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"Once Again Bungie Creates a Great Game"

Halo reach is the next incredibly anticipated installment in one of the biggest franchises in fps history. But halo reach also serves as the last halo game developed by its creators Bungie.

Story: Halo reach is a prequel to the adventures of Master Chief and instead puts you in the shoes of Noble 6 the newest member of Noble team who are a squad of Spartans. Noble team is stationed on planet Reach and is tasked with the objective of investigating a disturbance in communications, but quickly realize that it is something much bigger than that something that could jeopardize the existence of the human race. Noble team will have to rely on each other as well as make sacrifices to save the planet of Reach before it is too late.

Gameplay: The gameplay in Halo Reach is the same that you have come to know and love with a few big additions that help spice up the combat and help you create better strategies for taking down the Covenant. One major addition is the implementation of armor abilities these armor abilities allow your Spartan to do many different things that range from sprinting, the ability to lock your armor for a few seconds making you invulnerable to attack while you wait for your shields to repair, as well as being able to use a jet pack which helps you get to places you could previously not be able to reach, and more. Another addition to the combat is the ability to execute assassinations which are done by running up behind an enemy and holding the melee button which will trigger a cool assassination animation. AI in the game is good not a lot of difference from Halo 3 but they still are pretty terrible when it comes to operating a vehicle. There is a good amount of variety in the game play you will go from flying a ship in space to fighting in zero gravity to manning huge cannons.

Graphics: The graphics are greatly improved upon in Halo reach the textures are a lot crisper, there is a lot more detail in everything from the Spartans armor to the wall of a rock face. As well there are a lot more enemies on screen at one time.

Sound: The sound is also very well done the voice acting is great and especially great is the music as always but this time around the music creates more of a feeling of helplessness and sorrow which is perfect for the story of reach.

Multiplayer: Finally on the multiplayer which is probably the biggest thing about Reach. There have been numerous changes to the multiplayer. You now have the ability to buy your armor with credits you earn from matches; also there is now a much better ranking system which will appeal to more people. The matchmaking has also changed for the better you now join a basic game mode such as team slayer or objective game types and in that playlist are the large variety of modes in that category which are chosen by a voting system. There are new modes such as invasion where one team of Spartans fights to defend an objective and one team of elites fights to capture that objective, headhunter where you fight to take skulls to the designated drop off destination to score, and many more. The armor abilities also return in matchmaking spicing up the combat and keeping you on your toes at all times. There are separate classes which changes things up a bit so that not everyone will spawn with the same gun all the time. Firefight also returns as well as forge and theater all of which have been greatly improved to allow the player more choices in how they want to play.

Replayability: The campaign in halo Reach will last you anywhere between six to ten hours depending on the difficulty you play on and multiplayer will keep you coming back again and again for more.

Final Thoughts: I say pick this game up especially if you are a halo fan but if you are not big on halo this game may not change your mind but give it a rent at least.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/20/10

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