How do you make a infection map?

  1. How do You make a map compatible with infection

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    JungleBoy49 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What are the team colors for the infect/non?

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    nolan_connor - 7 years ago

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  1. The Blue spawns are always infected, red are humans.
    You need to make a hill maker with the label inf_haven, spawn sequence changed to 1, even if your not making a safe haven map.
    You can label things by grabing the object, pressing (X), going to advanced and change the label. The default label will be "NO LABEL"
    You will probably want to switch all your spawn points to "inf_spawn" or plain "infection" (label).
    Change your spawn points to red or blue team. Changing the colour doesn't do anything, but changing the team (which also changes the colour) will.
    Change the spawn times for the power weapons and wehicles, if any.

    After just have fun designing your map and placing weapons.
    In custom game lobby:
    Select your infection map, along with the infection game type.
    If you have vehicles on your map you'll have to change the game mode settings in custom games and turn vehicles on, as they are defualted off in infection. The switch for turning vehicles and weapons off will be found under the weapons and vehicle button under game settings in a custom game. YOu may want to change the proporties for the infected too. This can be done by chosing "infected", and then chosing movement, weapons and damage, or sheilds and health.
    You may want to save your game tpye by pressing (X) while editing your game type.
    If the map still isn't compatable with your game type then look on youtube to find a good visual for making an infection map.
    Sorry about spelling, or any other errors.

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  1. You need to go to forge.
    Then you switch the game type to safe havens.
    Then You go to objectives and place a few hills which will become safe havens.
    To make them safe havens you go into their advancd settings and change the game type label.

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  2. for an infection map all you need to do is make respawn and initial spawns. You change the initial spawn and respawns label to safe_haven for the human players. The infected players initial and respanws are labled infected spawn

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