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    FAQ/Walkthrough by red-ray

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     Halo reach is the last installment of world famous franchise which will be
    made by Bungie. This guide is for those who wants to beat the game on
    legendary difficulty and looking for some tips on tough situations. If you
    are a Halo guru or an online elite better stop reading cause likely will
    find this guide useless.
      There's no skull to find like Halo 3. All skulls are open to use from start
    so there's no collectibles.
    Version 1.00
      This guide is a complete walkthrough for campaign but will be updated for
    enemies and weapons guide. The achievements guide section will be added
      Walkthrough  ------------------------------- [**1]
        Noble Actual  ---------------------------- [++1]
        Winter Contingensy  ---------------------- [++2]
        oni: Sword Base  ------------------------- [++3]
        Nightfall  ------------------------------- [++4]
        Tip Of The Spear  ------------------------ [++5]
        Long Night Of Solace  -------------------- [++6]
        Exodus  ---------------------------------- [++7]
        New Alexandria  -------------------------- [++8]
        The Package  ----------------------------- [++9]
        The Pillar Of Autumn  -------------------- [++10]
        Lone Wolf  ------------------------------- [++11]
      Achievements Guide  ------------------------ [**2]
      Credits And Copyright  --------------------- [**3]
    1) Noble actual [++1]                             ::
      Just watch somehow familiar movie nothing to play here.
    2) Winter Contingency [++2]                       ::
      Noble Team
      First there's no enemy on your way so head south to buildings, follow other 
    nobles to the mountain side road to reach the farmers and head east. Enter
    the building with two dead bodies, past the little circular building and
    there inside the next building your first battle begins.
      Here some tips for the first battle if you're playing on legendary (guide
    is intended for that) stay inside, maybe it seems like a NO BRAVE TIP but
    call it SPECIAL TIP and just save the bravery for easier difficulties unless
    you're a Halo elite. So back to game there's just cheap enemies like Grunts.
    Go down to see a drop ship brings more to you. Cross the bridge and take
    cover behind the large rock. Try to go out shoot till they hit you and your
    shield drains then get back to cover never over expose yourself. Don't let
    this battle takes too long, grunts will do come to your hiding spot. Now you
    have to cross the river, try to cross from the right side of the river to
    keep your safe distance from upcoming battle. Sure you'll be alone but it's
    far better than Elites. Try to be hyperactive or they easily kill you, never
    go for melee on them just some headshots. Now go ahead refill your health if
    you've lost any and get on Warthog.
      Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns
      Continue with warthog no need to kill everybody just keep moving at full
    throttle. Sure you can run over enemies whenever you can but don't risk your
    life on it. Continue alongside the valley to the building but this is not
    your ultimate target so keep moving explore this area later on easier
    difficulties. Upon reaching the lake like area you'll see a drop ship firing
    at allies so get off warthog, George and Carter will attack them, better you
    stay away from them. Kill enemies from distance to lighten their density then
    head to the building. there's a health pack on the silo but don't rush to use
    it go behind silo or inside building. Now you'll be warned another drop ship
    is coming, better grab M392 DMR to use its scope. A rain of grunts and elites
    is about to drop. Inside the building and using scoped M392 is the ultimate
    way to victory. At last two Falcons will land so get on the right one. Enjoy
    the scenic till the next area. Now you're heading to other nobles. Inside
    courtyard you have to fight jackals and grunts. Personally I don't waste my
    bullets on Jackals so just melee them but if you don't like this way try
    shooting their hand (the hand with gun is visible) then head shot. In outpost
    Kat is trying to shut the damn door and your job is to fight. This is the
    first real tough battle in Reach, for a SPECIAL TIP head inside the outpost
    next to Kat pop up shoot and back, but to have fun go out and stay at the
    right side of door but when objective changes to “Flank into the outpost”
    head inside asap. To make things worse I must warn you drop ship will shoot
    you so try to stay out of its sight. You can find some health pack around.
    Just try to head shot elites when they're in distance and throw grenades at
    GROUPS of grunts and jackals.
