode
    Get 50 headshots
    Aim for the head, need I say more? Try not to use any other weapons 
    but your gun and you should get this very quickly. This will get 
    easier as you level up and gain accuracy and precision. Accuracy 
    decreases the spread of gunfire, whereas precision increases the 
    chance of a headshot. Needless to say, kill every soldier you come 
    across until you unlock it. Oh, and don't use the Inertial Element, 
    it really isn't too good for getting headshots with.
    4. Make 'Em Scream
    Get 100 soldiers to scream
    This one is easy but takes quite a while. Just use grenades instead 
    of shooting and you should be able to get this easy. This will make 
    most of the soldiers you kill scream out loud. You need to make 100 
    of them to scream, so it may take some time. Also look out for 
    barrels, which explode when you shoot them. This will most likely get 
    you a few screams, and it's quite entertaining to watch.
    5. To Kill a Blackbird
    Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president
    This will be the first achievement you get for Shadow Complex most 
    likely. As soon as you begin the campaign, you will fight a few 
    soldiers on the street and then the helicopter will fly up the street 
    towards you. You can't miss it, seriously. It'll go down without too 
    much trouble, even on Insane difficulty. Just shoot it for a while 
    and ignore any other enemies until you take it down. Alternatively, 
    you can also use missiles, which are very effective. The name of this 
    achievement, I'm sure, is a play on the book "To kill a mockingbird".
    6. Look Out!
    Kill a soldier with a Bomba
    Any time you see a soldier and a bomba next to each other, shoot the 
    bomba so it explodes and kills the soldier next to it. Another method 
    to get this achievement is to punt a bomba (press the B button) into 
    a soldier, exploding in his face and getting you the achievement. 
    Again, the latter method is best done on Casual to allow time to 
    punt. An ideal time to do this is at the beginning of the game, just 
    before obtaining the grenades. After swimming across the small body 
    of water, shoot the bomba and climb up the ladder. Proceed past the 
    barrels to another bomba. Shoot it then climb the ladders. At the top 
    is a solider and a bomba on the wall behind him. Shoot the bomba and 
    it should kill the solider.
    7. Walkin' on Water
    Make it from one end of the lake to the other in hyperspeed
    An odd achievement, this, but I think it's pretty cool. Ok, once 
    you're far enough into the campaign to obtain the friction dampener, 
    head back to the lake (where the helicopter attacked you, there's a 
    cabin in the middle of it). Starting from the left side, hold the X 
    button and run until you are in hyperspeed. You should run over the 
    water. Simply press the A button once just before you get to the 
    house and you should jump onto the logs and over the cabin. It 
    unlocked for me when I reached land on the other side. 
    Thanks to fonz3333, who also contributed this: "Jump on the logs when 
    you get near the house. As long as you are in hyperspeed you can run 
    up and over the house and make it to the other side of the lake."
    8. Hero
    Complete the game on any difficulty setting
    All you have to do for this one is complete the game. If you're not 
    going for any other achievements in this playthough, play on Casual 
    difficulty, collect as many items as you can and try to level up as 
    often as possible. This should make it much easier as you'll be 
    dealing much more damage and taking less. Shouldn't be a problem, 
    really, just play the game and if you get stuck, ask on the board or 
    consult a guide if one gets written (don't look a me, man!). Kind of 
    disappointing that there was no Insane achievement, it would've given 
    me incentive to do a full Insane playthough. Oh well...
    9. Completionist
    Complete the game with 100 of the items
    This one is time consuming, and best done on a new game+. Firstly, 
    get yourself to level 20. This unlocks the entire map and shows the 
    location of every item. Also take note, there are items in save 
    rooms, which are disguised on the map because of the save icon. 
    Similarly, in the room with the mask, there is an item that will not 
    appear on the map once you obtain the SCHCA Mask (since it thinks you 
    have the item). Be aware that when playing on Insane difficulty, even 
    at level 20 there are no question marks on the map. Oh, and for the 
    love of God don't miss the Inertial Element or you're screwed. Here's 
    a little checklist for you in your quest for 100%.
