What is on of the quickest way to get 2000000 cR?

  1. I want to get enough credits to buy armour,visor colours,and some armor effects.I dont really care if its a mod.My gamertag is Robert1017.

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    Robert1017 - 7 years ago

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  1. I suppose you could always lose touch with the civilized world for a year or so and pull a montage of non-stop Reach action until your heart explodes from too much Monster energy drinks and chicken wing pizza all in the name of attaining credits in a game that does not allow you to use them in any way other than to dress up your virtual persona of yourself as a Spartan (or Elite).

    and do not listen to 'RJ082' or 'BaronVonSpooge'. simply because I'm falling to peer pressure and it seems everyone is telling you not to listen to people.

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  1. If you really don't care about the enviroment (SHAME ON YOU!) Go into forge and hook up a rig that makes your guy jump every few seconds. go into forge and leave it on all night. In forge you get credits for just being there O_o. Trust me. I accidenly left it for a few minutes and I quit when I came back cause I forgot my idea :(
    But I still got credits for not doing anything. Just turn brightness down though.........JUST DO IT!!!!

    User Info: TCD3

    TCD3 - 7 years ago 0 8
  2. The easy way is to be really good at multiplayer besides that you can play offline but the max you can get per game in forge, custom game, or campaign is 60 so you if you have xbox live just play online and you'll get it it will take you forever off line to do it

    User Info: RazgrizTheAce

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  3. Personally i found the fastest exp is Score Attack, gruntpocolypse. The matches average 10m in length and if you headshot them you will average 1k cR. So in about an hour you get 6k cR. If you are lazy and don't wanna play, you could afk score attack matches for about 100 cR each.

    User Info: TheWeaveX

    TheWeaveX - 7 years ago 3 4
  4. In my opinion, the best way to get credits is to play online Firefight. Or you can get commendations which give alot of exp (or credits for this matter).

    User Info: Dr_HAX

    Dr_HAX - 7 years ago 2 2
  5. First thing RESTART. Then when u start the game over don't ever sign in by yourself(assuming you have two controllers) sign in with the other controller and sign in with your guy/girl now plug your adapter/ethernet cable to your xbox and it should say online whether you have live or not now either play with some account that has the final level or re-beat the story mode and get to the final level ***SUPER SPOILERS*** when it tells u to survive turn around grab the turret with the afk controller and run inside you will have about 5-ish seconds to get in switch to your other controller and grab the turret behind him/her now the key to success is to get inside the building drop you turret off and go switch your magnum to an assault rifle(easy mode+) or a sniper(normal mode+) or the shotgun(unconfirmed if on heroic but it is on legendary and so is the gravity hammer[2000pts+]) okay now first take out grunts with 1 shot of your DMR for EASY points then u want to try and get headshots on the following elites until u have no ammo for DMR this is the place people stumble and get their asses handed to them so watch out your gonna get killed by elites soon your hp is gonna drop when you see your dropshield by your sniper you should have picked it up now lay it down and let your shield regenerate then get back to the main building asap! now you can either get the rocket or the turret and keep fighting (I'm cutting this short because it got to long and most likely people will get angry at me so if you want more help email me @ mogronofperion@gmail.com with the subject as halo help )

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  6. trust me... the only best, and easiest way.... is to just keep practicing... CAPZ

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  7. Playing the game?

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  8. I did the one thing abut being in the forge for points it dont work my friend did it with me all night ang got nothing now he did tell me that you get points for making things in the forge.

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  9. A booster maybe?

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  10. Well, the easiest for me was: 1-Switch to easy to gain way more kills. 2-Turn on all of the skulls to gain credit multiplier. 3-You want to do Oni-Base Alpha map because it's long-ish, and super easy. Also it throws enemies at you. 4-Switch your credit gain metre to Team. And lastly, 5-Complete the game first.

    User Info: masturdeath666

    masturdeath666 - 7 years ago 2 1
  11. Start up Mission Oni:sword base from the beginning. difficulty doesn't matter nor skulls. then at the start, haul balls through all the enemies( the best path is up the left ramp, down the walkway and jump across the courtyard and down the ramp) til you get to where the armor lock and laser target is. grab the LT and hide behind the armor effect crate til you get the checkpoint. once you get the checkpoint, aim the Lt at all the enemies that should of followed you down there. anywhere will kill them all. restart from checkpoint and repeat the kill. DO NOT kill the enemies way at the top of ramp as that will create another checkpoint and you'll have to start the mission all over. The mass credits are earned not from the initial kill credits but from all the commendations doing this will boost up. Most notably, walking tank, super soldier, leadership, specialist etc etc. do this for a good long while and quit whenever you want and you should get massive credits at the summary screen. happy farming!!

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  12. DON'T listen to 'BaronVonSpooge' above.

    Yes this technique does work, but Bungie know about this glitch and do monitor for people who use it. If they catch you, they are able to reset your entire levels, credits, unlocked armour etc.

    I know some1 who this happen to, so i really suggest avoiding using this glitch.

    User Info: RJ082

    RJ082 - 7 years ago 1 6
  13. Do Not listen to RJ082. Bungie has *specifically* stated that this method of gaining credits described by BVS is legitimate.

    Any reports that using the Oni Sword Base credit gain or playing to much gruntpocalypse will get you banned is an outright LIE.

    The only thing they are banning for is people intentionally disconnecting their network to gain multiple challenges in one day.

    RJ try a little research before you post incorrect information.

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    tiger00 - 7 years ago 6 2
  14. ^^ What he said

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  15. PLay fire fight with only elite cheifs .

    User Info: kris0797

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