      In the dark area follow the group and when Kat says to search the body for
    ID do that. Now follow George, he light up an area so go there. Some enemies
    are ahead kill as much as you can silently, likely you'll kill just one of
    them this way so prepare for battle. You're equipped with popular MA37
    assault rifle and M66 magnum, latter is quite reliable weapon. In mainframe
    like room some enemies will attack you for SPECIAL TIP just stay right
    behind George and shoot enemies occasionally but you can go and try to kill
    more but keep in mind never fight elites at the other side. To kill elites
    you can use T50 DER/H. Again never try to melee elites this time they've got
    T1EW/S energy sword so you're doomed. Kill one with grenade and grab the
    favorite sword, now it's payback time. Kill the remaining elites and activate
    the switch.(if you think some weapon I recommend is not your type feel free
    to go with your favorites, Reach is a sandbox game so chances are my way
    doesn't suit you well)
    3) Oni: Sword Base [++3]                          ::
      The Best Defense...
    This time you're with my favorite noble 2 aka Kat and some allies go ahead
    here you'll likely see drivable forklifts the only use I found for them is as
    movable covers if you use them other ways please let me know. Don't go down
    before infiltrating all grunts and jackals down there, use your scoped rifle.
    Now continue the way with covers there's a lot of elites and other enemies
    here so just keep your safe distance shoot them and take cover whenever
    you're not shooting or aiming. At the target you can grab ammo guns and Armor
    health pack and Lockup ability. I strongly recommend to equip it, in heavy
    firefights sprint has no use. Get the H-165 FOM.
      Get The Hell Off My Lawn
      This time enemy tanks are back and in pack, you have to destroy some here.
    Try to use you target locater on them. If it's temporary down after two use
    (mine was) kill the gun old way stay behind rocks get close and get on board
    Bingo. Absolutely you have to kill all the enemies before this terrific move.
    To kill them keep running around and shoot them. This way the tank's canon
    won't harm you. You'll be presented by a warthog. I go west for AA guns.
    Don't bother with grunts and Ghosts on your way unless you want one of them.
    Near gun use your locater on Banshees and prevent them from dropping forces
    and shooting you. Try to get to the roof inside there's ammo health pack and
    abilities. Never try to infiltrate enemies here first activate the target on
    roof then kill the remaining enemies. If it takes too long to activate some
    ghosts and reinforcements will come. So do it quickly.
      Here's another warthog, but I got a Ghost here and Kat drove the warthog.
    Expect some enemies in U turn so better kill ghosts before the turn. Kill the
    enemies on turn and head for generator building but DO NOT get close. Try to
    kill as much enemies as you can by unlimited ammo ghost before getting any
    closer. No need to try to turn your cursor red they will die eventually. Now
    make sure any visible enemy is dead so get closer. Revenant will come so
    concentrate on it and keep maneuvering with your ghost to dodge it's powerful
    canon. Destroy it and get inside generator room and turn it on. Now QUICKLY
    head to the roof of other building, before enemies of the drop ship reach
    you. Done with target now you have deal just with a limited amount of enemies
    from that drop ship. You can stay on top and do some sniping stuff or head to
    your lovely ghost and kick some butt or SPECIAL TIP way hide inside and let
    others do the job.
      Minimum Safe Distance
    the way along the iced lake will take you to some enemies. Elites here can
    easily replace you on vehicles so keep your safe distance and be hyperactive,
    hyper aggressive. Go crazy and shoot whatever moves. I used revenant here,
    this vehicle is no way comparable to cheap ghosts. Open the ramp like doors
    and in front of you there are some concrete blocks so say goodbye to your
    vehicle. Inside refill yourself. A little further you can see grunts jackals
    and elites. Stay inside and kill grunts first jackals are slowly moving
    toward you but don't worry they won't get inside. So try some head shots on
    standing elites and then it's jackals' turn. Go up the ramp to reach the end
    of the way. Some allies are fighting two Covenant Hunters hopelessly. First
    you should know their only vulnerable part is their bare back. One way is to
    get inside grab grenades and a M45 TS shotgun go right into the heart of
    battle, while turning around them steadily take out one with some grenades
    then put some bullets on others back. But for SPECIAL TIP section stay out
    and quiet when one of them attack an ally and expose its back to you shoot it
    with scope gun, likely it will charge plasma to you so flee back and repeat
    this to kill them easily. They will come out for you but won't follow you a
    lot. Now get rid of some grunts and an elite on your way to the elevator.
