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"Two multiplayer steps forward, one single player step back"

I'm quite fond of Kat.

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Without a doubt Reach is pretty. You can just stop in places and take in the surroundings and how good they look, a bit of a shame given how often your just going to be racing through them or ducking behind cover, but all the same its clear Bungie wanted to go out with one nice looking game. Im actually quite a bit more fond of the armor style in Reach than I am with the other titles in the series, Although its somewhat weird to see a prequel look better than its sequels but it literally cant be helped all things considered.


Eh. nothing bad, nothing great. The Music is nice if you stop to take a listen, but it pretty much disappears into the background unless your focusing on it.


This is where the game really... dulls. Reach is to the halo series what Episode 1 was to the Star wars series. Long, tedious, boring, and filled with characters that were told are buddies and are supposed to care about but never really get to know well enough to want to. A lot of this is simply because, like episode 1, we already know whats going to happen. We've played the games that take place after this point and no matter what Reach tries to throw at you your just not going to really be surprised. This isn't the only problem however, even if you didn't have a clue theres just.. nothing interesting there. You move from point a to point b fighting wave after wave of enemy with a few other things thrown in awkwardly from other genre that really add nothing to the gameplay or story. In the end it winds up being better than the abysmal chore that was ODST, but still falls very short of Halo 3.


What really needs to be said about this? Its friggen Halo MP. Of course its good. Matchmaking took a bit of a hit.. but the new Forge World and armor abilities really add to the gameplay. I really cant wait to see what people do with the tools.

The Bottom Line:

The Singleplayer game is forgettable. And honestly you could easily skip it entirely. If Bungie ever put out a new MP disc ,like the one that came with ODST, that contained all the Halo 3 and Halo Reach MP stuff separate from the SP.. Id buy that over Reach any day. There really is no worth to SP unless your just a super huge fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/17/10

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