Will u play as master chief in this?

  1. Or different spartans?


    PENGUINRULES - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    When you are playing campain will their be other spartans fighting along side or will u be with a team of humans

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    Lovey955 - 7 years ago

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  1. By watching the trailer you can see that you will be a spartan III which is the series of spartans after Master chief, which are only 14 years old by the way
    (i read the books)

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  1. Well there are spartans with u but i dont know if your the master chief

    User Info: 1waddon1

    1waddon1 - 7 years ago 2 1
  2. You play as Master Cheif in the campain and you will have other spartans or humans fighting along side you.

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  3. I am pretty sure you will not play as Master Chief (SADLY) but I heard you you would play as a lieutenant or something.....

    User Info: amagama14

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  4. I just Brought a Halo Reach magazine and master cheif is injured so they fly him off Planet Reach for medical assiststance so you play as master cheifs replacment(you might be captain or your the rokkie)and thats all i know

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  5. no master chief wont be in this game at all you play as a spartan name lone-wolf and master cheif does not get injured because hes not in the game in the developer diary they say a spartan has DIED and your his replacment. your charater is not a rookie because he is trained and has been trainded from age 4

    User Info: deeppwns

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  6. No, you will not play as master chief. You will play as a new recruit to "Noble Squad" And also spartans are humans with suits that allow them almost superhuman abilities.

    User Info: merc7523

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  7. this is a prequel to Halo, this is before John 117 (Master Chief). You play as the new member of Noble Team.

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  8. what i think you will be playing as the rookie from ODST

    User Info: jamieson09

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  9. I think its master chief during the beta he grunted exactly like he does in halo 3.

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  10. No you play as Noble 6, AKA the "Lone Wolf". You're in a squad of Spartan II's and III's and you fight the Covenant on Reach.

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  11. No u play as spartans but thay r like odsts

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  12. Uh. WHAT?
    A lot of these answers are misinformed jabber and most of them are just counter arguments that are confusing to even read. Several of you are right and wrong at the same time and tons of you are just plain wrong.

    1. MCPO John / S-117 (The "Master Chief") will NOT be the player character in Halo: Reach.
    2. The player character is an UNNAMED (Dubed Noble 6) Lieutenant Spartan-III.
    3. You will be on a TEAM of Spartan-III's there as a replacement for a member of thier's who DIED on a recent mission.
    4. Your character's back story is that he used to work for ONI SPECWAR Group 3 (Office of Naval Intelligence Special Warfare Group 3) as an assassin/commando/Jesus.
    5. Spartan-III's are NOTHING like ODST's. Spartan-III's were created as a "Fire and Forget" weapon. They are cheaper and easier to produce than Spartan II's and do not recieve the full augmentation. They are still, however; vastly superrior to regular Marines due to the genetic and bio-organic augmentations they recieved at age 13.
    6. Spartans do not get thier abilities from thier armors, they get them from thier augmentation process and a literal LIFETIME of military training. The armors only enhance thier abilities.
    7. Hotchip is wrong, John 117 has been around since BEFORE Reach and even fought on reach, so this is not before him.

    If I failed to clear something up, look on the Halo Wiki, or read the books. The books will do wonders to helping you understand the Fall of Reach, the Spartan Projects, and the MJOLINR Armor Projects.

    For information on Halo: Reach (The Game) no one gives you more info than the Halo Wiki.

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