      Office Of Naval Intelligence
      Gear up and go ahead, for the first battle just don't cover behind glasses
    they're breakable. Out of the door you'll join other nobles fighting jackals.
    There are allies too so you're completely over powered in this fight. I get
    between lazy jackals with a shotgun and got some fun close combat, feel free
    to do the same if you think it's fun. As a miscellaneous tip here is you're
    out of ammo and like some guys think T25 DEP plasma pistol is a useless piece
    of junk you're totally wrong. It's not the best weapon out there but it's
    quite useful specially its charged fire. At the end of the building you have
    to fight banshees, this means Banshees plus a lot of other enemies. But point
    of interest here is your first encounter with arbiters. These invisible
    elites are killing machines. Get close to you one hit and die. When you see
    any strange movement never think twice just shoot, suddenly you can see them
    now use your most powerful weapon on them, yes even if it's rocket launcher.
    You can find some rockets here so don't afraid of spending two rockets on
    them. Try to stay in one way places and out of opens to kill arbiters then
    use M41SSR MAV/AW rocket launcher on banshees. You can find one at the far
    left room of building and one at front right corner in the open. I brought my
    locater all the way here so it backed me the favor and make all this a
    breeze. Bring down all banshees and enjoy the vista.
    4) Nightfall [++4]                                ::
      Too Quiet...
      At this level you're  equipped an SRS99 sniper rifle and your longtime
    companion, Magnum. SRS99 is one of the deadliest weapons in reach most of the
    time expect a one shot kill. Follow Jun till he tells you to kill the elite
    silently. Go behind it and RB. Likely you'll be spotted at this point so get
    ready to kill all grunts on your right. Do not go down. You should see a
    narrow way on your left go there to the green light, you can get the Hologram
    ability here, just know this sends a copycat of you to the battlefield that
    enemies will keep shooting it till it disappears.
      Now head for the big camp. You're first shot is the easiest one so look for
    a big hunt. No matter how hard you try you'll be spotted. Banshees will come
    with heavy reinforcements so head down and stay out of banshees' sight. Stick
    to Jun. Sniper is powerful but get ready for some close combat. Go to the far
    end and head up the ramp on your right. Now get all the way back and use
    night goggles if you need. Follow Jun to the silo. Another fight here for
    some SPECIAL TIPS stays behind silo and pop up rarely. No one will go up to
    you so don't worry. Now jump down and kill one or two enemies on your way.
      Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
      further you encounter some sort of enemies that are totally new for Halo
    series (Kat gives you some information about them). Use your sniper on them
    obviously never try to melee them. Chances are they attack you so get ready
    to circle the stone across and shoot them. Stop and you're doomed. This way
    they will never catch you. After dealing with these big enemies get rid of
    others. Follow Jun to reach th open and help civilians fight Banshees. You
    can storm in and slain the enemies but this act barely leads to victory.
    So first put some sniper bullets on elites' head then get closer. Now go to
    the circular area in middle. Grab some health and ammo inside the building,
    also you can find Drop Shield ability here. Now banshees will come one by one
    and throw you some enemies to kill. For early sets of enemies reach the
    higher ground and use your sniper. Keep an eye on ways to your sniping spot.
    When Jun and others head to river bed follow them. Maybe you'll attack by
    some elites in river so a shotgun will makes things much easier.
      I'll Just Leave This Here...
      You can see a patrolling elite and some sleeping grunts on a bridge so
    first head to the bridge and quietly kill the elite then send all sleeping
    beauties to heaven. Use melee attack no need to make a chaos. Go up the
    guarding tower on your right and kill grunts. By now not only you're no
    longer worried about those cannons also you can use them. Now look up and
    kill all enemies there. No limit in ammo means shoot as much as you can. If
    you think your place is not safe detach the gun and jump down but keep in
    mind detached cannons have limited ammo so use them wisely. Better shoot
    arbiters with your plasma cannons, they're totally defenseless against this
    cool baby. Take care of all enemies and Jun will start placing the charge.
