What are the best weapons?

  1. What are the best weapons for shotguns,smgs,rifles, and assault rifles and what shotgun is better the combat or the regular with the arm brace thats automatic

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  1. I believe the combat shotgun has more spread, while the regular with the arm brace has more compact spread meaning more damage to big targets like the tank.

    The M-16 Assault rifle has a slightly bigger ammo capacity than the AK-47 which I believe has slightly more damage, and less accuracy.

    The Sniper Rifle has more accuracy when not scoping in than the hunting rifle, and it obviously has a better ammo cap, twice that of the hunting rifle.

    For SMGs, the Silenced UZI does slightly less damage than the regular, but infected aren't as attracted to the silenced uzi than the regular one. Obviously, infected are attracted to the sounds of the guns, and the uzi is silenced. So yeah.. Silenced wins.

    When it comes down to it. It really depends on your preference as a player. I always select a gun type I feel like using a whole campagin, and just upgrade weapons as I go along. Basically going from the regular pump shotgun, to the chrome, then deciding on the Combat or Auto shotty depending on how many tanks I've fought by the time I've gotten it.

    For Assault rifles. I upgrade from the uzi to the combat rifle, then pick either the M-16 or AK depending on how close I am to a horde signal. AK is great for crowd control because of it's lesser accuracy and greater damage. Plus it's got a slower rate of fire so it can take out hordes faster without wasting too much ammo.

    For the rifles. I always upgrade to the sniper rifle. It has a better ammo cap, better damage, and overall better accuracy than the Hunting rifle.

    Hope this helped you in any way.

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  1. Facts that I've found are as follows.

    Tier 1:

    Pump shottie: More pellets, wider spread, SLIGHTLY higher damage at point blank.

    Chrome shottie: Less, slightly more powerful pellets, Tighter spread and longer range, slightly less damage at point blank.

    Silenced SMG: 25 damage per bullet, slightly lower range than the unsilenced.

    Unsilenced SMG: 20 damage per bullet, longer range.

    Hunting Rifle: Tighter crosshair while walking. Rumored to piece more zombies than the Sniper rifle.

    Tier 2:

    M16: 33 dmg per shot, 50 round clip, long range, fast fire, tight crosshair.

    Combat rifle: 44 dmg per shot 60 round clip, Three shot burst fire, Tight crosshair and good range.

    AK-47: 58 dmg per shot, 40 round clip. Slowest rate of fire of the machine cuns, but highest damage, Worst accuracy of the machine guns.

    Auto shottie (Basically Tier 2 version fo pump shottie)

    Combat Shottie (Basically Tier 2 version of chrome shottie)

    Sniper rifle: Double clip size of hunting rifle, the crosshair is slightly wider while moving, damage is the same. Rumored to pierce less zombies in a row.

    all information shamelessly stolen from

    the left 4 dead wikia, just put it in google.

    Go there for the full details on all of the above.

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  2. The best weapon is a matter of opinion, for example i like the auto shotguns and the ak-47. It also matters what situation you are in and what game mode you are on.

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