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"The best Halo so far."

Bungie did the impossible and made a great game series even better. We've all played Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo: ODST. Halo: Reach takes the best parts of those games, and combines them into one awesome game.


Gameplay- 10/10 Halo: Reach is a fun game, with easy to master controls, that just gets easier as you can change the layout. Reach is a fun game that scales to what level you play, how many people are helping you, and how well you play. When I played on normal by myself I found it was a nice pace to start on, but when I did the same levels with four other people it got hard and became a challenge.

Story- 10/10 Halo: Reach takes place weeks before Halo: CE. You play as Noble Six, the newest member to Noble Team, a group of Spartan IIIs and a Spartan II. Your the last line of defense between a planets fall and humanities survival.

Graphics and Sound- 10/10 Halo has always had a good soundtrack I feel, and Reach makes it even better. The music plays at just the right times, and sometimes just the song playing makes a cutscene that would be good at best into a masterpiece. Reach has amazing graphics. I think I will replay this game JUST to admire the graphics.

Play time/replayability- 9/10- This game falls slightly short in this category, play time only being a max of 9 hours. However those 9 hours are so good, you will replay them again and again.

Multiplayer- 10/10 Halo really shines with its multiplayer. As this game has just come out, there's only a few maps and playlists, but the ones they have are good. Soon more playlists and maps will be added, making it even better. The other players are fun to play with, and you can meet some cool people online. Playing online has the added bonus of earning credits. These credits can let you buy pieces of armor for your character, that even carries over to the campaign.

Forge- 10/10 Forge gets a section of its own. Forge is a map editor that lets you redesign levels or make entirely new ones. Its control system has been improved from Halo 3s forge.

Final note- If you love Halo, or First Person Shooters, then you should really get this game, its worth every penny.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/20/10

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