    -Health upgrades (8)
    -Armour upgrades (10)
    -Grenade packs (30)
    -Foam packs (20)
    -Missile packs (20)
    -Gold bars (12)
    -Passkeys (12)
    You can check your item percentage on the map screen (the Back 
    button). The above list can be accessed in game by pressing the Back 
    button then hitting the left bumper (LB). It will also tell you how 
    many of the items you have, for example, 6/8 Health upgrades. 
    -Climbing Gear
    -CLD Thrust Pack 
    -SCHCA Mask 
    -Omega Armour XOS-7 
    -Friction Dampener 
    -Thrust Boots 
    -Fusion Helmet (requires 12 passkeys)
    -WSP40 Pistol 
    -WSMP50 Compact 
    -WSM400A1 Carbine 
    -WSAR60 Coil Rifle 
    -Inertial Element* (DO NOT MISS IT! FOLLOW THE BLUE LINE!)
    *If you're in a dome room and a cutscene triggers with this guy on a 
    screen then everything starts exploding, reload your save, you've 
    gone too far. The Inertial Element is just north of that room; you 
    should be able to find it easily using the map.
    10. Minimalist
    Complete the game with less than 13% of items
    It is highly recommended to be at least level 30 for this 
    achievement. This will give you infinite Foam, allowing you to access 
    virtually everywhere without the need of thrust/hook items. Obviously 
    very useful if you wish to miss these items and instead pick up 
    health packs or whatnot. I found myself stuck in my first Minimalist 
    playthough without infinite foam, and had to restart my game, level 
    up to 30 then restart another Minimalist run.
    The items you generally need to collect to finish the game are the 
    Flashlight, Climbing Gear, Grenades, Mask, CLD Thrust Pack, Foam, 
    Omega Suit XOS-7, Friction Dampener, and Missiles. You can, however, 
    miss some of these items depending on what type of playthrough you 
    do. There is also one gold bar you are forced to collect during 
    hyperspeed. Aside from these necessary items, do not collect anything 
    else. Since you are limited to what items and equipment you use, the 
    game will obviously be more difficult so I suggest playing on Casual 
    One awesome thing you can do is find and collect all 12 Gold Bars to 
    unlock a room with a golden version of every single weapon. These 
    weapons can be used without adding to the percentage of items you 
    have (unlike the normal versions, which add to the percentage). Also 
    please note that although the achievement description says "less than 
    13%", I believe you can finish with 13% and still get the 
    achievement. 14% or higher and it will not unlock.
    The way I used was slightly different and involved sequence breaking, 
    taking little over 50 minutes (and I was slow). It involves using a 
    secret hatch shortly after the first boss battle to access the foam 
    early. With infinite foam, a missile pack is accessible and from 
    there you can beat the game prematurely. I will not go into further 
    detail, but there's a 3-part video demonstration here:
    It's just very useful for this achievement.
    11. Proven Grounds
    Complete the three challenge packs in the Proving Grounds
    Ok, this one is a little hard and a little time consuming. Select 
    Campaign and then Proving Grounds. You then get four menus: 
    Tutorials, Challenge Pack 1, Challenge Pack 2 and Challenge Pack 3. 
    You have to complete every single challenge in every single pack. 
    There are 7 challenges in each Challenge Pack, for a total of 21 
    challenges you need to complete. Note that you do not need to pass 
    the challenges with a certain medal (platinum or gold, for instance), 
    only complete the challenge itself. I got the achievement with 
    bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals, so you do not need to 
    achieve a certain medal for the achievement.
