Review by elcangri1991

"A little overrated but still an okay game."

I bought Shadow Complex two days ago and was very exited. I love 2D side-scrolling adventure games. Shadow Complex had been both compared with Metroid and Castlevania for a very good reason. However, because of this I was disappointed expecting the same experience I got from both of these games.

The game basically has no story. Your girlfriend gets caught, you go save her, you realize your way to deep and gain a moral obligation to end the enemies plan. It's good enough to give you a reason to get the enemies own weapon and use it against them, causing havoc and mayhem in there underground complex and that's where the fun really is.

The gameplay is very good. You can take cover to defend / take out your enemies, use grenades, missile or your foam gun to create paths and kill people and go around a huge map looking for items and upgrades. Also the game has a unique 3D environment were your enemies also appear on the background which gives you more of a challenge in gameplay, instead of just rushing in and killing everyone in plain view. If you love these types of games then your also gonna love this one.

However, none of this helps the game from how short it is. I played the game on the hardest difficulty on my first try and it took me 12 hours. Don't let this fool you however as probably 2 hours passed thanks to my countless deaths forcing me to start from a previous checkpoint and 5 to 6 went on getting my 100% completion. I took this much time unfortunately thanks to about 3 cleverly hidden items and 3 others which I thought I had gotten but didn't because I died and the game loaded me to a checkpoint were I didn't get it. Throughout my whole gameplay, I had already gotten 95% or the items (However, that's just me). So in all I would say the game is like 4 or 5 hours long. This brings me to a few things I disliked about this game. One of them was the fact that you get unlimited ammo. With unlimited ammo for the foam gun early in the game, I was able to access place I wasn't supposed too. This literally took away the purpose of the Triple jump and the hookshot. Second, the Fusion Helmet just takes all challenge away from the game. Also for collecting all the missile and grenade, you also get unlimited ammo. So even in its hardest difficulty, the game gets too easy when you get your upgrades. It would have been better if they gave you these after you finished the game.

I enjoyed the game and the 2D / 3D adventure-shooting concept gave this genre of game a fresh new feel, but in the end, I felt like this game could have been much better. I might have had too much high hope for this game. So in the end I can only give this a 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/28/09

Game Release: Shadow Complex (US, 08/19/09)

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