Review by TheBonsaiSlaya

Reviewed: 09/20/10

Best FPS ever, hands down.

Yes ever. Onto review. Oh yes, and H3= halo 3. H2= Halo 2, and H:CE= Halo combat evolved (the first halo, sorta....)

Halo reach is basically halo 4 in all but name. You may have seen that phrase before, but this isn't really a sequel. It's a prequel, as the end of the game is the begining of H:CE. While you never see Master Chief, or even hear his voice, he can be bought as a firefight voice. More on that later...

Sound, graphics and music: 11/10
Yes 11/10. I have always said to myself that instead of buying a ticket to an opera, I can just load up my Halo. Not only can I feast my eyes upon what is blatantly beautiful, as an AR now has more polygons than a H3 marine, I can listen to the renowned music score. The sound of a plasma grenade < SEEEEMMMMMTTEEEEEX!

Controls: 10/10
The controls are different to H3, but they are now real good. Reloading is back to X, making it feel nostalgic to H2 and H:CE. B swaps grenades, and feels smoother than LB. RB melees, and is very responsive.

New features: 20/10
First things first. Armory. This is a brand new, innovative currency system that includes the ranking system, armor effects and emblems. Oh, and firefight voices. Basically, everything you play on Reach gets totalled up into credits, which can be used to purchase new armor and also goes into a bar at the bottom that fills up. When it hits the end, you rank up. Firefight has now got matchmaking, Firefight is basically horde mode.

Lifespan: 100/10
Give any game a developer tool and the lifespan soars into almost infinity. Forge starred in H3, but it has now been updated, refined and perfected. Meet forge 2.0. here, what would have taken hours to perfect on H3, a novice can do in a couple minutes. While art and such will no doubt suffer, the canvas has now been widened enough, with the help of forgeworld, for players to make their own maps. Not scruffy, but proper bases - out of cliff sides, on seastacks, or jutting across Blood Gulch. Add another player in and pretty quick you will be making big bases. Fast. Forge 2.0? No, more like Developer's Map Tools.

Multiplayer: 500/10
Someone had a crazy idea to balance the multiplayer. All the weapons cannot be modified to serve a different role, loadouts are not stuff like stopping power, they are stuff like sprint, jet pack, drop a bubble shield, evade... and a few more that save your bacon in a situation.

So all in all reach is more than perfect. I feel a million times improvement over H3.

Nuff said. GO AWAY COD

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Halo: Reach (EU, 09/14/10)

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