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"Halo: Reach - Does it live up to the hype?"

Halo: Reach. Probably the most anticipated game this year for me. With all the hype around it being that it is the "last" Halo game from Bungie, does it stand up to the hype?

Graphics - No question, the graphics for Halo: Reach are the best of the Halo series. Granted, if you compare it to other games out there, it may not be "the best". But when I can stop killing aliens for a few moments and just look at the background and just stand in awe while being stabbed to death, you know the graphics are good. Sadly, the one thing that bugged me was the "motion blur" in the game. But that only lasted for the first mission. I never noticed it again after that.

Sound - Everything here is fantastic. From gun sounds to the music. Nothing more to say, really just fantastic work here.

Gameplay - The game feels like other Halo games, but at the same time feels different. It's a very good feeling. I got nothing more. Great gameplay really.

Campaign - The best campaign of the series in my eyes. As said above, graphics are amazing, the music ties in perfectly, the gameplay is perfect. The story isn't "amazing", but after you get finished with this Campaign solo, you will be itching to play again with some friends.

Multiplayer - If someone told you that the multiplayer is the exact same as Halo 3's, then they were either lying or they never played this game. While it FEELS like Halo 3 a bit, it is completely different. Very few playlists now, but that keeps people together a bit more. Firefight has been added as well, so now you can play with random people WITH LITTLE TO NO LAG. And if I were to get into how much armor abilities change this game, this review will take a lot longer. If you've played and enjoyed the multiplayer in the other games, you will love it here.

Final Thoughts - This game is great. Does it live up to the hype? Almost. Sadly, people overhype every single game. I'll eventually go back to the Campaign and try Legendary by myself, I'll constantly play the multiplayer and try to get to a higher rank than some friends, or earn more credits to get cooler looking armor, I may even try out that stupid Forge World. Any Halo fan will truly enjoy this game for years to come and any new comer will fall in love with it in seconds. Definitely a game worth buying.

Final Score - 9/10. I only dock a point off because I felt that too much hype was put around Forge World, something that I really won't get into because there is NO point at all, unless Bungie decides to use people's maps and pay them for it. Then I might be interested. But as said above, this game is worth getting.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/20/10

Game Release: Halo: Reach (Legendary Edition) (US, 09/14/10)

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