Review by Drinkmorewater

Reviewed: 09/02/09

"Ok guys, we need a game like old school metroid..."

Introduction: Shadow Complex is pretty much metroid... except some evil group of mercenaries wants to do evil things and, actually, you know what? It's metroid without sci-fi. Adventure side scroller with a fun combat system, neat puzzles/events, and a some other little goodies.

Story: I don't want to spoil it, so let me just put it this way. Think of the dumbest action movie you know. Ok? Now think of it 100x times more dumb. There ya go. The story line is laughable and not serious, but it's enough to get going. You really don't have to follow it and can just go with the simplistic "Get girl back from evil men" theme.

Graphics: No slow down, very smooth animation and pretty good artwork. Some of the cut scenes can be kind of bland compared to other games, but you should not really notice. Camera/lighting is always great. It is very beautiful though and I have to say one of the best looking xbox arcade titles I have seen.

Sound: Voice acting is terrible, but the rest of the game has enjoyable sound. It's nothing spectacular, but nothing horrible.

Gameplay: Well, it's Metroid pretty much. You play a hero, in a maze, picking up power ups, fighting bosses, and finding secretes. It's fun. There really isn't too much to say other then that. The aiming system for your weapon in combat is a tad twitchy, but it's nothing that can't be delt with. The difficulty even on highest setting is a bit tame, so I would crank that sucker to as hard as you can push it on the first play. Another thing to mention is that besides the main story there is also various challenges which the player can do. They are just little side games which can kill some time. Quite a bit of them are pretty fun and don't really feel like a chore unlike... say, prototype.

Overall: This almost seems like the most vague review I have ever wrote, but it's pretty much all of it in a nutshell. Kill things, find hidden things. One of the best things about Shadow Complex is that it's quite impressive for a xbox live arcade game. The graphics really beat pretty much anything else out there, the gameplay/depth really outshine most downloads, and the majority of gamers will enjoy it.

Think of it like Die Hard. Great, simple, and bad accents.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Shadow Complex (US, 08/19/09)

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