    12. Serious Complex
    Level up to experience level 50
    This is another time consuming achievement. Jeez! You get more 
    experience the higher the difficulty you are playing, so go on 
    insane, preferably on a new game+. Doing different things earns you 
    different amounts of exp:
    Small amount  - Killing enemies
    Medium amount - Exploring the map (each new square you explore)
    Large amount  - Picking up an item or upgrade, defeating a boss
    I'll also include this grinding strategy from Methionine:
    "When you trigger the boss after you get the first grenade pack at 
    the beginning of the game, point at him while he comes to the 
    foreground and plaster him with Inertial Element blasts and grenades, 
    you will get him to about 50% before he even attacks, when he starts 
    making the noise that he's gonna rush you run back to grenade room 
    while still firing on him, he should be about 35% at this point when 
    he retreats and breaks the pipes, as soon as that little cut scene 
    ends throw a grenade and kill him. This whole process, from menu to 
    menu takes about 10 minutes. There are probably better exp spots, 
    it's just one I found and its right at the start, and you can 
    practice getting to the secret room while you do it. It's about 25%-
    30% exp per run. It helps to be level 40 for infinite grenades but, 
    as this is a method of levelling up, you most likely aren't at level 
    40 yet."
    I encountered a small glitch when using this method where upon using 
    a grenade to defeat the boss, the screen permanently zoomed in on it 
    after the explosion. I reloaded the save and the same thing happened 
    again. Third time, I just shot instead of using a grenade and the 
    glitch didn't happen. Be wary of this. Also I found that it was 
    easier to begin on Casual then swap to Insane as soon as you control 
    Jason. Be sure to maximise the experience you get by killing every 
    enemy you see and exploring every possible square on the map on your 
    way to the boss. After two or three repeats of this method, you 
    should get familiar with everything.
    And this strategy from III S4mur4i III:
    "Okay I found a great spot for grinding. You can do this as long as 
    you have friction dampeners cause you have to be fast. The whole 
    premise of this grind is to beat down all or most of the enemies (for 
    the multiplier) and finish off with a big enemy for massive points.  
    You start at the tower on the top middle of the map were one of the 
    passkeys is located. There is one enemy located next to the passkey 
    building and one on top of the tower to the left of the passkey 
    building. Beat down both of these guys and continue on to the left 
    jumping from the tower to the next on. Beat this guy down and 
    continue left. Now after you kill this third guy there are 2 guys 
    directly after him. One you will definitely be able to beat down. The 
    other you might be able to, but most times he is to far in the back 
    so I usually leave him alone or just shoot him. At this point 
    continue left. You absolutely must start sprinting at this point in 
    order to maintain the multiplier, which should be either x6 or x7. 
    Sprint to the left and down the mountain. I suggest jumping to so you 
    can kill the next guy (a big chain gun guy easier). If you ran fast 
    enough you should still have the multiplier and is at x8 or x9 (since 
    big guys give x2 multipliers). Continue to the left, shoot this next 
    guy because he usually isn't in a spot to be beaten down, jump on the 
    platform after him, beat this guy down and then its just one enemy 
    left with a multiplier at either x9 or x10. This enemy is one of 
    those walker things that has a big health bar, machine gun, and 
    missiles. I recommend just unloading on him with the Inertial Element 
    and missiles. If done correctly (and on Insane difficulty) your XP 
    bar should shoot up at least half way if not more. In a matter of 30 
    minutes or so I went up 4 or 5 levels."
    All in all, I prefer the first method for levels 40-50 because it's 
    less repetitive and gives greater exp. Aside from the grinding 
    strategies, collect all 12 Gold Bars to unlock a room with a golden 
    version of every single weapon. These weapons provide an experience 
    boost so obviously they'll come in handy for levelling up to level 
    Dedeagle expands on the second strategy:
    "Hey there, dedeagle here.  Adding a little to the grinding bit that 
    III S4mur4i III gave you.  You can add a multiplier in there towards 
    the end before you kill the devastator.  After you melee the dude on 
    the platform by the devastator, jump past it immediately and run down 
    the ledge on the left.  If you're fast enough, you'll come across a 
    chain-gun soldier.  Melee him, then run back and immediately destroy 
    the devastator for the XP.  An easy way to destroy the devastator is 
    getting behind it and shooting it in the ass with a rocket or the 
    inertial element.  ALSO, when you're done with that, you can go right 
    back up the mountain on the right, and all the enemies melee'd at the 
    beginning will have respawned, so there's no need to reload the save 
    point, which will definitely make the grinding process quicker, 
    somewhat.  Once you've melee'd the enemies again, and go back down 
    the mountain, all the enemies at the bottom, including the devastator 
    will have respawned as well, creating a nice cycle of enemies from 
    which to assist in levelling up!"