    You have defend him but in my opinion you have to defend yourself more. Two
    covenant hunters will appear. Detach another plasma cannon exclusively for
    them. Make sure to not sit behind a placed cannon, one of their charged
    attack will send you to oblivion. Circle them and just some shot of cannon on
    their back will kill them.
      Follow Jun and past the opened door. There are all kind of enemies here so
    use your plasma cannon. Whenever you see a cannon shoot it with your sniper.
    Try to FULLY destroy these cannons cause if you just shoot the gunner someone
    else will replace it. On your have you can continue your way on higher
    grounds. This way you can find health packs but enemies will see you easily.
    If you take lower levels instead enemies may surprise attack you. Anyway
    continue to hit the jackpot.
    5) Tip Of The Spear [++5]                         ::
      Tempest Perimeter
      After the explosion of warthog head to the cannons. Use your M319 IGL
    grenade launcher or hit them with M392 DMR designated marksman rifle just
    like the old days. If you choose latter go ahead and use it against
    themselves. Now get on a vehicle and head for the first AA gun. There's two
    ways to approach the first one. You can round the gun shoot everyone then go
    in and destroy it. In order to bring down the gun you have to enter it and in
    the first floor shoot the shield door, when the core is exposed shoot it,
    after the alarm get the hell out of it asap. You have to shoot it fast or the
    shield will be regenerated. SPECIAL TIP is once in the gun area there's a
    tiny ramp on your right, head up throw some grenade and storm in, shoot the
    gun and get our fast. Jump in the car and finish. If you think the front part
    of gun is hot use your vehicles turret.
      Now get the left way. Some ghosts are on your way but don't worry warthog
    gunner will nicely do the job. Never stop in this area or tanks cannon will
    meet you. Go round the area and now say hello to little Tanky. Get close to
    it as much as you can, this way he will no longer use it's cannon, some shots
    from your gun and good bye tank. Cross the bridge while your gunner is
    cleaning the remaining enemies. Continue jump and kill to reach the open.
      Hand Over Fist
      Get on the bridge. You can maneuver between blocks but there's no way to
    the other side but on foot. For SPECIAL TIPS here park your vehicle on the
    bridge and get in the gunner position, shoot as many enemies as you can this
    makes things whole lot easier in future. Kill all in the house and go ahead.
    Up the stairs enemies will come but one by one so no problem. There's a group
    of Jackals ahead so on grenade to rule them out. While you're dealing with
    grunts try to find an elite in a cannon, shoot him in the head and go behind
    the column and take the cannon. Before going down the stairs and jumping down
    to the battle zone, clear all the elites with scoped rifle, you can shoot
    jackals this way but they don't deserve such attention. So head there
    powerfully and kill them all. Head to the balcony with elite you shot before
    with sniper next jump inside through the hole. Beware as soon as you land
    grunts will approach, this time they're deadly cause carrying live grenades.
    So treat them like zombies and keep your distance. There's a benefit in such
    enemies too, shoot one and all will be blown up. A little further you can
    grab T52 GML/E plasma launcher. This is a powerful weapon but not my type.
      Once out you can choose to drive a revenant or a ghost, by now you should
    be familiar with both vehicle but this time put your personal ideas away and
    get on revenant. When you get to the AA gun shoot whatever moves, this way is
    safer. Before getting closer to the gun kill as many enemies as you can then
    go stick to the tank to disable it's cannon and put some fire on it. Now deal
    with elites. There are also two covenant hunters here. Revenge is a dish best
    served cold, if they've frustrated you till now kill them fast and enjoy it.
    Go inside the gun and destroy it like former this time be ready for some
    banshees. Use your revenant gun to kill enemy groups before they spread.
    After all a chopper will come, get in the Falcon.
      The Spire
      inside the chopper is a safe haven. You're ridiculously overpowered if you
    don't believe me hit a tank. After the fall once on foot get the white
    ability aka Jetpack. Refill your health and enter the mountains. For the
    first time our SPECIAL TIPS is sabotage. Whenever you see an sniper just
    approach it and kill. If it's unreachable quickly draw your scoped rifle and
    shoot it. Be quick whoever shoots first, kills. Chance of a missed shot from
    them is zero. Try to be a sharpshooter and spot them quickly. At the end kill
    the plasma cannon gunner.
