Review by KeredsBlaze

Reviewed: 09/22/10

Halo Reach--best mp, mediocre singleplayer

Halo Reach

Gameplay 9/10
The final halo game has the best gameplay of all of them by far, the online multiplayer is a ton of fun with the new loadouts and abilities. And in the campaign the enemy has some really good AI and it makes it a fun challenge, the only problem I had with the gameplay is that during the campaign your friendly AI is pretty bad, and it can become frustrating at times

Visuals 8/10
The visuals are good, probably the best of any halo game, but I wasn't blown away by them. They look nice, just not as nice as mass effect 2 or red dead redemption. The environments are good, I think where they lacked was the human character models.

Story/Campaign 7/10
The story was way too short to begin with. Maybe 6-7 hours of gameplay on normal difficulty. I'm sorry, I understand it is a shooter and the game is meant more for the online multiplayer, but if you want to be considered a classic or even a goty candidate you have to have some depth put into your single player aspect of the game for me to give you some credit. The story is good, and the ending is pretty cool, but it feels really rushed, each time someone dies, you don't get more than a second to let it soak in, not to mention some story holes in the game. What happens to Jun? Why is Keyes so young in Reach? So I think 7/10 is fair

Characters 7/10
Not really much going on in this department, sure there are some new characters, but you don't learn much about them or really get a good connection with any of them, they are just there to make up the Noble Team.

Length/Replayability 7/10
I would have gave it a 6/10 since there are only about six hours or so of the campaign but since you can play online for as long as your heart desires and have fun doing it I decided to up the score for that reason, still I was a bit disappointed with how short this game was.

Music 9/10
As with all halo games the music was awesome, definitely some memorable music in there and it definitely fits the tempo of the game. Great stuff

All in all this game fits its purpose--online multiplayer. In that aspect it is the best game in the series. I could the mp for a long time and not get bored. However I don't think that a game is great just because you can kill your friends and talk smack to some people for a couple of hours at a time. It lacks substance in the single player realm, and I was disappointed in that area. Halo Reach is number 21 on my all time list, and overall I would give it an 8.5/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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