    Doing certain things (melee attacks, for instance) raise your exp 
    multiplier, and you can chain together attacks to get a higher 
    multiplier for more exp. Be careful though, it quickly goes back to 
    x1 so you have to act fast. Here's a complete list of things that 
    raise the exp multiplier:
    -Melee attacks
    -Defeating a boss by attacking its weak point
    -Killing enemies with exploding barrels or bombas
    Note that the golden guns don't give you a constant multiplier but 
    when you do start a combo, it'll start at x3 instead of x2.
    III. Master Challenges
    Master Challenges are like achievements in Shadow Complex, except 
    they are much more challenging and reward no Gamerscore. There are 
    four Master Challengers to complete. There are some excellent Master 
    Challenge FAQs on www.gamefaqs.com, so look those up, as this section 
    isn't intended to be a guide. Before you start them, here are some 
    recommended requirements for all challenges (except Status Update: 
    -Level 50 (for the complete map and infinite grenades/foam/missiles)
    -Golden Guns (can't complete The Insurgent without them)
    -Knowledge of the map and sequence breaking
    Ok, with that out of the way, here's the Master Challenges:
    1. Jason Bailey
    Complete the game at 100% in under 2 hours on any difficulty.
    The name is a Metroid reference (that I missed, I didn't play the 
    original that much). Well, for this one I suggest you play on Casual 
    difficulty throughout. You'll need to do some sequence breaking for 
    this one, too.
    2. ChAIRness
    Complete the game at 100% in under 3 hours on insane.
    Well this sounds lovely, doesn't it? This is probably the hardest 
    Master Challenge, but by no means is it impossible. The name is a 
    reference to Chair, the developers of the game. The game must be 
    completed on Insane difficulty throughout, which means no switching 
    between difficulties at any point; you must begin on Insane and 
    finish on Insane (and be on Insane in the middle, too!). Keep in mind 
    that even at level 20 and above, you will not be able to see the item 
    locations on the map on Insane difficulty.
    You need 100% of items, too, which means not missing out on anything 
    whatsoever. Not even the Inertial Element... It goes without saying 
    that the higher level you are, the better. One thing you must avoid 
    at all costs is to obtain the missiles early (getting the first 
    missile pack early is fine, but you need to make sure you pick that 
    one up first). Doing so will make it impossible to obtain the first 
    missile pack, therefore preventing you from getting 100%.
    3. The Insurgent
    Complete the game at 4% with only the Flashlight, Backpack, Grenade, 
    Foam and Missile.
    To complete this Master Challenge, you must collect the Flashlight 
    and Backpack (Climbing Gear) at the beginning of the game, then a 
    golden gun. You must then get the grenades and sequence break through 
    the secret hatch to get the Foam early. You then use infinite foam to 
    reach a missile pack early, and then trigger the events for the final 
    boss. During this process, you must not collect any items other than 
    the mentioned ones whatsoever, or you will not be able to complete 
    the Challenge. There are some good Insurgent runs on YouTube to guide 
    you through, and of course the guide on gamefaqs.
    4. Status Update: Single
    Complete the game by abandoning Claire to her fate.
    After completing this "challenge" myself, I can say that it isn't at 
    all hard. You're able to get it as soon as you obtain the gun right 
    in the room right above the golden gun room (or skip the gun, 
    whatever). The current objective should be "Start making your way 
    BACK to Claire". Just travel the way you came (at the beginning of 
    the game) and you should pass through the rocks (where you got the 
    climbing gear) and end up in the open. The jeep (located in the exact 
    square you started the game) is at the top, so jump up and press B to 
    complete the challenge.