      You can approach Spire on foot by jetpack or use the truck. Latter makes
    George a gunner so you can just round the Spire and George will shoot
    enemies. If you choose this way be ware of plasma cannons. If you goo on foot
    or by jetpack try to get below the Spire this way there's no annoyance from
    cannons. Any way kill some cheap enemies and enter the Spire. Use a light
    beam to get to the top. There's an activate button around press it to disable
    the shield and watch the long cutscene.
    6) Long Night Of Solace [++6]                     ::
      First Floor: Aliens, Beaches, Secret Launch Stations
      Follow Noble one and noble five. Grunts are everywhere while killing them
    watch for drop shocks. They carrying an elite so if they land near you just
    get away. Your way is full of enemies if you want a SPECIAL TIP just stay
    back and let George and Carter clear the way for you. Inside building you can
    see an elite throw a body unless you're doing after SPECIAL TIP above.
      Operation: Uppercut
      I can't say much about this section. Just for some tips don't heavily rely
    on your missiles, it's powerful but slow. Your machine gun is as good as
    missiles. Concentrate on attacking ships. Not so hard section but could be
    quite frustrating.
      And The Horse You Flew In On
      Once on foot kill enemies. Gravity is low here, so expect hyper jumps that
    you can use in your advantage. Jump down through the shield and infiltrate
    the enemies. isn't so hard, is it? Now head for hangar to see George. This
    section is quite tough, get ready for some firefight like challenge. Enemies
    will attack you from all directions. Try to cover behind columns to refill
    your shield. Having an energy sword is useful against approaching elites.
    Toss a lot of grenades, and look for safer spots in corners. Now go up and
    disable shield to pave the way for Pelican. Now follow groups but let them to
    the killings, or go ahead of them and deal with elites. Next area kill elite
    silently. Wait for the door to be opened and prepare yourself. Upcoming area
    is full of nearly any kind of enemies. You can kill your first enemy silently
    so choose wisely. If you haven't got grenades you're in a big trouble. Never
    surrender among elites. You have to do most of killings, your buddies won't
    do any favor here. Use whatever weapon you find, but try to get used to
    energy sword.
      Get back to George in hangar. On your way kill enemies. Your job is to
    defense the Pelican. In comparison to this area, last one is walking in park.
    Expect a tough firefight session. Another time use whatever you've got, spare
    nothing for future, there's no future. Try to kill horde of enemies before
    they spread in area, tossing a grenade precisely kill them all. Equip shield
    abilities, Sprint is useless in such a small area. But despite your hard
    works your tries may fail so I've a good SPECIAL TIP here. Head upstairs and
    jump over the Pelican. Enemies won't be able to reach you but they WILL shoot
    you. So maybe it's a good sniping spot but not a completely safe place, so
    keep your eyes open.
    7) Exodus [++7]                                   ::
      The Devil His Due
      who said leave lone wolf stuff behind. You've got just a magnum with
    limited ammo and half health so count your shots. Go ahead up the stairs. You
    have to reach to lower levels. Now go straight ahead and through the half
    open malfunctioning door. Further you can see a convey of enemies. Do some
    head shots and grab the T25 DEP, your magnum will be out of ammo soon. If you
    think grunts are piece of cake, think twice. Equip night goggles and shoot
    grunts upon spotting them. They're carrying live grenades so NO melee. Use
    Armor lockup ability so if a grenade explodes near you, activate it. At the
    end you will see a row of grunts on stairs shoot on and watch the domino.
      Get out to see new enemies, Brutes. There are civilians here and some
    allied troops fighting troops. Don't worry about civilians death they will be
    regenerated so you'll never be out of civilian to save. Banshees won't attack
    you either, so forget about them. Don't be scared of giant brutes, don't dog
    fight with them and they're done. This place is flooded with animal style
    enemies, so melee out in this zoo. Your goal is to find an elevator here. Go
    ahead and you can see a big set of stairs with water. Up these stairs find
    you elevator. Call the elevator and while civilians are waiting fight
    enemies. Easy for a waiting part ha? The door n your left will be opened and
    you'll be flooded by brutes and grunts just to name a few. Go behind the side
    of doors and shoot them but you'll barely keep the door till the end so
    retreat to elevator. Beware of a brute who will absolutely storm you and try
    to kill you with infamous Gravity Hammer T2EW/H. Maintain your distance with
    this damned one hit killer and shoot it. Sticky grenades are awesome. Kill
    him and grab the hammer, this time serve the revenge hot. Go and kill all the
    brutes with this uber powerful weapon. If you doubt about this hammer or
    simply don't like it try the old ways to kill brutes. For a gun advice use
    T25C Spike Rifle, with this you won't be out of ammo ever. Near elevator you
    can find some health. When you signaled to enter the elevator quickly jump in
    to put an end to this mess.
