Review by TaiChiKatana

Reviewed: 09/20/10

What Halo 3 Should Have Been

This is what I was expecting when I played Halo 3.

Graphics- 8
Allot has been added considering how barren and empty every Halo game has felt. There's very few jaggies which is a huge step up from it's predecessors. The landscape design is really awesome, and fun to just look at some of the detail they put into certain areas. Little creatures running around help out as well. The guns are a huge step up from how they've always looked non-futuristic for the most part with the human guns. Character models aren't half bad either. Where it looses face here is when allot is going on during a firefight. The game seems to slow down quite a bit. Anyways, it looks like a next gen game which is a huge step up from Halo 3.

Gameplay- 9
I had allot of fun playing through the campaign. The new guns they added (especially the DMR) really felt like an improvement from the clunky guns of the past. The AI seemed a bit more ferocious also. Every model except for the brutes and buggers had a really nice makeover, which adds to the feel of what's stacked against you. It's focused a little bit less on driving the entire time as compared to every other one. Then again, when you do get into a vehicle it's extremely fun. I enjoyed every single mission, and sure there were parts to struggle through, but not a single one of them felt unfair. The gameplay almost brought me back to the first time I popped in Halo: Combat Evolved. It was really fun. The only thing that was missing was the flood. For that I had to take one point away.

Story- 7
Halo: Reach is set right before Halo: Combat Evolved. It's the planet that Captain Keys had just jumped through warp space from in the beginning. The story shows how all of that went down. And a few other things a little more in depth to the Halo universe. Where this truly shines is showing off exactly what Spartans are, and what they do. From playing previous Halo games, you'd think that they were just these super soldiers that could do anything, go anywhere, and survive the most ridiculous falls ever thought of. Well there is some of that last one in there... But anyways, it shows that the Spartans do actually take missions in teams, and in those teams, some have specialties. The downfall of the game is that it doesn't really account for some of the mysteries of what in the h-e-double hockey sticks half of what was going on throughout the series was (like who were the Forerunners, what was Gravemind, or any back-story on Master Chief). Most people didn't like the ending, but I for one was a big fan of it. Bungie is done with Halo.

Soundtrack- 7
It's not quite as epic as any of the predecessors done by Bungie, but there were definitely some moments where the music and the beating you were putting on the enemy intertwined the way they should. It was the usual orchestral stuff, with some guitars added in that we all know and love, and hey I'm a fan of "don't fix what isn't broken". My only problem with the music is that the main theme was kind of weak. It's not as recognizable as the Halo overtheme from the previous games, but it works.

Multiplayer- 9
Multiplayer is allot of fun, it's the usual format of what we're used to in the Halo series, just very much more balanced. With the little power ups you get, it can make the game quite fun, and when used correctly turn the game in your advantage. The guns are allot more fluid as well. Nothing seems tacked on to this one, there's no "hey wouldn't that be cool if we had a gun that is just like a shotgun, but you can hold two of them!?". Actually there's no dual wielding at all. They also got rid of that battle rifle. I mean it's the damn future and you're in a cybernetic exoskeleton... Why on earth would you possible need three round burst? Anyways, I haven't played it til countless hours in the morning enough to give a really in-depth review of the multiplayer.

All in all, if you're a fan of the Halo series, or just good FPS games, I'd say this one is well worth a buy. Allot of bad games have been thrown at us lately (not to mention ODST) and it's kind of hard to find the few that are actually worth 60 bucks. The replay value is great, daily challenges to keep you coming back, and the multiplayer is as fun as ever. A nice change from that Call of Duty crap that's been forced on everyone the last few years. Anyways this is well up to par enough for Bungie's sendoff to the Halo franchise. I just hope that the next developers keep the spirit in the game instead of bleeding us dry with countless revisions of the same damn game. Hopefully it will die gracefully, and not suffer some of the same fates as allot of other great game series.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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