    I got this from Nemesis_489: 
    Hello, just giving confirmation on the 'Status Update: Single' Master 
    Achievement, it's been said you can trigger it at any time after 
    getting the backpack or seeing Claire taken away, but you obviously 
    can't get back to the car so fast, so you do have to do some 
    exploring to get the items needed for the escape. 
    This achievement can easily be paired with The Insurgent master 
    achievement, of course I beat the game normally first, this "ending" 
    is a 'joke' and doesn't count as beating the game, also to actually 
    get in the car you need to press B in front of it, all but one video 
    strategy failed to note this.
    And from HarbingerRyu:
    I just wanted to note that probably the earliest time for most people 
    to head back to the Jeep is actually either before or just after the 
    cut-scene where Claire is loaded into the helicopter, the cut-scene 
    where you fight the Devastator immediately afterward. From the left-
    most save-room on that same level, you can jump the gap to a small 
    ledge below the lip of the cliff, which you can grab to pull yourself 
    up. It will likely take most people more than one try to get the 
    timing of the jump right, but since it's right outside the save room, 
    it's not a big deal, in my opinion.
    You will have a to do a bit of fighting, as there is a shield-
    wielding, missile-firing enemy standing at the edge of the cliff, but 
    with a bit of skill and a bit of luck, you can grenade him from below 
    the lip of the cliff. It's also possible to jump over him, but that's 
    pretty risky, especially with low health. There are a few more 
    regular enemies after that, but after him, it's pretty much a 
    straight shot back to the Jeep, with one or two more gaps to jump, if 
    I recall correctly. The only real drawback is that heading back here 
    and getting the master challenge achievement starts you right back at 
    the Jeep when you reload, meaning you will have to make your way back 
    through the complex to the helipad area to continue the game.
    IV. Email
    Hey, if you have anything to contribute, or you want to compliment my 
    guide, or harass me with insults, here's my email:
    liammcluckie AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
    Be sure to include a name so I can credit you!
    Although I really appreciate any emails I get, please try and stick 
    to the following rules. Try and make sure the emails are in English, 
    stick to the subject of the game, are not spam, not irrelevant or 
    pointless, and please, please, please use proper spelling and 
    grammar. Any messages that do not follow these rules will be deleted 
    immediately. Otherwise, I am welcome to all suggestions, questions, 
    corrections and contributions! Oh, and please check my guide for 
    answers before you message me, as the answers you seek may already be 
    here. Also note that, although I regularly check my email, I may not 
    be able to reply for some time. Thanks for all the contributions 
    everyone, you guys have been great.
    V. Legal
    This guide is copyright 2009 Liam McLuckie. This may not be 
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use.  
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission from myself, Liam 
    McLuckie. Use of this guide on any other web site, or as a part of 
    any public display, is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document 
    are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    The sites that can currently host this guide are:
    VI. Credits and thank yous
    You, dear reader, I value any and all of my readers and I hope that I 
    helped you guys out, you're who I'm writing for, man! Thank you for 
    Epic Games, and ChAIR, for creating this awesome game.
    GameFAQs, (CjayC and SBAllen too) for being an awesome site that I 
    can come to for virtually any game and contribute to. I love you!
    PirateKingflcl for his awesome sticky thread.
    Stevolution and OmegaXzero for simultaneously making me feel like an 
    idiot and contributing item lists for the Completionist achievement.
    Methionine and III S4mur4i III for the experience grinding 
    Tobias_Is_Queen, Carnage_976 and Jhantaxx for the names of the 
    weapons (for the Completionist achievement.
    Nemesis_489 and HarbingerRyu, for the Status Update: Single Master 
    Challenge info.
    BYON Gootch, DrunkMog, friskmahnutz, Pooont, random guy named Joe and 
    Heffenfeffer for info regarding the Jason Bailey Master Challenge.
    JD Fedule for info regarding the exp multiplier.
    ElBarto2003 for info about levelling and stamina/precision/accuracy.
    Dedeagle for expanding on a level grinding strategy.
    -End of File-

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