      Too Close To The Sun
      don't care about Hornets because they don't care about you. Grab a jetpack
    on right and follow your allies to the other side of the structure. Just
    watch out jetpack is just another ability so it drains up. Time your jumps
    well. You can use jetpack to kill enemies by (I call it) stomp move. Jump
    with jetpack and land above their head. Shoot while approaching, they're
    pretty defenseless against this. Never jump among brutes. This is a one way
    flight. Jump to the enemies and kill them to reach a hall with some hallways
    around. jump up to these hallways to reach th up most level. If you find it
    hard to get to the top. Go to the far end of hallways and jump. Now head to
    the other side then right and up the stairs on your left. From now on all
    areas in this level is overcrowded by brutes. If you thinks it's not an even
    fight there's three weapons to help you. First use brute's gun against
    themselves and melee them with Gravity hammer and sticky grenade is last
    weapon to use. Kill the jackals and grunts. Head up stairs for some brutes
    and a hammer one. Use the same formula for all the way here. Whenever you
    encounter a set of stairs go up and kill all the brutes. Try to surprise
    attack to make things easier.
      At last you'll be inside a building and your target changes to “Secure the
    landing zone”. Get ready for a big fight. Do NOT go down at any cost. Just
    remain in top level, pop up, shoot and cover. There's a health pack in upper
    level. There's a brute with a plasma launcher that really goes on nerve. A
    rain of grenade will finish him. Personally I killed all his companions and
    go down and introduce him with Gravity hammer.
      The door will open but don't rush out. There are two plasma cannons aiming
    at the door a hammer brute and others waiting for you. Once the door is open
    the hammer one will come in. spare your grenades for plasma cannons but if
    you think it's hard just toss them and use plasma launcher on cannons. I
    killed three with hammer but don't recommend it. Needs some tries and errors.
    Kill them all and wait for the chopper. Get on it and take a break for next
      I Should Have Become A Watchmaker
      This is one of the most frustrating areas of reach. I give some tips and
    at last an special way to finish it up. Just to know how bad is this consider
    two tanks, some ghosts, covenant hunters, hammer brutes and an awful lot of
    enemies some with powerful weapons like plasma launcher. You have to activate
    two batteries right in the heart of enemies and to make thing worse you have
    to get inside a building finally. First never ever try to destroy tanks.
    Second infiltrating this area is nearly impossible. If you think these are
    not enough read further. I don't call this a SPECIAL TIP. This is a way to
    royal flush in this area. From start use the turret of chopper to kill all
    enemies. Then equip jetpack and ride the Mongoose. Go straight and head up
    the ramp. Go up the stairs and get inside the building. Turn left and go to
    the balcony. From here use jetpack to jump to the first battery across. Make
    sure to land at the side with the activate button(left side). Once activated
    don't bother with enemies make a shortcut to other battery on your left. You
    can cross the bridge but never use the way below the bridge. A tank is
    waiting for you. After activating the second battery make your way to the
    inside of building through the lake. If you need health head to the chopper
    to grab one. In the lake watch out for ghost. If you can get the ghost from
    him you've done a big step for next part. Use that ghost or go on foot inside
    the building. Kill the plasma launcher and brute. If you havent got the ghost
    first kill the hammer one then cover behind a column and start shooting the
    plasma launcher with a good gun like T50 DER/H. If it takes too long others
    will attack you. Enter the building and use the activation button to finish
    this. This way is not an absolute perfect way without chance of fail. Expect
    a lot of tries here.
    8) New Alexandria [++8]                           ::
      Fly By Night
      Now get on Falcon but this time as a pilot. Controls may not be the best
    but hold LT to go up and release it to lower the altitude. If you want to
    maintain your current altitude just press RB to lock it up. Get to the target
    and land. Kill grunts and make your way down. Try to walk not so you will
    encounter brutes one by one. There's an engineer in the middle I killed it by
    I'm sure it makes regeneration process faster. When in lowest level head east
    to see a door. Go through the door and straight forward in the way full of
    brutes. Again don't run to fight them one by one. At last you can see another
    engineer beside the target. Kill it or spare it for next battle. Overload the
    jammer and Kat warn you about incoming tangos. This jetpack equipped brutes
    are a real pain. Don't waste your grenades. I found T31-R needle rifle quite
    nice. Feel free to use any mid range weapon you like. Try to jump around then
    stop quickly aim and head shot. If you stay next to the target they will not
    usually come to you for close combat. Remember you haven't got jet pack. Now
    get all the way back to chopper. Watch out for elites. I didn't kill them
    just rushed to them wile using a machine gun then I runaway with sprint no
    matter they die or not. Get on the falcon for the next objective.
      On your way you have to fight banshees. Before landing kill covenant
    hunters. Request evac and jump in the new Falcon quickly or banshees will
    kill you. Before landing in the target kill all enemies in the building,
    slightly change your altitude to see more enemies inside. Now get off and go
    to the far end but expect heavy resistance. You can find health pack and an
    elevator at the end. Sadly there are brutes to so proceed with caution. Stick
    to northern walls. This way you're out of snipers sight. Off the elevator
    head up the structure, continue through left or right an to the other side.
    Upon destroying the jammer the area will be swarmed by Yanme'es. It seems
    there's an infinite number of these insectoid covenants so don't waste your
    bullets just run. Get back to your Falcon.
      Now head to your new objective and clear the roof. It's time for the last
    jammer. Leaving chopper before killing two covenant hunters is suicide. Now
    kill all the enemies inside building with turret and head inside. Check
    upstairs for remaining enemies. Across from falcon below stairs is your way.
    This place contains an army of enemies mostly covenant hunters, so just go
    crazy and run for jammer, overload it and get your body out of this area.
    NEVER try to kill all guys here. Jammer is straight across the entrance.
      Last One Out... Turn On The Lights
      Your objective is to head for Olympic Tower and destroy 4 targets while
    fighting banshees. Concentrate on target and if a banshee disturbs you a lot
    shoot it.
    9) The Package [++9]                              ::
      Torch And Burn
      Go inside the water and move towards structures. So not start any fight
    here, situation is hot. Just go a little further to gain access to the most
    powerful vehicle in franchise, yes Scorpion. Now you've got the power. You
    can get back and kill all enemies in those structures or just move ahead.
    Once AA guns in sight shoot ghosts and Hornets (I wasn't able to see them
    exactly so maybe they were banshees). Go ahead and shoot inside the AA guns.
    This will kill some enemies inside randomly. Park your scorpion away from
    guns and head inside. Do as always and blow up the guns. There's a lot of
    banshees here so shoot them down. Next area shoot miserable ghosts and
    cannons. At the entrance of next area wait and bring down all banshees then
    sadly get off the tank and go further.
      Further you'll unite with remaining nobles. Nobles will kill enemies so you
    can stay back and watch. Detach the plasma cannon at the parking entrance.
    Grab some health and ability on your way. Now with the help of cannon make
    your way up to the narrow hallways. Further there will be some arbiters
    waiting for you. Kill one silently and start a tough battle. Use whatever
    you've got and kill the engineer at the end of the hall. Up the stairs on
    your right there's a control room with broken glasses. Go in and open the
      The Cave Is Not A Natural Formation
      After speaks of Dr. Hasley go further and activate four automatic turret
    in the area ASAP. Then head back to the defense position with all nobles. As
    you can see this place is like a big armory. There are abilities, health
    packs, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and... but even such equipments
    won't help a lot. This area is absolutely a firefight in campaign. You have
    to deal with incoming waves of enemies. Always have a heavy gun in hand.
    M6G/GNR is a powerful gun but to slow. First waves are just grunts. Then
    elites and brutes, if you think this is not enough add ghosts and banshees.
    Totally forget about banshees, just shoot them while they're dropping
    enemies. This way you can lighten the attack. Whenever doctor says somethings
    means things going to get worse. Try to not loose health. When your shield is
    drained hed back behind nobles and to your left next to health pack. I
    haven't found any safe area here yet, maybe there's not any. Turrets are
    great help here. Sorry but I can't give any special advice here, good luck.
    10) The Pillar Of Autumn [++10]                   ::
      Once More Unto The Breach
      Now it's just you and Emile. Go down from right. You have to fight a lot of
    enemies. Head below the bridge so no enemies on the bridge can shoot you. Go
    over the bridge from the truck at the end. Plan a surprise attack. No need to
    kill all enemies in this area. Continue the long way and cross the bridge
    across the road. Keep moving so banshees won't harm you. Don't forget to get
    in the Mongoose on your way. Now head to the open with max speed. Go ahead
    past the first Scarab from below and be fast to get past the second one.
    After the tunnel Emile will tell you to jump. Maintain your high speed then
      This Town Isn't Big Enough
      When you reach the area with enemies first get up the tower and kill
    snipers then get inside the house. This house contains health and guns also
    it protects you against tanks. Now approach the tank from left. Unfortunately
    tank is in the open but you can destroy it. Go left and shoot grunts who
    carry live grenades to blow up others. Now infiltrate remaining grunts and
    jackals. After the cutscene you reach the caves. The caves are full of drones
    so just get past them.
      Out of caves you should be in a place with overlook to an open with a huge
    battle. Bad news is you have to go there, good news is there's a workaround
    to make things easier. Get there and avoid open areas. Stick to some
    obstacles and kill approaching grunts. Don't go too far and avoid close
    combats. Further there's another war zone. There are ghosts elites and plasma
    cannons. Get a ghost if you can and go to the heart of battle. But if you
    find frustrating to fight for a ghost get back for some scoped shooting but
    keep in mind ghost will destroy plasma cannons much sooner. Get inside the
    building. First room contains 4 elites so it's an absolute death trap. Go in
    fire some bullets and get out they may follow you, so kill them from
    distance. Do not try to escape to next area, more elites and covenant hunters
    are waiting for you. In the hunters area try to kill elites first then go to
    the containers area. Try to put hunters between yourself and Emile. Whenever
    Emile shoot them they'll turn their back to you so pop up and shoot. When
    they turn for you cover behind the container. They may come to you so get
    ready to circle around the container.  I would rather to use the favorite
    designated marksman rifle here. This way I can keep my distance from hunters
    and shoot more precisely.
      Go through the opened door. This room is much easier than previous area.
    There are just jackals and grunts. Try to find and kill the energy sword
    equipped elite first. Get the sword and go up the stairs then inside the
    hallway and help the allies.
      In this large open area banshees will come and drop some enemies. Maybe the
    messiest fight you've ever seen in a video game. Brutes will attack you from
    every direction. For a safer area go right and up the stairs. Feel free to us
    any other close place to get in. This place makes brutes to enter just from
    front so you can easily kill them. Use brutes gun to always have a good
    amount of ammo. After the cutscene you have to go to the familiar upper area.
    Yes go upstairs on your left. The last area is on of the hardest one. You are
    alone so no SPECIAL TIP you have to be brave. Try to use M392 on elites but
    it's much harder in action. Really I have no special idea for here just
    retreat fast whenever your shield is down.
      Hopefully you will past the previous section and now “you have the gun.”
    Just shoot slow big banshees and don't care about little ones. Try to keep
    the big ship in sight. When it gets near and your objective highlights it,
    shoot it.
    11) Lone Wolf [++11]                              ::
      There Will Be Another Time
      There's no walkthrough here because there's no loosing. Just keep fighting
    till you die.
      Will be added soon.
      I should thanks Shahab for his unvaluable helps, without him there was no
    guide at all. thanks BUNGIE for making the best game EVER, and Microsoft for
    making the most powerful gaming machine!
      I appreciate any help from others to improve this guide. Contact me by this
    email: halo@rocketmail.com.
      This guide should be used just by the permission of its author.
                         copyright 2008 Hessam ShM.

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